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SERIES-S22 Vape Starter Kit

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    Pre-order today to get your hands on kit fresh from our next batch, expected to arrive at the end of April. If you're ordering anything else, be sure to do so separately - otherwise we'll ship all of your lovely vape mail together.

    UK designed and engineeredDesigned in the UK using high quality materials.
    Money back guarantee and warrantyNo risk 14 day money back guarantee and industry leading six month warranty.
    Beginner friendlyPerfect for beginners or new vapers straight out the box.

    Conquer your everyday, with the SERIES-S22.

    Select your kit options using the menus below, or find out more about this latest UK designed device.

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £34.99

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Price as configured: £34.99

Customer Reviews for the SERIES-S22 Starter Kit (Pre-Order)

  • S22 starter kit - by Beak, 5 April 2019
    Great starter vape, built very strong to take knocks and bangs which i like a lot. Would recommend.
  • Ideal starter kit for those new to vaping. - by Dave, 22 March 2019
    Having purchased the Sandstorm mod and been impressed by the quality, Sister in law, in Spain recently purchased S 22 kit with spare battery, coils and oil during visit to replace her ciggy habit. Local enquiries had left her with a miniscule len vape with an 18 mg of ncotine which gave her a sore throat, totally unsuitable for what she needed. The warranty and ability to message with customer support is a big plus to a well reviewed kit. The simple set up and ability to view on youtube makes it ideal for a new starter not to be put off by to much choice.
    I've now purchased the same set up for my son so as to get him off ciggies.
  • Great value and excellent quality. - by Emma, 11 March 2019
    This is a great kit and more powerful than it looks. A great weight and fits in my hand nicely. Smooth vape with the 1.0 MTL coils and great flavour using Snake Kiss. All round good value and well packeged. Very impressed!
  • I can now recommend this product - buy with confidence - JV customer services brilliant as is S22 - by Vivien, 17 February 2019
    Following on from my review of 5.2.19 I now give 5 stars for the product and for customer services. It turned out that my original battery was faulty. Sent a new one by Jac Vapour and what a difference - battery lasts a good time and I now have a vape pen which does all that Jac Vapour says it does. I would now recommend this product and indeed you can buy with confidence as JVs customer services are second to none. Thank you Jac Vapour...............JAC: I am glad customer service managed to get the device sorted for you. Thanks for the updated review.

    Older reviews:
    Reviewed this a few weeks ago - said then that battery did not last. Now my battery will not charge just keeps flashing red and now the battery has completely packed up dead as a dodo. This is described as a precision engineered product - I do not think so - a few weeks old and now of no use. Would definitely not recommend this product - a total waste of my hard earned money. Coils did not last that long either........................JAC Vapour: Have you contacted customer service the device has a 6 month warranty, if there is a fault then it will be replaced free of charge. The battery is a full 18650, so bigger than any device currently on the market for the size of the device, the only device I know of that beats it is our VIM, which is the same battery in an even more compact device. An 18650 should get any MTL user thorough a full day on the 1.0 MTL coil, unless you are a very heavy user, in that case a bigger battery and sized device needs to be considered, if you don't want to charge during the day. If you are a heavy DL user then an 18650 in any device is going to need to be charged at least once in the day. If the battery is showing a light when charging but none when the button is pressed, the device is locked (5 button clicks in a row to lock or unlock the device). With charging the first thing to check is the usb plug adapter you are using, if that's fine, then try changing the cable to another usb cable, if that's good and battery is lighting up on charge, but never turning blue, then there is a potential fault, if it not lighting up at all the fault is potentially it's not making a connection. In either of these cases the customer service team can find out the issue and get a new device free of charge issued. So please speak to customer service. Thank you for the review.

    The S22 looks and feels good in the hand BUT not impressed with the battery life. My S22 took nearly 5 hours to reach full charge which then seemed to quickly go down when I started vaping - I am NOT a heavy vaper but would certainly not last me all day. The battery I was using (not Jac Vapour) was smaller and that lasted longer. Very disappointed with this aspect of the S22.
  • I like this. - by Simon, 2 February 2019
    Only had this for a week and it is a vast improvement over the Series E & Aero tank that I have been sporadically using for the past couple of years. So much so that I have not had a cigarette for three days. The build quality is very good and I love the top fill, the black finish is nice but looks like it needs some protection from every day knocks and such, I will see how it holds up. Battery life is fine for me and it charges quickly enough, pass through is there if I need it. A good purchase.
  • S22 starter kit - by Leanne, 22 January 2019
    I have been using the S22 now for a week, 3 days in and I had cut out cigarettes completely! This is my 5th day of no cigarettes, I'm impressed. Great product, can't fault it at all and very easy to use. Went to my local vape shop and even they agree that the S22 is a great device. I mentioned I would like a back up device and they said 'cost and quality wise, buy another S22. There's nothing we have even close for the same price!', so I did. Just pre ordered the grey and yellow version. Thanks JAC, I love my S22. ...........JAC: Thanks very much for the glowing review, and good luck with staying off the cigs, if you ever need any advice contact us at anytime.
  • Fantastic - by Keps, 3 December 2018
    S22 is by far the best kit I have ever had. The battery life is fantastic and the top fill tank is superb. It has made giving up smoking very easy. I highly recommend this kit.
  • Great product, average battery - by Gautam, 2 December 2018
    As usual, another great product by Jac. Love most of the features, just have 2 problems that Jac need to sort out for the next model:

    1. The paint does come off. My kit is about 2 months old, and already the black paint is peeling off to expose the silver beneath. Makes the product look quite worn out. My suggestion is to always have a plain silver option for people like me who don't like peeling coating. I don't mind the metallic look, and its ageless.

    2. The battery lasts long, but after 20 minutes of vaping it loses power. It goes from the green light mode (which produces a great vaping experience) to a low power blue light (which doesn't work for me). I pretty much use a battery for 20 minutes before recharging, which means this long lasting battery is a waste for me. My suggestion is to either give us a variable power option (the user can choose whether he wants to make the power last longer or have a more powerful vape) or just have one mode in the battery so that we can a consistent vaping experience.

    Apart from these 2 things, the product is awesome. Love the top fill option. ..............JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the feedback and we are working on an update for next year concerning the device and will take into account the suggestions. In regards to finish, if you are looking for an uber hard wearing finish, then the VIM Slate may work. The body on that is bonded with the finish to give the same textured feel, but it does not mark. Also of the power, I suggest trying the SS coils, in particular the 0.42 Turbo, this will even out performance, giving you all the green and Blue at a level similar or just above the green with the S-coil. Basically the Stainless steel varies the resistance according to power delivery, evening out performance. If you are using less than 65% VG juice then these are pretty reliable, but the over the 65% VG the turbo coils struggle with, definitely worth and experiment though.
  • Great bit of kit! - by Nik , 1 December 2018
    As a first time vape user I couldnt be more happy with my purchase. Great build quality, easy to use and looks really stylish. I went for the blue and I love the colour. Only negative is the charge port on the bottom instead of the side but as it can be used as a pass through I see why that's been done, but perhaps JacVapour can remedy this by releasing a seperate charging dock for it.
  • I cannot praise this device high enough - The build quality , weight / feel , battery life, top fill tank are all fantastic - so much so I bought another one. - by Robert, 27 November 2018
    S22 Starter Kit - Fantastic

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