Zero Nicotine Vape

Dive into the bold world of Zero Max, where your zero nicotine vape experience is redefined. Embracing the full power of a ZERO NIC - MAX HIT, our zero nicotine vape offers an unmatched throat hit without any of the nicotine. Say goodbye to the usual and hello to a vape revolution. With Zero Max, it's not just about leaving out nicotine; it's about enhancing every other aspect of your vaping journey.

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Zero Max - THE Zero Nicotine Vape

Experience a vaping revelation with Zero Max. We're changing the narrative around what a zero nicotine vape can be. Delivering an unmissable throat hit, you'll feel the full force of every puff, all without a trace of nicotine.

Zero Nicotine Vape - Taste Without Limits

Gone are the days where zero nicotine meant zero flavour. Zero Max defies taste boundaries, unleashing a spectrum of flavours that'll make your taste buds dance. From the zesty punch of Blue Raspberry to the electrifying Wings Blast, every puff is a celebration of taste.


Enjoy the revolutionary Zero Max formula, providing you with that essential, maximum throat hit feeling with zero nicotine. Perfect for those looking to cut back on their nicotine intake with zero compromise.

Say No To Throwaway

Our Puff Box ensures you’re not just choosing a zero nicotine vape, but also making an eco-conscious decision. Stand up against wasteful disposable vapes. Embrace the future with a device that's reusable, stylish, and aligned with your nicotine-free choices.

Choosing Zero Max isn't just about opting for a nicotine free experience; it's about joining a community, a revolution. Every time you pick up your zero nicotine vape, know you're among those setting new standards, demanding better, and paving the way for a brighter, bolder vaping future.

Zero Nicotine Vape

A zero nicotine vape is just like the name suggests, it's a disposable vape that does not contain any nicotine. It's a great way for smokers and vapers to slowly decrease their nicotine intake and start their journey to fully quitting smoking and nicotine in general. 

There is a flaw with most zero nicotine vapes, as they do not provide that essential nicotine throat hit that smokers and vapers are used to. That's where our revolutionary Zero Max formula steps in, it provides you with that all important throat hit with absolutely zero nicotine. Helping you to trick your brain into thinking it's had its nicotine fix.

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There is no better place to buy a Zero Nicotine Vape than right here at JAC Vapour. We have a vast range of nicotine free vape options, including pre mixed nicotine free vape liquid and of course our revolutionary Zero Max formula.

Here in the UK, zero nicotine vapes are a little less common than regular vapes, however you should still be able to find a zero nicotine vape easily enough. There are plenty of shops and places to buy a nicotine free vape, including corner shops, big supermarkets, vape dedicated shops and online. 

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Have you ever wondered why a puff of a cigarette or a dose of nicotine gum might send you rushing to the bathroom? It's a curious and often overlooked effect of nicotine, but it's quite real and has scientific explanations. Let's dive into the intriguing world of nicotine and its impact on our digestive system.

Cutting down on nicotine by using our Zero Max pods, paired with our rechargeable disposable vape, the Puff Box is a good way to keep your bowel movements in check.

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If you're looking to quit nicotine or smoking, you might be looking at how to get rid of those nasty stains on your fingers too. Luckily we've created a helpful guide to show you how to safely remove the nicotine stains from fingers using home remedies. 

You can also prevent the nicotine stains from coming back by switching over to vaping, which causes significantly less staining than cigarettes. You can go one step further too and switch to using our Zero Max refills alongside the Puff Box; as they are nicotine free they wont cause any staining whatsoever, and you won't even be able to tell you're vaping a nicotine free vape.

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