A replacement S-COIL MTL
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Mouth To Lung S-COIL from the side
S-COIL Packet

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S-Coil MTL - 1.0Ohm

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  • Description
    • Pack of 5 replacement JAC Vapour S-Coil MTL - 1.0Ohm coils
    • Recommended wattage range: 12-18W
    • Suitable for use with the S-17 and S-22 tanks
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Customer Reviews for the S-Coil MTL - 1.0Ohm (JAC Vapour) 5 Pack

  • Hit and miss - by Holly, 10 July 2019
    JAC have always been excellent and replaced the coils for me but they are a bit flaky, usually a coil lasts me about 2-3 weeks before you get the burnt taste which is grim, but some coils have lasted a day at most. Sometimes the whole back is a dud, you can see no white bits in the holes - wish they were a bit more reliable as you need to use it at home for a day to check it is going to carry on working when you are away from home...... JAC: I use these coils myself, and never get any duds. if possible could contact customer and return a pack where you have received a dud as currently I am unable to re-create any sort of issue with the coils I have had for personal use. CS will give you a free return label. It may be we have had bad batch as we have had a few reports now, but as yet, when testing at this end all is normal. Thanks you for the review.
  • Have never received a full working pack ever... - by hashmash, 7 July 2019
    I always try to buy 2x 5 coils and at most i would get 5-6 of them to work.
    Soo many duds per pack its unbelievable and very annoying as I feel as if im being tricked into paying twice as much as the price advertised. Seriously considering changing to a different brand even though I have been with jacvapour for 6 years......JAC Vapour: You should not be getting as many duds as you are reporting. I use this product myself and have never received a dud. Please contact customer service and we will figure out what the issue is. A few pointers are, always prime the coil, if you are using eliquid over 50% VG you need to do this, but it's best practice to do it on all coils for lifespan. This means putting 4 drops in the top of the coil, and a couple on each wick hole to start the wicking. If you do this the coils will cope with up to 70VG no problem and last a long time. I can't see what juice you are using, but most stock coils will have problems with over 60%VG, ours will be fine up to 70%VG, going over 70% like some brands shortfills are will always cause issues. Known bad liquids for wicking are very sweet juices and some very high VG nicsalts bases. So if you can let Customer service know what juice you are using, it will help us get to the bottom of the issue.
  • The perfect coils for me :) - by Al, 4 June 2019
    Great product, long lasting!
  • Going down hill with product - by Nigel, 4 June 2019
    These coils used to be good but the quality of the product is rubbish now more duds than usual only one or two days not impressed anymore ...................JAC Vapour: Sorry you are experiencing issues. A few things to check first, have you changed your liquid in anyway. I use these coils as my goto and have not noticed any difference, also we have had no reports of any drop in quality from other sources. Having said that, it is not impossible to get a bad pack, so please contact customer service and they will help out with the issue. Also the other thing to make sure you are doing is priming the coils, they require priming to get the full coil life, so 3-4 drops in the top of the coil, and 2 on each wick hole prior to fitting.
  • Great Coils - by annmarie, 30 May 2019
    Great coils long lasting and easy to use. On the odd occasion has burnt out quickly but that is rare.
  • Coils are letting your product down - by Nigel, 27 April 2019
    Coils are very unreliable seriously considering changing to outher make its a shame as they were good...............JAC: Please make sure you are priming properly our coils require, 2 drops on each wick hole and 3-4 drops into the top of the coil, this gets wicking started, and then they should last a very long time.
  • Great could. - by Trevor, 26 March 2019
    Excellent coils. Great taste and heat and normaly long lasting. However can be difficult getting them to screw in and conect correctly and do get the occasional one that burns out very quickly.
  • good once you learn a few things - by Craig Massey, 21 March 2019
    had problems with these only lasting a few days until heather showed me how to prepare wicking properly, now they last forever. Like anything new there is a learning curve, but it's pretty simple once explained and customer service were very patient with me. The thing that helped me most was priming into the top tube of the coil, it is explained in the manual, but who reads manuals : ) Also understanding which coils to use can be complicated, again it's in the manual, but customer service walked me through it. very happy now
  • Awesome coil! try em..if you know whats good for you!:) - by julian , 10 February 2019
    Is it me....or do these MTL 1.00hm coils last forever?! I think I'm on what must be week five, or even six, vaping this coil.. for the life of me I cannot seem to kill it!
    Still tastes as good as it did when I installed it! which is ridiculously good!
    if I had to have a tiny moan about anything with the coil, it would be that it sucks up ever so slightly more juice than my old faithful's the Eleaf 1.50 ohm GS air coils, which as you can tell, have now been surpassed.
    I would love to try a single s-coil MTL 1.50ohm, as so say, it go's though less juice than the 1.00. but no one here stocks them yet, if there as good as these, I'd start getting the 1.50 packs as well, if proven to do so....................JAC Vapour: Thanks for the review, these coils do last well, if they are primed, another little trick is if you do get any suggestion of a slight burn, just loosen the topfill for a around 30 secs and then tighten up again, this releases pressure and will normally kick start a coil again. The 1.5 should be back in stock it's listed here https://www.jacvapour.com/vape-s-coil-mtl-1-5 it basically tones things down a bit over the 1.0ohm coil, I personally use it for nic salts, and it lasts around the same time frame.
  • Quite a lot of resistance (too much for me) - by Jordy, 8 February 2019
    I purchased these with my DNA75 package I have recently brought, I am fairly new to vaping (quit smoking cigars) and was recommended this MTL 1.0, however, even though the one I am on, works fine, I do find it quite restrictive and feel I am have to pull too much, I think CS point you towards this for newly converted cigarette smokers as there is a pull for these, but this is less so smoking cigars. My first device in Vaping was the Aspire PocketX which was a lot more loose moving to the DNA 75. I love the DNA 75, just need to find the right coil. (Worse of all for me I also ordered the MTL 1.5 which will now never be used) ................JAC: you can return unopened packs of coil, CS can arrange it, I think it sounds like you'll be better on the DL 1.0 or 0.5, or even the TC coil, the 0.5 and TC are quite a bit less resticted than the MTL 1.0, and the DL 1.0 is a sort of halway house, there is also the mixed pack of coils to try most options.

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