A replacement S-COIL MTL
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Mouth To Lung S-COIL from the side
S-COIL Packet

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S-Coil MTL - 1.0Ohm

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  • Description
    • Pack of 5 replacement JAC Vapour S-Coil MTL - 1.0Ohm coils.
    • Recommended wattage range: 12-18W
    • Suitable for use with the S-17 and S-22 tanks

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Customer Reviews for the S-Coil MTL - 1.0Ohm (JAC Vapour) 5 Pack

  • Duds and delicacy! - by LH, 9 September 2018
    When they work they’re great coils, good flavour and vapour but unfortunately there’s just so many duds! So many that jac sent me a replacement S22 tank out as that was assumed to be the problem! Try 3-4 brand new coils that don’t work and you would assume it’s the tank, right?! Also, for some reason in the S22, if the tank so much as falls on its side then that’s it...the coil is dead! Jac claim in a reply to a review that the tank can be pretty much dropped from a window and survive but it’s a shame the coils can’t even withstand a slight knock! From the 15 coils I’ve had so far 3 have stopped working after the tank has just fallen on its side and at least 5 that have been duds to begin with. Given that it’s £9.99 per pack of 5 it makes these coils very expensive when they either haven’t worked at all or haven’t even made it to a single refill! Not to mention the wasted juice changing them out again. They seem better in the vim (I’ve properly dropped that and it’s carried on working fine (although that doesn’t include the duds)) but I wouldn’t trust these as my main vape in the S22! It’s a shame as when they’re working they’re great but the inconsistency makes it far too expensive

    JAC Vapour: Hi Liam. Dropping a tank can cause issues with the connection between the coil and airflow, or simply knock the coil loose. It shouldn't generally cause a physical fault with the coil itself though. If you drop our customer service team a message on sales@jacvapour.com, they'll be happy to troubleshoot your issue and get things working again.
  • Great vaping experience. - by C Smith, 18 August 2018
    Started using these last year when I bought the S22 kit, which is the best vaping system I've used so far. The coils last me a good two or three weeks before I need to change them, depending on the juice I'm using and they provide a great consistent vaping experience. Only issue I've had, and the reason I've given it 4 stars instead of 5, is out of the last two five packs I've had, I've had four faulty coils which wouldn't stop spitting and gurgling despite being primed properly. Hopefully it's just been a bad batch because prior to that I had no problems whatsoever.
  • Very good! - by Tony g, 4 August 2018
    Solid, great performing coils. Amazing for their size!
  • Really good - by Karolina, 18 July 2018
    Great long lasting coils, one of the best so far
  • reliable - by KevL, 28 June 2018
    this coil has seen me through some stressful times while giving up smoking, I have used for the last 5 months, and that included the birth of my son and many sleepless nights. Probably not the best time to try and give up smoking, but I wanted to be off the stinkies by the time our new addition arrived. The S22 and these have been easy for me as a new user, and customer service has also been excellent, I can't thank you enough, I really feel like my smoking days are behind me for the first time ever in my life...………………..JAC Vapour: Congratulations on the birth of your son, and well done for staying away from cigarettes, good luck in the future and if you need any help please let the customer service team know.
  • so much better - by Jen4Ken, 21 June 2018
    Got this kit off a friend, along with a pack of the 0.5 coils, he said it would be a perfect starter kit for me, however I could not get along with it, I eventually contacted jac and Tomas suggested I would be better with the mouth coils, this changed everything for me, the whole device is simple and works fine now. I must thank Tomas for all his help, but why does vaping have to be so hard for new users to understand?!!...……...JAC Vapour Ltd: I know it can be confusing, but our CS do help as much as possible, and are quick to reply, if you ever have any issues contact them and they will walk you through it. There are just so many options, even on simple devices it can be confusing, but those same options are normally something you will want or need at some point, if the device is too simple it's just not affective or it doesn't allow for a customer to progress which most customers want. I hope now that you are setup correctly everything goes well, and as I said, if you need anything, you can phone us, or use the chat online. Thanks for the review.
  • good coil bt need bulk buy - by Sam, 20 June 2018
    me and a group of people at work all use the S devices, it's decent value and lasts a longer than others I have tried, but I'd like to see a bulk buy option for groups like mine, thanks...…………………..JAC Vapour: thanks for the review and I'll make sure and pass this info on.
  • Poor quality - by kal, 14 June 2018
    Very poor quality. Only 1 or 2 coils out of a 5 pack last approximately 5days. It is a deficient product design... JAC Vapour Ltd: Please contact customer service as there is something else going on here, I use these coils daily as do many people in our business, and customers, and we get very few failures. You will need to let them know the wattage you are using them at, or the device you are using them on, the S22 battery or a mod, and the eliquid you are using, so we can check. if coils are burning out quickly then it suggests too high a wattage, so on a mod you should be around 17watts, or the liquid is too thick, the coils will cope with upto 80% VG liquids, so long as they are well primed, this means 3-4 drops down the top of the coil and 2 drops on each wick hole prior to fitting them and filling the tank. If you are doing all this, it is not impossible to get duds, but very unusual, and incredibly uncommon if you are finding it's happening across multiple packs. To put it in context I have been using these coils for around a year and I think I've only ever had 1 not last a week with 2 fills a day roughly. If it was a product design issue we be flooded with complaints, as we sell 1000s of coils per day without any issue, and we've also tested extensively wilth open user groups on forums etc. There is pretty much no stock coil that will cope with 80VG reliably other than ours and I am confident Customer service will find the issue and get it sorted, they will also replace any that you think are not up to par.
  • Seems long lasting - by Laurence, 6 June 2018
    1st coil came with S22 tank lasted abt two weeks, and this 2nd still going ok at 2.5 weeks.. only had a few dry hit cos i chain vaped forgotten i was using 80%VG liquid...so happy as can be.. so hope the two new sub-ohm mtl coils i just ordered will also be long lasting while increased flavour as promised...……………...JAC Vapour Ltd: All our coils are designed to last a week at least, although it depends on the user and the liquid, the new Turbo MTL will not be as resilient as the standard MTL, they don't bounce back if you run the coil even a little bit dry, that's just because the added power means they get hot very quickly without liquid to cool them, also they need well primed for VG liquids, so 2-3 drops in the top of the coil, and 2 on each wicking hole. Priming is good for all coils but especially the Turbo coils. The advantages of the turbo coils is massive though, the flavour is taken to another level, as is power and throat hit, personally I only use the 0.7ohm coil now and it's hard to go back once you've used them for a bit, and this far out weighs any downside, but that will be up to your personal preference. Thanks for the review and hope you like the turbo coils.
  • almost perfect - by Clipper, 16 May 2018
    as far as stock coils go these are the best I have come across, for one they handle 70% VG which is what I like to use, and this normally destroys stock coils. The coils are consistent and I think in the 4 months I have been using them I have had one, that was subpar and only lasted around 7 fills, so not a disaster, but nowhere near what i have got out of the others. Having said that, I believe in the S22 setup I use this coil in is a bit underpowered, the last half of the battery is not as satisfying, and I end up recharging mid way through blue if I can. I have tried the new turbo 0.7 coil, and it changes the whole device for me and adds the extra bit I was looking for, problem is they are not back in stock yet, and my last one has been going for 2 weeks, and is about to die, so please bring these back in stock ASAP and I'll be a very happy customer.....................JAC Vapour: Thanks for the review and sorry about the delay on the new turbo coils, the expected arrival date is now early June, and the delay is due to us making a final adjustment to the wick to increase longevity, and cope with the higher VG more easily, so very sorry about that.

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