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Ripple is your gateway to a paradise with plant-powered puffs. Raising the roof through sustainable tech, and plant-based goodness all without a hint of nicotine or toxic energy. Ripple is actually an aromatic diffuser, rather than a Ripple Vape. The difference? Ripple don’t use nicotine; they use plant extracts and natural aromas to transport you to a puff-able, non-addictive utopia.

Ripple vapes offer a huge 1000 Puffs of natural ingredients, aromas and flavours from one ripple bar. The unique, extra wide and thin shape is extra sleek and fits smoothly into your pocket.

Available in 8 different vegan-friendly flavours, each Ripple Vape provides you with a unique natural boost to your day. From a much-needed energy boost in the morning to a soothing de-stress at night, Ripple’s natural vape ingredients help you freshen up your mind and soul.

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Discover the Ripple+ Experience: Your New Aromatic Adventure

Ripple Vape is redefining the personal wellness landscape. Setting itself apart from conventional vapes, Ripple+ emerges as an innovative aromatic inhaler, offering a distinctive twist on the traditional vaping experience. By harmonizing organic plant extracts with enticing natural aromas, Ripple Vape provides a sensory journey aimed at enhancing personal ambiance without relying on nicotine. This pioneering approach positions Ripple+ as a unique choice for those seeking to enrich their lifestyle, free from nicotine, with a focus on personal satisfaction and experience.

Innovatively Designed for Sustainability and Satisfaction

The design of the Ripple Vape device underscores a commitment to both user experience and environmental stewardship. Featuring a new and improved MAX design, its striking form factor is not only visually appealing but also encapsulates 1,000 puffs of enriched flavour. Ripple+ stands out for its 100% recyclable nature, underscoring a dedication to ecological responsibility. This commitment ensures that each use of Ripple Vape not only delivers a gratifying sensory experience but also aligns with eco-friendly values.


Purchased from JAC? Once you've accumulated 10 Ripple units, simply reach out to, and we'll provide you with a complimentary postage label. Use this to send your used Ripple units back to us for recycling. Convenient, isn't it?

A Symphony of Flavours: The Ripple+ Aromatic Collection

What sets Ripple Vape apart is its extensive and thoughtfully selected flavour assortment, each crafted to evoke specific sensations:


DREAM: Experience the calming essence of lavender, complemented by valerian and jujube seed, designed to enhance moments of rest.

RELAX: The serene aroma of jasmine, with notes of chamomile and lemon balm, offers a backdrop for unwinding.

BOOST: Invigorate your senses with the lively pomegranate scent, enriched with maca and green tea for an uplifting effect.

FOCUS: The vibrant mango aroma, bolstered by bacopa and sage, is crafted to aid in clearing your mind and enhancing concentration.

HAPPY: A blend of passion fruit, schisandra, and lime flower creates a joyful and uplifting atmosphere.

POWER: Refresh your day with peppermint, ginseng, and ginkgo biloba, designed for an energizing experience.

FREE: Watermelon's refreshing scent, combined with green tea and lime flower, aims to stabilize and rejuvenate.

SOOTHE: The comforting combination of honey and lemon, with ginger and chamomile, offers a soothing sensory experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ripple Vape is not your typical vape; it's an aromatic inhaler that focuses on delivering a unique aromatherapy experience, distinct from traditional vapes due to its 0% nicotine content.

Ripple+ demonstrates a commitment to the environment through its 100% recyclable design, reflecting our responsibility towards a healthier planet.

Ripple Vape is suitable for individuals seeking a nicotine-free option that emphasizes personal enjoyment and experience, offering a unique alternative to traditional smoking or vaping devices.

Each Ripple+ device is engineered to provide up to 1,000 puffs of flavor, marrying longevity with the excellence of each sleek, eco-friendly unit.

There are plenty of places both online and in store where you can buy what is known as "Ripple Vapes" here in the UK. We've created a quick guide with all the information you need below.

Here at JAC Vapour we are amongst the cheapest and most convienent place to get your Ripple+ Aromatic Diffusers, with an incredible offer to save you even more money.

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If you're curious about the buzz around Ripple and wondering, "Is Ripple vape bad for you?" you're in the right spot. Ripple's not your average vape; it's a cool twist on aromatherapy, blending organic plant extracts with the yummiest natural aromas. Let's chat about what makes Ripple a unique player in the wellness and smoking alternatives scene, especially when it comes to your lung health.

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