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S22 Vape Tank

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  • Description

    Bringing all of the fantastic performance, design and build quality of the original, this updated model also adds the joys of topfill, making it easier to keep topped up throughout the day. The black model now comes pre-fitted with a 0.8Ohm Mesh S-Coil.

    Available in classic black or a stylish grey/yellow combo, it's ready for work and play. Plus, it shares its predecessor's flexibility, supporting both mouth to lung and direct lung vaping with the change of a coil.

    Compact, stylish and a cracking performer, the S22 vape tank has won many fans, being called a Nautilus killer. Try it out for yourself and make your own mind up..

    Features of the S22 Topfill Vape Tank

    • Topfill
    • Stainless steel and glass construction
    • Adjustable airflow
    • Supports mouth to lung and direct lung vaping
    • Comes fitted with a 1.0Ohm Mouth to Lung S-Coil
    • The black model comes fitted with a 0.8Ohm Mesh S-Coil

    Want to tailor your experience? We have three mouth tips available in varying widths, plus you can also pick up an optional 510 drip tip adapter which allows the use of any 510 compatible mouthpiece.

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Availability: In stock

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Customer Reviews for the S22 Vape Tank

  • Excellent tank but... - by Ian, 7 April 2021
    Love this tank and it’s versatility but, as has been noted in many other reviews, it has a leak issue and this unfortunately means a small loss of liquid. Please try to get on top of this JAC, to many on here saying the same for it just to be an isolated issue on what is otherwise another excellent tank.........JAC: Sorry you are experiencing issues. Please contact customer service and they will help. The tank is a very simple design and can only leak for a few reasons. You can check the integrity of the tank, by inserting a coil and making sire it is tight, then filling it up and putting the cap on and leaving to sit overnight in a bowl, if the tank leaks to the top of coil, there is an issue with the coil seal, if it leaks to below the top of the coil, there is an issue with the coil seal. If it does not leak the tank is fine, and use needs adjusted. All tanks if not cleaned over time will start to leak as condensation will start to build up in the base.
  • Leaks a bit - by GS, 9 December 2020
    Everything about this is brilliant, except for a tiny amount of leak from the last 2 I have bought. Maybe its just a batch issue, because this used to be brilliant before. But now I always have slightly wet fingers when I am using it, which isn't a great feeling. Makes the vape feel a bit oily to touch and takes away from the vaping experience.

    I am buying a new one to give this another shot, just out of loyalty towards jacvapour - their products have always been top notch and helped me quit smoking. Hopefully this issue is sorted now....... JAC: Please check with customer service, we have had a few reports of leaking tanks, and it could be attributed to a manufacturing error that makes the chimney a bit smaller, customer service should be able to get to the bottom of the issue and sort. The main reason for a tank leaking is it not sealing correctly, this means the pressure will not hold the eliquid in the tank. This can happen for a few reasons; a bad seal (not common), and incorrectly fitted coil, the last quarter of a turn can be tight, so make sure this is not an issue (common), chimney milled too short (not common, but we had several reports on last batch), a bad push fit of base (small number of reports on last batch). You can check the first 2 yourself by a visual inspection and testing the coil, the last 2 customer service would need to replace. We definitely got a few more manufacturing issues with the last batch, so potentially these could be the route cause. I hope this helps.
  • Total waste - by jackie, 5 December 2020
    What have you done to these tanks?.2 Brand new tanks bought and both leaking VERY Badly ? Wasting my juice too
    Bought to replace 2 old tanks that lasted over a year and only just started leaking ...Very dissatisfied turns something that is supposed to be a pleasure into a nightmare and I have been a loyal customer for about 6+ years....... JAC: Nothing has been changed on these tanks in regards to design, so I am not sure what is going on. I suspect the coil is not fitted correctly maybe the issue, as the last quarter of a turn can be stiff, so please check this is not the issue, as it may not have been apparent on your previous tank. If this doesn't fix the issue please contact customer service and we will get to the bottom of it.
  • Leaking tank - by Amelia, 3 July 2020
    I bought this tank on 4th May and just started to use it. It leaks. I wasn't sure, so I followed advice given to another customer to fill it, and leave over night. Sure enough, there is a big puddle of vap liquid, and an empty tank. Prior to this I had changed the new coil for another new coil, which made no difference (BTW the coils I bought in the same order are failing after 3-4 days use). Quality has gone right down, what a shame..... JAC: Sorry you are having issues, if you contact customer service and let them know what you have tried, they will replace the tank for you. Also let them know which coil is causing issues.
  • Still room for improvement... - by Captain Grey , 30 May 2020
    I have three of these tanks and have been using them for a few weeks now, on different mods, and with a variety of ejuices.
    They perform better on the DNA 75W compared to the S22, but pretty sure that's down to the mod.
    There's a lot to like;
    Excellent build quality (love the silk/velvet finish and colour range)
    Easy top fill operation (less than 10 seconds)
    Really good variable air flow
    Coil change over is a doddle
    I've had leakage from one tank, seeping from the air flow hole, but was remedied with a clean and, removal and replacement of the coil.
    Juice level is hard to see in low light levels. The tank would benefit from a second, and even third, viewing window, and juice refill aperture could do with being wider.
    Surprised that the default mouth tip is wide when the supplied coil is a 1.0 MTL.
  • Leak issue - by Paul, 30 September 2019
    I have 2 of these tanks, one in black and one in green. I really do like these tanks but they do have a design issue. When you unscrew the top fill there is a small o ring just inside the tank where it is filled. This falls off far to easy, especially when cleaning the tank and without it the tank leaks badly. To make matters worse I've just been informed that JAC don't supply spares for these. So I now have two leaking tanks and no way to resolve this. I would certainly think twice about purchasing this tank until spares are available..........JAC Vapour: If your mouth tip has lost it's seal, you can replace the mouth tip for £1.49, mouth tips come in narrow, medium and wide and can be purchase here:
  • Leakage. - by steve, 27 August 2019
    Just to add a little balance to the comments JAC made to Terry’s review (Feb 2019)... Firstly, let me say this is a fantastic tank. I love its versatility and love the adjustable airflow. I will continue to buy them. But ... all of the tanks I’ve had - leak. Some more than others. I do not overfill. I felt compelled to write this as you responded you’d be inundated with complaints if there were issues and I haven’t previously mentioned it to you. I’ve just put up with it. Would it help if you were able to supply a replacement silicone / rubber washer kit for this tank?..........JAC Vapour: Thanks for the review Steve, if we could see one of the units, then we could see whats' happening, however I do actually test the units returned for leaking or other issues, and I have never seen a unit with the seal gone. The tank is a very simple design, and for it to leak, there really needs to be a pretty obvious issue, like a crack in the glass, or one of the pushfits comes loose. Out of the units we get returned (maybe 1 every couple of weeks, out of 1000s sold) I would say 50% of them show no sign of leaking when tested. The tanks will collect condensation over time, as you vape, the liquid condensates on the airflow and runs back down, over time this can build up and look like a leak, but cleaning out the base once a month or so prevents this, it's also more common on DL as there's more vapour. A good way to check if there is an actual leak is to fill the tank and leave to stand overnight, with the top cap securely on. If there is a a problem with the tank integrity, i.e the seals or anything has gone, pressure will allow the liquid to escape and the tank will be sitting in a puddle of juice in the morning.
  • Prefect for the 1.00 Ohm MTL/DL coils - by Max, 3 August 2019
    Came with my DNA75, but I ordered another tank to switch. With the 1 Ohm MTL/DL coils I had no problems so far.
    But with the 0.7 Ohm MTL coils, there is a lot of leakage and spitback. This coil is just not compatible with this tank or vice versa.
    I opted to rate the coils down, since the tank is working as expected with the other coils. I dont know if I should try other <1 Ohm coils, but they are out of stock anyways.

  • Leaky S22 Tanks - by Terry, 21 February 2019
    There's a lot to like about the tank. However, I have bought 6 of these, 4 with the s22 battery and two tanks on their own. I have used 5 so far and all of them suffer. like others have mentioned, with leakage between where the tank meets the airflow adaptor. I too have cleaned them out, checked the seals Ect and changed coils but still, they intermittently start leaking.

    If it wasn't for the leaking it would be a great tank........................JAC: Hi Terry, this is very unlikely, there is something else going on, if we had fail rates anywhere near what you are experiencing we would be inundated with failures, and as yet in engineering I have only seen 2 tanks, and they were actually S17 tanks from way back, I use and test the S22 daily and have also run extensive testing on the forums (they are public on Planet of the vapes) and we have never heard of issues like this. Obviously there is an issue with your stuff which is way out of normal parameters, but also across various batches, so it's more likely to be something that is consistent in your setup or use rather than the tank, and the best way for us to get to the bottom of it is to get one or all of your faulty performing tanks back along and see if we can re-create the issue with the engineering team. Returns are free and the tank has a warranty of 6 months, so I'll get customer service to contact you and get the units returned so we can look at this in detail.
  • Love the ease but needs better and more consistent quality - by Rachelle, 19 February 2019
    I love the ease of refilling with the S22 top tank and use an MTL coil along with a Series B-DNA 75W mod. However, performance wise, I have seen too many of the top fills I purchased fail with leakage between where the tank meets the airflow adaptor. I had not experienced this issue with the older S22 tanks. It is as though the tank bottom doesn't correctly fit the airflow adaptor even though the issue is not evident visually. Also the issue is persistent with some tanks whilst others work perfectly time after time after time. It leads me to to think this is a manufacture/quality control issue. I have thrown out 4 tanks already.
    In addition, as I've seen in a previous review, the tops break frequently... admittedly following falls. But again this wasn't an issue with the older model............................JAC Vapour: I am not sure why this would be, we would need to see one of the failing tanks to assess what the issue is, if you still have access to one please return it to Customer service and we can pass to engineering team to see what's happening. The tanks are also covered by warranty so at the very least we could you a replacement.

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