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SERIES-C Mini V4 Vape Tanks

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  • Description

    The SERIES-C Mini V4 vape tank is designed to offer vapers who prefer the smaller form factor of our V3i batteries the opportunity to use a tank with their kit.

    These reusable vape tanks allow you to simply swap out the coil when it needs replaced. A pack containing a vape tank plus two replacement vape coils is the easiest way to get started, with a pack of replacement coils also available separately. Each coil should last for around 7-10 refills before it needs to be replaced.

    These discrete, transparent tanks measure just 35mm, equalling the length of our standard cartomizers, and are perfect for use with any of our V3i batteries.

    • Length - 35mm
    • Capacity - 0.7ml
    • Resistance - 2.0-2.2Ohm


    The use of bottom-fitting coils lessens the risk of dry-burning the wick, though tanks should still be left for around 20 mins after filling to allow proper saturation (longer if using a VG e-liquid).

    As the tank measures just 35mm in length, it is possible to store them in your V1P PCC while attached to a 55mm or 65mm V3i battery.

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Availability: In stock

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Customer Reviews for the SERIES-C Mini V4 Vape Tanks

  • Very good, but... - by Dominik, 28 May 2019
    After using cartomizers, while serviceable, the biggest gripe I had with them is that I couldn't see how much liquid I had left in them until it started tasting horrible. After finally getting these tanks however I was floored by how well they worked compared to the carts, both in taste and vape production, the tank is nice and clear so I can never worry about going out and wondering how much liquid I have left. However the build quality is something less to be desired. While the tanks themselves are sturdy and well made, the coils are hit and miss. When I got my pack the first coil that was already attached to the tank didn't work whatsoever. Support told me to carefully lift up the center post on the battery as some coils don't get contact but even with that done, the coil didn't work. They also said that the average lifespan of the coils is 5-7 days, which is absolutely absurd and short (personally my first coil died after 2 weeks and even then I was shocked it was dead that fast). Now one would think, with this low price it's not a big deal but if you're not living in the UK, buying a pack of coils can set you back with shipping alone. Topping off the liquid in the tanks is also a bit finicky and messy, so be prepared to blow out excess liquids from your mouthpiece as well as the occasional drop going to your tongue, but from what I heard, this is a common problem with almost all sorts of e cig tanks. Regardless I would strongly recommend these tanks versus the cartomizers, just be aware of the dubious quality coils...........JAC: Thanks for the feedback, and it does sound like you had a faulty coil, but it shouldn't be common. Any faulty ones you do get we can replace, if outside the UK, then we can pop in replacements when you next order, I would also advise priming the coil, which means dripping a few drops of eliquid onto each wick prior to fitting, it gets things going faster. The advice of 5-7 days is based on variation in eliquid, Some liquids can kill coils in a few days, for instance overly sweet stuff, and also high VG will reduce lifespan, but most will get a good bit longer, if you avoid allowing the wick to run dry. Once you fill a quick flick of the ecig (hold at bottom and flick like a fishing rod) will avoid any excess that may have flowed into the airflow, and prevent the liquid in the mouth that you mentioned. I hope this helps.
  • Used to be good but...... - by Robin, 5 March 2019
    I've been a JAC customer for several years and been absolutely delighted with the products and service. However, and it truly pains me to say this, these tanks and coils have become a complete mess. I've been using them for a few years but over the last 18 months or so the quality has massively deteriorated. Every time I open a new pack I wonder how many, if any, will work perfectly. I've just started a new pack tonight. The first coil delivered yet another horrid burnt taste, so I'm on my second coil within 12 hours and it's the same story. Is this yet another dud pack and a waste of money? Sure, JAC have been wonderfully helpful, sending me replacement coils etc. but it's come to a point where I'm really reluctant to order these products again. The quality of these products was once great but is now atrocious. I really don't know what to do. It's so disappointing......................JAC Vapour: Thanks for the feedback and sorry you are experiencing issues. Can I ask if your entire setup is the same, so eliquid hasn't changed, i.e. from a PG base to a VG base, also can I also ask you to try priming if you are not, to make sure that's not the issue. To prime the coil put 3 drops on each wick hole, so the wick can pre-saturate, do this prior to fitting in the tank. I will also test mylsef, as I have currently not heard of other similar issues.
  • Bigger holes make a better vape. - by Colin, 19 January 2019
    I purchase one of these mini tanks because i like the small form factor and that it also is much more like a normal cigarette. The first one i had seemed to work ok but i had to keep taking it off the battery and priming it. My initial thought was maybe i had a bit of a dude one so because i actually really liked the small form factor i purchased several more. I tried the new ones i purchased with the Jack Vapour battery and a 50/50 eliquid. I had a couple of DOAs and the others i have used constantly were giving dry hits and the only way to overcome this was to keep removing from battery and priming them. I have now come up with a solution. I have now realised that the small holes on the atomizers are just that too small and are not letting the liquid through to soak on the wick. I grabbed a hammer and a hole punch and with a light tap i have made the holes slightly bigger so the liquid has plenty of room to soak through to the wick and now they work really well with no dry hits. If the atomizer was redesigned with a larger holes this would be an amazing little device.
  • Hit and Miss - by izabella, 5 July 2018
    I have been buying these since they came on the market, Great little tanks, except for duds. So far I have bought quite a few and had quite a few duds. Customer services have always been brilliant and sent out replacements for them but it is still happening, as another reviewer said they had a pack that went straight in the bin. the last pack I bought was one dud after the other, all three went in the bin. when I last got a reply for the team at Jac they mentioned it might be something to do with the liquid or my device? but I am pretty sure it was they were duds.

    The feel I got from the email which offered to send out replacements was that they were probably not going to do so again? I have not contacted them re the last pack of duds as it was intimated that they were not going to continue to honour sending me out replacements.

    I have just ordered another pack, hopefully they will not go in the bin...……………...JAC Vapour Ltd: Thank you for the feedback. Since you started using these has anything changed in your setup, for instance are you using the same eliquid, these tanks will cope with 50/50 juice fine, but not anything like above a 50% VG liquid, so the premium VG options would be too thick, but the standard range and PG originals or the premium PG will be fine, also if you get duds maybe we could look at some of them, as when I test here they appear to be fine, but I don't use these a lot, so it's no comparison to a user that uses consistently.
  • A great buy - by Vapourteach, 1 June 2018
    These are much better than the cartomisers and the coils actually last longer than stated in the description.
  • Superb Tanks - Quality Control Issues Recently? - by SK, 13 March 2018
    Superb tank/coil. Flavour and vap production on par with much bigger devices.

    Used since launch with no problems whatsoever, no leaks. Can last weeks of daily use.

    Now available as coils only packs ending my growing collection of unused tank tubes!

    HOWEVER: Last pack has serious Quality Control issues. 2 coils burnt within the first hour, and the third had some kind of contact problem where it would not fire consistently, then at all. All 3 went straight in the bin :( Never seen problems like this before.

    JAC please keep an eye on QC, these tanks are the BEST!.....................jAC Vapour Ltd: It sounds like you have had a bad pack, I've checked with CS and they say no other issues have been reported, but if you contact them, then they'll get them all replaced for you. Thanks for the review.
  • Better than the normal carts - by g, 2 February 2018
    I'm not a fan of huge e-cigs so I've been using the normal carts for years. These mini tanks are great. I find they go through liquid quicker, but that's to be expected as there's clearly a bigger throat hit / more vapour.
    One slight gripe, I got a burning taste intermittently even with a full tank and a new coil. Still unsure why, but a quick gentle blow seemed to resolve the issue and maybe dislodged a pocket of air. Storing upright could be a factor also.
    But overall, these are far superior to the normal carts. ...........................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, the burning taste you describe is almost certainly a wicking issue, in that the wick has not filled correctly, only once a wick is properly saturated does it begin to work effectively, when you blew through the tank you created pressure which will have kick started it. You can also do it by priming new coils, basically a drop in the top of the coil, and on the wick holes, then fit and suck through it a few time without firing it (i.e. don't connect it to the auto battery other wise sucking will cause it to fire) so a few sucks prior to putting it on the battery, and also putting your finger over the base of the tank and blocking the airflow, cause you to effectively suck elqiuid through the wick, making it even more effective. Priming can cause a bit of a gargle but after that you just flick it a few times and it'll settle down and the airflow will clear of juice. The other way to prime is to leave the tank full for a good length of time, the thicker the liquid the longer you leave it, but it can be a pain waiting, so the first method juts speeds up the whole process. I hope this helps
  • Decent product, but where are the rubber tips? - by Ruairidh, 23 January 2018
    I recently spent nearly £50 on V3i bits and pieces. I wanted at least one of the rubber mouthpiece covers that you used to supply with the mini tanks. However, I could not manage to order one. The options are "No thanks" + £0.00 (quantity 1), or "Choose a selection" in which case the quantity is auto set to zero and cannot be changed. I picked one of each choice in the hope that one might arrive, but it didn't. Do you still supply these? They are great for hands-free vaping. Could I please have a couple?

    Review: Decent enough product. Does leak a bit if knocked around in a pocket or similar, but a quick dab with some tissue sorts this out. Probably a little more expensive than I would like, but buying the single tank with replacement coils is still fairly economical (provided you don't lose the tank). Small capacity, so not recommended for heavy vapers, but if you (like me) just puff away for 10-15 mins a day then it might go the best part of a week without refilling. I love the size of this with a V3i battery - same as a cigarette. You can keep a couple of them in your pocket, and even hold it between your teeth while dancing or similar (auto battery and rubber tip recommended). Would consider changing to S17 as said in your reply to a previous review, but there is no information about the size of the battery and tank..............JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review and bringing the covers to our attention, it appears to be a glitch in our store, and they are back up now, we have very low stocks of the coloured ones, as they were not in stock with our supplier, but we do have plenty of transparent ones, I'll get CS to contact you and get some sent out. The SERIES-S17 is about the length of the V3i but it's wider at 17mm, and the S22 is 22mm, in the case of the S17 you to about double the diameter (9mm on the V3i) but your battery capacity goes from 180mAh to 900mah, plus lots more power (so you can use a lower nicotine strength) you also go from a 0.8ml tank to 2ml so you need to refill less.
  • These Rock!! - by Colin, 3 January 2018
    Just returned to vaping after a few years away. Bought V3 batteries and a PCC a long while back, love the convenience of being able to charge the batteries on the move, but was never impressed with the carts (whether pre-filled or not). Decided to try these tanks so that I can once again use my PCC, and WOW what a difference. Definitely the way to go. You no longer appear to sell the PCC?? I hope mine does not stop working..........................JAC Vapour Ltd You can email customer service for a PCC, if you need one, we only have a small supply left for people that want to continue with them. I would suggest trying the S17 or one of the other new tank devices if you get the chance, these newer devices are popular for a reason, the taste from a tank is cleaner, smoother and the systems are cheaper to run, plus more power means you can use lower nic strengths and get thicker vapour. We will continue to supply the V3i batteries for as long as historic users and new users wish to buy them though, and these tanks, if that is the preferred option for you. Thanks for the review.
  • Way better than the cartomisers - by Mark, 17 October 2017
    Love this tank. Major improvement over the carts and also the performance of these are better than some of the other more expensive kits that I have used in the past. Good work, will be sticking with these now with my V3i in the future.

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