SERIES-S17 Grey / Pink
The pink SERIES-S17 TF
Stainless Steel SERIES-S17 Topfill kit
SERIES-S17 Grey / Pink
Black version of the SERIES-S17 TF Tank
SERIES-S17 TF Tank with coil
SERIES-S17 TF Tank with coil and adapter
SERIES-S17 TF Tank and coil

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SERIES-S17 Topfill Kit

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    UK designed and engineeredDesigned in the UK using high quality materials.
    Money back guarantee and warrantyNo risk 14 day money back guarantee and industry leading six month warranty.
    Beginner friendlyPerfect for beginners or new vapers straight out the box.

    A stylish new Grey/Pink colour combo has arrived! Look out for a Slate/Orange option arriving soon.

    Customise your kit using the menus below, or find out more about this latest evolution of the SERIES-S17.

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £24.99

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Price as configured: £24.99

Customer Reviews for the SERIES-S17 Topfill Kit

  • Love it - by trudy, 15 June 2018
    I love the s17 I have a lot of other vapes 1 of which cost me over 10 times the amount of the s17 but its my old faithfull I keep coming back to. Would be lost with out my s17 its like my best friend it helped me kick my 25 year 20 cigg a day habbit first time as been of the ciggs just over a year now...………...JAC: Glad you like it, and it was able to help you get off the real ones, we've just added one new colour (pink and grey) with a orange and blue arriving soon. Thanks for the review.
  • Would definitely recommend it. - by Clifford, 26 May 2018
    As the series E that I’ve been using is being fazed out I was sent one of these free of charge and my first impression having used it for a few days is that it is really good. Read all the instructions and watched the video and very pleased at how good it is, not quite the build quality of the E but love how fast the battery charges in little over an hour with the top fill and the good vape all in all with the MTL coil this is perhaps at least on a par with my E series and is more than an adequate replacement.
  • I wouldn't recommend it - by Bogdan, 14 May 2018
    After using this device for months, I am starting to get sick of it. More than often it starts gurgling, leaking liquid and not producing any vapour. And it happens out of the blue, not necessarily after you've just filled it in. Pretty poor overall. It's definitely time to try other products on the market....................JAC Vapour Ltd: This shouldn't be happening and it sounds like you need an adjustment in how you are using the device, also there could be a fault with the unit if you are experiencing continual problems, but this is about as trouble free a device as you get normally, so I'll get CS to contact you and see if they can get to the bottom of the issues.....Update: I have spoke to CS and they are going to contact you, I notice you have had the device for 7 months and in that time you have only purchased 2 packs of coils that I can see. I am not aware how often you fill, but a standard user would use 1 pack of coils per month, roughly getting a weeks use from a coil, if you are running coils for 4 or 5 weeks, they will degrade and gurgling will happen at the end of the life of the coil. It may be you are buying coils elsewhere or are a very light user, so CS will contact you and get details.
  • Really decent kit - by Tom, 3 May 2018
    Very good starter kit! Thanks to the S-17 I managed to quit smoking entirely. Decent flavour from the S coils, especially the 1.0 Ohm MTL with a higher nicotine content juice. One con is that the drip tip included in the kit is way too airy for MTL, in my opinion it should come with the narrow drip tip. Good battery life, about 2 days using this as a MTL device.
  • the business - by jessica, 21 March 2018
    I was recommended this by a friend - first of all , love the pink colour, a trendy pink not girly or pastel which is a plus, the feel in my hand is much better than i thought it would be for the price feels really really good quality. But more importantly, it was easy to set up and ive been using it for over a week now and am a convert. Dont waste your money elsewhere (i tried vype and liberty flights before this) this is the best i have used. wont look back. big thumbs up from me jacvapour
  • Don’t buy this, get the s22 - by Gareth, 8 March 2018
    I received one of these under the latest promotion. Was not aware I was getting it as I just ordered a new tank for my excellent s22 and lots of juice and coils. Thought I would give it a try, filled it up, leaked juice everywhere out of the air holes, all over my hands...great! Checked all seals, tried a different coil, tried again, same. This time I was prepared for it, so only leaked on some paper towel. Nearly a whole £4.99 bottle of juice wasted. Shame as it was the clear steam that I had never tried and was intrigued to try it. The s17 was launched into the bin and I will stick with my s22 which is excellent. Can’t fault it.

    Don’t bother wasting your money on this. Get the 22 instead. No wonder they’re giving them away!.....................JAC Vapour Ltd: I suspect this is the coil not being fully tightened, on new tanks the last quarter of a turn can be tight, so please check that if it can be retrieved, it's the exact same build as the S22 juts smaller, so if you like one, the other should be fine as well. If the coil is 100% fully tightened then there could be a bit of damage somewhere that's not visible, and we can get it replaced.
  • Horrible, a waste of money - by Rita, 20 February 2018
    Received it today and it is the worst vapour I ever had in 4 years. Horrible! More than a half of what inhale it’s air and if use the adjustable airflow you don’t inhale anything due the strength you have to do. A wast of money.........................JAC Vapour Ltd: I suggest you contact customer service as you have something setup incorrectly, or there is a problem with the device, they will help you with it.
  • Premium feel - by Keith, 8 February 2018
    For a simple vape experience, this kit should really be on anybody's list to consider. It feels solid in the hand and feels like a premium device. It also has enough customisation through different availability of coils and mouth tips, as well as the adjustable air flow. On light to medium usage, a single charge will see you into the next day too.
  • Best vape I've ever had - by Lisa, 1 February 2018
    I bought this a couple months ago to replace my old clearomizer vape kit from another company. The battery had worn out and I was sick and tired of constantly having to replace the glass clearomizers I used to get which broke incredibly easy. I spent a long time looking around and this seemed to fit the bill. I have been using this Vape for the last few months and I can honestly say it is the best Vape I have ever owned. The device itself is attractive, compact and relatively lightweight. But most of all, it is reliable. I haven't had to replace the tank once since using it. I just clean it regularly and replace the coils every couple of weeks, which imo is all it requires, and it's been perfect. Even after dropping it multiple times, there is no signs of the tank breaking at all, it hasn't leaked once since buying it. This is truly an outstanding, quality build at a more than reasonable price. The vape experience itself is smooth, refreshing and clean. Have only ever experienced burning once the coil is on it's way out or the liquid needs topping up, which is exactly how it should be. I personally use it as a replacement for cigarettes and haven't tested what it's like as a DL vape as I always use MTL, but in that respect, it is superb. I am 100% happy with this product and would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a cheap, but excellent quality cigarette replacement. Good job guys!
  • Good product excellent customer service - by Ayesha, 22 January 2018
    Although received a faulty one initially but there customer service was one of THE best!! Amy helped me on several occasions without any fuss.

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