Why Does Nicotine Make You Dizzy

Nicotine, a well-known stimulant found in tobacco products, is both praised and vilified for its effects. It's a compound that, when consumed, can lead to a range of physical and psychological responses. This article delves into one of its less discussed effects - dizziness - and explores the reasons behind it.

Why Nicotine Makes You Feel Dizzy - The Science

Impact on the Nervous System

Nicotine's interaction with the nervous system is a key player in why it can cause dizziness. When you take a puff from a cigarette of nicotine containing vape, the nicotine quickly enters the body and stimulates the release of various neurotransmitters. These can lead to an altered state of consciousness and, consequently, dizziness.

Blood Pressure Fluctuations

Another significant factor is the impact nicotine has on your blood pressure. Nicotine can cause both a spike and a sudden drop in blood pressure, leading to lightheadedness and dizziness. The more nicotine you have, the bigger the spikes or drops, this can cause the feeling of a "nicotine rush".

Your Sensitivity To Nicotine

Everybody responds differently to nicotine. For some, even a small amount of nicotine can trigger significant dizziness, while others might not experience such effects.

If nicotine is making you feel dizzy, even in small doses then consider cutting down on your nicotine intake. For smokers, simply put, smoke less cigarettes a day. For vapers it's a little easier, simply choose a lower nicotine strength vape juice, or even use nicotine free vape liquid.

Why Nicotine Makes You Feel Dizzy - Scenarios

If you are used to nicotine, you are most likely not going to experience dizziness from nicotine unless you have more than you usually do, also know as having a nicotine rush. Here are some scenarios at why nicotine makes you dizzy:

First-Time Users

New users of nicotine products are particularly prone to experiencing dizziness as their bodies are not yet accustomed to the effects of nicotine. If you are just starting out, try choosing a lower nicotine strength product to begin with, upping the amount slowly over time so your body can get used to the effects.

You can also try our new Zero Max refills, which allow you to get used to that throat hit feeling, without any nicotine.

Overuse in Experienced Smokers & Vapers

Experience nicotine consumers can also experience dizziness, particularly when they consume more nicotine than usual or switch to stronger products. Many people do this to experience a nicotine rush or high.

How to Avoid Feeling Dizzy After Taking Nicotine

Tips for New Users

In order to avoid feeling dizzy while you are vaping or smoking, new users should start with lower nicotine strengths and gradually build up their tolerance.

New To Vaping - Let Us Help

If you are new to vaping, it can be a little bit confusing when looking at vape juice options. Most vape brands will offer different levels of nicotine strengths including 0mg (Nicotine Free), 3mg, 6mg, 12mg & 18mg within their vape juice ranges.

Most new vapers will start off by using Disposable Vapes, however are unaware that most disposable vapes use 20mg nicotine strength. This can be a lot higher than their usual intake which can cause them to feel dizzy.

Check out our helpful guide on "What Is VG PG?" and our table below showing which strength you should go for depending on your smoking intake.

Tips for Regular Nicotine Users

Regular users should be mindful of their consumption patterns and consider reducing the strength of the nicotine content if dizziness becomes a frequent issue.

Don't Want To Feel Dizzy But Still Want to Vape?

If you're looking to avoid feeling dizzy while you are vaping, but want to keep on vaping then we want to introduce to you Zero Max. Our revolutionary new zero nicotine formula that provides maximum throat hit, without any nicotine.

Providing the feeling of a normal vape, with zero nicotine, helping you to cut back on your nicotine consumption and avoiding any nicotine rushes or feelings of dizziness.

Our Zero Max formula comes in 650 Puff refills, which slot straight into our rechargeable disposable vape, the Puff Box. Meaning there is no need to faff around with topping up tanks or chaning coils, simply twist and vape. Plus, there are 9 incredible flavours to choose from, and if you want a nicotine kick, simply change out the pod for a 20mg Puff Box refill.

Nicotine & Feeling Dizzy FAQs

Is nicotine-induced dizziness a sign of a serious health issue?

Nicotine-induced dizziness is usually not a sign of a serious health issue, but if it persists or is accompanied by other symptoms, we advise to speak to a medical professional as soon as possible.

Can switching nicotine products reduce dizziness?

If you are experience dizziness while vaping, switching to a lower nicotine content can help reduce dizziness. All of our vape juice here at JAC Vapour is available in different stregths so you can choose a strength that suits you.

If you are not sure what strength or vape juice you should be using, contact our incredible Customer Service team and they will be more than happy to help you choose. You can contact them via Live Chat, Email or Phone. Plus if you're a new customer, you can take advantage of our Puff Partner service.

What Is Nicotine Rush 

Can Nicotine Free Vapes Reduce Dizziness?

As nictotine free vapes do not contain the chemical nicotine, they are unable to give you a nicotine rush or make you feel dizzy. Most nicotine free vapes don't feel like normal nicotine containing vapes as they miss that vital throat hit sensation.

Our Zero Max however is different. The revolutionary formula provides Maximum throat hit with Zero nicotine, allowing you to enjoy that vaping experience without any of the nicotine.

Combined with the Puff Box, our rechargeable disposable vape, you can easily switch between having nicotine or no nicotine with our extremely easy to use twist in pods. Meaning you can trick your brain into thinking it has had its nicotine fix without having any. You can also enjoy a cheeky wee nicotine rush on the weekends.

Other Vaping Side Effects

If you are new to vaping, you may experience other side effects other than dizziness. These are expected for new vapers as their body adjusts to the new method of getting a nicotine hit. If you want to know some of the common side effects and how to deal with them, check out the article below.

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