Zero Nicotine Disposable Vape

Get ready to vibe with Zero Max and Puff Box, where we're redefining the zero nicotine disposable vape scene with hit and no nic! Zero Max is your go-to for that intense hit you love, all in a zero nicotine disposable vape. Think zero compromise on taste and all about that buzz, including real throat hit. From the tangy rush of Blue Raspberry to the explosive Wings Blast, your taste buds are in for a wild ride!

Dive into a whole new world of vaping with our Zero Nicotine Disposable Vapes. Our revolutionary formula is crafted to deliver that max throat hit you crave, all without a trace of nicotine. Zero Max is all about keeping it tasty, sustainable, and 100% nicotine-free. You can recharge again and again with USB-C charging and we can recycle the refills for you. It's not just a vape; it's a lifestyle. Join us in this bold journey and experience the difference with every zero nicotine puff.

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Zero Max - The Zero Nicotine Disposable Vape

When it comes to a zero nicotine disposable vape, Zero Max doesn't just join the crowd – it stands out. Imagine getting that strong throat hit, the kind you crave, but without a hint of nicotine. That's the magic of our ZERO NIC – MAX HIT. We're not just talking big; we're delivering big.

Your Zero Nicotine Disposable Vape, Your Way

Ever felt boxed in by the vaping world's norms? We did. That's why Zero Max is all about breaking free. Whether you're chilling with friends or just taking a moment for yourself, with Zero Max, you're always in the driver's seat. The chat, the laughs, the shared moments – they're all better without boundaries. And certainly better with a zero nicotine disposable vape that doesn't ask you to compromise.


The Puff Box, combined with Zero Max, challenges what you thought you knew about zero nicotine disposable vapes. Instead of adding to the pile of waste, we're offering a fresh, eco-friendlier approach. Use, refill, repeat – without ditching the convenience you love. 

The Puff Box & Zero Max

Our Zero Max throws out the rulebook when it comes to zero nicotine disposable vapes. Our new revolutionary formula provides you with that all important throat hit that most zero nicotine vapes miss.


Plus with 10 stunning flavours to choose from, there is something for everyone from the bold punch of Blue Raspberry to the energising thrill of Wings Blast. This isn't just vaping; this is a flavour adventure.


And when you're ready for a change? Switch between nicotine and our Zero Max blend whenever you fancy.

Zero Nicotine Disposable Vape FAQs

A zero nicotine disposable vape is usually used by those looking to quit their nicotine habit altogether. However, the problem with most zero nicotine disposable vapes is that they don't provide a good enough throat hit, so it doesn't feel like a normal vape.

That's where Zero Max Zero Nicotine Disposable Vapes come in. Our revolutionary formula provides MAX throat hit with ZERO nicotine. Our Zero Max Puff Box refills trick your brain into thinking that it is getting its daily dose of nicotine, however in reality you're simply enjoying an incredible flavoured zero nicotine disposable vape.

There is no better place to buy a Zero Nicotine Disposable Vape than right here at JAC Vapour. We have a vast range of nicotine free vape options, including pre mixed nicotine free vape liquid and of course our revolutionary Zero Max formula.

Here in the UK, zero nicotine disposable vapes are a little less common than regular vapes, however you should still be able to find a zero nicotine disposable vape easily enough. There are plenty of shops and places to buy a nicotine free vape, including corner shops, big supermarkets, vape dedicated shops and online. 

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There are a few reasons why nicotine can make you feel dizzy or light-headed. One of the main causes is that you have consumed more nicotine than usual in a short period of time, causing you to feel what is called a "nicotine rush". This happens most in those who are new to vaping or smoking, due to the lack of nicotine tolerance. 

Everyone reacts to nicotine differently, some people can consume a lot of nicotine and not feel a thing, while others may feel dizzy after one puff of a vape or cigarette.

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If you're looking to quit nicotine or smoking, you might be looking at how to get rid of those nasty stains on your fingers too. Luckily we've created a helpful guide to show you how to safely remove the nicotine stains from fingers using home remedies. 

You can also prevent the nicotine stains from coming back by switching over to vaping, which causes significantly less staining than cigarettes. You can go one step further too and switch to using our Zero Max refills alongside the Puff Box; as they are nicotine free they wont cause any staining whatsoever, and you won't even be able to tell you're vaping a nicotine free vape.

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