Methods To Quit Smoking

Here at JAC Vapour we know how difficult it is to break the addiction and take the leap to decide that you want or need to quit smoking. It's not an easy step to take, so if you're at that point already, you're doing great, keep it up.

Whether the decision has come from health related motivation, such as blood pressure or to save money or simply to finally say enough is enough to cigarettes, quitting smoking is one the best ways to improve your health. One of the hardest, and the worst ways to quit smoking is to go all out "cold turkey" and put down the cigarettes without an alternative nicotine source. That's why we've collated a list of helpful nicotine subsitutes and tips to help you understand how quit smoking for good.

How to quit smoking is totally up to you, some people prefer to go into vaping as you still get that sensation of "smoking" and holding a cigarette, while others go for things such as nicotine pouches, which provide a dose of nicotine without having to inhale anything. Everyone takes their own time to quit smoking, so don't feel pressured or disappointed if it takes longer than expected.

How to quit smoking is also affected by your personal circumstances. This means that some quit smoking methods may not be suitable for you due to your age, health conditions, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and some other factors. If you have unsure about any methods due to these reasons, we recommend checking with your GP before starting.

The sooner you quit smoking, the sooner you will start to feel the benefits.

1. Quit Smoking with Vaping

Vaping is one of the most effective "stop smoking methods" and experts agree that vaping is substantially better for your health than smoking, with the figure holding steady at around 95% better for your health.

Some people find it easier to quit smoking using vaping as it allows you to continue that hand-to-mouth action and throat hit sensation when inhaling. In fact, you are almost twice as likely to quit smoking with the help of a vape device than any other nicotine replacement product.

Vapes are handheld, portable electronic devices that produce a nicotine containing vapour, by heating up vape juice (e-liquid) using a coil within the device. The vape juice usually contains ingredients such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavourings and nicotine.

This eliquid comes in many different nicotine strengths, flavours and PG/VG ratios. Allowing you to control the amount of nicotine is needed to help contain your cravings, as well as the flavour you prefer. Vape juice mostly comes within three flavour brackets, tobacco, fruit/sweet and menthol.

Which Vape Is Right For Me?

For first time vapers, or those just looking to see how to quit smoking with vapes, we recommend starting out with disposable or pod based vape devices. These devices are usually fuss-free as you dont have to worry about refilling, changing coils or cleaning tanks. They are also usually more compact and offer a variety of different flavours. Perfect for those just starting out vaping.

The Puff Box

Our New Puff Box rechargeable disposable vape device is perfect if you're looking for a fuss free, cheap way to use disposable vapes. It's rechargeable and reusable, meaning you don't have to throw away the entire device once you're done with it. You simply take out the flavour pod and twist in a new flavour refill and you're good to go.

As you only have to buy refill pods rather than the whole device once the refill is empty, you can save a huge 50% compared to other disposable vapes on the market and also help the environment. The average price per puff of diposable vapes in 83p per 100 puffs, where the Puff Box comes in at around 42p per 100 puffs on avaerage. A huge saving to help out when every penny counts. By not throwing away the entire device you are also reducing the amount of disposable vape waste going to landfill and the environment. The Puff Box helps to reduce the amount of lithium and plastic waste on the streets and environment by using the twist-and-go flavour refills.

The Puff Box comes in three amazing colours and is accompanied by a choice of six incredible flavours. You can check out all of our puff box colours and flavours here.

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Vape Kits & Pens

Once you have gotten used to vaping and know that you want to continue with it, then you can expand yourself into the world of Vape Kits. Vape Starter Kits come in all shapes and sizes with many different features, but what you want out of a vape is totally up to you. Below is our recommended journey through the JAC Vapour Vape Devices, starting from a beginner to an expert. Whichever device you pick, whether it is from JAC Vapour or not, make sure that your continue to use it regularly, to avoid slipping back into old smoking habits.

Knowing which vape juice is for you is also very important. Make sure to choose a nicotine strength that will satisfy your nicotine needs and a flavour that you enjoy. You also need to ensure that you enjoy the PG / VG ratio that you have selected, for more information about PG/VG Ratios, check out our helpful guide here.

If you need any help with choosing the vape kit that is right for you, your eliquid or coils, then contact our wonderful customer support team who will be happy to help. You can chat with them live using our Live Chat feature, email or call them.

2. Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches have been becoming more and more popular in the nicotine replace products world. They are a a small tea-bag like flavoured pouch, containing either tobacco derived nicotine or synthetic nicotine. They are usually flavoured and deliver nicotine into the bloodstream via your gums. A bit like a nicotine patch, but for your mouth.

While nicotine pouches are not as successful at transitioning people from smoking on their own, they are a great subsitute and helper for times when you cannot smoke or vape. For example you are able to use nicotine pouches on planes, trains, football games and more. Generally where vaping and smoking are banned, nicotine pouches can be used. Allowing you to get your nicotine fix when other options aren't available.

They are also great at providing your nicotine fix quickly when you need it. As the nicotine goes straight into your system, you feel the effects of the nicotine quickly due to the high amounts of nicotine going in your body in a short amount of time, usually around 20 minutes.

You may be asking yourself at this point, what is a Nicotine Pouch? Well, no need to fear we have covered that on our "What Are Nicotine Pouches" page.

Here at JAC Vapour, we offer nicotine pouches from Nordic Spirit, a high-quality, top of the range Nicotine Pouch brand. Offering many different flavours and nicotine strengths, Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches are some of the best out there.

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3. Quitting Smoking with NRT

Now we understand that NRT sounds a bit technical, but it stand for Nicotine Replacement Therapy. No, not the type of therapy that makes you lie down and tell your life story. This term is used for products that help you replace the nicotine you usually get from smoking cigarettes with other methods to help you quit smoking.

Why use an NRT? What do NRTs do? These questions are probably going through your head, and quite rightly so. An NRT is a safer way to get your nicotine fix without having to inhale tar and other toxic chemicals from smoking cigarettes. They can also help with the side effects of quitting smoking and help to stop you going quitting smoking cold turkey.

There are quite a few of them out there, all with their pros and cons, including the methods to quit smoking above, vaping and nicotine pouches. However if you wish to quit smoking and dont want to use the above just yet, there are plenty of NRTs available from pharmacies, shops or on prescription.

NRTs come in many different forms and can usually be purchased over the counter from local shops. They can come as:

• Skin Patches
• Chewing Gum
• Tablets / Pills
• Inhalers
• Nasal / Mouth Sprays

Each method slowly releases nicotine into your sytem to suppress your nicotine needs. It usually takes 8-12 weeks before you can start reducing the amount of daily nicotine required, however this also depends on how you quit smoking, if you continue to smoke or use other methods.

Always make sure to read the label of any NRT product before use.