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SERIES-S22 Vape Starter Kit

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    UK designed and engineeredDesigned in the UK using high quality materials.
    Money back guarantee and warrantyNo risk 14 day money back guarantee and industry leading six month warranty.
    Beginner friendlyPerfect for beginners or new vapers straight out the box.

    Conquer your everyday, with the SERIES-S22.

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £34.99

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Price as configured: £34.99

Customer Reviews for the SERIES-S22 Starter Kit

  • S22 all day vaping - by Rob vaper , 14 August 2018
    S22 is a great kit long battery life 1 to 2 days easy only fault was it scratched up a lot in pocket with keys. But it vspes a dream
  • Why did i ever change - by Mark, 13 August 2018
    Bought one of these from the Shop in Leeds about 16 months ago and for some stupid reason couldnt get on with it,just bought another 2 for me & the wife dont know why i ever swapped,really easy to use,great battery,good taste,i have ordered a medium & narrow drip tip as the original seemed a bit wide with the 18mg Desert Juice it works a treat PS Ordered 9.00pm Weds Del 9.00am Fri
  • Fabulous vape - by Mazzy , 8 August 2018
    Bought this as a gift for someone fed up with their small pen vape. Excellent battery life and range of options has made this a quick favourite and really helped them with enjoying vaping more. Only used with the 1.00 MTL coils but these work well. Got an entire weekends use from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon from the vape - making it easy to carry about. Fairly easy to set up but it does need to be tightened pretty well to ensure no connections are loose! Amazing value.
  • Really Impressed.. - by Donna, 4 August 2018
    Placed an order for the series-s22 starter kit yesterday and it arrived first thing this morning !! Really impressed. The item is really sturdy, easy to use and superior to any other product I have used so far for vapour production and throat hit. I feel that this is going to be the device that will finally help me give up smoking : ) .. value for money and a quality service, thank you.
  • Fantastic Build Quality - by Tony g, 4 August 2018
    Okay - I’d been after a device of this type for a while, but held off because the built-in batteries were always too small. They just wouldn’t have lasted a day at work. No good to me whatsoever. I saw this device is very popular on the POTV forum, and after watching a few reviews I was sold. In the order went - not from Jac Vapour themselves, but I’ll be ordering directly from them in the future.

    It arrived yesterday and I have to say I’m blown away. Given the price, the build quality is simply fantastic. In fact, I’d go as far to say that this device has build quality comparable to devices costing an awful lot more. Great stuff.

    I love the look and feel of it, it’s just such a nice little mod to hold. The tank performs very well and the 1.0ohm MTL coil seems to be performing brilliantly. I can see me ordering a couple more of these kits in the very near future.

    I only have one very minor quibble - given the fact the kit is supplied with a 1.0ohm MTL coil, it seems slightly odd to me that a wide-bore drip tip is included as standard. The two don’t make great bedfellows. I can see why Jac Vapour have done it, because the device is capable of DL vaping with the appropriate coils available. I think a better compromise would be to include the medium sized drip tip instead, to give reasonable performance for either. Anyway, it’s no real biggie and I now have a couple of narrow drip tips on the way.

    This is my first Jac Vapour device, but for sure it won’t be the last! I’ve already ordered a VIM from them, which I’m greatly looking forward to trying out too. Hopefully I’ll never need it, but it’s also very reassuring to know they have a great reputation for Customer Service. Nice. Loving the S22, five stars from me...............................JAC: Glad you are enjoying the kits, and thanks for the review, I saw you posted on POTV as well, and thanks very much for the good comments.
  • Perfect for ex-smokers ! - by Karolina, 18 July 2018
    Great e-cig, the best i've ever had so far, higly recommended
  • Great device except for one thing. - by Nita, 17 July 2018
    I bought the s22 starter kit about a month ago. Great device got me off the smokes straight away. Design and feel of the device is super. Feels just right. The .1 ohm mtl coils last for a very long time. The tank is easy top fill and doesn’t leak even when on it’s side during charging. The customer service is spot on. Thank you Sarah for all your help. The only reason I give 4 stars is becoz the coating is coming off in many places in such a short amount of time. I am very careful with the device and don’t toss it about. Now after just a month or so it’s begun to look scrappy. Apart from that one issue I would highly recommend this device....................JAC Vapour Ltd: The coating is covered by warranty so Sarah should be able to sort you out. The thing I have noticed is the coating doesn't like sunscreen, it seems to react with the device and if it has a lot of contact with this sort of cream it can degrade, this may be nothing to do with your case, as sometimes the bonding is not correct and cause similar issues, but it's a small proportion of the devices. Thanks for the review, also if you find your situation means that the finish is not lasting, then the VIM has a very hard wearing similar finish, and similar specs, but it's only avaialabel in white at present, A slate version will also be arriving in 6 weeks time.
  • Build quality 5/5! - by TheOC86, 25 June 2018
    Thought these guys deserve a review. I purchased this to replace my aspire zelos kit so i will compare it to that.
    First off what you will notice is the build quality, it is amazing! It feels great in your hand, The colour (green) is perfect even the button feels great and satisfying to click. Everything screws on and off perfectly with no resistance it truly is leaps and bounds ahead of the zelos.
    I both MTL and DL, For me the zelos higher ohm coils 1.8 produce more vapor and give more control on airflow but as we no the aspire coils also barely last 4days on a fresh where these ones lasted me nearly 2 weeks which was a first. The mtl coils for me were just to tight.
    After speaking to Customer services (which were amazing btw!) i was advised as i was using 0.7ohm coils in my zelos to try the 0.5's instead and so i did and wow much much better clouds and flavour than the zelos it really does hit the spot and again lasting 2 weeks.
    Now i would advise you buy a spare battery as the performance while amazing really does dip once it hits the blue level which does lead to drawing longer and longer to get a satisfying hit. Also pick up a medium mouthpeice as for some reason the Large bong style mouth peice which some may like but i doubt most people who mtl will get on with.
    To be constructive i can only think of packing the medium mouth piece and having an option of purchasing a assorted coil pack so you dont have to waste 9.99 on a pack of coils you dont get on with. I think most new vapors dont really know what they will like so it would help people judge the product fairly.
    i would like to see in the next battery version a way of keeping the green power level more and the blue less!
    Anyway i couldn't be happier, what a great looking and performing piece of kit. All with good old fashioned UK customer service bravo!
  • Not 100%. - by Dee, 10 June 2018
    I bought this as the 'bank holiday special'...kit came with a spare battery. The spare didn't work so customer service arranged for a new battery to be sent out. That didn't work either!! So my review is tainted! Otherwise a great vape kit. Eliquid is good and I've not had a cigarette in one week...……………..JAC Vapour Ltd: I have never heard of 2 failures, I know this might seem obvious so I apologise if you've checked already and made sure the battery wasn't locked, 5 clicks to lock and 5 clicks to unlock as per the instructions. I guess it is possible to get 2 duds, but our kits have a tiny fail rate and you'd have be very unlucky to get 2 failures. I will check with CS that this is resolved properly for you.
  • Good starter kit - by Christian, 8 June 2018
    Bought this starter kit a month back as my first vape to try and quit smoking and enter the vaping world. It does the job and has kept me off the cigs since. Very easy to use and performs well. Would recommend to any one starting vape or need a small vape on the go.

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