Coil Building

We all know that vape tanks need coils to provide that vapour we all love (And if you didn’t, check our Coils section here), but did you know that some tanks let you build your own coils?

Known as RDAs (Rebuildable dripping atomisers) or RTAs (rebuildable tank atomisers), these nifty bits of kit have special decks which don’t take standard vape coils. Instead, you use varying thicknesses of wire to build coils yourself using special coil building tools or even just wrapping the wire around a screwdriver, and wick them with your choice of material.

Coil building allows you to create coils to your exact preferred resistance, and can also result in incredible vapour and flavour like you’ve never had before.

We stock a range of coil building kit including various types of cotton for wicking, and the special Coil Master tool. If you’d prefer to stick to pre-built replacement vape coils, you can find those here.

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