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S22 TF Tank (Topfill)

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  • Description

    If you loved the original S22 tank (and who doesn't?), we've got a treat for you - the new and improved S22 Topfill.

    Bringing all of the fantastic performance, design and build quality of the original, this updated model also adds the joys of topfill, making it easier to keep topped up throughout the day.

    Available in black, stainless steel or green, plus new navy/blue and grey/yellow combos, it's ready for work and play. Plus, it shares its predecessor's flexiblity, supporting both mouth to lung and direct lung vaping with the change of a coil.

    Compact, stylish and a cracking performer, the S22 has already won many fans, being called a Nautilus killer. Try it out for yourself and make your own mind up.

    Features of the S22 Topfill

    • Topfill
    • Stainless steel and glass construction
    • Adjustable airflow
    • Supports mouth to lung and direct lung vaping

    Want to tailor your experience ever more? We have three mouth tips available in varying widths, plus you can also pick up an optional 510 drip tip adapter which allows the use of any 510 compatible mouthpiece.

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £18.99

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Price as configured: £18.99

Customer Reviews for the S22 TF Tank (Topfill)

  • Very unimpressive - by Joe, 18 March 2018
    Not very impressed with this product. Fiddly to get it set up correctly, either tightened too much or not enough. Changing coils and even when changing battery seems to cause chaos, cue time spent trying to get it to work again. Far too sensitive and very annoying. Don't know if I've got a faulty one, but having to keep rebuilding it to get it to work is not my idea of what I want..........................................JAC Vapour Ltd: The tank should be very easy to setup, if you are having difficulties please contact customer service, and they will figure out what the issue is. Thanks for the review.
  • Heavenly. - by Gareth , 13 March 2018
    I've been using this for around a week with Bryns Sour Sorbit, still on the same 0.5ohm coil I received with it @ 20watts. Heavenly. Taste, vape and hit all perfect and no leaks compared to my kangertechs. Will be buying another on my next order. Cheers.
  • Another convert - by Graham, 27 February 2018
    +1 for all the comments concerning the Nautilus 2, like others below I was duped into buying it, only to be bitterly disappointed. This tank is in a different league, I suspect most of the 'reviewers' touting the Nautilus have some skin in the game in regards to kickbacks.
  • best atomizer ever - by tech, 22 February 2018
    very happy with the S22 TF tank,.....amazing flavour comparing with Nautilus 2 and ,easy top fill ,air flow just a little noisy...greetings from italy :)
  • At last - by Fern, 22 February 2018
    Bought the Nautilus 2 after seeing some reviews and for the life of me I cannot think why that is rated by anybody. All is good until you try and fill, then you discover, you can't open the tank without covering the place in liquid, and when you do get it open and filled the things p**ses liquid all over the place as forcing the tank back together causes 'pressure' to flood coils, I had written off ever finding a decent MTL tank until I stumbled on this little beauty, you have to look hard, as jac don't seem that well known, but I have to say this little tank is a revelation after my fight with the N2, everything is simple and works, and works exceptionally well at that. The topfill is quick and simple, you can pretty much do it one handed, the tank is tough but good looking, the airflow stays in place and is easily adjusted, you can split the tank to replace the coil at anytime and no leaks... and did I mention no leaks at all, no matter what, ...so far anyway...finally you can top this all off with good performance, I'd say it easily matches the Nautilus, but also has the added advantage of good DL and temperature control, 2 things that don't matter to me, but may matter to somebody reading this. The coils also last ages, at least 10 days worth of vaping for me, sorry if I'm gushing but this thing saved my zelos mod from being chucked out the window. Finally it's actually a budget tank, I hate to say it, jac, but I'd have paid a £10 more for this, you missed out, good job : )
  • Didn't think I even wanted the tank. Now the only stock-coil tank I use, it's that good. - by DMcC, 13 February 2018
    Bottom line/TL;DR: Stunning tank for quality and flavour, with one of the better attempts I've come across to support both MTL and DL vaping in the single form factor. Compares favorably to the Nautilus 2 for MTL vaping with the airflow cut down, and a very satisfying (albeit slightly restricted) DL hit with the airflow wide open. The Ni200 TC coil in particular performs well and does not seem to slorp down the juice which makes it a stand-out for me in this category (note: Ni200 coils should be used with devices that support temperature contol only, do not use these coils in wattage mode). I'm going to have a hard time using other stock coil tanks now, I guarantee it.


    I did not intend to get this tank. Seriously. I was after the Series-B DNA75 device, but there was a bundle on sale at the time which included the S22 tank for less than the price of the device alone so had the opportunity to try it anyway. And oh my, what a pleasant surprise this 22mm tank had in store for me. It is simply gorgeous to look at and handle---I got mine in black to match the device, and it has a lovely almost rubbery-feeling matte finish that looks amazing, and feels wonderful in your hand. From what I gather, there is a bottom-fill and top-fill version of this tank. A top-fill modification can be purchased separately if you wish to convert an existing bottom-fill tank to the top-fill design.

    I ordered the top-fill version as I prefer that for the convenience. The top-fill on the S22 is one of the more clever designs I've seen outside of a bayonet fitting, with the top cap being a slightly expanded mouthpiece rather than the entire top of the device. Opens and closes trivially, is easy to fill and does not introduce excessive pressure pushing juice into the coil so is highly resistant to leaking and gurgling that can plague some top-fill tanks (hello Nautilus 2). This does mean that the mouthpiece is essentially non-replacable unless JAC Vapour makes one so you're stuck with the way it is---I find the mouthpiece ok, although would prefer something with a smaller bore for MTL use given the choice. For the record, the bottom-fill version appears to have a non-standard drip-tip connector anyway so this may be a negative for someone demanding a standard 510 drip-tip option.

    Flavour is amazing for a stock coil tank. As a MTL tank, with the 1.0ohm MTL coil, it is arguably better for flavour than the Nautilus 2 which is quite the accomplishment for a tank at this price. I have not had the opportunity to try the 1.0/0.5ohm DL coils so I won't comment on those; however, I'm will say that I'm enjoying the Ni200 DL coils in TC mode tremendously. Flavours come through nicely and the juice consumption is quite conservative relative to other DL tank set-ups I use which honestly surprised me and makes for a huge plus. For anyone interested in the Ni200 coils, the TC settings I'm using: 25W target with a 65W preheat at 240C and it performs flawlessly. Note that once at temp the wattage is dropping into the 10-15W range so battery life isn't too bad for small devices (although with single battery 18650 mods, hitting it a lot on the Ni200 coils ---or higher wattage generally, keep in mind that 65W preheat is going for 1s every time you push the button---will hurt your battery life; compact devices do come with a price, but then that's why we value external batteries, right?). On dual battery devices this won't be as much of a concern.

    So, although I wasn't planning on buying this tank at all, it's since become my go-to tank replacing the Nautilus 2 and getting insane amounts of use on the Ni200 coils for DL. To put it in perspective, I live in Canada where JAC Vapour products are not readily available, and I'm making plans to order another tank and will be ordering coils in larger quantities to mitigate having to have them shipped overseas. The tank is just that good that it's worth going the extra distance for me, and that is honestly the highest praise I can heap on here as I'm really lazy and can buy Nautilus 2 coils down the street from my house.

    Great job on what has to be one of the best 22mm tanks on the market, particularly for the price............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the detailed review, very informative, I believe Madvapes in the US are about to take on our ranges, so coils will be a little closer to home there, I am not sure when this is happening though. As a pointer you can buy an adapter for the tank to make it useable with any 510 drip tip, or you can purchase a different size topfill tip, they come in narrow, standard, and wide (on the tank)
  • Looks good, but doesn't perform as an MTL. - by Dan, 9 February 2018
    Looks good, but doesn't perform as an MTL.
    The 1ohm coil MTL is all I can speak for BUT,..
    There is no sweet spot, you waste battery and liquid trying to find it then the coil burns.
    Aspire, Vapefly and others 'just work' and more forgiving than this.
    The Tilt mod I got mainly is excellent.
    But a 1ohm coil in the S22 don't cut it.
    The airflow is very noisy too.
    Just too fussy and a royal PITA to chase around the watts.
    Sorry. Customer support is excellent, but bin this tank and develop something better IMHO...............................JAC Vapour Ltd: The MTL coil is meant to be used between 14-20 watts, it shouldn't be hard to find a sweet spot in that range, seems odd that you are wasting battery and liquid to find your best suited setting, as it's normally a very quick experience, just start at 14 watts, try it then go up a watt or 2 each time, it should take about 4-5 drags to find out, It could be the tank just doesn't suit your style of vaping or needs, but all the tanks mentioned and any other tank requires the same setup if you are on a variable setting device. The S22 is setup to perform well in MTL for the majority of people, but I completely understand that will not be everybody, so I am sorry you didn't like it, we do have a 14 day money back no quibble return policy if it you are not happy with any device, so please contact Customer service and they will arrange it free of charge. Thanks for the review.
  • Okay - by Anna, 27 January 2018
    I was super excited to see a top fill tank, and this is a lot easier to fill on the go. My only negative comment is, for some reason they seem to go through coils much faster than the bottom fill?! I have no idea how, but they definitely burn out a lot more, and I’m using coils from the same pack in both TF and BF. I’ll be sticking to BF, even if they are more fiddly!!......................JAC Vapour Ltd: From a design perspective there is nothing that can cause the coils to burn out more quickly, it's basically the same tank and identical in design bar the topfill and bigger window, everything else is the same, and I can't even suggest what may be the cause of your experience, as the same coil will produce the same results. The liquid used is governed by the wick holes on the coil and the voltage you run it at, so assuming you are using the same battery/mod on both at the same wattage, juice usage will be identical if using the same coil, could be you've had a few dodgy coils in the TF tank, unless you have switched the same coil between both. If you have had bad coils, customer service can replace them. Thanks for the review.
  • Changed my vaping experience, no more burnt coils!!! - by Carl, 25 January 2018
    I had been losing the will with my Smok tank, killing coils on pretty much a daily basis and burning liquid. I stumbled across Jac Vapour while searching for an alternative and checked out the site. I was greeted by an online chat from Amy who I moaned about my issues to. She suggested the S22 TF tank and the TC coils. She put up with a load of questions from me before I made the order. I have now been using it for nearly 2 weeks, no burned liquid, no burned coils and just a quality vape whenever i hit the button. Add in the simple top fill tank and I have to say in the 5+ years I have been vaping this is by far the best tank I have used and just to back it all up customer service that all at Jac Vapour should be proud of. Oh and they are in the UK!!! If you are thinking about getting one stop thinking and do it you wont regret!................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the great feedback and reviews, I'll pass your praise onto Amy, and happy vaping.
  • Like liquid gold - by Will, 17 January 2018
    This is the best tank I have ever owned - by far. Never leaks, large window that displays right down to the bottom of the atomiser, can fill the full 2ml with no wastage, none on your hands, and no drops down the blowhole. Cannot see myself switching to another tank.

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