UK Designed E Cigarettes

JAC Vapour’s e cigarettes are designed in-house right here in the United Kingdom, Edinburgh. We have a passion for design and creating premium e cigarettes for beginners and advanced users alike. All our vaping devices come with an industry leading six-month warranty.

Vape Pens

Vape Pen

A portable e cigarette – perfect for day to day use to fit in to your busy lifestyle. Designed by JAC here in the UK, with beginners and simplicity front and top of mind, they provide a very easy transition from smoking. Vape pens tend to be thinner and longer than other types of e cigarettes.

The topfill tank takes less than 10 seconds to refill and your battery will last a full day on one charge. No fuss vaping, style as standard.

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Vape Mod

A vape mod, also known as a box mod, allows a more advanced vaper more options in its set up, being able to interchange different atomizers and tanks, with added features for a personally tailored experience. This type of e cigarette uses the DNA 75 mod chip, which allows for high levels of customisation.

Whether you want to transition to the next level of vaping or are looking for a new top level device with world-renowned chipsets, our vape mods are favourites with customers and reviewers alike.

Our DNA 75 Vape mod is the flagship top of the shelf e cigarette. Designed from the bottom up by the product engineers at JAC, precision engineering at its finest.

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Box Mods


An all contained vape pen or small vape mod. The coils and tank are all enclosed in the body of the e cigarette, making the device very tiny and compact.

Offered with a refillable tank or a pre-filled POD, this is a very easy entry to vaping for absolute beginners – no mess, no fuss just click in and vape.

With the benefit of JAC’s designers adding the biggest batteries to found in this category, you can still be guaranteed max power all day long on one charge. Clever designers.

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As the name suggests, this thin e cigarette that looks the most like a traditional cigarette. If it’s familiarity in form factor you are seeking, this is for you.

Consisting of a battery and a cartomizer, you simply screw the cart in to the battery and vape, easy.

Because of the very slim size, they don’t offer as much power as a larger device but sometimes it’s what you know that works best for you when swapping habits.

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E Cigarette Guide

One of the best things about switching from smoking to vaping is the choice of e cigarette devices now available to you. From the simplest one to the most customisable vape mods, we're here to help you make your choice today.

What Is An E Cigarette?

In simple terms, an e cigarette is made up of a battery (which provides power), a tank which houses the e-liquid and a heating element (or ‘coil’) which heats up a liquid, turning it to vapour which you inhale.

This liquid can contain varying levels of nicotine, replacing the nicotine which you would usually get from cigarettes. It can also be provided with no nicotine. The liquid also provides the flavour.

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What Is The Best E Cigarette For You?

Everyone is different and different form-factors and powers suit different people’s needs.

Simply put, each e cigarette consists of 3 basic elements; a battery which powers your device, a tank which houses your e liquid and a coil.

It is a personal choice as to which device works best.

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E Cigarette Device Differences

A battery powers your device and comes in different sizes. Some devices use an integrated battery while the others use replaceable cells. All batteries need to be charged, a charger is included with every starter kit.

In simple terms, the capacity (mAh) of the battery affects the vaping capabilities of the device – the higher the mAh the longer the battery will last on one full charge. This alongside the e liquid capacity of the cartomizer or POD and also your vaping technique.

Depending on the device you choose some require charging more often than the others.

Cigalikes are small, slim e-cigs which are usually about the same size as a tobacco cigarette. Due to their small size, they don’t have a very long battery life and aren’t always the most powerful. Cigalikes usually have 180 mAh sized batteries. You will probably get 1/2 hours of use from one on a single charge. These devices are very easy to use, simply screw a pre-filled cartomizer to the end of your device and go. As a cartomizer holds less than 1ml of e-liquid, your cartomizers will need to be replaced more frequently compared to devices that use refillable tanks or PODs.

Vape Pens and AIO devices typically have a bigger battery. A 900mAh battery should last most users about 4/6 hours before needing to be recharged. A 2600mAH battery should last most user 12/14 hours before needing recharged. There is a restricted draw on the inhale which feels more like a cigarette. Very easy to set-up, these devices simply require you to screw a coil into your tank, fill with liquid, screw or click on to device and vape. This allows you to choose from more e-liquid options - every tank on the market has a 2ml capacity - it is a more effective way to vape than using a cigalike, as it is more customisable to your own preference.

e cig devices
e cig best device

POD MOD – a pod mod is simply a battery to which you click in a POD pre-filled with e-liquid (up to 2ml). This is a modern progression of the more old fashioned cigalike,. POD MODs can have high battery capacities – e.g. JAC Vapour VIM is 2600mAh. These are very simple to use, just click in a POD and vape. The downside is you have to replace each POD once it is used up so it is not the cheapest entry to vaping but has no real learning curve, which some prefer when starting.

Vape Mods & Box Mods – these are separate to the rule. It will depend on the mAh of the IMR battery and the wattage you are using the mod. Therefore, calculating how long a mod will last on one charge isn’t an exact science as the use of these devices are dependent on personal vaping style. But as these are more experienced vapers, by this stage you know what you like and how your own style affects your battery life. Vape mods are typically advised for advanced vapers who know how to get the best out of the customisable chip and feature sets