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  • Description

    Suitable for use in our VIM, S17 and S22 tanks.

    Now sold as a pack of 4.

    What is a Mesh Coil?

    New! Introducing the Performance Mesh S-Coil, using the latest in mesh coil technology, our Performance Mesh S-Coils use a new layered organic cotton to increase the coil surface area. This provides the coil with the correct e liquid volume, without allowing flooding or leaking. This gives many benefits, including:

    • Rich, intense flavour
    • Dense vapour production
    • More consistent vape
    • Longer coil life
    • Suitable with all e liquid, including Nic Salts and High VG (up to 80%)

    Which Mesh S-Coil should I use?

    Need the technical bit? Here you go:

    • Vaping Coil Type - Mouth to Lung (MTL) 0.8Ohm coils. These can also be used for restricted Direct Lung (DL)
    • Recommended wattage range - 10-20 W
    • Suitable for use with - VIM, S-17 and S-22 vapour tanks
    • This coil is mid range for balanced MTL - The bore of the coil (airflow) is more open, so it can be used for restricted DL as well as MTL
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Customer Reviews for the PERFORMANCE MESH S-COIL - MTL 0.8 Ohm (JAC Vapour) 4 Pack

  • Overall good, with some percussive maintanance required. - by Rafael, 8 July 2020
    They're good, maybe a bit more restrictive than I'd like personally but that's down to style. What I do notice is that it often throws a 'check atomizer' error that goes away for a while with a bit of tapping the tank so the connections aren't quite 100% reliable it seems.
    As an aside, I loved the temperature controlled coils but can't seem to find those anymore... Are they discontinued?..............JAC Vapour: Thanks for the review, I wonder if this is a slight variation in the tank. If this causes issues please contact customer service to see if they can help. The TC coils are unfortunately discontinued, just not enough people bought them to keep the line open, so I apologise about that.
  • Needs fixing - by Johnny, 6 July 2020
    Tried all 4 coils, wouldn't even fire up in my S22..................JAC: Sorry you are experiencing issues. It's weird all 4 coils wouldn't work, I never heard that before, can you check that the coil doesn't need an extra quarter turn to connect as this sounds like a connection issue somehow. If this doesn't work contact customer service and they will replace to make sure it's not a bad pack.
  • Mesh coil leaking. - by Peter, 27 June 2020
    Has to buy these as the 1.0 Ohm DL coils have now been removed and are not being restocked. These are £10.99 for 4 instead of £9.99 for 5 on the previous coil so I thought pay more for less means they are better. Put one in, Tuesday 23-06-2020 and was pretty good...found it floods the chimney more than before and that’s not by over filling it either and the need to keep giving it a flick to remove that gargling excess. Other than that it seems good for DL too and it was looking good. Today 27-06/2020 my mod is leaking like never before. It’s like the Niagra Falls. It’s only been 4 days. My other coils I use to get 2 weeks out of one before it burnt itself out but they never leaked. Coil is good but leaking isn’t. Most reviews on here claims better results. I agree it seems a better coil that would last longer but leaking has limited that. I’ll be putting another in today and if that leaks after 4 days I’ll be contacting customer service........JAC: Sorry you are having issues. I have just had another review on the 1.2 that said there was leaking, so I will check as to whether there is an issue here on some of the mesh. If you can contact customer service, they will help to get this sorted as the mesh should last longer, and give better results. WE have run the mesh extensively in testing and now in production, and so far these 2 reviews are the first 2 reports we've had of the leaking, so I'll raise a ticket to investigate.
  • Good Performance and Durability - by Jamie H., 23 March 2020
    Seven days of moderate use, and still going strong. Decent flavour and vapour production. They're somewhere between the regular coils and the Turbos.

    With the four holes it means you go through juice fast.. Quicker than the Turbo which was already fast. This isn't a criticism of the coil itself, since how much you use your vape is subjective. Just something I thought would be pretty cool.. With higher performance coils like this, a larger tank to accompany them would be great? There are larger tanks out there from other companies that are compatible with Jac products. But at this point, I'm sort of commited to the Jac Vapour 'ecosystem'. I'm not sure how it would work from an engineering standpoint, but I think a larger tank to sort of counteract the penalty of going through more juice would go down a treat...............JAC: Thanks for your feedback, and glad you like the coil. Our tank size is governed by the UK TPD, so all our tanks are the maximum size allowed by law, which is 2ml currently, which is annoying, but that's why we developed as easy a topfill system as possible.
  • Better coil for MTL with VIM - by Mick, 23 March 2020
    Using the 0.8 MTL coil in VIM. Vape SMOKING 18 mg and found advisable to change to minimum airflow as other reviews suggested for MTL. First-class result. Also works well with a CBD mix which I also vape (wish you could supply this!). Better than the old-style 1.0 MTL coils, don't clog as quickly, and so far no leaks. Recommended! Please restock as soon as possible... JAC Vapour: Thanks for the feedback and we are ramping up production to bring cost down, so the next shipment should have 4 in the pack instead of 3, we are experiencing some delays in our manufacturing lines and shipments due the situation globally, and while this won't effect most of our stock for existing lines, it will cause a stockout in the new coils as we only had cover for the first production batch. These should be back in stock mid April, if all goes to plan, and I apologise for the delay, we will however have plenty of all the other normal coils during that time.
  • Good MTL / DL middle ground - by Rod, 19 March 2020
    Early days but this is hitting the spot for me. I've come back to vaping from the smoking wilderness (wanted to kick the smoke habit properly before 4-0). I've got my "go to" juice which has lost it's sense of taste and aroma recently, I think through what the call "vape tongue" (took me googling). Long story short i was going between the the 1.0ohm MTL and the 0.5DL and both worked ok, but I was somewhere in between. I had some coils from the 1ohm pack that were faulty and when JV (as reliably as ever!) offered to replace them, I asked for a pack of these instead. They were happy to oblige as always which in itself is a great service, but have provided a product to get my mojo back. Thanks, product early release pilot confirmed a success in my view. As was personally described to me, a good balance between MTL and DL coils for me..... Thanks for the feedback, and we'll have more of these mid April hopefully, and also be able to offer better value with 4 in the pack as opposed to 3.
  • Impressed so far - by David, 19 March 2020
    Impressed so far and certainly an improvement on the old coils. Concerned about the price but they do last longer and probably work out the same. The vape and taste is consistently maintained through the longer life. I use 80/20 PG flavour mix...........JAC Vapour: The aim is as we ramp up production of these new coils we will hopefully get a better price, as with volume comes savings, as soon as we can do this we will start adding an extra coil to the pack, it may take a few months though. Glad you enjoy them and thanks for the feedback.
  • RDL not MTL - by chris, 12 March 2020
    Ok so have a pack of these mesh coils ago I have had problems, with other brand mesh coils so was not expecting much. Firstly they are no use for MTL that's on a 50/50 mix fruit flavour. As for RDL they are the biz work great on 70/30 fruit mix. About to purchase another pack......................JAC: I am glad you enjoy them for RDL, They should also be good for MTL though as well. I am using a VIM with this coil on MTL, no issues, but I have also tested in the S22, you have to shut the airflow almost entirely down, as in only have around a 1mm of it open. Please contact Customer service if you are still having issues and we can maybe check your setup.
  • .. so far, so good .. - by ray, 10 March 2020
    ,, I've been using the .70 Turbo coil for a while now [a bit temperamental but worth the effort] .. thought I'd give these a try and so far I'm impressed .. the Turbo coil used to last for 5 to 6 days before it needed changing ,, I've just changed my first Mesh coil after 11 days of fairly heavy use .. so if they stay this good it will cost me about the same but with the advantage of fewer coil changes .. JAC: Thanks for the feedback and glad you are enjoying the new coils.
  • Good replacement for 1.0ohm coils - by Rick, 1 March 2020
    Had one of these coils in for over a week with no problems. In use they are equivalent to the original 1.0 ohm coils. I mix my own liquid at half flavour strength so I know they are good for flavour. A lot less temperamental than the old coils (probably because of the the extra wicking holes) you can use them down to the bottom of the tank or lay your vape on its side without suffering a burnout.
    Good coils but the price is a little steep hence 4 stars not five. However, no where near as god as the old 0.7 ohm coils

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