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S-Coil MTL - 1.0Ohm

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  • Description
    • Pack of 5 replacement JAC Vapour S-Coil MTL - 1.0Ohm coils
    • Recommended wattage range: 12-18W
    • Suitable for use with the S-17 and S-22 tanks
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Customer Reviews for the S-Coil MTL - 1.0Ohm (JAC Vapour) 5 Pack

  • Quality eliquids and devices but poor inconsistent coils - by Caroline, 21 July 2020
    I've been using these coils for over 5 years now and had intermittent problems with them. Some packs are fine but then I get duds that taste burnt very quickly and occasionally straight away. Recently I've had this problem with these and the new coils. Sometimes it's the whole pack and other times one or two in the pack. Just to confirm my settings are all ok. 12.5W, temp off and watts mode using the Series B DNA 75W.
    I've had some replacement packs foc but I'm really fed up not knowing if I'm going to get a good batch or duds again.
    I haven't written a review before but this time, after it was suggested I was doing something wrong, I decided to write this.
    I don't change my settings therefore I don't understand why some coils are ok and some are duds . Is it manufacturing?
    I've sent various messages and got replies quickly but now I've read some reviews and I know it's not just me.
    I've been asked to send a video of my settings but I know they are ok. In any case why are some coils absolutely fine and others duds on same settings. I've sent in batch numbers too.
    I like the JAC liquids and the Series B but the coils are not consistent and it's becoming quite costly having to replace after a couple of fills or immediately. I've spent a lot of money with JAC over the years and don't enjoy being fobbed off. Once again they've offered foc coils but I'd prefer to have consistently good coils. I took a pack on holiday last week and used all 5 in a week as they all tasted burnt after a few refills. I've opened a new pack and so far so good. Very hit and miss..................JAC: Thanks for the review and I understand it's frustrating. Coils vary as they are hand wicked, so there is room for human error. So no coil is every 100% good all the time with all liquids, the mesh coils attempt to take the margin for error out of the wicking so they tend be more consistent. We do have a few recent bad reviews and hence we have investigated, but issues reported to customer service are no higher than usual, and when we test random coils they all work as normal. Thats' not to say there isn't an issue, it just means we can't recreate it and seems to be only affecting a small number of users. This makes it very hard to track down the issue, and in turn solve, as we have yet to manage to get it to happen on any units ourselves, and I use these coils everyday. Assuming you are priming from the top and have not changed eliquid or anything, I am not entirely sure what is happening, but potentially if you get replacements and you get a failure right off the bat, maybe we could get that pack back, and test with an identical setup and liquid. So please contact customer service if this happens with your replacement pack.

  • No Issues here - by Keith, 26 June 2020
    all fine with my coils. Having said that I tried the mesh 1.2 and I far prefer them. When they get better value I will move to the mesh.........JAC: The mesh are now a 4 pack, so you are around the same value from them as the MTL now, we originally sold them as a 3 pack in the test order, so maybe you have not noticed that update. Thanks.
  • It's the coils again - by Geoffrey , 22 June 2020
    hi sirs
    The write up for your coils states" in time your coil will need to be replaced"
    I wasn't aware that meant every day.
    Out of my last 45 coils from you s coil 1.0 Ohm
    I have had
    5 coils on which the metal contact had snapped .( and NO it wasn't the way I removed them from the foil.
    2 coils which would not screw into the body of my S22,
    2 which would not work at all
    And of the rest the use time is between 8 hours ( not continuous vaping ) and 2 days ( never over 2 days)
    To say I'm disgruntled would be an understatement
    I didn't complain at first thinking it may be a bad lot. And I know you guys would be tied up in the pandemic situation.
    But enough is enough I feel I've got to make my voice heard.
    At the price of these things and the higher prices for your new coils, I may be better off going back to the cigs.
    Hope this is published as I really am a bit miffed
    Pete Moore........................jAC Vapour: I am sorry you are having issues, the best thing to do it contact customer service. The metal contact snapping off a coil I have never heard of, it also sounds like from your wording that the same thing is happening with the mesh and normal mtl coils. This could mean there is an issue with the device. We record all the cases of coil issues reported in customer service, and I checked the other day, and rates are normal, we always get a few reports, no product is a 100% perfect. So we are not seeing any increased rates of reports from customers at the moment or in the past, despite more than normal mentions in reviews. if you have not already done so, please contact customer service and we will try and get to the bottom of your issue. If you have any failed coils that you have retained, then potentially we can get engineering to look at them and see what the issue is.
  • my 2 cents - by Graham, 19 June 2020
    I have used these for around 2 years, a pack a month, and I have only had in total 1 or 2 coils that weren't perfect. I bought coils last month and am back on to buy again now.. I think lockdown is causing me to vape more: ) If these coils have changed I can't notice it. I also don't think as a new customer you should be put off buying them, as they have been the most reliable coil I have ever used. Maybe some other regular users passing that see this could chime in to put some perspective on it. Then again I have maybe been very lucky. One thing I am sure of is if there is an issue, one email fixes it, that never happened with the last place I shopped at. I had a battery stop working, I contacted jac and a replacement arrived the next day. So no it's not great that the battery went, but it was also a painless replacement. Not many businesses as easy as this company to deal with, so they will always have me as a customer. I guarantee all coils have occasional issues, from every brand, I have used many, many systems, and they all have flaws, but at least jac sort issues incredibly quickly, unfortunately in this age of online shopping, that is not common at all, and it sets this company apart. I think most of theirs reviews confirm my experience, if you look beyond the last few listed.
  • Continuity just not good enough sorry - by Ruairidh, 17 June 2020
    JAC... I feel there have been enough reviews around this topic not to take notice. Someone somewhere is taking the p*** in your supply chain. And it's potentially going to cost you my/others custom... when it comes to coils at least. You have a good brand and your devices are top drawer, but they are backed up badly by your "bread and butter". Concluding; you always sort us out when there is an issue (positive), but to put it in perspective, I've been sorted out with duds for duds. This hit or miss in a packet can't remain......JAC: We do take reviews seriously, and we always act on them, and we always replace duds. These coils rely on handwicking this introduces human error, consistency is normally very good as we have trained people on our production lines that have done it a long time. Currently due to the situation with the pandemic, we have more new staff than we would like, and they are working with around half the numbers they normally would. This does put pressure on the system, and we are seeing more feedback than normal, Having said that we do sell around 7000 packs of coils a week on our own retail store, and last month we had 15 reported issues relating to this product, that equated to about 40 packs of coils being replaced, that is 0.001% of issues reported with this product. I have checked the coils myself and can't see any difference, I use them as my main coil, also another 2 in the office use them and they can't detect any difference, so it is very hard to ascertain exactly what the issue is . That is not to say we haven't had a run of bad packs, it could only take 1 person on the production line, packing the cotton too tight and he makes 50 packs in a row, and it goes into the batch producing poor performance. We realise the handwicking and the issues it can cause, this is why we developed the mesh coil, this is built using a machine, and semi automated, it reduces this margin for error massively. If you contact customer service and let them know your issue with repeated failures, I would suggest you get them to replace with the mesh coil to see if helps. We will keep working to try and find out if we can see an issue with the normal MTL.
  • Real problem recently - by Daniel, 10 June 2020
    I have been using Jac products for a long time, but for some reason the coils this week, which are usually very good are awful. Two packs of coils have lasted just over a week!......JAC Vapour: Sorry you are having issues, if you are having issues with the coil please report it to customer service, I think we have had a few bad reviews recently, so we need to get your batch number and log it, and make checks. It may just be a few bads ones. Customer service can send you any replacement needed free of charge. The way this coil is wicked is by hand, so there is some variation and due to the situation with the pandemic there have been new people on our production line. The new mesh coil is designed to take this error out, so definitely worth trying those, as they will be more consistent, either the 0.8, or 1.2, normally the 1.2 is about right in the mesh for MTL 1.0 users.
  • Frustrated - by Robert , 31 May 2020
    Having problems with these coils like other recent reviews. I am hoping it is a dud batch and have placed an order for another pack, fingers crossed but at £10 for a pack they should last more than a morning. They just don’t last despite doing everything it says on your site. Just changed one this morning and it’s spitting crackling like crazy, the second out of 4 to do this. I’m using Smoking juice from yourselves, hope you can help..... JAC Vapour: Sorry you are having issues. Please contact customer service if you are having issues, as they will be able to check everything more carefully, if there is a fault then they can get replaced. Although there have been a few bad reviews, I have looked into it, and customer service are reporting no more issues than normal, and we have been on the same batch for the last 8 weeks or so. I know due to the current situation in the world, staff have changed on productions lines, so potentially you could get an inexperienced person new to the line, making more mistakes than normal, and there is always room for human error with the way the coils are built. The mesh coil is designed to take out this error, so they should be far more consistent, so definitely worth checking with customer service about these as well.
  • Will continue to use your products - by Sean, 15 May 2020
    Something about these coils has changed, the last pack of five have barely seen me out for a week, the saving grace was the last one of the pack lasted nearly four days, others less than a day. I’ve been using these coils for a couple of years and yes you occasionally get a dud but that is compensated for by the ones that seem to go on for weeks. On balance therefore I was happy. The connector at the bottom of the coil has changed so maybe there have been other changes too. I am a boring vaporous, I follow the same routine that the guys in the Leeds shop showed me, I use the same Vape88 liquid same temperature and power settings. Will be nice when we can go into shops again and talk to very helpful and knowledgeable people. Hanging onto the used coils and I will return them for your comments when things get back to the new normal. When will these new mesh things be available? ..............JAC: Sorry that you are experiencing issues, if you want to contact customer service they will replace them for you. I'll check with them also to see if we are getting more reports than normal, really the only thing that can change that can affect the coil is the actual build, the coil is wicked by hand, meaning there is always room for error, but experienced builders tend to be very reliable. The new mesh are built in such a way as to remove a lot of this human error, and reports from customers on the trial run have been good. The first full batch are enroute and will start going up in the shop next week. If you are on the 1.0mtl the 0.8 or 1.2 is going to suit best, and you should notice a good improvement in lifespan and flavour over the standard coils.
  • From sweet as a nut to burnt taste in five hours today - by Jock, 1 May 2020
    I can never really work out how this happens, and it's really annoying: this morning for instance, I primed a new one of these, fitted it in my vapouriser, filled the tank and let it rest for a good half hour. When I started it, it was "sweet as a nut". While I do vape a lot, especially these days stuck at home, it's not as if it's never out of my mouth but I've probably used maybe a quarter of a tank since this morning. All of a sudden I get the horrid burnt taste. So as far as I can see this one has lasted about 5 hours. Sometimes the sweet taste might recover, but very rarely. I've been reluctant to try anyway since I read that some of that burnt taste could be formaldehyde and don't want to risk it. Why does this happen and is there anything I'm not doing or doing wrong that I could correct?.......................JAC Vapour: Hi Jock, sorry this has happened. I can't see what eliquid you are using, and I know you have said you are priming, but just to check. Do you prime form the top? As in 4 drops into the top of the coil, this is the important bit, the cotton needs primed from top and sides to get going with some juices. Eliquid can also affect coils, for instance bryns special sauce is a coil killer, due to the ingredients and high VG content, some nic salts, also some shortfills, and anything over 75%VG. I would also refill if the juice drops below the window, this is the safest way. That said, if you are doing all that, you can still occasionally get a dud, but consistent duds is odd. If it is something to do with the juice, the mesh coils coils may be better, they were designed to be more resilient to variations in juice. If you have a variable wattage mod like the dna 75, for the MTL 1.0ohm I wouldn't go above 16 watts, and if it's a thick, sweet juice, I'd stay below 15 watts. If you continue to experience issues please contact CS and we can try and figure out what's happening, and also get any duds replaced.
  • The Best Value Coil Compared To The New Mesh Coil .8 ohm. - by Skiing Ken, 23 April 2020
    Over the years, from trial and error, I found the life of these coils Is six days, related to my vape level and now do an auto replacement every 6 days. Just tested the new mesh at .8 ohm and can confirm a much better vape due to the mesh and double holes although a higher usage of vape liquid. However, this new product lasts 9 days therefore a better vape but no better in value e.g. 5x6 = 30 days and
    3x9 = 27 days. I can’t see the cost to produce would be any higher so you would have a new customer for these coils if they were in packs of 5 at the same price...................JAC Vapour: Unfortunately the coil is considerably more expensive to produce, while we use a similar housing the actual coil is around double the price, that's mainly down to I can get normal coils made at 1000s of places, the mesh is far newer and done with specialist equipment, so price it considerably more. We also use a new style of wick, this means layering the cotton, perforated then plain, to get the best wicking and flow, so again the wick is more expensive. Having said that, due to the mesh coils being popular we have now managed to get 4 in the pack for the same price, so that should mean now 4x9=36, so you should get better value on the mesh pack now. Thanks for the feed back, the new size packs will be available when the new shipment arrives.

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