So you’re thinking about making the swap from cigarettes and are finally ready to get started in the world of vaping, that's great to hear!

However, there is a lot of strange jargon, various acronyms and a lot of choices before you. In this guide, we'll help you overcome one of those hurdles: PG or VG vape?

What is VG PG?

So, what is PG VG? When it comes to vaping, PG and VG are the most common ingredients found within vape juice, along with nicotine. They are the first ingredients needed in your vape juice, also known as the 'base'.

You will usually find VG and PG blended, expressed as a ratio on the bottle, for example, 70% PG / 30% VG.

Are PG & VG safe?

Both PG and VG are recognised as safe, and the only known side effects are a dry or sore throat, increased thirst and, in extreme cases, an intolerance.

What is PG?

PG stands for Propylene Glycol, an odourless, colourless liquid. PG boosts the flavour of your vape as it carries flavour more effectively than VG. It also gives you that ‘throat hit’ sensation that you experience when smoking tobacco.

Most e-liquids contain some PG, though it's unusual to find an e-liquid made up of pure PG. That's because PG alone doesn't produce much vapour.

Our Clear Steam vapourless e liquid, for example, contains 90% PG and 10% water to create our famous vapourless vape.

In a nutshell...

The higher the PG ratio of the e liquid, the more throat hit sensation and flavour you get.

What is VG?

VG stands for Vegetable Glycerine and like PG, it is odourless and colourless. VG boosts the cloud production of your vape, it’s a lot more viscous (thicker) than PG and has a slightly sweet taste to it. It's also a lot smoother, with no throat hit sensation.

Most vape juice contains at least some VG as it helps to produce vapour and balance the harshness of PG.

In a nutshell...

The higher the VG ratio in your e liquid, the smoother the vape is and the more vapour it produces.

PG / VG Ratio

When buying vape juice, you will often find VG PG blended. Most brands will display the blend as a % ratio, for example, 70% PG / 30% VG (which would be known as a 'High PG' vape juice).

Some brands, particularly disposable vapes, won't actively promote the PG VG ratio as they don't offer variation.

You can also find Pure VG as a base option, as found within our picNIC 50ml Quick Mix and Deconstructed Shortfill kits.

What ratio is right for me?

What VG PG ratio is right for you is down to personal preference. We recommend you try the different options to find what you like, but here is some general advice you can follow:

High PG Vape Juice

Since a higher PG offers more of a cigarette-like 'throat hit' with lots of intense flavour, it's ideal for smokers that are making the switch to vaping. For existing vapers who want maximum flavour, this is for you.

Our pre-mixed High PG vape juice includes:


PREMIUM (70% PG / 30% VG)

Our best-selling vape juice is available in a High PG option. Simply select 'PG' as your base option.



JAC Originals provides classic flavours with an intense inhale thanks to the high PG ratio.


SMOKING (70% PG / 30% VG)

The closest you will get to smoking, without smoking. This Nic Salt base not only delivers a quick nicotine hit, it's also a high PG ratio.



With no VG to be found, our strongest PG base is mixed with 10% water to create our famous vapourless vape.

High VG Vape Juice

If you find high PG e liquid too irritating or harsh, you should consider a higher VG ratio to provide a smoother vape. It's also the ideal choice for those who want more vapour production.

Our pre-mixed High VG vape juice includes:


PREMIUM (30% PG / 70% VG)

Our best-selling vape juice is available in a High VG option. Simply select 'VG' as your base option.

50/50 Vape Juice

Perfectly balanced with 50% PG and 50% VG, some see this as the best of both worlds, ideal for those who want to balance flavour, throat hit and vapour production.

Our pre-mixed 50/50 vape juice includes:


BLEND 22 (50% PG / 50% VG)

Our unbeatable value vape juice range in a balanced 50/50 blend.


ICE VAPE (50% PG / 50% VG)

Mimics the flavours, Nic Salt base and 50/50 blend often found in disposable vapes at a much lower cost per puff.