picNIC DIY E Liquid

picNIC makes it quick and easy to whip up large batches of your favourite e liquid or experiment with new and creative flavour combinations. And from only £1.86 per 10ml, it's the most affordable way to stock up on e liquid.

Grab one of our picNIC 50ml Packs or picNIC Deconstructed Packs to get started or, if you prefer to experiment, you'll also find four different base e liquids in a variety of strengths and 45+ vape flavour shots to choose from.

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Ready to go kits that anyone can use - no mad scientist knowledge required.

Hassle-free savings of over 60% vs pre-mixed e liquid bottles.

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Want to stock up on even more of your favourite flavour? Say hello to picNIC Deconstructed, JAC's answer to shortfill e liquids.

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Create bespoke flavours from scratch with our huge range of flavour shots, base liquids and mixing tools.

How it works:
Step 1.
PIC from 45+ flavour concentrates.
Step 2. Choose your preferred NIC base from 4 options (70PG/30VG, 70VG/30PG, PURE VG and CLEAR STEAM).
Step 3. Mix together in the mixing bottle (we recommend adding 2ml of flavour concentrate to 8ml of base liquid)
Step 4. Vape and enjoy

With the picNIC 50ml starter packs, you’ll receive four 10ml bottles of base liquid, one 10ml flavour shot and a 50ml mixing bottle. Simply pour all five bottles into the mixing bottle, pop the nozzle and cap on, shake, and you have 50ml of delicious e-juice.

If, on the other hand, you’re the creative type, you can find a wide range of picNIC vape mixing accessories such as smaller 10ml mixing bottles and syringes for precision measuring of nicotine bases and flavours to help you discover your new favourite e liquid flavour.