Flerbar Baymax

Flerbar Baymax stands at the forefront of vaping technology, offering a nicotine-like throat hit without the actual nicotine—a breakthrough for vapers. This top-tier vape delivers an astounding 3,500 puffs of nicotine free vapour. Flerbar hasn't held back on flavour variety for the Flerbar Baymax model either, boasting a selection of 20+ exquisite choices. With bestsellers like Blue Razz, Vanilla Cola, Lemonade Cola, Lime Peach and more, from the sweet to the bold, there's a 0 nicotine vape vibe for every vibe out there.

Flerbar Baymax is part of our 'JAC Loves' range, showcasing exceptional brands with top-tier products that we believe you'll adore just as much as we do.

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 Flerbar Baymax is distinguished by its HRTP (Harm Reduction Technology Platform), ensuring users enjoy a smooth 0mg vape experience. It mimics the satisfaction of traditional disposable vapes, impressively achieving a throat hit even without nicotine. Flerbar Baymax is the perfect choice for those aiming to quit smoking or seeking a lasting nicotine free alternative.

The Flerbar Baymax features an exceptional silicone mouthpiece designed to bend without compromising the device's airflow. This ensures a smooth Flerbar Baymax vaping experience from any angle.

The Flerbar Baymax boasts a powerful USB-C rechargeable battery with a 650 mAh capacity.


FlerBar Baymax also features fast charging, fully recharging in just one hour, allowing you to maximize its impressive 3500 puff capacity without interruptions.

Flerbar Baymax FAQs

The Flerbar Baymax stands out as a distinctive disposable vape, delivering a remarkable 3,500 puffs from a compact, rechargeable device. Through its pioneering HRTP (Harm Reduction Technology Platform), it produces a nicotine free vapour, replicating the sensation and experience of a traditional nicotine vape such as throat hit.

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The Flerbar Baymax is equipped with a USB-C fast-charging port to power its 650 mAh battery. To fully utilize all 3,500 puffs the vape offers, you'll need to recharge it once or twice. Using a USB-C charging lead, the device reaches full charge in approximately 60 minutes.

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In recent years, Disposable Vapes have become a global phenomenon, with diverse brands, sizes, and flavours available at every corner shop, supermarket, and petrol station. The latest evolution in this product sector is the Flerbar Baymax, a novel product that has innovated beyond traditional nicotine-containing disposables. But this surge in popularity prompts a critical question: are disposable vapes safe?

The answer, in brief, is yes. Brands that uphold industry rules and regulations, like Flerbar Baymax, ensure safety in their products. However, consumers should be wary, as there are brands that bypass these guidelines, potentially incorporating harmful and illicit chemicals.

With JAC Vapour, you're investing in a renowned UK brand that boasts over 12 years of expertise in crafting its own products and endorsing standout brands like Flerbar Baymax.