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SERIES-S22 Vape Pen Device

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  • Description
    • With a huge capacity of 2600mAh the S22 Vape Pen will last the average vaper all day before needing recharged.
    • Available in 4 striking colours, why not pick up a spare to mix it up and personalise your set up?
    • UK designed by JAC and comes with a 6 month warranty.

    S22 Vape Pen Specifications

    • Dimensions – 82mm (H) x 22mm (W) 27mm (L)
    • Power – Unregulated 3.1v – 4.2v (3.7v nominal)
    • Capacity – 2600mAh
    • Min resistance – 0.50hm
    • Materials – 303 steel alloy, black or green rubber oil finish, ABS/polycarbonate button with rubber oil finish
    • Five click lock
    • Micro USB charging
    • Overcharge protection
    • Short circuit protection
    • Battery vents
    • Pass thru functionality
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Customer Reviews for the SERIES-S22 Vape Pen Device

  • Not quite good enough - by Philip, 11 August 2019
    I bought two of these a year ago. Both batteries now not working. One has a problem with the usb port one with the switch. The paint (Black) has peeled off both badly. I am a very light user. I don't use suncream!! I really like the size and ease of this machine and will now buy a replacement and try once again. Oh, and neither of them EVER showed as being fully charged but did work long enough for my needs.. Does a six month guarantee show real confidence in your equipment?........JAC Vapour; Our warranties are higher than any other vaporizer manufacturer, for the continual use the device receives, and at the price point we think it does offer a cost effective option. Lithium ion batteries start to degrade in performance after 6 months, so building a device with a built in battery that lasted for 2 years would not make sense, and offering a warranty beyond the lifespan of the internal battery would not be practical.
  • Don't go for the blue ones - Green and Black are good - by Holly, 10 July 2019
    Have used these for a few years now and the black and green are pretty stable, bought 2 blue ones and both of them had a fault at the charge point in the actual battery, JAC replaced one even thought it was out of warranty (the 2nd one i used was also purchased at the same time and also died within a few weeks but I didn't feel I should get them to replace that too), I tend to order replacements when I have a new one so always have one spare. The battery keeps going for months and months so their is lots of things I like about the S22
  • Build quality of JAC vapour products declining - by Vince, 2 July 2019
    usb port failure in under a year..

    my first s-17 pen i bought in 2016 was the best, since then the build has changed and the quality has declined. since then i had 2 s17 batteries fail within 6-8 months and now this s22 wich I hoped was more sturdy has lasted less than a year.

    JAC vapour.. stop with the sealed battery cases, make the batteries replaceable and the electronics sturdy...............JAC Vapour: The S22 was purchased in 9 months ago, if a device is looked after than it should last a year or so, the device has a 6 month warranty, but if you feel it has been looked after and failed prematurely then we can take a look at, and assess it. The other thing to make sure and try is another usb cable, to make sure it's not an issue with that, as pulling and pushing on usb connectors over time can cause the connector to widen and not make a proper connection, and it can be easily fixed juts by prising it back down a bit, usb cables can vary in size so a slightly larger connector may also work, so best to try that first. If that fails then we can get it back and have a look at it, but our build specification for the port on the S17 is the same as the S22 and it's not changed since launch of either device.
  • S22 battery fault - by Nick, 1 February 2019
    I have received 2 of these batteries on separate occasions over the past two months. In both cases the batteries have had a fault which has caused them to be replaced. Both of these were out if the box.failures. not very impressed with the quality control. It's a shame as this is a great product when it works...............JAC Vapour Ltd: We actually have very few failures on this battery, so I am sorry for the issues you have experienced, the batteries are all covered for 6 months should a fault arise.
  • Doesn't last - by Gautam, 24 November 2018
    A bit disappointed with this battery. I bought two S22 starter kits a month ago, and as usual everything is high quality. Except for this battery which delivers great vape initially on "green light' mode but alas that does not last for long - the battery slips into "blue light" very quickly at which point the vape experience isn't good enough. Why they have these different levels, I cannot understand. Its not like anyone wants to reduce the power after 15-20 minutes of vaping.

    I miss the variable power batteries where we could decide what we want....................JAC Vapour Ltd: The battery reduces in voltage as the the charge depletes, if you regulate and step up the voltage it cuts usage time, but you get more consistency, it's a matter of preference really. With the S22 you can use the turbo coil, this increases and evens out performance, as the coil adjust Resistance and effectively power as the voltage drops, smoothing out the performance. If you like the green performance of the S22 I suggest going for the 0.42 ohm turbo coil. This will give you most of the battery at juts above the green level.
  • BE AWARE OF THE ALL DAY VAPE CLAIM - by BRIAN, 13 September 2018
    Don't be fooled by the claim that this is an all day Vaping battery. I bought the S22 and was so disappointed. The battery would only last a max of 3 to 4 hours. It used to drop to the blue light after about 15minutes which is supposed to be half way. I returned they checked it and said it was fine. I have other devices with less capacity that last longer than the S22. Be aware of the all day vape claim.

    JAC Vapour: Hi Brian. The blue light indicates that the battery is sitting in the nominal range, which is where it will spend most of its time. Unfortunately, as everyone will use their device differently, the battery lifespan will differ from person to person, but we find that for most 'average' vapers, using the S22 for regular vape sessions, the battery should normally last for most of the day. Using lower resistance coils (like 0.5Ohm DL coil), will affect battery life.
  • Series S-22 coating coming off. - by David, 12 September 2018
    I really like my S-22 and would have given it 5 stars but for the rubberised finish. I really wish JAC would make these available with either a powder paint finish or just plain metal, at least that way they won't have the coating coming off.
    I suppose I should not really complain as both battery & tank are about 10 months old and it is only a cosmetic problem, but it would be nice if the coating lasted a little longer.
    My previous black rubberised SERIES-B TILT unit went the same way, but that lasted a year or so before it started to show problems.
  • Twice disappointed - by Jock, 22 August 2018
    I've bought two Series-S starter kits now since early 2018. In both cases I have had a lot of leakage (I bought the second because I thought maybe the first was bad luck but it's repeated with the newer one too), despite regularly changing coils and even switching tanks. It leaks from the air holes, and between the adjuster ring and the fixed ring, and I often take the tank off to find liquid pooled on top of the battery. I use 70% VG liquid - maybe there's something odd about the viscosity? It is usually kept upright and still leaks then, but if it is horizontal for a while it seems to just pour out!

    Further, after only a couple of months in each case the battery seems to become difficult to charge, having to fiddle around with the cable and even hold/prop it in different positions to get the light to stay on. Don't really understand it because a friend has one also and hasn't had any problems. :(

    Agree also with the person who had trouble with the paint, on the all black model. So far the Navy/blue one has remained intact but the black one looks like I've run it through a tumble dryer or something!......................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thank you for the review, I would suggest speaking to customer service though, and getting the units returned (free) to figure out what the issue is, the S-tanks are normally very reliable and can only really leak from a few places, also the finish should be good for 6 months, but certain things will affect it, one is sunscreen, this can react with the coating and cause it to reduce in lifespan, again if you speak to CS they will be able to replace it, and if it is returned and deemed that it's been looked after and the finish has not held up well.
  • Awesome! - by Hodders6, 29 May 2018
    Got to say, this is the easiest and most versatile battery I've ever used..... lasts all day too. Only wish I'd bought it years ago.
    Like it so much I've not bought the whole kit. Totally brilliant.
  • Awesome! - by LISA, 14 May 2018
    Only been using it 3days but so far, the best battery I've ever used and very versatile with many different Tanks and coils. Only wish I'd found it sooner.

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