Which flavour is best for me?

Published by Matt Brown on 10th Jun 2021

When it comes to thinking about what makes vaping so popular and so effective at getting you away from cigarettes, the most popular answer is often ‘choice’.

Not only are there a ton of different devices on the market, in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes with as many or as few features as you’d like, but there’s also a veritable smorgasbord of e-liquid flavours out there, too.
Now, while this is fantastic for ensuring that you’ll be able to find your perfect all-day vape flavour or that you’ll never get bored of vaping the same thing day in and day out, it can make finding somewhere to start more than a little bit intimidating.

Don’t worry! This is where we come in. We’ve got several suggestions for some e-liquids to start off with, depending on the flavour profile you think you might like best.


Most new vapers start off with tobacco-flavoured e-liquids, as this will be close to what you’re used to from cigarettes. However, as nothing is burning, you’ll get the full flavour of the tobacco without it being covered by smoke.

Our Real Tobacco Gold flavour is by far the most popular. It’s a rich tobacco flavour with smokiness and sweetness in equal measure. There’s also Real Tobacco Silver if that balance sounds perfect, but you’d prefer a lighter version.

If you’re a roll-up smoker, or prefer smokier flavours with no sweetness, then our Tobacco Virgin e-liquid is a must-try, and our Tobacco Reds is a dead ringer for American tobaccos.


The second most popular choice of e-liquid for new vaper is menthol flavours. This is because the cooling menthol sensation adds to the throat hit from you e-liquid, or because they were used to smoking menthol cigarettes. Menthol or mint e-liquids are also a good option if you’re not keen on the taste or smell of tobacco, but want a fairly ‘neutral’ or plain flavour.

For those of you who want a strong, pure menthol hit with little sweetness, our Pure Menthol is the one to go for. If you like the idea of a pure menthol hit with no sweetness, but would prefer something a little milder, then our Standard Menthol is an ideal choice.

Last, but not least, we have Mint, which combines a cooling menthol sensation which isn’t too strong, with a tasty mint flavour. Perfect for those of you who always has a packet of Polos to hand!


Did you know that your sense of taste will start to improve within days of stopping smoking? Whether you want to put those taste buds to the test, or you’re just someone who has a bit of a sweet tooth, then fruity or sweet-flavoured e-liquids are perfect for you.

Our Blackcurrant Squash is a best-seller and will bring back all those childhood memories, while our Fresh Apple is tart and refreshing. If you prefer a subtler fruit flavour, then Watermelon comes highly recommended and for a sweet treat, try some Banana Milkshake!


But what if you’re feeling really adventurous? Our gourmet ranges have been painstakingly created through months of hard work and taste-testing, and each one perfectly blends a variety of flavours to create something really special.

For all you creative types out there, we have picNIC, our DIY range. This range consists of unflavoured bases and flavour concentrates, allowing you to really let your imagination run wild. Lime and Mango? Tobacco and menthol? Coffee and whiskey? Banana, caramel and vanilla? If you fancy it, you can probably create it with picNIC.

Hopefully that’s given you some kind of idea on where to start your flavour journey but if you’re still struggling to choose your first e-liquid or you’d like some extra recommendations, then just get in touch with our expert Customer Service team and they’ll pick the perfect e-liquid for you!