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VIM Vape Mod & Refillable Tank Kit

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  • Description

    Begin with the VIM Vape Mod and enjoy all-day battery life in an ultra-compact all in one (AIO) vape mod.The VIM e cigarette is perfect for beginners or new vapers, simply screw in your vape coil, fill it with e liquid, pop your vape tank in the device and vape. Easy.

    Looking for the white VIM Vape Mod? You can find the white VIM here for only £19.99.

    You’ll receive:

    • 1x VIM Vape Mod & Vape Tank (includes a 2600Mah VIM battery, 2ml VIM tank, 1x vape coil and charger)

    Customise your kit using the menus below, we recommend buying a packet of coils too, or find out more about our VIM, designed by us in the UK at JAC.

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £24.99

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Price as configured: £24.99

Customer Reviews for the VIM Vape Mod & Vape Tank Kit

  • life saver - by Craig Massey, 21 March 2019
    Initially bought the mini vim, and then got tempted with the better features of this, bigger battery and nicer looks imo. If you are unsure the mini one is a good starting point, but this ecig is perfect for me, and I've not had a cigarette in 4 months, so it works amazingly. I had a few issues being new to vaping, but customer service were very helpful and now I've even managed to tempt my wife onto the mini one, she still smokes as well, but it's a step in the right direction, hopefully I'll be back on to get a vim for her as well.
  • nothing else like it - by Huey, 19 March 2019
    I tried the cigarette style ones years ago, and just threw it away after a week. I then decided I had to have another go a few months ago and ended up buying a cheap blu device from my supermarket, to be fair it worked pretty well, but to get me through a day I was using a whole pack of pods and carrying 3 batteries. After a bit of research I ended up on planet of the vapes looking for a bigger device, and the guys there kindly directed me to the VIM, I had never heard of jac before, but they seemed to have a big following on the forums. I am so glad I took the plunge with it, it's double the price but 10 times the ecigarette the Blu was and I can see why it's so popular, looking around there is nothing close to the battery and size. I can now use pods or refill if I want, I can vape all day on one charge. I can't believe a UK company is doing such great things, and I had never managed to hear of them, I am sure this will change in the future if they continue to produce such standout products.
  • Perfect little device - couldn't do without it - by Stuart, 18 March 2019
    This is my main vape kit and has been amazing. I've been using it for over 5 months using MTL coils. The battery life has been great and it's a perfect size for carrying around all day.
  • AWSOME LOVE THE VIM - by Jimmy, 15 March 2019
    Awesome love the VIM

    Been looking at JAC for over a year.

    Finally brought one after using 30 other vapes and not stopping guess what I've stopped.

    I am a Amazon product tester and trust me when I say this is the best vape pod on the market.

    The VIM is small compact and the battery is massive last all day and I vape mine all the time. My best friend brought the 22 and he love it.

    JAC is the only vape company I will be reviewing and using.
  • so good - by Lucy, 8 March 2019
    very small and lasts me a few days before recharging, go nowhere without it... more colours please, I would buy a pink or a green one. And thanks to customer service for all the help getting a Luddite off the stinkies.
  • Fantastic - by Ana, 19 February 2019
    I absolutely love it...the best i ever have...and the best of it it's made in the UK so no problems of the product suddenly disappear of market...i am very very happy with my orange Vim kit.
    Thank you so much...i'm in love lol x
  • Fantastic - by Nani, 19 February 2019
    Love it,love it,love it...i absolutely love the Vim kit i bought...the best i had so far and believe me i tried loads of other products before...and the best of it they are made in the Uk so no problems of selling out...i will buy this mark forever,i am really really happy.
    Also super fast delivery...i will buy another one next month for a present.
    Thank you so much x
  • Great ecig, please, please, please do a grey and pink one. - by Susan, 18 January 2019
    Love this ecig infact i’ve got one of every colour, my grey and orange one has just arrived and the only negative is that I do not think the orange is as vibrant as it is in the photo. Now I’m just waiting for the grey and pink one to come available, come Jac don’t have me waiting too long.
  • Can't really fault this - by Josh, 17 January 2019
    I was given this little device for Christmas, by my Mum of all people, as she hates me pulling out my sub-ohm kit when I visit. I had never even heard of it prior, but after getting it, I checked out a few reviews and it seems to have a nice little following, so I thought what the hell. To give credit where credit is due, it's a perfect little setup, and I find my myself using it more and more, as it's small and no faff, with pretty astonishing performance for the price point, not to mention they've managed to jam in an 18650 and keep the size small, which means it really does work as an all day device, I mean this thing is around 5 times the battery capacity to similar setups, a massive plus. Anyway over time, I've actually found that this has got me into nic salts, which never appealed before. I can fill up a tank with nic salts, using the 1.5ohm coil, that's me good for the day at work. It basically excels at that sort of setup, and the pods aren't half bad either, I seem to get a good 2 days from them, and that's from a user that was sub-ohming around 10ml a day.. Okay it doesn't compete with some of my highend setups, but at the price, and the sheer scope of it's flexibility, I can see why it has so many fans. If you are a new user, I would have killed for a setup like this when I started, and even as an experienced user there is nothing I can really fault with the device at this price, and it's made me reassess what I really want from vaping.... well done Mum and JAC.
  • Quite Outstanding - by Hannah, 25 December 2018
    This is absolutely the best product on the market. I gave up smoking (accidentally) in November 2014, whilst staying with a non smoking friend in the Outer Hebrides. I’d taken a cigalike with me in case I needed a nicotine hit inside the house. The weather was SO dreadful that I never managed to light a real cigarette outside, even when doubled up behind a row of wheelie bins.
    I decided to see how long I could go without a real cigarette - and it’s now over 4 years. I’ve never actually said to myself that I’ve given up smoking - just that for THIS puff, I’m using a vape. I keep real cigarettes in the house, in case I want one, but I’ve never had one. (Anyway, I expect they’re a bit dry by now - 4 years is a long time to keep fags). By not telling myself I’ve given up smoking, I’m not putting any pressure on myself. Good plan, eh? You’re welcome.
    JAC Vapour was the first company I liked the look of when I was searching for e-cigs. I have never had cause to change my mind. I’ve strayed from the path of righteousness once or twice and tried other brands, but I always come back. Why?
    - The best products.
    - The best e-liquids.
    - The best customer service. Ever, anywhere.
    And the VIM outdoes anything I’ve come across in the e-cig world. It’s reliable, compact, discreet, easy to use, not messy, and just - well, it’s PERFECT!!

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