SERIES-S17 E Cigarette

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Less is more in this elegant rework of a modern classic, made with you in mind. With speed, precision and simplicity, the SERIES-S17 TF vape pen is designed to keep you on top of your game.

The SERIES-S17 Topfill

E Cigarette Features

  • Fill Fast icon

    Fill Fast

    Our timeless design has been updated to top fill vape tank. Simply screw off the mouth-tip, refill and screw the mouth-tip back on. No fuss or mess, with refills capable in under ten seconds.

  • Pocket Friendly icon

    Pocket Friendly

    With a slim and low profile, the SERIES-S17 TF vape pen is pocket friendly and discreet.

  • Simulates a cigarette icon

    Simulates a cigarette

    Simulates resistance on the draw, just like a real cigarette. Best experience for those users swapping over to vaping.

  • For beginners icon

    For beginners

    Designed with beginners in mind, the simplicity of the SERIES-S17 TF vape pen makes it an ideal starter e cigarette.

  • Precision engineered icon

    Precision engineered

    We take great pride in our product design and engineering. The SERIES-S17 TF is no exception, crafted from high quality materials and designed in our Edinburgh office.

  • 6 Month Warranty icon

    6-Month Warranty

    We believe you should have the utmost confidence in your e cigarette. That’s why we offer a 6-month warranty with all our SERIES-S17 TF vape pens & all of our e cigarettes.

FROM ONLY £26.99
No frills image

No-frills, with thrills

Built with simplicity in mind, though never boring, with GQ magazine labelling the original SERIES-S17 vape pen as one of the coolest things in the world. Now we have made our classic device even better, with a super-fast top fill vape tank, keeping you focused on what matters. The SERIES-S17 is one of the best e cigarettes on the market and is perfect for beginners.

Quick and easy refill

Your time is precious. That’s why we have added top fill to make life easier and quicker. No mess, no fuss and quickly refill in under ten seconds.

S17 tank

The beginners e cigarette

Built with the beginner in mind, we have designed an e cigarette that is simple, elegant and most importantly, easy to use. Avoid the vaping jungle and stick with JAC's trusted UK designs.

The beginner e cigarette

Built with the beginner in mind, we have designed an e cigarette that is simple, elegant and most importantly, easy to use. Avoid the vaping jungle and aim for brighter horizons.

Simulates a cigarette

Also known as mouth-to-lung, the SERIES-S17 TF creates resistance on the inhale, just like a cigarette. It’s the closest experience to smoking, without smoking.

Stainless steel version of the S17TF
The different colour options


S17 TF Tank

A faster vape tank

The top fill magic starts with SERIES-S17 TF vape tank. Unscrew the mouth tip, fill with your favourite e liquid and then screw the mouth tip back on. All in under ten seconds. It’s that easy.

Replacement coils, batteries and tanks for the SERIES-S17 TF are also available now.

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From ONLY £26.99



Kit Includes:

  • 1 x SERIES-S17 TF 900mah battery (the device!)
  • 1 x SERIES-S17 Top Fill Tank
  • 1 x Mouth-to-lung (like a cigarette) 1.0 Ohm Coil
  • 1 x Micro USB charging cable 36mm
  • 1 x User manual

Safety Features:

  • Overcharge protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Battery vents
  • High amp draw protection


  • 900mah battery
  • Quick fill tank (can refill in under 10 seconds)
  • Mouth to lung and direct lung capable
  • Compact cylinder form
  • USB charging
  • Pass thru (charge device and use at the same time)
  • High build quality
  • Simplified high-end performance.


  • Un-regulated from 4.2v to 3.1v
  • Min resistance – 0.5 Ohm

Materials and finish:

  • Body (Black): Steel alloy with Black rubber oil finish
  • Body (Stainless Steel): Steel alloy with lightly brushed finish
  • Body (Pink): Steel alloy with Pink rubber oil finish
  • Power Button: Polycarbonate + ABS rubber oil finish
  • Top and base caps: Polycarbonate + ABS rubber oil finish
  • Mouth tip: ABS


  • 6 months UK Warranty