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SERIES-S22 Vape Starter Kit

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    UK designed and engineeredDesigned in the UK using high quality materials.
    Money back guarantee and warrantyNo risk 14 day money back guarantee and industry leading six month warranty.
    Beginner friendlyPerfect for beginners or new vapers straight out the box.

    Conquer your everyday, with the SERIES-S22.

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £34.99

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Customer Reviews for the SERIES-S22 Starter Kit

  • Ignore the moaning folk who don’t get the inherent problems with tech products - by Steve, 25 September 2019
    All of these people moaning about a bad product are failing to realise the versatility and adaptability of an incredibly sturdy, straightforward product which, for its price-point, is superior to a lot of other products. Furthermore, any issues are clearly quickly and conscientiously dealt with by the customer services department.

    I bought my S22 a good few months back, and it’s been through the wars since, never letting me down. I use it fairly heavily with a MTL coil and it’s only now (after 6 months) beginning to lose some of its oomph. I can still get 8 hours of use without loosing any real power. I’ve tried a number of other devices with similar specs and within a similar price range, and this device far exceeds my previous experiences.
    It’s design is simple; easy to use and hassle-free. Ideal for people (like me) who aren’t interested in all of the techy side to vaping, and just want to enjoy a decent, fairly powerful device.
    I’ve had a couple of issues with coils and vapour production (from no vapour at all, to seemingly very reduced production even on full charge) which have been as a result of the coils, and not the device. Changing the coil and making sure it isn’t over- or under-tightened is the only fix I’ve ever had to undertake.
    I’m considering buying a new device (for aesthetic reasons, since mine has been bashed about a bit) and to restore some of the original power which has been lost from recharging the battery. The fact I’m confident enough to buy a second device is, hopefully, advert enough for the quality and usability of the product, but I’d thoroughly recommend it to anybody who asks.
  • Great size, shame about the USB connection - by Maria , 19 September 2019
    Brought this 6 months ago and sadly I have experienced an issue with the USB port and my product is no longer charging. I have used the cable that was provided and also tested using other cables. Upon further investigation the connection pin inside the unit had become disconnected and I could see/hear it rattling around. It's a shame as this vape was a good size, and had a nice feel about it..............JAC Vapour Ltd: please contact customer service and let them know, the unit has a 6 month warranty, but even then, if they can get it back and check, and the unit looks like it's been looked after, we can replace outwith warranty.
  • FANTASTIC PIECE OF KIT - by Robert, 29 July 2019
    At last I've found a quality product at a good price. After trying different vape products and being disappointed (actually believing the shop assistant!!!!) I decided to research mtl vaping properly...... I'm a full blown this was a challenge in itself. I decided to try jacvapour s22 and its not been out of my hand since it arrived. Thank you jacvapour I've not had a cigarette in weeks, the wife is amazed. The s22 feels good in hand gives great mtl vape. Battery life is also good last me 14/16 hours, coils last for many days, I WILL BUY AGAIN and I will recommend to friends and family. Thanks again for a quality product. ................JAC: Glad you are enjoying it, and remeber if you need any help, CS are always here, but it sounds like you have managed to become an expert fairly quickly.
  • Mediocre, poor USB port - by macfxd, 23 July 2019
    The overall product is ok, can do with some improvements though.
    1. The tank began to leak so I just finger tightened it, suprisingly its stuck as it cross threaded, must be my hulk finger strength...ha!
    2. The USB charging port is faulty it charges if you keep it in certain positions and doesn't in certain positions, wierd! I think its broken and just hanging in there. DONT igonre the USB comments like I did, it is poorly positioned and seems oddly weak.

    I have sent the online form and still waiting for a response from JAC what to do next. Not sure buying this again would make any sense. I only used it 2 weeks, my first kit and it's so disappointing....................JAC Vapour Ltd: I have checked with CS about this, and the email you supplied on the customer service enquiry was not correct, hence why you have not yet received a reply. They have now matched it with this one and have forwarded the reply, if you don't see please check your junk. Sorry you are having issues. If you just finger tightened it will not be cross threaded unless you are the hulk, it will just be seized, this can happen with metal threads, to release it you just need a pair of pliers and some tissue paper padding so you don't damage the tank. I little bit of eliquid on the threads will prevent this in the future. If you can also check the usb with another usb lead, to make sure it's a charging port issue, then if so we'll get replaced.
  • Fairly good but the USB charging point is awful - by Will, 8 July 2019
    I've just had my second S22 break in less than 12 months, and unfortunately this one had run out of warranty by a week or two so I was declined a replacement. The issue here is with the charging port, which just seems to completely give up (and judging by others' reviews, it seems to be a regular problem). Different wires, plugs etc have all been used, but the issue clearly lies with a poor charging port. I'd advise to avoid...............JAC: We have had a few reports of the usb lately, so if you contact CS again, I will get them to return your unit, and we'll look at and replace it if it looks like it's been reasonably well looked after and still failed. We try and be fair with all cases, even with units outside warranty.
  • I would not buy again or recommend it to anyone else. - by George, 16 June 2019
    The vape quality last a very short period of time even with the turbo coils for a device with a large battery it is not all day vape maybe a few hours at best. Kit should have come with two coils my coil was doa. And it should come with a drip tip adapter not a separate purchase. .. JAC Vapour: if you are using the turbo coils at 0.42 ohm, and are a heavy vaper an 18650 device will not be an all day device, at 1.0 MTL is will last most people a day though. The turbo coils are also not suitable for liquids over 60% VG and also some nicsalt liquids, the standard coils are however fine with anything up to 70% VG, and should last 7-10 days, even longer normally. Customer service can help you if you are having issues.
  • Good whilst it lasts, charging port let's it down - by ewan, 15 May 2019
    Had several of these now, the charging port has failed each time, now probably just out of warranty, wouldn't purchase it again, while it worked it was fairly decent, and jac customer service was very good, but don't expect it to last much more than 6 months before failing.............JAC: It seems odd multiple units would fail, I would suggest trying a micro usb from something else to see if the problem lies there, so if you have an old phone one or one from another device, I would give that a shot to see if it fixes the issue.
  • Ok - by Peter, 23 April 2019
    When all the new regs came out I got an old discontinued ecig pen type for £12.00 from another company and used it ever since. I decided to get something a bit more current and this seemed to tick all the boxes. Have always liked jac and wanted to get all my bits from one place. I was very surprised that my old discontinued ecig pen Blow's this out the water on every level. It's ok but year's behind it's competition in my opinion......JAC: PLease contact Customer service and they will help, it may be that you are using the wrong coil for the desired effect you wish to achieve, this device is more powerful that nearly any other pen on the market unless you are looking for full blown DL, but it can handle restricted DL comfortably.
  • Really good MTL kit. - by Rick, 16 April 2019
    I've been vaping for nearly 5 years and when genuine replacement batteries for my beloved Evod Mega became unobtainable I started looking for another vape. As an ex smoker I wanted something to give the MTL hit and had tried several other new models from other manufacturers but found them all lacking in some way. I'm a biker so need something with the 5 click system, something that doesn't leak when shaken about, has good battery life for when I'm miles from a charging socket, is robust AND gives a good MTL hit as I've weaned myself down to 6mg liquid.
    I'm pleased to say the S-22 meets all my requirement and gives an even better hit than the Evod Mega did.
    I have a few niggles, first was the loose coil when it came out of the box (a production assemble issue) but easily sorted. The standard tip was too wide for my liking, but I've swapped it for the smaller one and tried the 510 adapter as well. Which brings me to my second gripe, the top fill design is convenient for filling but the design means you always get some trace of liquid on the top even after a wipe with a tissue which give the nicotine tingle on your lips. The 510 adapter gets around this but this has a void below the drip tip which results in the condensed vapour gargling/bubbling. combining the design of the standard tops with the way the 510 adapter fits would result in a good improvement. The last gripe is the window, because there is only one window, in less than optimal light it can be very hard to see how much liquid is left in it with no light passing through the tank when you use a clear uncoloured liquid which I do and made worse because of the line across inside the tank where components meet.
    However, I still give it FIVE STARS as it is way better than any of the many other vapes I have tried recently.
  • S22 starter kit - by Beak, 5 April 2019
    Great starter vape, built very strong to take knocks and bangs which i like a lot. Would recommend.

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