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    Begin with VIM and enjoy all-day battery life in an ultra-compact AIO style device. As you'd expect, the VIM has been designed by JAC right here in the UK.

    The VIM has been so overwhelmingly popular, we've sold out of the current batch. But panic not, we have a fresh batch coming in early September.

    Until then, you can still get hold of the VIM via a special bundle here.

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Availability: Out of stock

As low as: £24.99

Customer Reviews for the VIM

  • Best Product on The Market Right Now By a Cpuntry Mile - by Steven, 2 August 2018
    Having tried pretty much every product Javapour has brought out over the last 6 years, I have to say the VIM is probably the best, and probably the best MTL product on the market (again, I have tried most).

    The battery life for the size of this thing is PHENOMENAL, and I don't sat that lightly, as we are fairly heavy vapours (me and the wife). You can easily get 24 hours solid vaping out of the battery, which is 2 days vaping for most people, and this is important, because it means that you can take the VIM anywhere with confidence that the battery is not going to run out (unlike the S17 - which unless I have 2 x charged batteries I would not risk taking it anywhere, as once it hits blue is colour is goes to red VERY quickly, unlike the VIM, which when on blue gives you another 12-ish hours).

    The VIM is also a LOT smaller than I expected, amazingly small considering the battery power, and is as light as a feather. You do not even know you are carrying it.

    I suspect Jacvapour already know that this product is a winner, and I would say it is the best product they have launched - even though we have the DNA-75, the VIM is just far lighter, easier to carry, and does exactly what any MTL vaper would need.

    Reading through a couple of the other reviews surprises me a little, and I think some people don't know and see a good thing when they see it, because this VIM really is a beauty.

    Just need other colours, and definitely a black one for stealth vaping!

    Well done with the VIM, Jacvapour, you should be very proud of this one - easily the best MTL on the market based on small form factor and fantastic battery life........JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks very much for the high praise, I'll pass it to the products team.
  • Good, But Mine Had A Problem. - by Phil, 30 July 2018
    I really like the design of this product apart from the air adjustment flap which I was afraid of breaking off. It is neat and fits in the hand and pocket well. Mine started off OK then I was getting a lot of gurgling and spitting, I would "Flick it" but 3 draws later it was back, you could actually see it bubbling up in the tube and if I held it upside down it would actually run out. I continued to use it but it seemed to get worse until one morning I went to pick it up and the table was covered in liquid which had leaked out of the bottom. On stripping it down the inner plastic tube had deformed/melted and broken the seal against the coil. I am still giving it 4 stars though as I have a feeling this may have been a rogue coil because when I put it in my S22 it did exactly the same I could not get it to stop gurgling and spitting no matter how many times I flicked it and cleaned it with tissue paper. I think the S22 has a metal tube though so thankfully no damage was done. Guess I'm just unlucky :(.............................JAC Vapour: The tank is PET, and resistant to most ingredients in eliquid, but it sounds like you are using a liquid that does not agree with the material, we are moving to PTCG which is the best option for non-corrosive plastic. However, if it happened in the S22 as well, that seems odd, the S22 is pyrex and SS, and the coil would not get hot enough to damage those materials, and eliquid can't affect them either. Please contact customer service and hopefully, we can figure this out for you.
  • Compact, light weight and powerfull. - by GUILLAUME, 28 July 2018
    I usually vape with my DNA 75 and a Kanger clearo but i purchased a VIM because it looked compact and easy to carry in a pocket, and also because i'm a geek and like to test new stuff... I was not expecting a lot from this device and i was wrong : it works very well and it's a pleasure to use it. Very easy : nothing to set or adjust and easy refill. Flavour and power are there. I use it with a DL 1.0 oHm. But the main quality is the compact size. At this price i absolutely recommend it.
    You did good job Jac Vapour.
    Now provide it in different colors and relocate the power button a bit higher and it'll be perfect..................JAC VApour Ltd: Thanks for the review, the compact size actually comes from the lower power button, it allows us to put in a battery that's twice the size of similar sized devices, the new colours will arrive in around 4 weeks though.
  • You must give this a try!!! VIM is your next addiction :) - by susan, 26 July 2018
    I thought I loved the S22 's and I still do. The Vim is amazing, small compact, easy to use, easy to refill and change coils. Love that it uses same coils as S22. I had been a smoker for 45years, always trying to give up. Once I was lucky enough to have a try at the S22 by a friend and a lot of recommendations online in a POTV forum I have never smoked a cigarette since the day I started on your products. That has surprised me as much as everyone who knows me. Your products make the change to vaping a no-brainer. The VIM is a terrific little Vape. If anyone is trying to make the change and not sure where to start, well you won't find a better , well priced satisfying Vape then the VIM.........JAC Vapour: Thanks for the review, and the guys at POTV for pointing you in our direction, they are a good bunch of people and very good at helping new users, we test alot of our new products there prior to going to a public launch, they know their stuff.
  • Brilliant- can’t fault the VIM - by Rob, 25 July 2018
    I genuinely can’t recommend the VIM enough. It’s a prefect size, shape and feel to discretely sit in your hand, I personally find the location of the button is spot on for me, I can trigger it easily and comfortably with my ring finger which naturally sits against the button.

    It’s very easy to use and within minutes you’re up and running- just remember to read through the instructions and set the vent for MTL if using the coil provided as it is set by default to DL. You get a nice smooth draw through the mouthpiece and a very good flavour with plenty of vapor.

    Looks wise, it easily suits either a man or woman without looking either too feminine or mascaline. It feels like a quality device and is great value, I’d have expected to pay a lot more for this than £25. Also very fast delivery and great communication throughout, overall a really great experience from this device and company.
  • Not bad, but could be better. - by Andy, 24 July 2018
    Held off writing a knee jerk review when I got my VIM 5-6 weeks ago, can now give a more experienced opinion. My thoughts based on daily use for over a month now are are below...
    - Great battery life, and nice size. Note however that I do have to hold it with my little finger out straight (like the cliched way one should drink tea in proper society), other wise the curled little finger sits underneath the VIM, covering the airflow hole. And speaking of which...
    - Appreciate that compromises had to be made to keep the size down, but the airflow is set by a rubber tab on the base of the VIM, with only two positions, either giving lots or very little airflow. I've gotten used to it (my favoured setting being somewhere in between), but be aware of this.
    - Rubberised white finish is possibly the worst choice of colour for anything which is going to be handled often. For anyone who gets their hands dirty for a living, this thing is going to get very grubby, very quickly. It's not practical to wash my hands every time I want to take a hit, and mine looks like I've had it for years rather than a month (note I only work in IT, not a builder or other such 'messy' profession - even just dust on my hands from equipment is enough). If I had know that JAC were going to release other colours when officially launched (although still don't appear to have done so?) I would definitely NOT have bought this when white was the only option, having seen this same problem when I used to buy their V3 e-cig batteries in rubberised white. At least they only costed a tenner though and were binned every few months. Stuck with this grubby little VIM now for as long as it lasts!
    - Changed coil and gave it a regular clean out yesterday, and have found that the tube from mouthpiece to top of coil (inside the tank) is discoloured and cloudy. No amount of cleaning with cotton buds down it nor anything else I could get in there has made a difference. Maybe this is just one of those things which is expected and normal, but not something I've seen before with any other device I've used.
    When removing the tank from the body, often found small traces of liquid on the underside of the tank and in the slot for it on the body, and have had to clean up the battery contacts. Have replaced coil twice, but still finding liquid, so unless I've been unlucky and have had two coils with bad rubber seals, points to the tank itself.

    To summarise, nice compact vape with enough to see you through the day easily... but in my case at least has required extra maintenance and is not a vape I'd want to show off due to how quickly and easily it gets dirty despite due to the finish! If they release a black one then I might consider another VIM for a replacement when this one dies, but most likely will go for something else...……………...JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, the slate colour will arrive in around 5 weeks, also the device can be cleaned with tennis shoe cleaner, at least it seems to keep the buildup at bay on mine. The small amount of liquid on the underside of the tank, should just be condensation, it will dissipate without causing issues, if it's a bigger leak, like eliquid flooding out, then make sure you are always going clockwise with the tank to lock or unlock it, so that the mouth tip is secure and not being loosened. It also sounds like the tank is clouding from your description, which shouldn't happen, but we have had one other user using liquorice that had an issue, so it may be the flavour is not suitable for the tank, again CS will sort this out for you, if you want to contact them.
  • Ultimate pod - by John, 23 July 2018
    I like small devices, but small this normally means a tiny battery and tiny tank, not with this. This is small enough to cover in your hand, yet it's a massive battery, to put it into perspective my other pod is 650mah with a 1.5ml tank, this is 2600mah with a 2ml refillable tank, so if I fill 3 tanks at the start of the day, I can vape all day long with no re-charging, and that is hammering it. If I did that with my other pod, I'd need to carry 4 batteries and around 4 pods, and even then I wouldn't make it the full day. This is a great and practical little device, at a decent price, I can't rate highly enough, and if it was the last device I ever had, I'd be happy. Please release other colours, I promise I will buy every one.
  • VIM AIO: all-in-all great value for money - compact, high quality feel & dare I say... pretty damn cool! - by Danny, 23 July 2018
    VIM AIO has finally given me a serious alternative to cigs. I'm an 'occasional' smoker especially with drinks but tend to go through all too regular phases where I smoke more (& more regularly). Guess I'm lucky as I'm cool about odd cigs here & there but need to manage the 'mission creep' into more regular daily use. I've felt slightly uncomfortable/'un-cool' with vaping tbh but I know the reality & increasingly value my health & fitness as I get a bit older (& perhaps less reckless!). I've tried various vape options for a couple of years but none have cut it for me - until now... VIM AIO feels like a step change from what I've experienced previously: All day battery/tank for my MTL use, great flavour/cloud levels (need to be charged & topped up juice for full consistency), handy/lightweight. Might be worth saying that I did have to work at 'my set up' a bit (& spend a bit of money on trying alternative options, including some that didn't work for me). Even though the 'messing about' bit of vaping has put me off a bit (as a smoker used to simply buying a pack) - I have put effort into experimenting with various juice mixes & coil (low nicotine/3mg & VG heavy tobacco mix for me), alternating between 1.0 & turbo 0.7 coils (although 0.7 does seem to use the juice pretty quickly), & I did try a narrow tip but prefer original 'medium' tip. Couple of people have made comments about charge plug on base - not a problem for me at all - simply remove the tank when on charge if you don't want juice/tank on its side etc. Finally, white is actually very stylish but does show dirt a bit depending on what you are doing (does clean up easily) so I definitely want it in black asap... VIM AIO: all-in-all great value for money - compact, high quality feel & dare I say... pretty damn cool!...…………...JAC Vapour: Thanks for the review, and we will have an almost black version (it's dark slate) coming on the next batch, which should landed in around 6 weeks, maybe a bit sooner.
  • Great little mod at a silly cheap price - by Richard Green **********, 19 July 2018
    The device is cheap and light, but somehow it doesn't feel cheap, with the choice of coils the performance is up there with £50 setups, you just have to find the coil that works for you. Looks are subjective, but I'd say it's attractive, however most of the time it's covered in your hand anyway... it's that small, even for somebody with average hands like myself. The battery in comparison is massive, if you compare similar devices it's around double that of anything I have seen, I thought the S22 was small, but this has the same battery by the looks of it, and it's far more compact. Lastly considering the price point, there is nothing that really comes close to this, to think you can get a kit like this for £25 is amazing, considering I paid £30 for an ego setup a year ago and this knocks that out the park...…………….JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, I edited out your email address from the name box I think you might have put it in there by accident, and best not to post it publicly, hope you don't mind. Glad you are enjoying the kit.
  • If someone wanted to replace fags, this it - by paul, 18 July 2018
    You have a winner here.

    Pros: light as feather
    works well out of the box
    fits the hand
    MTL like a dream
    cheaper than china
    No leaks

    charger port on the base is never a good idea
    Charger chip seems to go from 0.5 to 0.9,maybe that's a design decision

    Quite surprised how good this is,and I'm looking at 8 years of landfill vaping wise.

    With a heavy,sunk cost heart, I have to say this is best AIO on the market.

    I would happily recommend it to friends,family and neighbours

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