S-Coil Mesh (MTL / RDL) - 0.8Ohm (4 Pack)

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MTL and Restricted DL


Suitable for use in our VIM, S17 and S22 tanks.

Supplied in a pack of 4.

What is a Mesh Coil?

New! Introducing the Performance Mesh S-Coil, using the latest in mesh coil technology, our Performance Mesh S-Coils use a new layered organic cotton to increase the coil surface area. This provides the coil with the correct e liquid volume, without allowing flooding or leaking. This gives many benefits, including:

  • Rich, intense flavour
  • Dense vapour production
  • More consistent vape
  • Longer coil life
  • Suitable with all e liquid, including Nic Salts and High VG (up to 80%)


Which Mesh S-Coil should I use?


Need the technical bit? Here you go:

  • Vaping Coil Type - Mouth to Lung (MTL) 0.8Ohm coils. These can also be used for restricted Direct Lung (DL)
  • Recommended wattage range - 10-20 W
  • Suitable for use with - VIM, S17 and S22 vapour tanks
  • This coil is mid range for balanced MTL \- The bore of the coil (airflow) is more open, so it can be used for restricted DL as well as MTL


  • 1
    3 out 4 dont work

    Tried these with my s-22. Nearly never work.. not pleased with this product


  • 5
    0.8 mesh coil

    Excellent versatile coil, gives good flavour and cloud

    Gianni Assirati

    18th Apr 2022

  • 4
    S-Coil Mesh (MTL / RDL) - 0.8Ohm (4 Pack)

    Much happier with these than the last coils which were available. Longer life and easy to fit

    Peter Ramsay

    11th Mar 2022

  • 3
    Great when they work.

    These coils are great when they work. There seems to be perennial problem with poor quality control. Two packets with the same batch number on and one pack will be fine and the coils will last a couple of weeks. The other pack will have a complete dud and you'll be lucky if the coil lasts a day. I even bought a couple of new tanks which made no difference. Been using the S-22 for three years and had more trouble with the mesh coils than I ever did with the old 0.7s

    Rick Trivett

    23rd Feb 2022

  • 5
    S-Coil mesh

    Big improvement on previous

    Sean Graham

    17th Feb 2022

  • 4
    S-Coil mesh-0.08

    The coils are good.Why are you discontinuing them?

    john wilson

    3rd Feb 2022

  • 5
    S mesh coil's

    Great coil's as long as you keep the liquid top-up as I've burnt a few but managed to carry on, just take the coil out rinse under warm water, dry burn off a few secs, fill up and gd as new ... Just my thoughts but other ppl experience maybe different A* from me


    19th Jan 2022

  • 4
    S-Coil Mesh (MTL / RDL) - 0.8Ohm (4 Pack)

    Appreciate the price is a bit steep - but these are good for 7 -9 days fairly active use. The response form to give the review is pretty poor though


    14th Jan 2022

  • 2
    Out too quickly

    Coil lasting too short I think, only about a couple of days each

    Amir Sardehaie

    5th Jan 2022

  • 2
    They don’t last

    Subject heading says it all. I really like my jac vapour hardware, well built and great quality, but the jac vapour coils only seem to last about a week, which is the shortest of any brand I’ve tried over 8 years of vaping. I’ve tried different types of jac vapour coils and they all don’t last.. This is a disappointment!

    Dale Gavin

    30th Dec 2021

  • 5
    Long lasting great taste

    Longest lasting coils I have ever had on any vape, absolutely brilliant.


    10th Dec 2021

  • 2
    Mesh coils.

    While these coils are very good when working properly I have had a very high failure rate. These range from a burnt taste - when full of liquid, general failure and liquid running straight through the coil and out of the bottom. The Jac Vapour customer service team always replace faulty items when notified of faults, their service is exemplary, but I would much prefer a coil that has a high level of reliability - like the old ones. Why they changed them is a complete mystery.

    M Pritchard

    9th Dec 2021

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