SERIES-S17 AIO Starter Kit

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The new SERIES-S17 AIO.

What's new:

  • All-In-One design with fixed tank for a more compact design and easier to use than ever.
  • Modern USB-C charging port.

Our award winning design is more compact than ever and comes fitted with our new MESH S-COIL technology for superior performance and flavour and a new Super Black Matte PVD finish, both immensely durable and elegant.

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Find out more about our SERIES-S17, designed by us in the UK at JAC.

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  • SERIES-S17 AIO Starter Kit includes
    • 1x SERIES-S17 900mAh Battery with integrated S17 tank
    • 1x 0.8Ohm Mouth to Lung Performance Mesh S-Coil
    • 1x USB-C Charging Lead
    • 1x Manual
  • We take the safety of the items we sell very seriously. All of our products are regulated, tested and audited to meet UK and EU standards. Shopping with JAC means, you have peace of mind, that the hardware or E-liquids you are purchasing have been independently tested and verified as safe for use. More information on our safety and quality controls

  • 6 Months

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Battery Life:
Box Battery:
1x SERIES-S17 900mAh Battery with integrated S17 tank
Box Coil:
1x 0.8Ohm Mouth to Lung Performance Mesh S-Coil
Box Lead:
1x USB-C Charging Lead
Box Manual:
1x Manual
Type of User:
Kit Batteries:
1x SERIES-S17 900mAh Battery with integrated S17 tank
Starter Kit Type:
6 Months


  • 5
    SERIES-S17 AIO Starter Kit

    Fantastic product and easy to use.

    Manuel Martinez

    16th Mar 2023

  • 2

    I dropped my S17 AIO and broke the glass in the tank. It appears I'm going to have to buy a whole new one as I can't just purchase the tank. Why? I feel it's a rip off forcing me to buy a whole new pen when I have a perfectly serviceable battery. How is this environmentally friendly? The older style where we could buy spare parts separately was far better. Or make the glass unbreakable. It only fell out of my pocket so not exactly from a great height. Look for something else if you don't want to have to buy a new pen if you cracked or break the glass on your pen.

    Debby Cunliffe

    28th Jan 2023

  • 5
    a keeper

    I’m on my third S17 from JAC Vapour. Over five years now. No need to look further.

    Peter Schumacher

    8th Jan 2023

  • 4
    S17 AIO

    I hope you're realising by now that you made a huge mistake in making this into AIO. New finish - brilliant. USB-C charging - brilliant. Save 5mm but dispense with separate battery/tank - HUGE mistake. Bite the bullet and take a step 'backward', get rid of the AIO.

    Altogether now

    1st Jan 2023

  • 2

    purchased a couple of weeks ago its been good so far, but like others I am unhappy that there is not even replaceable tanks available and will now make vaping with this pen very expensive. I too will be considering other options.

    Margaret Ashby

    16th Nov 2022

  • 3
    A bit leaky

    I've been using this for around a month now and found it was great at first, but after the first week it started leaking quite heavily at points. The battery life also hasn't been great, and when I charge it the device gets quite worryingly hot, to the point it actually hurts to pick up if it's been charging for 20+ minutes. It's usable as a vape, but I will definitely be looking for something else now to replace it.


    21st Oct 2022

  • 2
    Integrated tank is a major drawback

    I’ve provided this feedback to Jacvapour team separately but the integrated tank is a major step back in the design and I really can’t understand why this decision was made. Previously, I was able to have a spare battery and quickly swap the tank once the main battery ran out while I was out and about. Really hoping that the design team will rethink this and go back to a detachable tank design or else I’ll sadly have to find a different vape pen. Otherwise, the product works and feels same as the previous versions.


    8th Sep 2022

  • 3
    Just OK

    I have bought many of the original S17, but the new one does not come apart so you can buy extra batteries or extra tanks when needed, this seems a step-back to me ? Anyhow, I will be buying another as pretty good except for above comment


    4th Apr 2022

  • 4
    Series-S17 AIO

    Only had this new vape pen for just over a week. It seems to deliver a more powerful vape than the old Series-17 model and is less inclined to make bubbling noises.

    James Anderson

    9th Mar 2022

  • 5

    The SERIES-S17 is a fantastic product and I have now bought several.

    Manuel Martinez

    28th Feb 2022

  • 3
    new s17 AIO

    was looking forward to buying this but not being able to change thebattery or have a spare!? think I'll stick with my old one!

    jo cochrane

    21st Feb 2022

  • 5
    Device & customer service

    The device works fine so far as expected. More importantly the customer service I received from Duncan was second to none. Had a issue which was sorted in a timely manner from start to finish. Really impressed and would recommend jacvapour, not only for the quality products but the customer service. Well done and thanks once again.

    Ed Morland

    27th Jan 2022

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