Nicotine Free Vape Liquid

Explore our extensive range of nicotine free vape liquid below. We understand how important nicotine free vape juice is for those looking to kick their nicotine addiction for good. That's why we have an incredible range of flavours in 10ml Premixed Vape Juice, 50ml Vape Juice kits and Shortfill bundles with a 0mg nicotine base.

On top of beating your addiction, zero nicotine vape liquid also provides a deep, rich and full flavour from the vape juice, making you scarcely notice the absence of nicotine. Our 50ml vape juice kits and Shortfill bundles allow you to customise the VG/PG ratio of the 0mg vape juice, tailoring it to your preferences.

Embrace a healthier lifestyle and savour the taste of freedom with our nicotine free vape liquid.

Why use nicotine free vape liquid?

Nicotine free vape liquid is extremely useful for those looking to quit their nicotine habit for good. It delivers the familiar sensation and flavour that vapers and smokers have come to expect, without containing any addictive nicotine

This proves useful for individuals who wish to maintain habitual hand movements and emulate the act of smoking or vaping, without the presence of addictive nicotine

What is nicotine free vape liquid?

Nicotine free vape liquid is virtually identical to any other vape juice, with one significant distinction - the vape juice contains no nicotine. Since nicotine is the most addictive substance present in cigarettes and vape juice, the absence of it significantly reduces your likelihood of developing an addiction.

It's common for vapers to gradually reduce nicotine strengths until they eventually transition to nicotine free vape liquid.

How old do you have to be to buy a nicotine free vape liquid

Despite nicotine free vape liquid containing no addictive nicotine, it remains illegal in the UK to purchase and use them if you're under the age of 18. Laws may vary in other countries, however.

How to mix nicotine free 50ml vape juice kits

Our picNIC kits are designed to be as easy to use as possible, simply follow the steps below or check out our handy video guide.

Step 1. Pick from dozens of flavour concentrates.
Step 2. Choose your preferred base from our 4 nicotine free options - High PG (more flavour), High VG (more vapour), Pure VG (max vapour) or Clear Steam (vapourless)
Step 3. Mix the 4 bottles of base & 1 flavour shot together in the supplied 50ml mixing bottle.
Step 4. Vape and enjoy

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