Where to buy ripple vape

So you're looking for the best deals and where to buy ripple vape. There are lots of places where you can purchase "ripple vapes", including in store and online. Here is a list of places you can purchase as well as what you can expect to pay.

First off though, we should probably clarify, Ripple are not actually vapes. They are the first-of-its-kind portable aromatherapy inhaler blended with organic plant extracts and natural aromas. Ripple are a completely innovative product category known as “Aromatic Inhalers”.

Online Retailers

One of the best places to buy ripple vape is online, as there are a good amount of retailers to choose from, including here at JAC Vapour. It also means you don't have to leave the house and they get delivered straight to your door.

Most online retailers of ripple vape offer the aromatic difusers at around £12 per device, which can be quite expensive when only buying the one. Each device does provide approximately 1000 puffs, which bring the price per puff to around £1.20 per 100. However some retailers also have offers to bring down the cost.

Here at JAC Vapour we offer 3 Ripple Vapes for only £30, saving you £6 in total towards your diffusers. Bringing the price to only a penny a puff. This offer is one of the best currently available, as it allows you to mix and match the flavours, which other sites don't. Giving you more choice and flexibilty to enjoy or try out new flavours.

So to answer your question: Where to buy ripple vape, the answer is JAC Vapour.


One of the most common places where to buy ripple vapes that is not online will be Sainsbury's. Most Sainsbury's should stock Ripples diffusers so if that is where you do your weekly shop then it's a great and convenient way to stock up.

At Sainsbury's you can expect to pay a little bit less for the Ripple diffuser, however they are limited with flavour choices. Currently on their site you can only get 3 of the 8 flavours available on JAC.

You can find your local Sainbury's using the Sainbury's Store Locator.

WH Smith

Another place where to buy ripple vapes while out and about would be your local WH Smith.

Unlike Sainsbury's, you cannot purchase Ripple diffusers online from WHSmith's. You can expect to pay around £12 in store for one device.

You can find your local WHSmith using the WHSmith Store Locator.


One other place where to buy ripple vape that you have nearby would be Superdrug.

Like WHSmith, you can only purchase Ripple diffusers instore at a specified Superdrug. Be sure to check which Superdrugs near you sell Ripple vapes before making the journey. You can expect to pay around £12 in store for one device.

You can find your local WHSmith using the Superdrug Store Locator.

Where To Buy Ripple Vape FAQs

What Are Ripple Vapes?

What you know as a "Ripple Vape" is actually a brand new type of quit smoking device known as an aromatic inhaler.

What sets this first-of-its-kind portable aromatherapy inhaler apart from your usual vape is that they are blended with organic plant extracts and natural aromas to provide you with a boost to your day and smooth inhale. All without a hint of nicotine.

Check out our nicotine free vapes and our ripple vape collections.

Is Ripple Vape Bad For You?

If you're curious about the buzz around Ripple and wondering, "Is Ripple vape bad for you?" you're in the right spot. Ripple's not your average vape; it's a cool twist on aromatherapy, blending organic plant extracts with the yummiest natural aromas. Let's chat about what makes Ripple a unique player in the wellness and smoking alternatives scene, especially when it comes to your lung health.

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