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Series-S22 Vape Tank

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  • Description

    Bringing all of the fantastic performance, design and build quality of the original, this updated model also adds the joys of topfill, making it easier to keep topped up throughout the day.

    Available in black, stainless steel or green, navy/blue and grey/yellow combos, it's ready for work and play. Plus, it shares its predecessor's flexiblity, supporting both mouth to lung and direct lung vaping with the change of a coil.

    Compact, stylish and a cracking performer, the S22 Vape Tank has already won many fans, being called a Nautilus killer. Try it out for yourself and make your own mind up.

    Features of the S22 Topfill Vape Tank

    • Topfill
    • Stainless steel and glass construction
    • Adjustable airflow
    • Supports mouth to lung and direct lung vaping
    • Comes fitted with a 1.0Ohm Mouth to Lung S-Coil

    Want to tailor your experience ever more? We have three mouth tips available in varying widths, plus you can also pick up an optional 510 drip tip adapter which allows the use of any 510 compatible mouthpiece.

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £18.99

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Price as configured: £18.99

Customer Reviews for the Series-S22 Vape Tank

  • Prefect for the 1.00 Ohm MTL/DL coils - by Max, 3 August 2019
    Came with my DNA75, but I ordered another tank to switch. With the 1 Ohm MTL/DL coils I had no problems so far.
    But with the 0.7 Ohm MTL coils, there is a lot of leakage and spitback. This coil is just not compatible with this tank or vice versa.
    I opted to rate the coils down, since the tank is working as expected with the other coils. I dont know if I should try other <1 Ohm coils, but they are out of stock anyways.

  • Leaky S22 Tanks - by Terry, 21 February 2019
    There's a lot to like about the tank. However, I have bought 6 of these, 4 with the s22 battery and two tanks on their own. I have used 5 so far and all of them suffer. like others have mentioned, with leakage between where the tank meets the airflow adaptor. I too have cleaned them out, checked the seals Ect and changed coils but still, they intermittently start leaking.

    If it wasn't for the leaking it would be a great tank........................JAC: Hi Terry, this is very unlikely, there is something else going on, if we had fail rates anywhere near what you are experiencing we would be inundated with failures, and as yet in engineering I have only seen 2 tanks, and they were actually S17 tanks from way back, I use and test the S22 daily and have also run extensive testing on the forums (they are public on Planet of the vapes) and we have never heard of issues like this. Obviously there is an issue with your stuff which is way out of normal parameters, but also across various batches, so it's more likely to be something that is consistent in your setup or use rather than the tank, and the best way for us to get to the bottom of it is to get one or all of your faulty performing tanks back along and see if we can re-create the issue with the engineering team. Returns are free and the tank has a warranty of 6 months, so I'll get customer service to contact you and get the units returned so we can look at this in detail.
  • Love the ease but needs better and more consistent quality - by Rachelle, 19 February 2019
    I love the ease of refilling with the S22 top tank and use an MTL coil along with a Series B-DNA 75W mod. However, performance wise, I have seen too many of the top fills I purchased fail with leakage between where the tank meets the airflow adaptor. I had not experienced this issue with the older S22 tanks. It is as though the tank bottom doesn't correctly fit the airflow adaptor even though the issue is not evident visually. Also the issue is persistent with some tanks whilst others work perfectly time after time after time. It leads me to to think this is a manufacture/quality control issue. I have thrown out 4 tanks already.
    In addition, as I've seen in a previous review, the tops break frequently... admittedly following falls. But again this wasn't an issue with the older model............................JAC Vapour: I am not sure why this would be, we would need to see one of the failing tanks to assess what the issue is, if you still have access to one please return it to Customer service and we can pass to engineering team to see what's happening. The tanks are also covered by warranty so at the very least we could you a replacement.
  • Gurgles and spits juice. - by Justin, 16 January 2019
    Tank is well built and looks good on the DNA, however I find the coils gurgle rather alot. I even find it spits juice out of the mouth piece. Shame, I had high hopes for this tank, but after a couple of hours use I went back to my Kangertech Aerotank. Thankfully JAC still sell the Aero wicks with their JOC wicks, a real winner! JAC, please go back to restocking the kangertech tanks, I know you want to sell your own brand, but the aerotanks are straught up flawless!........................JAC: If you get gurgling (which can happen on a new coil after priming) juts flick it and it'll clear the excess juice, after the first fill gurgling pretty much disappears and it may only need a flick if left over night or for a long period without use. Thanks for the review.
  • Decent, odd defect here and there. Would buy again. - by Gareth , 8 January 2019
    I've had 5 of these for afew months now with various Coils and Juices and really like them, vape really well, easily adjustable airflow, simple to refill and quick with no mess when replacing the coil.

    Out of the 5, I have problems with 2 tanks with 1 being worse than the other. The main problem with 1 is that it leaks where the base and body of the tank screw together, not excessively but enough to be an annoyance, it has never been overtightened and the seals looks as good as all the others but there always seems to be slight wet spots around this joining point.

    The other issue is pretty minor, the black tank is flaking so its looks tatty with bits of silver showing through here and there, I don't know why it's only happening to this one as I have 2 other black tanks and 2 green and they're all perfect, maybe the costing didn't quite take right to the body I don't know.

    Overall though I'm happy with the tanks but the odd defect seems to slip through unnoticed. For the record, all are used indoors and haven't seen the gravel, I use my knackered old eleaf mod and kangtech tank for my travels.

    The 510 drip tip adapter would be nice as standard in the package but it does keep costs down not being included so can see why it isn't.

    Lastly, (and not really rank related) some juices could do with a narrower nozzle (like the short fill collection) as the tank opening is pretty slim to get the juice in.

    With out question, I would buy more of these tanks in the future if required.
  • Impressive and then some! - by julian , 5 January 2019
    I'm slightly ashamed to say my S22 TF has been sitting largely unused on my eleaf kiya mod, due to the juni tank it came with being great for MTL, which is my thing.
    The juni died the other day, so to the rescue came the S22, like a superhero with its supplied 1.00 coil....since this this point I've been kicking myself for not breaking it out sooner! as poppins would say " it's practically perfect in every way" it sits atop my kiya, looking fantasic (matching the black rubbery look of my mod) runs like a dream at just 12 watts, allowing me wayy past a full day's vaping , the top fill is so simple and faff free, I do wonder why others haven't attempted to copy it. I took 10 mins to really look at the thing while writing this, and of all the tanks I've come across, it really does shout quality, and clearly serious thought has gone into the making of it. I've had no issue at all with it's use for two weeks of daily use so far.
    If I was too be very, VERY nit-picky about it's design, maybe the fill holes could be a tad bigger, or a brighter colour to show where the holes are, as under low light it's a tiny bit tricky to see where to stick the bottle nozzle to fill.
    The viewing window on the front could use being slightly bigger and brighter possibly? (again having the inside a bright colour might help sort this)
    I ran 1.50 coils before on my now dead tank, which I loved, so I'm very happy to see a 1.50ohm MTL coil for the S22 (I shall be trying them when funds allow) however the 1.00 is pretty dam amazing as is. (no leaks, or spit back) will be interesting to see how the two MTL coils may differ.
    Last thing I'll say is, Jac vapours customer service is without doubt THE best I've ever come across! if you have a problem, or like me need a little advice, they will bend over backwards to help. if all customer service was this good, the world would be a better place for it.
  • Great Tank . Bulletproof - by Matthew, 5 December 2018
    Perfect little MTL tank and never lets me down. I have three of these now and love em! Swap out my RTA when going out and about and the tanks have never leaked or given me any problems. If I had one criticism it would be that for MTL the stock drip tip is a little wide, but I appreciate this is added to consider DTL vapers too. I find the medium and small tips to be perfect.
  • Great Tank But... - by Ian, 4 December 2018
    Generally a great tank but with a few flaws. The taste is top class and the fact that you can choose either DL or MTL is a real bonus. The downside seems to revolve around the mouthpiece, I personally prefer a narrow mouthpiece, unfortunately they only last about 4 weeks before they fail (break) and have to be replaced with the added problem that when they break they screw in to far and pull out the seal at the bottom of the thread. This is a really disappointing downside to what is otherwise an excellent tank. How about a metal mouthpiece JAC.............JAC Vapour Ltd: Have you considered the mouth tip adapter, it is the same material, but you can then add any 510 drip tip you want, it adds 4 mm to the height of the tank. In regards to the mouth tip breaking, please contact customer service, so that we can get a clear understanding of what's happening, I actually use the VIM daily but did use the s22 for around 9 months without any issues, prior to that, and other than tips that have broken in a fall, I haven't really seen any users with stripped threads. Hopefully CS will be able to help and thanks for the feedback.
  • Great tank - by Craig, 24 November 2018
    Very nice tank. I got the brushed aluminum one, looks great with the DNA box mod. The best thing I like about this tank is the way the coils are designed means that it would be very hard for it to leak. In fact, I haven't had any leakages at all yet. Tanks from other brands have bad coils / tanks which leak all over the place and have even ruined my mods by getting liquid inside. Not so here. Very pleased with it. Nice choice of coils available as well.
  • Excellent - by lucinda, 6 September 2018
    Very happy, quality tank.

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