SERIES-S22 Vape Pen
SERIES-S22 Vape Pen
SERIES-S22 Vape Pen

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SERIES-S22 Mesh Kit

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  • Description

    Now includes our brand new 0.8Ohm Performance Mesh S-Coil

    UK designed and engineeredDesigned in the UK using high quality materials.
    Money back guarantee and warrantyNo risk 14 day money back guarantee and industry leading six month warranty.
    Beginner friendlyPerfect for beginners or new vapers straight out the box.

    You’ll receive:

    • 1x SERIES-S22 2600mAh Battery
    • 1x SERIES-S22 Topfill Tank
    • 1x 0.8Ohm Mouth to Lung Performance Mesh S-Coil
    • 1x Micro USB Charging Lead
    • 1x Manual

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £37.99

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Customer Reviews for the SERIES-S22 Mesh Kit

  • Cheap build, terrible quality. - by Oliver, 22 October 2020
    TERRIBLE BUILD QUALITY, With in less then a month of purchase this product began to fall apart with the internal charging port in the vape completely detached from the inside. Which just rasies alarm bells for me, and the potential dangers with what else could possible go wrong with this as its obviously cheaply made............................JAC Vapour: Sorry you have experienced an issue, and issue like this is covered under warranty, if you contact customer service we will get it replaced at no cost to yourself. The micor usb is not an ideal connector, and we are moving to the more robust USB-c connectors on future designs.
  • Good with one flaw - by Marc, 19 October 2020
    I bought the black s22 in May and overall it is a really solid piece of kit. However it has one major problem, the black covering is just peeling off, if I was chucking it about or keeping it in my pocket with keys or coins I could understand. But I am working from home and it’s is just coming off from general handling. So it looks so scruffy and battered.................jAC Vapour: The covering is covered by warranty, occasionally the rubber coating does react with certain things, or just not bind properly, so please contact customer service and we will get that replaced for you. Also we are moving to a more robust finish on the next batch of devices, to hopefully take ware and remove issues like this.
  • A great device, but confused by coil choices! - by Neil, 19 June 2020
    I bought the S-22 as I’ve been vaping with ape pens that are easily available from supermarkets, the one I had been using for a while was no longer in stock so I did a bit of reading and the S-22 caught my eye.
    Firstly, the design is great, I looks good and the S-22 tank’s small window is just what I need as I have broken the glass on several atomisers before where there has been more glass on display.
    I’ve had none of the issues with USB charging or battery life, I vape pretty much continuously and this would last a good 12-15 hours.
    The thing that I have found a little confusing and annoying is the coils and getting that part right. I have experimented with the whole range of menthols and mints available from Jac, so varying ranges of PG and VG, I’ve also tried a number of the coil options to try to get it right for me.
    I’ve not smoked for 6 years now, but still want the MTL experience and I’m not bothered about producing massive clouds as long as I’m topped up with nicotine! But I’ve kind of struggled with the coil choice to get what I wanted and not have to change coils on a daily basis. I’m not sure if the S-22 just kicks out a bit too much power or what? I’ve used the 1.2, 1.0 and 0.7 coils mostly with Pure Menthol 70/30 and 30/70 to see what works best?
    In the end after reading the troubles people have had with coils and worrying about the wattage I just went ahead and upgraded to the SERIES-B DNA device, which has helped keep the coils in check a bit more. I still have the S-22 on standby and am now on the mesh coils.
    It would be good if there was a bit more information on what coils work best with different types of liquids in the S-22 for different vaping goals, as I’ve had to do a bit of trial and error. But the device itself is great, just getting the coil and liquid choice right has been the difficulty for me.
    But, if you have a few more quid to spare, I’d probably say that going up to the Series-B DNA gives you a few more options to get the best of the coils and might save you a few quid in the long run?
    When the pubs open again, I think the S-22 will be my choice for being out and about where something more sturdy is needed with less breakable bits!! ...............JAC: There are so many variables with coils and eliquid, that is does take a bit of experimentation to find what works. eliquid, wattage and coil build( thickness of wire, material used etc) all go to altering the experience. We try and take most the guess workout, but there are still many variables. Something like the DNA gives you far more control as it can be fine tuned for those that want a very specific experience. The S22 is only offering a few of the most common set experiences, so if you fit the coil profile then it is limiting. If you ever want some advice, we can talk you through options and help you experiment.
  • Harsh - What am i doing wrong - by WARREN, 11 March 2020
    So my 22 came in the post today and after the lovely VIM experience i was ready to be wowed, well i wasn't! I put in one of my 0.7 turbo coils (PRIMED) and loaded the tank with silver tobacco 18mg. It nearly ripped my lungs out. I've been vaping a while now almost two years with no stinkies, so thought i knew what i was doing. I also thought the coils were made for high nic salts. I use the same set up and juice as with my VIM and they are worlds apart. I have just stuck some 3mg ohm boy banana waffle in it and am going to give that a try albeit with some trepidation, and see how that goes. I'm not holding out much hope of getting my nic hit though, as I am used to vaping at 20mg nic salts. Anyone else had this? If this fails i have some 1ohm dl coils to give a run out too. Have to say that i do love the products design and feel, and i am sure that it is just a few trial and errors. I just wasn't expecting that after the velvety smooth smoke like experience of the VIM. Oh as a side note for the vim. I know people have said about the tight draw but, i found that if you don't fully seal the drip tip and allow air to enter around the mouthpiece it works a treat. I quite like the tight draw but every now and then... I like to loosen that stiff british upper lip, and go for a baggy lipped nan kiss........JAC: The S22 functions at the exact same voltages as the VIM, so there shouldn't be any major difference. The airflow and materials in the VIM are different, so the draw may be a bit different, but not by that much. I would say the 0.7ohm with nicsalts will be temperamental but if they have been working for you in the VIM then they should be the same in the s22, so it may be down to just the coil and this 0.7ohm not wicking correctly. The 0.7ohm turbo coil is tiny and it's very hard to get a consistently built wick on it, this is what can cause the issues and make them temperamental, and hence they are on at a reduced price. The new mesh 0.8ohm is around the same, but it's built to be machine wicked, which makes them far more consistent, so I'd say for nic salts, and consistency I'd give this coil a try, you will also get far longer use from it. From your description, I am pretty sure the coil is the only thing that could cause the issue, and in particular the wick not performing as it should. If you try another 0.7ohm and the same thing, please contact CS, and they will replace any duds and get you some 0.8ohm to try.
  • This is an excellent vape kit. 5 stars. - by Matt W., 20 January 2020
    Coming from years of smoking, and trying several other types of vape kits, this is the best yet. Satisfying, easy to use and set up. Don't get bogged down by the often confusing coil/wattage choices, just go for the MTL 1.0 ohm coil (it's like drawing on a cigarette). Simple. I have 2, zero problems with the usb charging port, in fact it's a brilliant snug fit, unlike others I've tried. Hefty, a great draw, long battery life - I would happily take this out to the pub for sunny afternoon beers with my mates and not worry about a flat battery, just take some extra juice with you. No problem recommending. Easily 5 stars. Enjoy.
  • gooG - by Sarah, 10 January 2020
    Good ecig, but I find the normal mtl too tight a draw so I use the 1 ohm direct lung version as an mtl and it's perfect.
  • Great kit - no issues with charging port for me. - by Helen , 26 November 2019
    I've used this set since it came out, and I've just seen these reviews and have to say I'm very surprised to see all the comments about the charging ports. I've had about 5 of the batteries, I'm using 3 now in rotation and the other 2 got so bashed up I replaced them. I've never had an issue with the charging ports. I plug them in and leave on the arm of the sofa, all good.

    This kit is INDESTRUCTIBLE. Before I got it I used the S17 and every time I dropped it i would have to take it apart and fiddle with it to get it working, one time the glass even smashed on the tank! I'm clumsy, so I've dropped the S22 countless times and it always works when I pick it back up. That's the biggest selling point to me, a cack handed lass.

    So yeah, I just wanted to add a good review as I love this kit, I couldn't be without it. I have zero interest in changing to another vape, as this ticks all the boxes.
  • Ignore the moaning folk who don’t get the inherent problems with tech products - by Steve, 25 September 2019
    All of these people moaning about a bad product are failing to realise the versatility and adaptability of an incredibly sturdy, straightforward product which, for its price-point, is superior to a lot of other products. Furthermore, any issues are clearly quickly and conscientiously dealt with by the customer services department.

    I bought my S22 a good few months back, and it’s been through the wars since, never letting me down. I use it fairly heavily with a MTL coil and it’s only now (after 6 months) beginning to lose some of its oomph. I can still get 8 hours of use without loosing any real power. I’ve tried a number of other devices with similar specs and within a similar price range, and this device far exceeds my previous experiences.
    It’s design is simple; easy to use and hassle-free. Ideal for people (like me) who aren’t interested in all of the techy side to vaping, and just want to enjoy a decent, fairly powerful device.
    I’ve had a couple of issues with coils and vapour production (from no vapour at all, to seemingly very reduced production even on full charge) which have been as a result of the coils, and not the device. Changing the coil and making sure it isn’t over- or under-tightened is the only fix I’ve ever had to undertake.
    I’m considering buying a new device (for aesthetic reasons, since mine has been bashed about a bit) and to restore some of the original power which has been lost from recharging the battery. The fact I’m confident enough to buy a second device is, hopefully, advert enough for the quality and usability of the product, but I’d thoroughly recommend it to anybody who asks.
  • Great size, shame about the USB connection - by Maria , 19 September 2019
    Brought this 6 months ago and sadly I have experienced an issue with the USB port and my product is no longer charging. I have used the cable that was provided and also tested using other cables. Upon further investigation the connection pin inside the unit had become disconnected and I could see/hear it rattling around. It's a shame as this vape was a good size, and had a nice feel about it..............JAC Vapour Ltd: please contact customer service and let them know, the unit has a 6 month warranty, but even then, if they can get it back and check, and the unit looks like it's been looked after, we can replace outwith warranty.
  • FANTASTIC PIECE OF KIT - by Robert, 29 July 2019
    At last I've found a quality product at a good price. After trying different vape products and being disappointed (actually believing the shop assistant!!!!) I decided to research mtl vaping properly...... I'm a full blown this was a challenge in itself. I decided to try jacvapour s22 and its not been out of my hand since it arrived. Thank you jacvapour I've not had a cigarette in weeks, the wife is amazed. The s22 feels good in hand gives great mtl vape. Battery life is also good last me 14/16 hours, coils last for many days, I WILL BUY AGAIN and I will recommend to friends and family. Thanks again for a quality product. ................JAC: Glad you are enjoying it, and remeber if you need any help, CS are always here, but it sounds like you have managed to become an expert fairly quickly.

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