SERIES-S17 AIO Starter Kit

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The new SERIES-S17 AIO.

What's new:

  • All-In-One design with fixed tank for a more compact design and easier to use than ever.
  • Modern USB-C charging port.

Our award winning design is more compact than ever and comes fitted with our new MESH S-COIL technology for superior performance and flavour and a new Super Black Matte PVD finish, both immensely durable and elegant.

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Find out more about our SERIES-S17, designed by us in the UK at JAC.

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  • SERIES-S17 AIO Starter Kit includes
    • 1x SERIES-S17 900mAh Battery with integrated S17 tank
    • 1x 0.8Ohm Mouth to Lung Performance Mesh S-Coil
    • 1x USB-C Charging Lead
    • 1x Manual
  • We take the safety of the items we sell very seriously. All of our products are regulated, tested and audited to meet UK and EU standards. Shopping with JAC means, you have peace of mind, that the hardware or E-liquids you are purchasing have been independently tested and verified as safe for use. More information on our safety and quality controls

  • 6 Months

    We also offer a no-quibble 14 day returns policy, so if any item malfunctions within this time we’ll get a replacement sent out immediately, or issue a full refund if you choose to return the item.

    Even if your item is outside of its stated warranty period and in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, don’t panic! We have a five star customer rating for a reason. Should you have any questions, just get in touch with us and we can supply troubleshooting steps which more than often will get everything working for you again.

Battery Life:
Box Battery:
1x SERIES-S17 900mAh Battery with integrated S17 tank
Box Coil:
1x 0.8Ohm Mouth to Lung Performance Mesh S-Coil
Box Lead:
1x USB-C Charging Lead
Box Manual:
1x Manual
Type of User:
Kit Batteries:
1x SERIES-S17 900mAh Battery with integrated S17 tank
Starter Kit Type:
6 Months


  • 3
    New design

    I have used this for years and decided it was time to get a new tank and battery so bought a new one. I hadn’t quite acknowledged that the battery does not come off the new one. This is a bit irritating s you need a whole second device in case you run out of charge. I also broke it as I was desperately trying to unscrew it….. not a fan. Can we go back to separate batteries please?

    suzanne watt

    8th Jan 2022

  • 4

    Seems to leek a bit if I don't close the air inlet when I put it in my bag

    Susan edwards

    7th Jan 2022

  • 4
    SERIES-S17 AIO Starter Kit

    Very enjoyable vape, easy to use, and no needless clouds of smoke. Very handy pocket sized.

    Gordon John Watson

    2nd Jan 2022

  • 5
    works great!

    This item works great. I’ve been a customer of JAC Vapour for years, never had a problem, and that’s why I keep coming back.

    Peter Schumacher

    29th Nov 2021

  • 4
    AIO Configuration

    This is generally a very good product. It works well, is simple to use and lives up to its specification. My only concerns about it are with the AIO configuration: (a) It is more difficult to clean the airflow because it cannot be removed from the device and washed, and (b) the cost of ownership is potentially higher as broken or worn out components (i.e. battery and tank) cannot be purchased separately. It remains to be seen how significant these concerns are.

    Mick Meaden

    17th Nov 2021

  • 5

    I bought one of these last week. It took me a while to figure out the instructions, but compared to the NVEE Plus I had before it is vastly superior. Highly recommended.

    Andrew’s Buglass

    19th Oct 2021

  • 4
    SERIES-S17 Starter Kit

    My wife and I both use the series - S17. We have tried s few different vapes but we always come back to this one. Good battery life, smooth vaping and simple to use. Recommended.

    David Reed

    3rd Aug 2021

  • 1

    Bought about a week ago was great up until today, it's fully charged however not working at all so wasted money. Usually I'm very impressed with jac vapour products hence trying this one.


    22nd Jul 2021

  • 4
    Charging port

    A generally good product but with one glaring and annoying fault. I’m just about to return a battery within the guarantee period because the charging port has failed…again. This must be the 6th time this has happened in the last two years. Only inertia has stopped me sending them all back. I’m sure a design tweak would solve the problem. And I can’t be the only person experiencing this problem?

    Mike Blake

    20th Jul 2021

  • 5

    Just moved from V3i to this S17. Took a little time to get used to, however after a fortnight usage I find this vaper to be excellent. Well made product that vapes well. I've been with JacVapour for some years now always with V3i, but this is an excellent upgrade to enjoy. Well done JV for bringing this to market!

    John Blueman

    1st Jul 2021

  • 5

    Very good quality


    24th Jun 2021

  • 5
    The business

    I was recommended this by a friend - first of all , love the pink colour, a trendy pink not girly or pastel which is a plus, the feel in my hand is much better than i thought it would be for the price feels really really good quality. But more importantly, it was easy to set up and ive been using it for over a week now and am a convert. Dont waste your money elsewhere (i tried vype and liberty flights before this) this is the best i have used. wont look back. big thumbs up from me jacvapour


    25th May 2021

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