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    Suitable for use in our VIM, S17 and S22 tanks.

    Now sold as a pack of 4.

    What is a Mesh Coil?

    New! Introducing the Performance Mesh S-Coil, using the latest in mesh coil technology, our Performance Mesh S-Coils use a new layered organic cotton to increase the coil surface area. This provides the coil with the correct e liquid volume, without allowing flooding or leaking. This gives many benefits, including:

    • Rich, intense flavour
    • Dense vapour production
    • More consistent vape
    • Longer coil life
    • Suitable with all e liquid, including Nic Salts and High VG (up to 80%)

    Which Mesh S-Coil should I use?

    Need the technical bit? Here you go:

    • Vaping Coil Type - Mouth to Lung (MTL) 0.8Ohm coils. These can also be used for restricted Direct Lung (DL)
    • Recommended wattage range - 10-20 W
    • Suitable for use with - VIM, S-17 and S-22 vapour tanks
    • This coil is mid range for balanced MTL - The bore of the coil (airflow) is more open, so it can be used for restricted DL as well as MTL
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Customer Reviews for the PERFORMANCE MESH S-COIL - MTL 0.8 Ohm (JAC Vapour) 4 Pack

  • Hugely disappointing - by MrLRJ, 10 September 2020
    Rubbish, basically. I've never had a single out of pack failure with the old DL S-Coils. So far every pack of these I've bought has had at least one, sometimes two, completely dead when I go to use them. On the ones that do work, quality is fine but unspectacular at first, but they also last a considerably shorter time that the old ones used to, and you'll notice the deterioration within a couple of days, Also seem to go through liquid far quicker for some reason. You're paying more to get less, and quality, reliability and durability are way down. I've been using Jac products for a number of years now, but unless they either give up on the current experiment or at least give the line a major overhaul, I'll be looking elsewhere..........JAC Vapour: I am sorry you are having issues with these coils. If you can contact customer service and explain your issues along with the settings they will help you get the most from the coils, as there is something going on if you are getting a dead coil per pack, this is not being reported by anybody else, and it could be down to a slightly different sized base on your tank. Also we do stil do the 0.5DL if you prefer our old DL ones.
  • Mesh coils not working in S22 tank - by Kiran, 10 September 2020
    These don't seem to work with my S22 tank as promised, have reverted to using my old pack of regular MTLs which work perfectly well. Disappointed as I had just bought two packs of the new mesh coils....... JAC: Please contact customer service, and explain the issue. If its a connection problem, it could be that the connector on the mesh is a very slight height difference causing issues, so potentially they can help and get a replacement tank or whatever is needed to get these going how you expect.
  • different but good - by Graham, 20 August 2020
    At first I wasn't convinced, but on comparing to my normal MTL there is a massive improvement in flavour. I didn't notice at first, but after having gone back and tried the normal coil it's like night and day. In regards to how long they last, I will update once I have been through the pack, but I am on day 7 and it's still going well on a high 75% VG custom mix. At this stage I'd say they are going to be a regular purchase for me.
  • great upgrade - by Sian, 12 August 2020
    I tried these on first release and thought they were great, I’ve generally had no issues with them and they can last between 1 and 2 weeks easily for me. I don’t notice them burning out at much, no severe taste of burnt more a subtle decline in taste and efficiency signals they need changed. What I did notice was that when I went back to the original MTL coils after using these for a few weeks the difference in taste was astronomical, I felt like I could barely get any flavour and it was such a tight pull! Would recommend these if you’re used to MTL as they are a massive upgrade.
  • A step backwards - by Gary, 11 August 2020
    Not good at all. Cross refer to Jonathan's review of 24th July 2020. I previously used DTL 1.0 Ohm coils for my S17 device and, like Jonathan, ran the old coils in parallel with the new mesh 0.8 OHM coils - the latter being recommended by JAC as a good alternative. The old coils had better and longer performance and also leaked less. My perception is that these new coils are a step backwards and more expensive! I'm not impressed and I've been a loyal JAC client for over 5 years. I'll order another batch today (as no option) and will see if there's an improvement. Gary.............JAC Vapour: I am sorry you are having issues. Please contact customer service and they will work out what the issue is with the coils hopefully, as the coils should perform longer and not leak.
  • At First I was afraid - by DoozyDrapeVape/ Darren, 6 August 2020
    At first I was worried. But that my friends changed! When first inserted and set up I had no response so he’d to go back and make sure the coil was fitted. Added juice, waited 5 minutes. Then magic happened! The best first MTL hit I’ve ever experienced in my vaping life. Was fresh, no harsh hit what so ever, most of all the flavours! God the Flavour was all the there! This is definitely going on my re order list. Next step to see how long they last and acquire some new different liquids to test. Thanks Jac!
  • Not great - by Jonathan, 24 July 2020
    I used to use the 1.0 Ohm DTL S-Coils which have been replaced with these. I decided to buy some before I ran out of DTL coils to compare side by side (i have 2 S22 devices). Firstly they do not outlast the DTL coil, not by a long way! I started tasting that burnt taste which signals its time for a new coil around a week before the DTL coil, it lasted a measly 6 days before that burnt taste started becoming noticeable. I was trying to use them equally and also use the new MTL coils in an MTL fashion (i admit that i didnt always manage that part). In short im really disappointed, the taste is good from the new Mesh coils but i wouldnt say much / any better than the old DTL. I understand these new coils will come down in price over time and we will get a 5th coil in the pack, but i dont really put much on that as their performance is not as good as their predecessors. I have just loaded my last DTL coil and another new Mesh coil into my S22s, if i get a significant difference to my initial findings i will update here - i really hope i do! Jac Vapour please give us a good option for DTL again - these are no good and I will probably start looking for an alternative if the same thing happens with these coils ive just loaded - less than a week for a coil is terrible!...........JAC Vapour: We do still have the 0.5ohm DTL and that will continue, However the mesh coil should be pretty similar to the 1.0DL when fully open. WE have had a few teething reports with the mesh, so please contact customer service and they will replce the coils for you.
  • Where are the coils made? - by Kenneth, 14 July 2020
    Bought 3 x packs of batch no. 286 and 2 x packs of S-coils as well. First try of mesh coils was yesterday, July 13th.

    I put the first mesh coil in my spare tank on 3rd July and it had just about leaked dry by the next morning. So I took the coil out and refitted it. Same thing. Coil 2 did the same thing even after washing the tank and threads and refitting. Coil 3 has started leaking black stuff after 1 day - even though the juice in the tank is normal colour.

    Now on an S-coil. That's 3 dud mesh coils in 24 hours. There is something wrong with the base of these coils, I think. ..........JAC Vapour: I am sorry you are experiencing issues, this is more likely to be the tank though, as the few cases we have looked at of this, it's the tank base not fitted correctly and leaving a gap. Please contact customer service and they will organise replacements.
  • Overall good, with some percussive maintanance required. - by Rafael, 8 July 2020
    They're good, maybe a bit more restrictive than I'd like personally but that's down to style. What I do notice is that it often throws a 'check atomizer' error that goes away for a while with a bit of tapping the tank so the connections aren't quite 100% reliable it seems.
    As an aside, I loved the temperature controlled coils but can't seem to find those anymore... Are they discontinued?..............JAC Vapour: Thanks for the review, I wonder if this is a slight variation in the tank. If this causes issues please contact customer service to see if they can help. The TC coils are unfortunately discontinued, just not enough people bought them to keep the line open, so I apologise about that.
  • Needs fixing - by Johnny, 6 July 2020
    Tried all 4 coils, wouldn't even fire up in my S22..................JAC: Sorry you are experiencing issues. It's weird all 4 coils wouldn't work, I never heard that before, can you check that the coil doesn't need an extra quarter turn to connect as this sounds like a connection issue somehow. If this doesn't work contact customer service and they will replace to make sure it's not a bad pack.

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