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Welcome to Soothe. A concoction of the most comforting natural flavours for your relaxation. The cosy essence of honey and lemon offers a natural, sweet boost and a calming cure for the soul.

The blend of Ginger and chamomile works to ease the tense sensations from your day and revitalise you with a golden caress. With Ripple Soothe, you’ll be feeling delightfully nectar-like.

What's In Ripple Soothe: Natural Ginger Extract, Natural Chamomile Extract, Natural Flavourings, Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol


About Ripple Vape
Ripple is your gateway to a paradise with plant-powered puffs. Raising the roof is second nature to them, through sustainable tech, and plant-based goodness all without a hint of nicotine or toxic energy in sight. Ripple is actually an aromatic diffuser, rather than being called a Ripple Vape.  The difference? Ripple don’t use nicotine; they use plant extracts and natural aromas to transport you to a puff-able, non-addictive utopia.

Ripple anxiety pens now come in the new MAX design, offering a huge 1000 Puffs of natural ingredients, aromas and flavours from one ripple bar. The unique, extra wide and thin shape is extra sleek and fits smoothly into your pocket.

Available in 8 different, vegan-friendly, natural aromas, each providing you with a unique natural boost to your day. From a much-needed energy boost in the morning to a soothing de-stress at night, Ripple’s natural vape ingredients help you freshen up your mind and soul. Not only does Ripple Vape help you, it helps the planet too by being 100% recyclable, so you can puff away knowing it wont harm the planet.

  • Ripple MAX Nicotine Free Vape
    • 8 Ripple Vape Flavours
    • 1000 Puffs
    • Sleek, Extra Wide Design
    • 100% Recyclable
    • Vegan Friendly
    • Zero Nicotine

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Included in the box:
- 1 x Ripple Vape Soothe – 1000 Puff Nicotine Free

Once your Ripple Vape has completely run out of its natural flavour, please ensure you dispose of the device responsibly.


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