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S-Coil MTL - 1.0Ohm

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  • Description
    • Pack of 5 replacement JAC Vapour S-Coil MTL - 1.0Ohm coils
    • Recommended wattage range: 12-18W
    • Suitable for use with the S-17 and S-22 tanks
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Customer Reviews for the S-Coil MTL - 1.0Ohm (JAC Vapour) 5 Pack

  • Coils are letting your product down - by Nigel, 27 April 2019
    Coils are very unreliable seriously considering changing to outher make its a shame as they were good...............JAC: Please make sure you are priming properly our coils require, 2 drops on each wick hole and 3-4 drops into the top of the coil, this gets wicking started, and then they should last a very long time.
  • Great could. - by Trevor, 26 March 2019
    Excellent coils. Great taste and heat and normaly long lasting. However can be difficult getting them to screw in and conect correctly and do get the occasional one that burns out very quickly.
  • good once you learn a few things - by Craig Massey, 21 March 2019
    had problems with these only lasting a few days until heather showed me how to prepare wicking properly, now they last forever. Like anything new there is a learning curve, but it's pretty simple once explained and customer service were very patient with me. The thing that helped me most was priming into the top tube of the coil, it is explained in the manual, but who reads manuals : ) Also understanding which coils to use can be complicated, again it's in the manual, but customer service walked me through it. very happy now
  • Awesome coil! try em..if you know whats good for you!:) - by julian , 10 February 2019
    Is it me....or do these MTL 1.00hm coils last forever?! I think I'm on what must be week five, or even six, vaping this coil.. for the life of me I cannot seem to kill it!
    Still tastes as good as it did when I installed it! which is ridiculously good!
    if I had to have a tiny moan about anything with the coil, it would be that it sucks up ever so slightly more juice than my old faithful's the Eleaf 1.50 ohm GS air coils, which as you can tell, have now been surpassed.
    I would love to try a single s-coil MTL 1.50ohm, as so say, it go's though less juice than the 1.00. but no one here stocks them yet, if there as good as these, I'd start getting the 1.50 packs as well, if proven to do so....................JAC Vapour: Thanks for the review, these coils do last well, if they are primed, another little trick is if you do get any suggestion of a slight burn, just loosen the topfill for a around 30 secs and then tighten up again, this releases pressure and will normally kick start a coil again. The 1.5 should be back in stock it's listed here https://www.jacvapour.com/vape-s-coil-mtl-1-5 it basically tones things down a bit over the 1.0ohm coil, I personally use it for nic salts, and it lasts around the same time frame.
  • Quite a lot of resistance (too much for me) - by Jordy, 8 February 2019
    I purchased these with my DNA75 package I have recently brought, I am fairly new to vaping (quit smoking cigars) and was recommended this MTL 1.0, however, even though the one I am on, works fine, I do find it quite restrictive and feel I am have to pull too much, I think CS point you towards this for newly converted cigarette smokers as there is a pull for these, but this is less so smoking cigars. My first device in Vaping was the Aspire PocketX which was a lot more loose moving to the DNA 75. I love the DNA 75, just need to find the right coil. (Worse of all for me I also ordered the MTL 1.5 which will now never be used) ................JAC: you can return unopened packs of coil, CS can arrange it, I think it sounds like you'll be better on the DL 1.0 or 0.5, or even the TC coil, the 0.5 and TC are quite a bit less resticted than the MTL 1.0, and the DL 1.0 is a sort of halway house, there is also the mixed pack of coils to try most options.
  • same as below - by JOsh, 30 January 2019
    Use these in between pods and was having a few issues, but having read the reviews below and looking at the answers I started priming, and putting 4 drops in the top of the coil once I fitted it. This completely changed the coil. I do use pods quite a bit, but currently I have now been running the same coil for around 3 weeks, and that makes them very good value for me, to pad out the pods. The pods are juts simpler when I go out, and I prefer the vape from them, but these coils definitely work for me on the value front.
  • Superb with a Vim as long as they are properly primed. - by Andrew, 29 January 2019
    I’ve been very critical of the 1.5ohm MTL coil which I used with the S22 tank because of dry hits/burning. Some of that, in hindsight, was clearly my fault because of insufficient priming.
    Since then I’ve switched to the 1ohm MTL coil in a Vim. The difference is startling. I’ve not had a single issue and the current coil is just going on and on. It’s frankly astonishing, it’s 9 days old now which means 27ml of juice so far and it’s still absolutely fine. I probably should change it as I’m sure the flavour must have dropped off, but I’m curious to see how long it will keep performing.
    The only thing I’ve done differently is to take Jacvapours advice about priming and modify it, so I put two drops in the wicking holes, three in the top, wait a minute or two for it to soak in and do it again, so 6 drops in the top and 4 in each wicking hole. That’s probably overdoing it, but it’s working for me.
    I still get an occasional slight burnt taste if I try a 1ohm in an S22 which I don’t understand, but with the Vim they are, so far, faultless, and since the Vim suits me very well indeed that’s my vaping needs finally sorted for the foreseeable future, so much so that I now have two Vims, meaning one is always ready fully charged.
    Thanks Jac and apologies for giving you a hard time in other reviews.....................JAC: I am glad you are getting on with the VIM, our coils are tightly packed this should allow more longevity, but does mean priming is needed, I suspect your coil will go on quite bit longer, I have people on the forum that have run them for a full month, I wouldn't advise that, but it is possible. Another tip in regards to preventing dry hits is, if you get any hint of a burn unscrew the top cap, and then tighten back up, this releases any negative pressure and allows wicking to catch up quicker, it's a good trick with a new coil sometimes and will work with any tank and stock coil.
  • Great coils when they work. - by Stephen G, 10 January 2019
    I love the S22 tank, the Turbo coils as well as these but it got to the stage I needed a more reliable tank/coil. I have given these coils another chance, today another one burnt out for no reason after a couple of days use and thats on 15w 60/40 juice. I now have another Aspire Tank which is a lot more reliable but if only gave the same favour for MTL. Its a shame, I have been using this product for a couple of years but given the coils are not widely available in vape stores its time I changed brand.................JAC Vapour Ltd: it sounds like you know what you are doing, but the only 2 things I can suggest, are make sure you are priming from the top of the coil, so 3 drops in the top of the coil and then 2 drops on each wick hole, this is needed with 60/40. Also if you are using nic-salts (not sure if you are not) but this is the only thing I have seen affect these coils, if you are the 1.5ohm coil is much better with any nic salt based juice. If you contact Customer service they can explain in more detail, and replace or change any faulty ones.
  • Good when they're good, annoying when they're full of duds - by Simon, 12 December 2018
    I love these coils when they work, they seem to last forever for me (and I vape all day). I only change them when it's not as good as it could be, I never get dry hits or anything. I use Tobacco Silver from Jac by the way. But sadly I always cringe at a coil change, putting it off as long as I can. Sometimes even vaping my S22 TF right down to the last - just maybe so I get a forced dry hit?

    The reason for my reluctance is that they're so unreliable. Out of my current pack of 5, 3 have been duds. One was, what I would call as a Cigar fan; PLUGGED. And the others just leak, leak through the holes, spit back at you regardless of tank clearing tricks. And yeh, I do prime them every time.

    I wish they were more reliable because I love the S22 TF, but the coils need serious work, if this unreliability can be identified at manufactuer level...................JAC Vapour Ltd: It sounds like your coils are flooding, if this is the case you just flick the device ( in the instructions) and it should clear. While we do get a few users that have issues, it's very rare, and I use these coils everyday myself, as do many people in the business, and I have never had a coil leak in the VIM or the S22, a new coil does always gargle after priming from the top, but a quick flick and it's then good. There may be another issue, possibly with the actual device, but if you are doing as advised, I would suggest you contact CS and we look at changing the tank, to see if that helps. I have seen one unit that leaked consistently and it turned out to be that the chimney had been over machined and was not connecting fully with the coil, so it could be something like that.
  • Great Coils - by Matthew, 5 December 2018
    Great little coils that last forever, well they last a damn long time! I love these coils and not had a dud one yet! Both me and my OH use them in the S22 and the Vim and they are superb.

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