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S-Coil MTL - 1.0Ohm

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  • Description
    • Pack of 5 replacement JAC Vapour S-Coil MTL - 1.0Ohm coils.
    • Recommended wattage range: 12-18W
    • Suitable for use with the S-17 and S-22 tanks
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Customer Reviews for the S-Coil MTL - 1.0Ohm (JAC Vapour) 5 Pack

  • Not all 'duds' are faulty coils - by Iain, 20 November 2018
    I’ve used Jac for several years, now graduated to s22 - happy with these (ok, a bit of spitting and gurgling when new and uses liquid quicker than old geni aero 1.5 ohms). I have gone through a lot of coils in this time and it has been rare to have a dud. I use mtl 1.0 ohm in s22- not needing to go to DL/ turbo/variable watts or volts.
    What I have found is that sometimes the new coil doesn’t fire initially (with all due preparation) - if I take out the newly replaced coil then reinsert it carefully and tighten strongly in place, it then works. Also not to over tighten the tank on to the battery.
    My problem then is changing the coil when there is liquid in the top-fill tank - I have to plug the mouth piece while inverting the tank to refit the coil - loses liquid and is a mess when it does.
    Just a thought that maybe a lot of reported 'duds' may be due to the coil just being a thou out in replacement - even with my 'experience' - it’s my user dexterity more often than not that is at fault! (I use PG > VG for my taste so not sure if some problems may otherwise be due to viscosity of higher VG liquids for some).
    If CS can advise a trick to change a top-fill coil without losing liquid already in tank that would be a bonus............JAC: Thanks for the pointers, the last quarter turn on some coils can be a bit tight, so maybe that is the issue, without that last turn the coil does not connect properly. As you say, also over tightening the tank this forces the spring loaded pin right to the base and it can basically cause a short, the battery safety then kicks in and prevents firing of the tank, all tanks should juts be finger tight. In regards to replacing the coil without a mess, you need to make sure the liquid in the device is not full, so if you turn the tank upside down and the liquid is touching the coil, the tank is too full to replace the coil, you need to vape it down a bit, and then replace the coil. If you can imagine the coil meets the chimney forming the sealed tube for the airflow right through the tank, so splitting this while liquid is past where the coil meets the chimney allows all the juice to run down the chimney and out the mouth tip. Basically you can only replace the coil when the tank is half full, in most other modern devices you actually have to have an empty tank to refill.
  • never had a dud - by Gentgeorge, 15 November 2018
    After being part of the original testing group (I know there have been others), and using these coils all the time, I can safely say these coils never have an issue, and I mean never, not one dud in over 18 months use. I wouldn't normally pipe up about this, but I see a few reviews that people are having issues, and that is not a proper reflection of this product, and I would suspect down to user error, read the instructions, prime properly, and these will never let you down. You won't get a better stock coil than this, and if you don't believe me go and check out a forum like Planet of the vapes, there are whole threads devoted to testing jac coils and devices, no other manufacturer even does that sort thing on the level of involvement jac does. used properly these coils last weeks and I know some guys on the forums have been running the same coil for months.......JAC: Thanks for the review and glad to see you are still using the coils, we appreciate all feedback good and bad, and we can't assume any failures are just user error, every case needs to be looked at. Thanks for the positive comments.
  • very happy - by Jenni, 13 November 2018
    got given a vin by a friend and after trying these and the bigger ones, I have settled on these with raspberry very very tasty. my first pack has lasted me 2 months, so this is the first pack I have actually had to buy myself, so I will report back if there are problems. So far I am loving not smoking though.
  • More duds than I'm willing to take any more - by Kath, 6 November 2018
    When these work they are very good. However there are too many duds I'm sick to death of contacting customer services who I must add are very good and replace them but I'm not doing that this time as I get sick of answering the same questions over and over again. This time I'm putting it out there. I've just had 20 duds in a row, Yes 20! all 'batch number 241' they last a day then die that's another £20 down the drain Jacvapour your products are good apart from your coils which let you down big time................JAC: Hi Kath and I am sorry to hear you are having issues still. It looks like you have been having issues since moving to the s-coils, and that shouldn't happen. I am actaully currently using the batch 241 as well, and my first coil is 4 days old, so I have not noticed anything. I am juts checking, that you are priming the coil, this means, 2 drops on the wick holes and then 2-3 drops down the top of the coil, if you are only leaving to sit then the coil will burnout, as the wicking process is never started properly. The cotton in our coils is a bit tighter than most, this gives longevity once started, but means they absolutely require priming. So I am juts checking that is the case. If you are doing that, then the only other option is to get the kit back and see where the fault lies, as something is obviously not working as intended. I will get customer service to contact and check if the above advice has worked or not, and if not organise to get your unit back, it will be free and we'll organise it in a manner that suits.
  • Simply too many duds - by Nathan, 5 November 2018
    The first three coils --fully primed -- in my current pack barely lasted 3 days. Something is definitely awry with the QC. At £10 per pack, this is unacceptable. It appears JAC are no better than Innokin et al, but I'm willing to give the 1.5s a shot before ditching the S22......................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the feedback, please contact customer service with your details of setup and they will get the coils replaced, as the issue is unlikely to be the coil, although it's not impossible. They will be able to help get the coils running as expected.
  • Best stock MTL on the market bar none - by Philman, 31 October 2018
    I have tried all the s coils over a period of about 2 years now. I have gone from MTL to sub-ohm and DL, even temp control, as I attempted to find what suited me. One of the nice things about the Jac products is the flexibility, it's not the best DL or temp c, but it's a solid introduction and enough for me to try and have the novelty wear off, just too much of a faff, as they eat juice, but nice to give a spin every now and again. I also moved to the Turbo coils for quite a while, and whilst they are good, I can ramp up my watts on the DNA and get a pretty similar experience, if you are a fixed wattage user then you might gain quite a bit from them though. The fact is I have always run this coil in one of my tanks, it's a solid MTL, I'd even go as far as to say for a stock coil it's probably one of the best as it can handle any juice you throw at it, that includes notorious coil destroyers uber high VG or Manabush, in fact I have run this coil with pure VG and it copes, same goes for the DL 0.5, to my knowledge that is not possible with any other stock MTL coil. My only niggle would be that the flavour on some juices is a little muted, but the upside is that this coil will last for an age, and never miss a beat. In a pinch I have run a coil for 3 weeks, and it was still acceptable, that's crazy life for a MTL stock coil. I do like to tinker, so I play around with the latest RBAs and RTAs now, but always my goto for out and about is this little trooper, if I had to go away for a week and could only take one setup it would be my DNA 75 and the S22 tank with this coil, any other setup and I'd be nervous about being left high and dry. Top marks to this coil, and jac for a great product.
  • Dud Coils - by Pauline, 25 October 2018
    Further to my review of 19/10/18
    I stand by my review of 4 stars because these are excellent coils.My issue is with those that are dud from the start.I really don’t need customer services,I have been vaping for nearly two years so am experienced in priming the coils etc.I have progressed from S17 to S22,now have a Vim which is brilliant.
    I scrolled through other reviews of these coils and out of 43 reviews 17 made comments about too many dud coils which in my mind is a lot!There May be other customers out there having the same issue.Maybe further investigation is needed by JacVapour as to why this is happening?................JAC Vapour Ltd: While I understand what you are saying, 90% of cases reported to customer service are solved, so that leaves 10%, and most are solved by an adjustment to how the product is used, in fact quite a few of the reviews even mention that their issues were solved by speaking to CS. We sell around 1000 packs of these coils a day, around 350,000 a year and have 17 reviews mentioning duds, 90% of which the cases are solved on contacting CS, that's not a bad track record. I am also the engineer that built the coils, and I use these coils daily myself, I also inspect returned packs, and test. I completely understand that you are not a new user in regards to vaping or this product, but it does sound like you are continually getting duds, and have been from the beginning which is very unusual. I am not suggest its your fault, it could be the liquid used or the base, CS would be able to help track down the cause of the issue for you, as what you are experiencing is not normal, and we cannot carry out further investigation if we can't get all the information relating to your case, as we do with all cases. I can say the last case I dealt with the user just needs a small adjustment, he moved from 25-30 watts, to 17 watts and everything was fine, the coils started performing normally, the case before that the user was using a shortfill liquid that was 90% VG and just too thick for the coils, there are so many variables that we have to investigate each case, and try and re-create the issue ourselves, but the cases are tiny in comparison to the units being sold . This still does not detract from the fact we will also replace any coils, that you have that are duds, free of charge, but ideally we'd like to try and figure out why they are not performing as normal in your particular case, so it'd be very useful for us if you could contact customer service so we can attempt to fix this for your setup.

  • Dud Coils - by Pauline, 19 October 2018
    Too often getting dud coils,Received my new Vim this week,the coil supplied with it was a complete dud!When they work they are really great and last well,but too often getting (on average)one per pack that either doesn’t work at all or “burning smell” from the start......................JAC Vapour: Something is not right in regards to the setup the 1.0 ohm coil is very consistent normally. First thing to check is that the coil is seated properly, the last quarter of a turn can be stiff in some cases, and that would cause a lack of connection and hence look like the coil was dud. The second thing to check in regards to the burning, is priming, the coils should be primed from the top and bottom, 2 drops in the top of the coil, and 2 drops on each of the wick holes prior to fitting, this begins the wicking process and prevents dry hits. If neither of these fix the coils, it could be a connector issue, so please contact Customer service. To put it into perspective, I use these coils and have never had a coil last less than a week with 2 fills a day, we also sell around a 1000 packs a day, and if they were that inconsistent you'd get complaints a couple of times a day. These coils have been tested extensively on forums in public and they are one of the most consistent on the market. That's not to say you get a dud, but to get multiple ones from multiple packets without others reporting the same thing would be very, very unusual, so please contact CS and they will help you get to the bottom of the issue. Thanks for the review.
  • Works great - by ss, 15 October 2018
    New to vaping but the 1.0Ohm MTL coils are perfect for my needs with the S17 – no frills and a single coil seems to be lasting at least 4 tank refills so far without affecting the quality or taste of the vapour..............JAC Vapour Ltd: Glad you are getting on well with the coils, to get the maximum life make sure and prime them. This means, when you get a new coil, put 2 drops of eliquid in the top of it, and 2 drops on each of the wicking holes, this gets the wicking going and you should get many more fills from the coils, I do roughly 2 fills a day and change once a week.
  • great - by peter, 9 October 2018
    bought the new 75w version other day on my second coil as was tasting burn all the time but after reading all your comments and sort of small print (Recommended wattage range: 12-18W) i was running the coils at 30 but now dropped to 17 and what a great product and thanks for your help all whos posted :)..................JAC Vapour Ltd: Good glad you are sorted

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