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Real Tobacco Gold E-Liquid

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    Looking for a genuine tobacco flavour that’s rich and smoky? Real Tobacco Gold is the e-liquid for you!

    Produced from genuine tobacco essence, it boasts a very realistic, smoky flavour, with a distinct tobacco aftertaste. There’s no sweetness, and you'll not get closer to the real thing.

    The flavour of this e-liquid is quite strong, so if you’re looking for something a little lighter, then check out our Real Tobacco Silver e-liquid instead.

    Manufactured from the highest quality ingredients in UK labs.

    High PG Base - 70% / 30% PG/VG

    High VG Base - 30% / 70% PG/VG

    Note: If you have an intolerance to PG (Propylene Glycol), we recommend the High VG base instead. Alternatively, pick up our 50ml picNIC Real Tobacco Gold DIY E-liquid Kit and select a Pure VG base.

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Customer Reviews for the Real Tobacco Gold

  • Good quality e-liquid - by Ted, 27 July 2018
    It’s probably the best out of the tobacco e-liquids available. Not too sweet which is a bonus.................JAC Vapour Ltd: you should try the Smo-KING tobacco as well, if nicsalts interest you, it's our take on authentic to smoking as possible. Thanks for the review
  • Excellent - by Chided, 13 May 2018
    Better than the standard tobacco flavour. One day I must try the silver and see which I like better!
    But this is really good.
    I have basically stopped smoking apart from the odd real one now and then.. I just wish I could get my mum to use e cig's
  • Wouldn't ever order this again...vile! - by dave, 23 April 2018
    I can't quite see how this has scored an impressive 5/5 from other reviews. This left me slightly nauseous sometime after vaping on this and I've been vaping on/off for some years but this is nothing like tobacco especially to be called 'real' is a slight insult as it's not. It's got a tangy flavour and if say was labelled tangy 'orange' or something similar, then that I can quite easily understand but when calling something tobacco you expect a tobacco-ish taste and this doesn't have it at all. This was purchased in the vapril pack and I'm sure I hadordered this previously and ended up chucking it away but completely forgot which tobacco flavour it was until trying it again earlier.

    Sometime back I ran out of jacvapour e-liquid and ended up having to use a Tesco CIRRO branded tobacco flavour until I was ready to re-order from jacvapour and I have to say the reason why I didn't make a re-order for more e-liquid after this is that the Tesco e-liquid was probably the best tobacco flavour I've come across so I just continuously purchased that for sometime. For the first time in years I actually managed to go a whole week without using a cigarette which I've never been able to do. I've always mixed vaping with cigarettes partly because I've yet to every really find a flavour to compensate for the real thing and that could keep me hooked. The only reason I recently placed a new order on jacvapour was that I needed more coils so went for the vapril tobacco kit thinking maybe there was an even better tobacco flavour out there. I've just filled the tank with the silver now and due to try this for the first time so I'm hoping this is far better than the 'gold' flavour and actually resembles something close to tobacco. I dont' expect a replica of an exact tobacco taste but do expect something far more superior to the 'Gold'.
  • Best Liquid for Reforming Cigarette Smokers! - by David, 13 April 2018
    I've yet to find a better juice for a full flavoured tobacco experience so this is my go-to bulk order. Not sweet and sickly, it just seems to work for me
  • Recommend. - by Ingar, 26 March 2018
    This one is really close to a cigarette. Very nice taste and no sweetness whatsoever.
  • Old dog new tricks - by Gary, 11 March 2018
    I w as happy with the original tobacco pg, but had to go with the new gold as times change. Now accustomed to it, it still beats all competition and deserves praise
  • Most authentic tobacco liquid - by James P, 23 February 2018
    Tried lots of tobacco flavours from lots of different brands and this is defiantly one of the better ones you wont be disappointed.
  • Real Tobacco - by Mutlu, 5 February 2018
    Best price, should taste it Love this flavour. Best I've ever had!
  • Close to a mild cigar - by David, 29 January 2018
    Rich, organic and lingering - like smoking a mild cigar. This is most like smoking of any juice that I've tried - and I've tried a few. Even a squirt added to another juice will give it that elusive quality.
  • WOW! - by Thomas, 29 January 2018
    This is my favourite tobacco flavour at the moment. It's a little sweeter than I'd like but it still gets 5 stars.

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