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SERIES-S Topfill Mouth Tips
SERIES-S Topfill Mouth Tips

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S-Tank TF Mouth Tips (Topfill)

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  • Description

    Is your standard mouth tip not quite doing it for you, or do you need a spare? You've come to the right place.

    Stock up on wide, medium and narrow bore mouth tips to fit the S17 and S22 Topfill tanks.

    Please note, these mouth tips also double up as topfill caps, and are not compatible with the original S17 and S22 bottom fill tanks.

    Our S22 TF tank ships with the wide mouth tip as standard.

    Our S17 TF tank ships with the medium mouth tip as standard.

    The narrow mouth tip is a great choice if you're looking to restrict down your airflow even further.

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Customer Reviews for the S-Tank TF Mouth Tips (Topfill)

  • Worth it - by Keith, 8 February 2018
    For the price, I would highly recommend adding these to your first order as they can completely change the experience you have with your vape
  • Large is the way to go. - by Jon, 3 February 2018
    I bought the medium tip just to see the difference. But to be honest it just proved that the large one that comes as default is the best. Pleased I tried, but sticking with large.
  • Tips let down a really good device - by Pete, 20 January 2018
    Love the S-Series, very well designed and quality device, but these plastic tops really lets it down. Its just so easy the crack the thin ring below the mouthpiece. Just ordering the third one now and I only bought the tank in October. ......................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the feedback, do you mean it cracks when dropped or just when tightened, if it's tightening then you are over tightening it, finger tight is enough, I use this tank myself and have never had a tip break, and mines heading on for 9 months now. It could break if dropped, but it's far more resilient than most tanks in regards to being dropped due to it only having one window, and if even if it does break, it's a £1.99 replacement rather than the whole tank. If it's neither of these scenarios please contact CS and we'll try and understand what's happening and replace anything that's faulty.
  • A must have accessory - by Ricardo, 22 December 2017
    I ordered a couple of the narrow and the medium tips to see which suited me better. I found the medium ones were perfect for my needs. They are super easy to clean.
  • Question - by Karolina, 30 November 2017
    Narrow ver. out of stock:(when will they be avaible again ? ........................JAC Vapour: We under estimated the popularity of these, so sorry for that. The next stock is showing as arriving on 6th December, then we have more arriving on the 17th Jan as well.
  • Fantastic feel!! - by hasan, 12 October 2017
    The narrow mouth tip has transformed my s22 topfill from brilliant to amazing. Perfect draw and feel for mtl and a great price. Will buy more for spares.

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