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VIM Vape Mod Kit

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  • Description

    Begin with the VIM Vape Mod and enjoy all-day battery life in an ultra-compact all in one (AIO) vape mod. The VIM e cigarette is perfect for beginners or new vapers, simply screw in your vape coil, fill it with e liquid, pop your vape tank in the device and vape. Easy.

    You’ll receive:

    • 1x VIM Vape Mod (includes a 2600Mah battery)
    • 1x 2ml VIM tank
    • 1x 1x Vape coil
    • 1x Micro USB charging lead

    Customise your kit using the menus below. To use the VIM Tank, we recommend buying an extra packet of coils too and a bottle of premium e liquid (neither is required to use the PODs), or find out more about our VIM, designed by us in the UK at JAC.

    Or if you're still trying to make you mind up, be sure to check out our full range of vape starter kits, all designed by JAC right here in the UK.

    Not sure what e cigarette is right for you? Read our e cigarette 2020 guide.

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Availability: Out of stock

As low as: £24.99

Customer Reviews for the VIM Vape Mod Kit

  • good value for money - by M, 4 October 2020
    Not bad for the price. Good for simplicity and is very small so very portable. However over time the tank began to leak with every refill and could sometimes taste the actual liquid whilst vaping. It might be better off with the pods as I only used it with the refillable tank. A nice little kit but if you’re looking for a long term, every day use I would recommend spending a little more on a better kit. Still good value for money and a nice sleek design.....JAC: Thank you for the review, if you sre experiencing leaking then please contact customer service. The tank is very simple and can only leak for a few reasons. Firstly check the seal sin the tank are intact, fill to three quarters full, make sure topfill is on, and leave to sit overnight. If the eliquid remains in the tank, there is no issue with the tank, and its a user adjustment required, either over filling, using a a nozzle too big for the tank, or removing the device with an anti-clockwise action (the tank should always be turned clockwise to fit and remove, turning the tank anticlockwise over time can cause the top to loosen and leaking. If the tank does leak down to coil top, there is an issue with the chimney seal, if the tanks leaks below this there is an issue with the base seal, and your tank needs replaced, please contact customer service if in 6 months, as this will be replaced free of charge. Over time the base of the tank push fit can go, this releases pressure and causes a leak, it's normally only effects older tanks that are out of warranty, and the cost to replace a tank is very cheap. Hopefully this will help you.
  • Great Flavour. Outstanding Customer Service. - by Rob, 2 October 2020
    The difference in flavour between the VIM & my old vape pen is like night & day. Especially when also using the new Mesh 0.8 MTL coils. I had an issue with the charging slot on my original VIM after about 4 months. I emailed Jac Vapour customer support, & Duncan & the team replied the very next day. He was exceptionally helpful in our subsequent correspondence. After initially thinking the charger cable was the issue, they sent me not one but 2 new cables free of charge! When this did not resolve the problem, & after sending them a short video detailing that the issue remained, they immediately sent out a brand new VIM to replace the faulty slot on the original, which I returned back to them. Only time will tell if the slot stays intact & fully operational on the new VIM,but so far so good!
  • Leaks - by Paul, 25 September 2020
    I'm a huge fan of Jacvapour and have used their products for years. Alas, this product is the only one that has failed to meet their usual quality standards. It's a nice design in a handy pocket size, but it just leaks all the time, so I gave up using it ages ago. Shame, as I like the idea, but can't put up with the mess it has made of countless things when it leaks.................JAC Vapour: PLease contact customer service in regards to the leaking as it should not do this. Has it leaked from Day one? as this would suggest an error with your unit. Also there are a few things that may be cause the issue, one is to remove the tank it should always turn clockwise, so clockwise to remove and clockwise to fit, turning anticlockwise causes the mouth tip to loosed and then you get leaks. To check the tank is sound, fit the coil, fill to about 3/4 put on the mouth tip, leave to sit over night, if it does not leak, then the tank is fine, and something else is happening like overfilling or the topfill issue like I mentioned before. If this is the case call customer service and we will help figure it out. Many thanks
  • easy to use - by Adam, 24 August 2020
    Haven't had any issues using my vim. Has been easy to fill and vapes well. Overall it has been a good alternative to my old vape pen.
  • Great little device - by Robin B, 24 August 2020
    This is my first ecig and it's been great. I'm using it with the cartridges and it's been really straightforward for me to set up and use. And I've totally knocked the cigarettes on the head which is fantastic.
  • DO NOT BUY - by Laura, 12 August 2020
    I loved this vape and used for 4 months. A few days ago sparks suddenly started flying out the battery and melted the charging cable. Luckily I was sitting next to it and pulled the thing out quickly. If i had been busy around the house this could have caused damage or a worse a fire. I contacted Jac Vapour and have received no reply. Checked junk folder and not there. Absolutely done with Jac Vapour. I'm not the 1st this has happened to either.......... .........JAC: I am very sorry that you have experienced an issue like this and we take these matters very seriously. We have been trying to email you and call you for several days now and we have no reply. We emailed on the 11th August 10.42am, 13th of August at 11.12am, and again on the 14th of August at 11.33am, please check your junk mail for these replies. We have also attempted to call you on several occasions, but the number you have attached to your account is not answered. Please call our customer service team as soon as possible on 01315556111, or alternatively if you can find the original emails in Junk, please reply to them with a number that is suitable for us to call you on. Obviously do not attempt to use the device again, and please also note down the charging plug and brand you were using with the device, as we will need this as part of the investigation and report to manufacturing engineers. Once again I am very sorry this has happened, but it is a very rare occurrence and the devices have many failsafe's to prevent an occurance like this so we need to get the device back along with as much information as possible to test establish the cause of the issue.
  • Really great vape so far! put off sonewhat by the 7 fills bit... - by Spike , 30 July 2020
    I decided to go with the Vim aio, after 8 months of tolerating the absolutely dreadful, aspire pocket x kit.
    That thing leaked from day one, the glass on the tank broke, more times than I can remember without ever dropping it. anyways I decided I did not want raw vape juice getting into my mouth lips, so a change to Vim was I order.

    So far I like everything about this vape after a few days of using it, it gets through juice a bit quicker, but seems to be performing better in every other respect.

    The reason this is getting 4 stars is for the advice in the manual "to change the coil after 7 fills"

    That's a mere 14ml of juice, at 2ml per fill.

    You've got to be joking! I change my coils once a month, and will be pretty darn disappointed if the coils start burning up after only 14 ML of juice.

    That's about 5 days of vaping and simply unacceptable performance.

    At £10 per 5 coils, that's more than I'm willing to spend a month on vaping coils.
  • Great to start with, then not. - by Tonia, 15 July 2020
    Really loved it for just short of a year but then it melted to the charging wire so I dare not use these now.
    Contacted Jac Vapour for comment but they did not respond.....JAC Vapour: I am sorry you have had an issue with this, we take matters like this very seriously as they are very rare. If you emailed customer service they definitely will have replied, it may have gone into junk along with follow-ups so please check your junk folder. Please also check the correct information was supplied in regards to return address, and that the email was sent to I notice the email this has been submitted under is is this meant to be could this possibly be the reason. I will get customer service to attempt to contact you again on the ymail email address. If this is not the corretc address please email with correct one, or call our customer service number on 0131 555 6111. Update: Customer service responded to you last Monday morning, please check your junk mail, they are attempting to contact you again now.
  • Excellent - by Paul, 3 July 2020
    After trying lots of other brands I found my old vim and forgot how good it was.I ordered one yesterday and arrived today. I put a 1.2 ohm mesh coil and wow awesome vape .so I've just ordered another one and living the slate colour too,much better than the white.You won't go wrong getting a vim and a great price .
  • Love it, but ......... - by Floss, 26 June 2020
    First and foremost I would like to say the customer service really is second to none, issues are dealt with promptly.

    I love the VIM pod, it feels good in your hand, not too big and used with the mesh coils give off a great vape and flavour. Unfortunately, I have had two now where I have experienced problems with the USB port, the first one the port broke inside, I contacted customer service, attached a photograph and was sent a replacement, the second one stopped charging, if I wiggled the lead, a blue light came on but the VIM pod constantly hissed as though it would if it was in use, again JAC customer service was excellent. I tend to carry my vape in a pocket or my handbag, I’m wondering if a collection of dust, fluff etc may over time damage the port, it would be good to maybe have a cover over the port for protection..............JAC: Micro usb ports are pretty delicate and I would suggest trying to keep in a place that is dust free, or a place where debris can't get into it. if possible try to never force it or leave it charging where any pressure is on the connector, as once they bend they don't connect properly. I actually broke myself trying to force it in the wrong way up. If you have any issues with it we will cover it under warranty in most circumstances. I hope this helps.

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