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S22 Kit Colours
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Green SERIES-S22 Tank
Both SERIES-S22 Batteries
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S22 Kit Colours
S22 Kit Colours
S22 Kit Colours

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SERIES-S22 Starter Kit

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  • Description
    UK designed and engineeredDesigned in the UK using high quality materials.
    Tough constructionMade to last against knocks or being dropped, comes with a 6 month warranty.
    Beginner friendlyPerfect for beginners or new vapers straight out the box.

    Conquer your everyday, with the SERIES-S22.

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £34.99

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Price as configured: £34.99

Customer Reviews for the SERIES-S22 Starter Kit

  • Thanks - by Mark, 19 March 2018
    Just wanted to say thank you, I was lucky enough to be selected on POTV forum to test this device, and from the start I was impressed. When I signed up I really didn't think a device like this could offer me anything, yet it now sits happily amongst far more expensive mods and has found a place in my regular use rota, in fact I'd say, as I take this to work, it's probably my most used device. As a starter kit it is one of the best I have ever used, and even for the more advanced user it offers a compact simplicity that pretty hard to rival. I still like to sit and tinker with my more expensive stuff in the evenings, but for a pick up and go unit, this excels and knocks other similar mods out of the park. I really cannot recommend this enough, and to put my money where my mouth is, I've decided to pick up the 2 new colours, as my wife now seems prone to disappearing with my favourite little workhorse. Once again thanks for the opportunity, and great work at taking on, and in this case doing a better job than China, never thought I see a UK company do that, keep up the good work.........................JAC Vapour Ltd: It was a pleasure working with the test group on POTV, a lovely bunch of people, and thanks for the great review, hope you're wife likes the new colours.
  • Gutted - by Rae, 19 March 2018
    I bought this as an upgrade to my S17 that I had been using for a couple of months. My order was delivered, much to my excitement I dug in straight away! The S22 looks smart & sleek. It is also very comfortable to hold and a good weight. Much more substantial than my S17. Unfortunately that seems to be where the compliments end. I have been using the S22 for a week now as I thought that the issues may be me and perhaps a few teething problems but that does not appear to be the case. Firstly, I am getting through coils like hot dinners (over 2 packs in a week) I put new ones in, ensuring they are primed correctly & sometimes they blow immediately others they work for a few hours or they don’t work at all, I have therefore spent over £20 on coils that should not have been spent if I wasn’t having so many problems with the unit. I can only take 2-3 puffs at a time because the unit heats up so much it burns making the whole experience unpleasant and requiring me to clean the unit so my liquid doesn’t taste burned! The threads on the unit for changing coils seems to be very fickle, requiring constant cleaning & tweaking in order to get the unit to work, for example, I can use the unit then leave it for a couple of hours then when I go back to use it, it doesn’t work, requiring me to strip down the unit in order for me to get it up & running again. As you can imagine, this is both frustrating and an utter waste of juice. So far I have experienced little, if any, difference in the battery life between the S17 & S22. In desperation I have gone back to using my S17 as it is significantly cheaper to run (I have spent at least as much on the S22 as the unit cost me within a week) and much more reliable....................................JAC Vapour Ltd: Hi and sorry you are having issues with the kit, the S17 and S22 are basically the same device, one has a larger battery, and slightly different format, but the electronics etc are the same, so if your S17 is working fine, and nothing else has changed, for instance you decided to start using a different eliquid then all should be good. The fact you are saying the unit heats up, suggests there is a fault, as the unit would only get a hot if you were really using it a lot and it sounds like you are not doing that. Please contact customer service and they will investigate the matter for you and get the unit replaced.
  • Perfect all round vaping solution for a FULL day! - by Chris H, 17 March 2018
    This is a great product which is simple to use and lasts a full day for me when fully charged! The s22 top fill tank is also very impressive which also does me for a full working day...The build quality is excellent and my device has been going strong for 5 months at least now with no issues what so ever! A must buy!!!
  • Great kit and unique. - by lewis, 15 March 2018
    Fantastic kit, I've been a bit hasty in the past and not maybe giving the products time. Hopefully Jac will bring out a 1.5 ohm coil for this soon. I'm very happy with mine and on using the first coil, I've not encountered a problem as I did prime the coil and let it sit for at least 10 mins.................JAC Vapour Ltd: we will be introducing more coils for this, and one will be a higher ohm setup, we should see them start to appear in the next few months. Thanks for the feedback.
  • Amazing product - by Mase, 15 March 2018
    I was looking to upgrade, having used the Blu ecig kits for almost 2 years. After a lot of research on different sites and models, I decided to buy the S22 having been impressed with its specs, its design and its very reasonable price. The battery last 2-3 days and its functionality suits me extremely well. All in all a brilliant product that I would advise to anyone looking for that bit more, but not a box mod. Very well done JAC VAPOUR!.....................JAC Vapour: Thank you and glad you like the device, we've some new coil options coming soon for MTL so look out for them.
  • Great Product - Found My Vape Kit At Last - by Ben, 16 February 2018
    Having tried several pen style devices that seemed to leak constantly (I'm looking at you Aspire) I did some research and decided on the S22 kit. Have had it 6 weeks now so feel I can give it a good review. Battery life is excellent, easily lasts all day even on drinking nights when it gets used a lot, it also never overheats, rarely even gets warm. Just the right amount of power in it for the DL 0.5 coils and I get a good throat hit and clouds using either 3ml or 6ml liquid. The coils last well and the most important thing by a mile is that it has not leaked once, not a drop anywhere, you can lie it down to charge, carry it around in a pocket do whatever you want and this thing appears to be bulletproof. Another thing worth noting is the tank and battery are separate unlike other pen devices so you can easily buy another battery for those times you need it. Great product, can't recommend enough.
  • Great upgrade from the S-17 - by Giancarlo, 15 February 2018
    Currently enjoying the second day of this great product - had an S-17 before; great product but prone to spitting liquid every couple of days.

    New top fill function on S-22 has totally taken away any spitting issues and the battery life is incredible! A whole day without a charge - life is good!...............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, as a pointer spitting tends to occur when eliquid gathers around a wire that may be slightly misaligned causing a pool, this tends to happen more with a new coil and when the device has sat unused for a longer time period, say overnight, as the wick saturates up to full. If you get any hint of spitting just give the device a quick flick and it should disappear, this basically flicks any excess liquid out of the coil. The excess liquid can also come from condensation, if you imagine, when you draw vapour moves up the airflow and on that journey a tiny bit condensates on the inner surface of airflow tube going up to the mouth tip, also if you tend to press the button before drawing, or after you have finished drawing you keep pressing the button, vapour builds up and condensates in the tube without going anywhere, this condensation basically runs back down the tube. In most cases it's not noticeable and while in use is reabsorbed by the coil, but it can build up over time and cause spitting or gargling, again a quick flick and all is back to normal. Thought this might be of interest to you, as it's a good little fix for nearly any gurgling or spitting coil. As coils bed in they spit and gurgle less, as the heating and cooling causes expansion and contraction, which tends to even out, so I always think any coil is at it's best after the first day of use.
  • S17's big brother a great addition to the S-line - by John, 10 January 2018
    Bought the S17 awhile back and was very impressed with the quality and the vape it delivered. Decided to buy the S22 as something to keep at home to vape with (even though it's really just as portable as the S17). Again not disappointed, excellent quality and the battery lasts me over a day Topfill is a great addition and you get the benefit of a full tank after filling. Definitely recommended !
  • Hard to fault - great value for money - by Jacob, 8 January 2018
    Having been through about 6/7 low-med price vapes from 3 different companies, I have to say I have been nothing by impressed by this one. Compared to the other models I have used, the build quality seems far far better, the battery has been bigger, and the overall design has been the best by far. I personally feel this is a vape comparable to those in the £60+ range, and I would recommend it in a heartbeat to more novice vapers who want a really quality starting product without breaking the bank. Wish I had only heard about it before going through/spending so much on the previous more poorly made products.........................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks very much for the review, glad you like the device so much, you should check out the new colours, the grey and yellow looks very nice.
  • Great starter device - by Pauly, 6 January 2018
    Bought an S22 starter kit in late October on a stoptober promotion, wasn’t intending to quit smoking as a result, just cut down a bit (was a 20 a day smoker for over 20 years, had tried to stop before and always hated the experience, tried vaping before too with an older JAC device with limited success). Anyway, I’ve quit!, pretty much by accident, Just much prefer this device to smoking, I feel better, smell better, and by my reckoning I’m about £450 better off already than I would be if I’d been smoking for the last couple of months. Tank is easy to fill, coils are easy to change, doesn’t leak, feels nice in the the hand and has decent adjustability of airflow to change draw resistance. Couldn’t recommend more highly, thanks JAC, I owe you!

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