SERIES-B DNA 75W Sandstorm
SERIES-B DNA 75W Sandstorm
SERIES-B DNA 75W Sandstorm
SERIES-B DNA 75W Black Edition

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SERIES-B DNA 75W 23mm Sandstorm

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    Designed and engineered in the UKDesigned in the UK by our in-house engineers.
    Temperature controlFeatures temperature control to monitor and control the temperature of your atomiser (available with temperature control-compatible coils only).


    • The most compact DNA75 mod on the market, featuring the top of the range board from industry leaders, Evolv.
    • Simple to use, with advanced features available for when you want to take your vaping to next level.
    • Available in a stylish Sandstorm finish.
    • Ideal for use with the most popular 22mm and 23mm tanks around.
    • Designed in-house by JAC Vapour right here in the UK.

    With a 23mm diameter top plate, the device is the perfect partner for the most popular 22mm and 23mm 510 compatible tanks on the market (including our S22 topfill tank).

    This starter kit includes the SERIES-B DNA 75W itself, with options available to add on our bestselling 22mm S22 TF tank (RRP £18.99), an 18650 battery (definitely recommended if you don't already have one), replacement coils and more.

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £64.99

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Customer Reviews for the SERIES-B DNA 75W 23mm Sandstorm

  • Problem with screen - by Stefano, 25 July 2020
    I've had 2 of them, one bought here and another one in an Italian online shop. Both devices died in the same way: by the time, the fire button pinches the ribbon cable of the screen, the screen starts loosing contact when firing, and gradually will totally loose contact. The device itself would be just PERFECT if you could find a solution to this problem............JAC: Hi Stefano, this is covered under warranty. We have adjusted the build to correct, so it shouldn't be present on the last 2 batches. If you can contact customer service they will organise to get these units repaired for you. I apologise for the inconvenience.
  • Impressed by the looks and performance - by Arturo, 16 June 2020
    I had this for a week now and i struggled to use it at first as i don't have any clue about vape mods so i called customer service and he helped on how to set it up. He was very knowledgeable about the product and gave me a clear instructions on how to set it up and i was surprised on how clever this little device. I also didn't realise one of my coils was a dud which was instantly resolved and i was sent a new pack. He gave me a quick in depth brief on what liquids to choose, what coils would suit me as i've recently quit smoking and i love the Clear Steam liquids that they do as i'm not a into all that cloud chasing. I vape at work and it was discreet even on the train whenever i get a chance and there no smells lingering either.
    Look wise its a lot smaller than i thought it would look on my hand (i'm short and have small hands) and the finish is beautiful and i loved the black finish. It is heavy but i got used to it instantly and when i have it on my pocket it reminds me a lot that i don't have to fish out for a lighter or a pack of cigarettes as this is all i have when i'm out and about.
    I would definitely recommend this to those looking for an upgrade. I've just recently quit smoking and i could've got a much simpler device as it is quite clever but over time i am pleased i chose this in the long term as the batteries last for ages. Overall really happy with this piece of kit.
  • Brilliantly engineered kit - by Robert, 12 June 2020
    I purchased 2x s22 in 2017 and was very happy with them (both still work but batteries are slowly starting to weaken) A few months ago I decided it's time for replacement. Tried a few other brands but wasted money as quality was poor compared to jac S22 kit . So I took the plunge and purchased a Series b dna75 sandstorm. WOW this kit ticks all the boxes on my list . Excellent design. Perfect ergonomics. Perfect performance. I actually sit with it in my hand and admire the design, how comfortable it feels, and can only say this kit is FANTASTIC. Thanks to all at JACVAPOUR.
  • 4.5*...9/10 - by Captain Grey , 22 May 2020
    I'm also really impressed with this mod, after two weeks of regular daily use.
    Jason's comprehensive review covers more points than I have experience of, but I may offer a different perspective.
    Series-B is small, very well built, and extremely ergonomic.
    It's got more functions than I'll probably ever use, but custom settings take you from 'L' plates, to finding your personal sweet spot.
    I wasted weeks of my life, and juice, phaffing with TC, only to find that W did it for me.
    Struggling to find a fault with this mod; no issues with battery cover, sweet as a nut.
    I do really like the finish, although prefer the silk, matt, synthetic finish on the S22, as it provides a little more grip and just feels 'softer' in the hand.
    Battery life is more than adequate, even for heavy users, and we all have accessible USB charging points these days, even when scaling Ben Nevis.
    Packaging is 1st class, as I've experienced with all JAC products.
    Does it matter?
    I think so.
    Indicates an attention to detail which manifests in the hardware.
    I'm not a sychophant.
    I have issues with some JAC products, specifically coils, and their life.
    Will address those in other reviews.
    This is about the DNA75.
    It's my current favourite mod.
    Really struggling to fault it...
    May be lose a little weight? If possible?
    220g for a heavy, regular all day vapour can be a bit much, but it's way lighter than most of the competition.
    I use 3 mods side by side, with different juices in each, and switch the tanks, saving on coil changes.
    MTL, 13-15W, 0.8-1.2 coil.
    But it's all about you, and you're sweet spot.
    This mod will cover 95+% of bases.
    4.5* because there's always room for improvement.
  • Jac Vapour Series-B DNA75W - by Jason , 30 March 2020
    I’m very impressed with this mod. After seeing a review comparing it to other mods, I had to have one. Best to me is how well they did keeping this compact with no wasted space. Compared to other single 18650’s, the series b is at the top. It’s a little taller than some but width and depth are unmatched. One of my kangertech k-box’s comes close, the c-box with the same 22mm width but a few mm’s more depth. Heights is the same on both but the series b has a better shape and a superior dna chip. I’m not into tanks with disposable atomizer coils and prefer RTAs and RDAs. The top of the series b has a lip that brings the diameter to 23mm. I wish that was interchangeable because I’d like to run a 22mm RTA and have it sit flush but it’s 23mm so there’s a Taifun GT3 (a 23mm diameter) with a steam tuners cap. What a perfect setup all except one thing,, the color. Although this has one of the best finishes I’ve seen on a mod, your stuck with black which doesn’t go with my GT3. Id love a brushed stainless steel version so it really matches. Out of all the high end attys I have, none are 23mm and in black. I got 22mm and 24mm dlc RTAs (diamond like coating) that’s a black finish but none in a 23mm,

    So only cons
    -No stainless steel option
    -stuck with a 23mm top (I didnt see any accessories to let you swap out the 23 with a 22 or 24(which isn’t as important as a 22).

    Build quality! Everything is flush, compact as can be, great finish with exceptional durability, looks and feel. No rattling. All parts are perfectly fitted. DNA 75W that allowed me to customize it using Evoles Escribe software. There’s a Misfits theme on there now. The 75c is nice with the color screen but it’s bigger and the mod wouldn’t be as compact with the newer dna75. Price, what a deal! DNA boards aren’t cheap but this mod is very affordable compared to other dna devises.

    I will buy another soon. If there was a SS finish, I’d buy that in a heartbeat too. A 22mm top option and that would be here also,,, and a 22 stainless if that was available. I have a bunch of DNA and Dicodes mods that cost way more but the series b, despite being at least half the price, sits with them. I actually use it more because of the size. Much better than a Voopoo drag taking up all the space in your pocket.

    The cons aren’t at a level where it’s a deal breaker. 22mm atty’s work and still look fine but there’s that extra mm that sticks out a little. It’s not bad just not perfect. ................JAC Vapour: Thanks for the review and glad you enjoy the mod. The next batch are the Sandstorm finish at 23mm, so those might interest you, it's kind of brushed smokey steel look finish, actually a nicol plating on zinc. We have started only doing the 23mm, as it seems to sell the best, but we will have spares from our days of doing the 22mm and 25mm, so I'd be happy to forward a top cap to replace. You do need to be a reasonably competent with a soldering iron to replace the topcap, but happy to provide it if you want to tinker. If interested just contact customer service after lockdown, the sandstorm units, won't arrive until May anyway.
  • Outstanding Device - by Craig D, 8 February 2020
    An outstanding mod, I absolutely love everything about it.
    Great build quality, feels premium and very comfortable to hold. The finish on it is outstanding and feels great quality.
    The DNA75 board is brilliant and holds up to the great reputation it has. A great vape and easy to use. This is my all day device and goes everywhere with me.
    Awesome job Jac Vapour.
    Thank you
  • DNA75 Jac Vapour Box Mod. - by Pete , 25 January 2020
    This is my second one, after originally having the DNA75 25mm Sandstorm one. The new, hard-wearing matte black bonded finish is brilliant and this is a Jac Vapour upgrade from their original Black version that peeled off and there was a few videos of this, so looks like Jac Vapour listened to their customers and changed it. I’ve had this a week now and it doesn’t look like this one will peel. It may scratch over time but it does look very hard wearing. I got the 22mm top fill black tank to go with this and it looks sexy on the mod. I do also have a stainless steel top fill tank that really compliments it as well if you ever decide to have a slightly different look. I use 1.0ohm DL coils as this is my preference, however I did try a temp control one in my tank to see how the DNA board really works. It works beautifully but it’s not for me. Far too much air through these coils for my liking and the temp setting for your personally preferences is actually quite a time consuming and eliquid wasting task and I felt I didn’t really get it right, so for me a 1.0ohm DL is perfect for my vaping set at 16.5W and it’s beautiful, and creates a great vape. I use with this mod a 18650 30Q battery and it lasts most (Not all) of the day.

    Second part to this review is Matt in customer services. Give this man a raise. He can’t help you enough. Talk with him your personal needs and he’ll tell you step by step your requirements.

    I’ll never shop anywhere else for mods, coils, batteries & accessories as Jac Vapour cover all my vaping needs..................Glad you are enjoying it, and I'll pass to Matt. In regards to the new finish, it's a PVD finish, so it's bonded to the material. So it should wear well.
  • I really like this mod but the back-plate for the battery is wobbly. That's only one con from my side. - by Dmitri Filonov, 10 January 2020
    Great mod but not 100% perfect................JAC Vapour: Thanks for the review, the battery cover will have around 1mm movement top and bottom, so it will move slightly, but it should not wobble or rock, so it will slide up and down very slightly, but it should be solid in use, the 1mm is required for the tolerance and if it was not present you would be unable to get the cover on and off. If it is wobbly or the cover rocks, please send a video of the extent of the issue to CS and we can get that unit replaced for you.
  • Great bit of kit - by Ian, 13 December 2019
    Pre ordered this a few weeks back. Dispatched yesterday, arrived today. Quick eh? Had to make adjustments to balance wattage vs ohms in my coils as I'm no expert, but I found a helpful page on this very site after googling so I'm all good now. I'm loving it so far. Bought it as an upgrade from my Series-S22. Special mention for the customer service team who have been especially helpful in sorting mistakes I made on original order. Top marks.
  • Veramente troppo bella, molto piccola - by Pxmago, 28 November 2019
    Veramente troppo bella, molto piccola.....JAC: Grazie per la recensione... Per favore, mi scusi, il mio italiano non è buono

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