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S-Coil MTL - 1.0Ohm

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  • Description
    • Pack of 5 replacement JAC Vapour S-Coil MTL - 1.0Ohm coils
    • Recommended wattage range: 12-18W
    • Suitable for use with the S-17 and S-22 tanks
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Customer Reviews for the S-Coil MTL - 1.0Ohm (JAC Vapour) 5 Pack

  • Used to be fine but now very poor - by Mike, 17 November 2019
    Sadly I'm going to have to find an alternative to my trusty S22 as the replacement coils are getting worse and worse. Last coil lasted for less than 2 hours despite being properly primed. Last couple of coil packs have been atrocious.
    Shame as I never used to have a problem with them, they would last me 10-14 days but can't get past a day or two with the last 2 packs...........JAC Vapour: if you can contact customer service and supply the batch number we will run checks, as we had another customer the other day mentioning it, I am also going to pull some from stock to check. Customer service will also be able to replace any coils you have had with issues.
  • Disgrace - by Fifevapes, 14 November 2019
    Getting Worse - by David, i wholeheartedly agree with this review,been vaping over 3 year now and over a year with s22 tank. Coils would regularly last over a month... Not now lucky to last a day at best. Come on JAC vapour last 3 review's are telling you something is way wrong.FYI batch 266 also.......................jAC Vapour: We are pulling a sample form the latest batch and will test these, if you are experiencing problems, please contact CS and they will arrange replacements.
  • Must be a dodgy batch - by Debbie, 13 November 2019
    Having just read the review from David dated 11 Nov - I too have had an issue with these coils and the batch number I have is also 266. Previously 1 coil was lasting me around 3/4 weeks. These coils have lasted a week at best, in fact I have just ordered a new pack much sooner than I normally do. I also prime top and bottom so they must be a dodgy batch...............JAC Vapour: Thank you for the review and I am looking into it. If you contact Customer service, they will replace any you have had issues with. It may be a bad run of packets, so we'll see if the same is happening at this end.
  • Getting Worse - by David, 11 November 2019
    I have been using these coils in an S22 tank on a 75W Sandstorm B-DNA and they are going downhill rapidly - the last 10+ coils have lasted less than 24 hours each - which includes 8 hours when I'm asleep & obviously not using the device. And yes, they were each primed correctly etc etc. The batch numbers were 266 & 271.
    The only thing I can currently appreciate about these coils is how (financially) viable they must appear to Jac Vapour given the short lifespan & subsequent rapid turnover for the user...................JAC Vapour: If you are priming from the top and bottom and have not changed your liquid in anyway, then potentially you have got a bad few packs, this is very unusual, but not impossible. Currently we don't have any other reports of similar issues with experienced users. If you contact Customer service, they will make sure you get replacements.
  • take ownership - by david, 24 September 2019
    started vaping 1 year ago.i have a 75w dna which is excellent but in my experience the only piece of kit from jac vapour that is reliable.i also have an s22 which is borderline satisfactory but only when fully charged.both vapes came with an s-22 tank .both tanks have a tendency to leak which is why i stopped using them until recentlym when i thought i would revisit the brand to see if there had been any improvements so bought 2 packs of 1 ohm mtl coils a couple of weeks ago.this morning i primed coil number 5 from pack 1. 2/5 coils have been good, unfortunately 3/5 coils have been virtually unfit for purpose including the 1 fitted this far today i have had several mouthfuls of hot eliquid (this is the only brand i have experienced this problem with) and i have had to 'flick' the tank so many times to clear the excess liquid that i have wasted a considerable amount of expensive black note forte (£6.75/10ml).What annoys me the most is the refusal by jac vapour to accept /admit that there is actually an issue with these coils/tanks with the same line of "i use these personally and never have a problem"-it does nothing for the credibility of the brand.

    ....JAC Vapour Ltd: Hi David, please reply to the customer service email asking you to return the coils from 2 days ago, please also include the one or both of the faulty tanks and the products you believe are faulty and we will get them tested and see what the issue is. We are not refusing to admit the error, customer service are trying to figure out what the issue is, and in your case, we are going to need to get the faulty stuff back to check it. Postage is free and it will not cost you any thing. Even although one of your tanks is a over year old, and the other 9 months old, if they have been looked after and failed, we will still replace them free of charge. Thank you for the review.
  • Failed Again! - by Christopher , 10 September 2019
    Once again I’m let down by these coils. Bought a pack last week and already on to my third coil due to failure. I’m lucky to get a day or two despite having properly primed them each time. I love the way my S17 performs but I think it’s time for another brand............JAC Vapour: If you experiencing issues please contact customer service, I use the MTL 1.0 and 1.5 ohm myself daily and have seen no failures, in general I go through around 4 ml of 60/40 juice in a nic salt base and I get 2 weeks no problem from a coil. Looking at your account, you have purchased 2 packs of coils in the last year from our store, and your last purchase was in February, so potentially you have another account, or are purchasing from somewhere else. I also can't see what type of eliquid you are using, so you'll need to let customer service know that as well. In general these coils are fine with anything up to 70% VG and can cope with most 80% VG stuff, so long as they primed from the top (4 drops in the top of the coil). If you contact Customer service and let them know the eliquid and base content you are using they will be able to help figure out why your coils are failing. Thanks for the review.
  • MTL S-coils made of material - by Cristian, 2 September 2019
    Hi, I'm using these coils on Jac Vapour DNA75 mod with NET liquids from Drake's, so I'm very satisfied about the resulted flavour. Please let me know if these MTL coils are made of Kanthal or Ni80, because I have some allergies to Nickel and I want to be aware of ? Thanks a lot for an aswer from yourside. Cristian ..............JAC Vapour: Thanks for the review, the standard S-coils, so the MTL 1.0 and 1.5, plus the DL 0.5 and 1.0 are all nichrome 80/20, so they do have nickel in them, the exact figure is 75% Nickel. The turbo coils are stainless steel, but I am not sure how good these will be with a .net liquid, you would need to experiment, as they can be temperamental with some liquids and are not good with liquids over 60% VG in most cases. The flavor improves quite a bit with the turbo coils though. Also the DNA Sandstorm coating is actually a nickel based alloy as well. If the nickel in the coating is an issue, we do have a special addition PVD version coming, also we will will have some refurbished black kits that will be available soon, these are the Black rubberised 22mm version. If you have any issues please contact customer service, and we can get these options for you.
  • love them - by mel, 19 August 2019
    these are great. i just changed over to jac vapor and I got a mtl coil in my S17 kit. such a difference from my old set up - instant convert. these coils are just better i guess!
  • MYL 1.00hms - by Mark, 8 August 2019
    Have been great but took one new one on holiday put it in and didn’t work had to buy a new vape kit but rest have been great long lasting...........JAC Vapour: If you get any duds please let customer service know and we'll get them replaced for you, but they should not be a common thing.
  • perfect setup - by Bean, 8 August 2019
    I have gone through various setups and now I think I've nailed it. The mtl coils in the vim, with picnic and nic salts base, and kittens breath flavour. the vim is exceptional with nic salsts and picnic offers loads of value flavours and options, this is miles ahead of any other pod style device on the market. Funny thing is I would never have even heard of this company or product if somebody hadn't left a vim in the bar where I work, he collected it, but I liked the look and size enough to go and buy one myself, so it was really a happy accident. People need to be shouting about this everywhere considering how good it is, I will be for sure.

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