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VIM Vape Mod Kit

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  • Description

    Begin with the VIM Vape Mod and enjoy all-day battery life in an ultra-compact all in one (AIO) vape mod. The VIM e cigarette is perfect for beginners or new vapers, simply screw in your vape coil, fill it with e liquid, pop your vape tank in the device and vape. Easy.

    You’ll receive:

    • 1x VIM Vape Mod (includes a 2600Mah battery)
    • 1x 2ml VIM tank
    • 1x 1x Vape coil
    • 1x Micro USB charging lead

    Customise your kit using the menus below. To use the VIM Tank, we recommend buying an extra packet of coils too and a bottle of premium e liquid (neither is required to use the PODs), or find out more about our VIM, designed by us in the UK at JAC.

    Or if you're still trying to make you mind up, be sure to check out our full range of vape starter kits, all designed by JAC right here in the UK.

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £24.99

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Customer Reviews for the VIM Vape Mod Kit

  • Very good vape , one niggle, - by martin , 10 March 2020
    This is a very well designed vape but with a problem with the USB port. I think a lot of vapes suffer from charging issues , blocked or broken usb inputs etc so this is not a massive surprise. I am now buying another vim after another one failed on me, I think dirt from my pocket gets in the socket, connection gets poor and eventually fails, despite that my favourite vape to use, simple , welll made and discrete.................JAC: The micro usb can be a weak point, and particularly for something going into a pocket with fluff etc. we do cover it under the 6 month warranty, so please contact CS if it is within warranty and we'll replace. If it is just fluff or dirt, you should be able to clean with a toothpick, don't use anything metal. When we update our designs we will move to usb-c which is a more robust connector, also we will look at adding a protective cover for the port. Thanks for the feedback.
  • VIMTASTIC - by WARREN, 9 March 2020
    I have spent two years searching for a MTL vape which would satisfy my stinky cravings. Finally found what i think is the most full and flavoursome little unit i have ever had my hands on. I used the 1 ohm coil that came with it and it was straight out the pack a leader for me. Yeah, its a tight draw with the airholes closed, and not being adverse to a tight hole, i merrily chuffed away on it for a week before i started to get a few hits that were not up to par (re-filled the tank through two bottles of 10ml salts). I also brought the 0.7 tubos and despite me not fitting it properly, i noted the flavour had got better. I'm yet to see how long these last but, have noticed it goes through the juice a bit more and I think once i am done with this pack i will revert to the 1 ohms again. Yeah the 7s are better flavour but not enough to warrant the extra juice and battery performance. Wow the battery, i think i charged it once in the week with the 1.0 ohm coil and easily get three days out of it before a re-charge is needed. I note that JV have produced some more coils but, if they cant put any of the new product in with the device when brought new for your to try, i'm not going to be spending the extra readies and submitting reviews boasting about its performance. Credit where its due, the VIM is amazing and i have, off the back of this just ordered the series 22, and when payday comes around i will be delving into the JV juices albeit with the oldy but goody coils. I had seen JV products and always been intrigued but stuck with the regular devices stocked at your local vapery. Do yourself a favour and cut out all the other crap and get involved with THE best MTL device i have ever had the privilege to use...............JAC: Thanks very much for the review and glad you like the device. Our devices are pretty flexible, currently we have 9 different coils you can use with the device, so if we included all the options it may put some people off with price. If you like the flavour of the 0.7ohm, it's worth trying the 0.8 mesh coil though, particularly if you are using nic salts, as they will be more resilient. Also if you find the draw with the airflow shut down too tight, you can make the hole in the rubber slightly bigger to suit, these are also provided as spares should you wish to experiment, what I do is jutst punch a second hole with a drawing pin, and add as needed as many until the airflow suits me, normally 3 is fine for me.
  • Nice device which needs small improvements - by Darius, 25 January 2020
    Nice design, soft finish, comfy in palm of the hand, lightweight, small but with big capacity of the battery... plus customers service 5 stars. Nice work Jac Vapour. Battery lasts me all day, but its probably subjective thing because everyone have own vaping habbits.

    Highly recommend 0.7 Ohm MTL coil to order together with your purchase if you are MTL vaper or want to switch from cigarettes.

    Only cons - just one coil, no spares in packaging and no 510 thread so you can not use different tank. Thats why I gave 4 stars.
  • Far better than more expensive kit. - by Andrew, 17 January 2020
    I’ve just received my third VIM and it’s just the same as the other two...utterly brilliant.
    My first one must be 18 months old now and, apart from the tank looking it’s age, it’s still doing its job day after day.
    I have to admit I prefer the original white ones to the slate colour, but that unimportant, it’s the way they vape that sets them apart. For mtl vaping and as cigarette replacements they are a work of genius. Completely hassle free, a pleasure to use, long lasting and reliable.
  • perfect - by Clem, 10 January 2020
    great little mod that never leaves my side.
  • very small, and easy to use, once you cut through all the jargon. If like me you are getting lost with all the tech speak, Customer service with this company are very good. - by Suzi, 2 December 2019
    Once you get through all the jargon this is brilliant.
  • Great bargain device - by Phil, 26 November 2019
    I have one of these already, just taking advantage of current offer as this is an absolute bargain at £20. Is it perfect? No...but for me it it way out ahead. It's small, not tiny, think palm of your hand, which is a feat considering the size of battery it has. To put that into perspective I could carry the juul x 6 to match this battery, or I could carry the juul and charging case and still only half the capacity of this thing after having forked out £50. Other pod manufacturers just don't get it, who wants to be charging every 5 mins. So what are the flaws?... the main one is consistency, as you use this the battery it reduces in power over the charge, meaning you actually charge with around around 30% of the battery left. That said you still get loads more use than anything else available. If jac somehow managed to make this not drop in power it would be the ultimate vape for me. The other thing, that takes a bit of getting used to is the power button, on this, it's at the bottom, and rather than pressing it, you squeeze the device, this feels odd to begin with, but after a day or so, it's very natural, but I can see it may put a few people off though. In all this is a brilliant product, but it could be exceptional with juts a few tweaks, and if you buy it you won't be disappointed. I will reserve the 5 star for when this update : )....................JAC: Thanks very much for the good review.
  • take it everywhere - by LittleFatman (George), 11 October 2019
    Over the years I have acquired a lot of kits, but since I got the VIM it's the one that is packed for every trip, and every night out I go on. It's easy, and does the job, while still being small, perfect for most situations. The fact I pick this up nearly everytime, even with far more expensive setups available, is a testament to how good this little thing is... top marks from me, no hesitation.
  • Not happy - by David, 1 October 2019
    Please ditch micro usb, it's not fit for purpose on a device like this.........................JAC Vapour: Unfortunately it's the only real option currently for devices like this, until usb c filters down and is produced at an affordable level. If you are having problems with the connector the device can replaced if it is in it's 6 month warranty.
  • Better position of charging point apart from this a brilliant vaping device. - by andy, 5 September 2019
    would have given 5 stars but this is my third vim and the only problem I seem to have is with the charging point being on the bottom of vim it is awkward to insert the charger and stand up when charging , which results in the vim and charger connection points to become faulty which stops the vim battery recharging.....................JAC Vapour: You do not need to stand the device up when charging, the tank will not leak when laid flat, I know it's something experienced vapers like to do, from the days of tanks and RDAs leaking if they were left sitting at any sort of angle, but a tank like or S22, s17 or VIM will not leak, in fact it is more likely to leak standing up if there is a chance of it leaking. So long as the top of the tank is in place, the pressure will prevent any leaking, leave it sitting with the topfill off and you'll have flood, as pressure is released and liquid drains. Having said all that, if we can find a way to get the charging port in another position we will do, when we update, because I think a lot of people juts like it that way. I hope this helps and thanks for the review.

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