New Slate/Powder Blue VIM
New Slate/Powder Blue VIM
New Slate/Powder Blue VIM
VIM Lifestyle
Front of the VIM, an AIO vape
Device with the tank mouthpiece
The base of the vape kit
VIM with tank
Tank with a coil
The VIM fits into the palm of a hand

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VIM Refillable Tank Kit - Slate

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  • Description

    Begin with VIM and enjoy all-day battery life in an ultra-compact AIO style device. As you'd expect, the VIM has been designed by JAC right here in the UK.

    And for the first time, you can now order the stylish looking new slate / powder blue colour combo.

    Looking for the classic white model? Don't worry, it's still available here.

    Find out more about the VIM..

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £24.99

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Customer Reviews for the VIM Tank Kit - Slate

  • Good at green, poor on blue - by Tom, 6 October 2018
    This is good for when you are on the go, particularly if you don't have a lot of room in your pockets. However there are 2 points that I find prevent the 5 stars. Firstly when the battery life is green, no problem. However when it goes to blue (Half Charge) the wattage is automatically reduced. I find when this happens, there is a much less satisfying draw meaning as soon as it goes blue I have to dig out the charger. (However it stays green long enough for me to normally get home to recharge or switch devices).
    Secondly, like with all your tanks, I wish when you purchase them, there is an option for choosing the size of the nib i.e being able to select a smaller one than provided...................JAC Vapour: Thanks for the review and the points made, you may find the 0.7ohm coil fixes your wattage as it is stainless steel and adapts to the voltage, in that the resistance of the coil changes according to the c=voltage supplied, ironing out the differences more. The Turbo 0.7ohm coil is only good with 65% VG mixes, so you need to be on less than 65% VG or it will burn out quickly, picNIC high VG works fine as when mixed it's around 64%, but the high VG premium stuff won't as it's 70% VG and a bit too thick. There is also the 0.42 ohm SS turbo coil and that really kicks things up a notch as well. definitely worth experimenting if you already haven't done so.
  • I have waited a couple of months before submitting this review.Firstly the customer service is possibly the best I have experienced, The VIM is in my humble opinion one of the better products on the market for the price and I have tried a few Also what im - by Garibaldi Red , 4 October 2018
    Better than all the rest that I have tried so far.
  • been waiting for this - by Kev, 2 October 2018
    new colour arrived today, and has just reinforced how much I like this device, in the dark colour it's a real looker, and it's going to hold up much better than the white. The white has now gone to my wife, who kept nicking it anyway. The darker colour was the only real thing I wanted to change about this, so as far as I am concerned this is now my perfect little vaping machine, only problem is I did give the white 5 stars as well, so just assume this is 6 out 6 : )
  • Blue VIM Just as Good as the White VIM - by Mark, 2 October 2018
    Had the White VIM for about 7-8 weeks with no problem,Great Battery,easy to use No Problems whatsoever
    Ordered the Blue to use as a Back-Up(Just in Case)
    Sounds Strange but its exactly the Same,Out of the Box Prime the Coil Plug in for an hour Vape Vape Vape
    Very Happy Customer
  • Love this - by Andy, 26 September 2018
    I have gone from carrying large mods, to just this. I really got this as a back up for the pub, but this little device is so good. The mtl coils last an age, I have been running my current one for 2 weeks I think, the battery is massive for the size, and even although I'd say I'm a heavy vaper, I can make it through a full day, or just short, 30mins on pass through at work and I easily make it. My only niggle is the white colour, I love the looks but it's just not practical for me, so I have ordered the black one and can't wait for it to arrive, the white can then be my back up device. To be honest, I was surprised I took to this so well, but it's been a revelation how little I need to get through a day with this, it's the perfect balance of size and function, with 10ml of eliquid in my pocket and this, I can make it through any day, and not even notice that I'm carrying it. Full marks to JAC for this, I have tried a lot of setups and this little thing puts them all to shame.
  • Highly recommended value for money device and outstanding customer service - by clare, 14 September 2018
    I love this device and the best I have used yet. Had a little problem with the battery pins 4 weeks after purchasing and got outstanding customer service from Cleo who arranged a replacement which arrived the next day.
  • Good whilst in use - by Poppy, 6 September 2018
    Got the white VIM a few months back. Using MTL 1.0 coils. Worked a treat for a while. Battery lasting almost a full day with continuous use. Airflow I never changed from the fully opened as the semi open option was way too restrictive. Build quality seemed good. Issue from early days was the tank leaking from beneath. Read on here how this was possibly condensation. But the fluid leaked was the pure juice. When this became severe you'd end up with a wet hand or the table resting upon would be wet from juice. Never worked out whether this was from filling and juice going down central tubing or from somewhere else. Noticeable was how hot the tank became with continued use. So hot that taking the tank out to refill, the tank needed to cool down to allow handling. Did this heat lead to the seal at top coil being compromised? The leaking eventually led to it's demise. Too much juice began getting to the area used for charging, some got inside and the device died. I took the device to bits and the build quality inside was better that I've seen on other more expensive mods. The juice had got to the area inside around the battery area. One other negative is the colour white. In the 2 months used this turned a mucky brown colour. This was from the juice and soaked into the rubberised plastic and could not be removed, I tried everything. Have ordered the slate coloured VIM to replace the retired/dead white one.................JAC Vapour Ltd: Please contact CS concerning your issues, the tank is pretty simple and there are a few thing to check in regards to leaking, a full leak can only really happen if: the top cap has come undone, going anti-clockwise to unlock the device can cause this, the device is always locked or unlocked by turning clockwise. The other issue I have seen is using a large nozzel to fill, it nudges the top seal over and it flows donw the chimney and straight out the bottom so a needle nose bottle is always best. Finally the tank is PET, it's pretty non-reactive, but some juices will react with it, normally citrus or liquorice and only certains ones, you can check this by seeing if there is any clouding to the tank at all, as this could cause a degradation of the push fit, whihc will cause a leak. So best to contact customer service and if need be they will get the unit returned and we can let you know exactly what was wrong and get it replaced if need be. I hope this helps, as if it is something we would be better to figure out beofre getting another one, although I am very grateful of the support. Thanks for the review.
  • Very happy,but if you ever make a VIM 2.... - by paul, 4 September 2018
    6 weeks in and more than happy with the product.
    If there is ever another model I would suggest:
    Fast Charging
    Regulated output
    USB port any where else
    Button where the top logo is
    LED outside the button.
    If that sounds like the tesla stealth 100 (apart from the regulation- though the battery sag is not nearly as apparent as the VIM), that's because it's just about ergonomically perfect for me.
    Pity it weighs a ton............................JAC: Thanks for the feedback, and I'll pass it to the engineering team for when we do an update to the device.
  • Solid little performer - by Mo, 28 August 2018
    At first I was just curious about this device just like I was curious about the tilt series. My goto device being the Sandstorm coupled with either an S22 or an Innokin Zenith tank.
    I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the performance and size of the little device. Decent flavour and vapour. The right amount of throat hit. Unfortunately I made the mistake of letting a friend take it for a test drive because he now seems to forget it was mine.
    I always keep a no simple, compact no fuss device with me and for me this device sits somewhere between the S22 and the Innokin T18E. My only negative comment is on the opening and removal of the tank. For some reason, I struggled with this. I would remove the whole tanks when I'm trying to just open it to refill. That could be due to the fact it was a I didn't read the instructions properly or simply a bad unit; but overall, a solid little performer.
    Needless to say I will be ordering one to replace the original one.........................JAC Vapour: to remove the topfill cap without removing the tank, just put your thumb on the 3 lines (grip) on the tank window and hold in place while you unscrew the top fill cap, thanks for the review.
  • VIM, Where have you been all my life? - by Fiona, 21 August 2018
    I've been a smoker for 27 years. So you can imagine how many failed attempts to quit that includes. This time, I was desperate to find a machine that actually works, and wow does this thing work! VIM, you are the ONE! Really clear instructions (another part of past failures) really easy to assemble and use, which is crucial in those desperate moments, and frankly, any closer to a real cigarette, and I'll be back to setting my hair on fire in the wind. The only slight issue I have with the VIM is that because it's so small, my ring and pinkie fingers seem to naturally curl under the bottom when I hit the fire button and cover the airflow hole, which played havoc with the coils (I think) until I figured out what was happening. In any case, in the immortal words Rent Boy, thank you, Jac Vapour, with VIM's help, I'll conquer this terrible affliction! (and also thanks so much to kim at best e-cigs who pointed me here!)

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