Deconstructed Short Fill E liquid - From £1.86 per 10ml

picNIC Deconstructed is our short fill eliquid range. Each bottle comes pre-filled with 40ml of 0mg Pure VG base. Simply add in up to two 10ml nic-base shots and your flavour shot to make up to 70ml of e-liquid for only £12.99! And if you want more flavour just add a second flavour shot to your order and top up as required.

And now you can select a Nic Salts base instead. Nicotine Salts offer fast, smooth satisfaction, and the most realistic replication of the sensation of smoking you'll find.

All you need to do is pick your strength and flavour, and we'll supply everything you need to get going. Add, shake, vape and enjoy. Over 45 flavours are already available, with more being added all the time.