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SERIES-C Mini V4 tanks
SERIES-C Mini tank
SERIES-C Mini tank and coil
SERIES-C Mini V4 tank
SERIES-C Mini V4 tank with mouth tips
SERIES-C Mini tank fitted
SERIES-C Mini V4 tank fitted on a device

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SERIES-C Mini V4 Tanks

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  • Description

    The SERIES-C Mini V4 tank is designed to offer vapers who prefer the smaller form factor of our V3i batteries the opportunity to use a tank with their kit.

    These reusable tanks allow you to simply swap out the coil when it needs replaced. A pack containing a tank plus two replacement coils is the easiest way to get started, with a pack of replacement coils also available separately. Each coil should last for around 7-10 refills before it needs to be replaced.

    These discrete, transparent tanks measure just 35mm, equalling the length of our standard cartomizers, and are perfect for use with any of our V3i batteries. The SERIES-C V4 tank is fitted with a metal tip, though some users will prefer to use a rubber mouthtip cover. When purchasing your tanks, you can choose to add on a free coloured rubber mouthpiece cover.

    • Length - 35mm
    • Capacity - 0.7ml
    • Resistance - 2.0-2.2Ohm

    The use of bottom-fitting coils lessens the risk of dry-burning the wick, though tanks should still be left for around 20 mins after filling to allow proper saturation (longer if using a VG e-liquid).

    As the tank measures just 35mm in length, it is possible to store them in your V1P PCC while attached to a 55mm or 65mm V3i battery.

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Availability: In stock

From: £5.99

To: £8.99

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Customer Reviews for the SERIES-C Mini V4 Tanks

  • Way better than the cartomisers - by Mark, 17 October 2017
    Love this tank. Major improvement over the carts and also the performance of these are better than some of the other more expensive kits that I have used in the past. Good work, will be sticking with these now with my V3i in the future.
  • Petit mais costaud - by Stephane, 30 September 2017
    Super réservoir super saveurs avec une v3i et très beau
    Je suis très satisfait
  • Prefer these a lot more to carts - by Carly, 5 August 2017
    I love these mini tanks because they look stylish and elegant with the V3i batteries, plus they're much better than the cartomizers imo. I dropped one star as I think they're expensive for such tiny tanks and I tend to use them up very quickly. I think only depending on mini tanks is an expensive way to vape, so I prefer to save these little tanks for when I'm around other people and want a bit of discretion and elegance whilst vaping, and use my larger vaping pens at home. I also find these little tanks useful for when I'm trying new flavours of e-liquids that I've not tried before, rather than filling-up a larger tank without knowing if I'll like a flavour. .................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, you can buy the coils only pack and juts replace the coils, there is no need to buy the full tank every time, that should make them more affordable to run.
  • Not for me. - by Jenni, 29 July 2017
    I just can't get on with the tank. I had hoped it would mean less fillings but it doesn't. I find that (like another reviewer) it leaks if it's not held upright, but apart from all that, my lips and the inside of my mouth got burned so, it's been a waste of money as I'll have to throw it away.. I definitely prefer the cartomisers.
  • Rubber covers - bring back the colours again - by A, 19 June 2017
    Really like these little tanks as I'm more of a discreet vaper. But I see there are only black rubber covers now with the tanks - and no option for the different colours you used to have - they aren't even sold separately. I loved the pale pink covers as it matched the pink battery tips I use (black just makes the unit too dark on my stainless steel unit). Please introduce the coloured rubber covers again. Thank you
  • Excellent pofrom small form factor - by Rado, 27 February 2017
    I love the tanks, much better performance than cartomizers, lots of vapour and flavour. Never had problems with leaks or anything like that so far, on my second pack now. I recommend however using high PG liquid, the coil last longer and it is easy to refill with thinner liquid.
  • Amazing little tank - by Kevin, 24 February 2017
    For what it is this little tank performs exceptionally well, in fact I have tried lots of carts and 'mini' ecigs and this is by quite a long way the best. No.1 it creates tons of vapour, nearly double a cart. No.2 it's cheaper to run. No.3 it handles pure VG or a max VGbase whihc I think is very unusual. I can't handle PG and have tried many bigger tanks with my VG max mix and they don't cope, this however.. no problem. It's not massive capacity, but there a limit to what you can put in a tank this size, in all other respects this makes a cigalike act like a far higher powered device. Flavour is great and vapour massive for such a tiny thing. This on the V3i batteries knocks any other small setup out the park. Forget about the carts this is the way forward if you like small devices.
  • Better than carts - by Jim, 26 January 2017
    Wish the V3i came with these as standard, I would never have bothered with carts, more vapour and better flavour. It's easier to tell when it's time to fill up too, I'm a fairly heavy user and one tank lasts the day comfortably. Looks great with stainless steel batteries as a nice bonus. Have yet to test the lifespan of the coil, even so, thoroughly recommended.
  • Great Tanks, Big improvement on the carts - by Andrew, 6 January 2017
    I was a big fan of Green Smoke before they were bought out by Altria and their product quality fell.
    I switched to the V3i product and refillable carts, but wasn't overly impressed. I found that by the 3rd refill the vape wasn't great.
    I switched to using the mini tank as I was used to the coil / tank combo through using an E series and wow, what a difference!
    Whilst not quite up there with the S or E series product, the richness of flavour, vape and build is really impressive. The wick is well built and I've not had a failure yet and I have found that each wick lasts for a 10ml bottle of juice, which is around 20 refills.
    It makes the product really discreet and it also handles thicker liquids really well such as the 50:50 PG to VG mixes

    On the downside, the tank only holds about 0.6ml, so I find I need to refill on a regular basis, but realistically this is a minor point as its small size is a selling point
  • Tanks not for me - by lucinda, 28 December 2016
    I can't get on with tanks. I love the flavour better than cartomisers but I find if I don't keep my ecig upright the tanks leak. Maybe something I am doing wrong as I am new to vaping.

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