JAC Originals

This range of High PG ONLY e liquids is a blast from the past for JAC. We've brought back our very original and best selling e liquid flavours from 2010, re-invented and improved for the more discerning modern audience.

Who are they for?

New vapers who want the throat kick you currently get from smoking in familiar flavours - or existing vapers that prefer Mouth to Lung and for whom a 50/50 vape juice mix doesn't quite cut the mustard.

JAC Originals are made using an 80/20 blend of PG/VG. This range is for vapers who like classic flavours and the reassuring feeling of an intense inhale. You can read more on VG PG in our ultimate guide. They are also only 16p per 100 puffs, perfect for when every penny counts.

We also have our Premium UK Made Vape Juice, 50ml Vape Juice kits and Vapourless e liquid ranges - it’s worth taking a look at our full range of vape jucie here.

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