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Tobacco Reds USA 50/50 eliquid
Tobacco Reds USA 50/50 eliquid bottle

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Tobacco Reds USA 50/50

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  • Description

    Love popular American tobaccos? This is the flavour for you. Smokier than standard tobacco flavours, with a slight sweetness. This flavour is similar to Marlboro Reds and recommended for those that smoke this brand of cigarettes.

    Same great taste, same great price - now made in the UK! That's right, our ever-popular Standard range of e-liquids has switched production to the UK. All fresh batches of this e-liquid will be supplied in a 50/50 blend of PG/VG, offering the best balance of vapour, throat hit and vapour production. The original blend of 80/20 PG/VG is still available in selected SKUs while stocks last.

    With this being a fresh batch of e-liquid, giving them a good steep will help to bring out the best from the flavour.

    Available in 0mg, 6mg, 11mg and 18mg.

    Note: If you have an intolerance to PG (Propylene Glycol), we do offer a range of VG (Vegetable Glycerine) based e-liquids. For more information on allergies and PG versus VG e-liquid, visit our E-liquid Help section.

    All our e-liquids are batch tested in UK Labs to ensure quality, consistency and exact contents to JAC's exacting standards. Check out our Product Safety Information page for more information on JAC Safety procedures.

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Customer Reviews for the Tobacco Reds USA 50/50

  • Good in small doses - by Rachelle, 5 October 2017
    I was really excited to try this product having adored American tobacco as a smoker. In reality this liquid is way too strong for me n its own. But mixed in with the real tobacco silver, it works just great for that extra flavour.
  • Very nice - by Thomas, 26 July 2017
    I really like this. I mix it with Tobacco, really good.
  • Stick with it!! - by Maureen , 22 June 2017
    As a tobacco reds user for 5 years I was a bit worried with the changes and the latest reviews. I used to mix mine with kiwi which is no longer so changed to apple. ( I always tried to get the same taste as the the old tobacco red cartridges which were amazing!) Ive always kept with the same flavours - if you're happy why waste money on getting others you might not like?

    Anyway, after seeing latest reviews and the comments from Jac regarding steeping I thought i'd better get some before i needed it. So i ordered a handful of bottles, not as many as normal, just in case.
    As soon as they arrived I took off the caps and left them for about a week on a shelf in the bakery where i work (gets 30c + in there). I haven't got an airing cupboard any more (damn you combi boilers) so thought this would be an excellent place to try this steeping lark. I then thought id better move them before the boss spots them so bought them home.
    A couple days later I needed some so, with baited breath and feeling slightly nervous thought here we go. The verdict being they are fine. I did understand why people said about the 'coffee' taste (I hate coffee!) though it was more sort of like a 'burnt' taste to me. But after an hour or so it mellows out, Im now on my second bottle and thats great, more like the old stuff.
    So, the steeping does work. If you havent got an airing cupboard or a bakery to put them in i did read something about putting them in hot water but cant remember details. Expect Jac will advise you. Dont put them in direct sunlight, not good apparently.

    Anyway, hope this helps people who were worried like I was. Ive only given 3 stars cos of the hassle ;) .....................JAC Vapour: As production matures with these, and we get ahead, steeping will not be necessary as we'll be ordering the product enough in advance for you not to have to do it at home. A good place is a to steep is on top of any radiator, out of direct sunlight. Thanks for the review.
  • Foul flavour - by Gerard, 10 May 2017
    Got a batch of the new stuff, it is disgusting can't vape it, then read the info about steeping it, for a 'few days', what do I do in the meantime when Ive no juice, cant see any other option than go to another supplier. Shame as ive used Jac for years, cant see me steeping every time I get some new juice......................JAC Vapour Ltd: The juice you used to get was pre-steeped upto 6 months, we have just moved to this new manufacturer so the juice is only about 2-3 months old at present, due to a few delays sorting out the new production, I understand the frustration and I am sorry for the issues and things have not gone as smoothly as we'd hoped. we would be sorry to see you leave as a customer, but if you contact customer service, they can tide you over with a bottle of another flavour or help you to try other options that may work.
  • What happened to Tobacco Reds? - by Janet, 7 May 2017
    I have been using Tobacco Reds for 2 1/2 years, also DK Blend. DK Blend is no more and Tobacco Reds tastes nothing like it used to. It's not pleasant!.....................JAC Vapour Ltd: The base has changed, but the recipe is effectively the same, the new stock may need a bit of maturing, to speed this up remove the top and leave in a warm place for a few days, this should hopefully bring in it inline more with what you expect.
  • Please change the flavour back to normal - by Sharon, 21 April 2017
    I too have loved the this flavour for a number of years until now! What have you done. I took customer services advice and tried steeping but it still tasted awful. Please change it back.
  • Not the same flavour!!! - by Claire, 15 April 2017
    I have been using tobacco reds for around 4 years. I've had the PG version and the VG and tried different strengths. When I came to restock this time my VG was out of stock so I opted to get a couple of bottles of the 50/50 VG/PG. It tastes dramatically different. It has a horrid coffee flavour. This has never happened before. I'm really disappointed. Has something changed in the production? Not sure what to get next time as I don't want this again. Hoping the VG hasn't changed and will be in stock next time. Lumbered with 2 bottles now. Wish I liked the sickly sweet flavours as that would make vaping easier for me. I don't get how a tobacco flavour can taste of coffee!

    Jac Vapour Ltd: Hi there Claire. We have changed supplier for our Standard Range e-liquids as our previous supplier was unable to meet the upcoming TPD regulations so their liquids would be illegal for us to sell after May 20th. We were very careful to ensure that our new formulations matched the previous recipes exactly and we conducted many taste tests before launching the new liquids. However, as the new range are so new and haven't spent as long in transit, they may need a little steeping to get the flavour to come through properly. You can find out how to best steep your liquids here: http://www.jacvapour.com/guide-to-steeping/ But if you still have any questions at all, please contact our Customer Services team and we'll be happy to see what we can do for you.
  • Not for me. - by Dave, 30 March 2017
    Not sure about this liquid. Can't really taste anything. Perhaps it's because I'm used to stronger tastes. Not unpleasant though.
  • Love it - by Jorom, 8 November 2016
    I have been using Jacvapour products since 2013 and will continue to do so. This flavour works really well for me having tried a few of their others. Taste is very individual so I won't try to desribe it. Occasionally I've been caught out and not reordered on time and tried a few local suppliers. Whilst their prices are cheaper the vaping experience has been vile and I chuck out the purchases when Jacvapour liquid arrives. Jacvapour eliquid quality is consistent and when I had some delivery issues the support team were very responsive and sorted the issues out with 10 out of 10 service.
  • out of stock :-( - by KENNETH, 31 January 2016
    Very disappointed when basic stock like E-Liquid out of stock !!!
    In this case USA Red 20 ml 1.8
    Very poor stock control....computers manage this stuff for nothing these days !!!
    This will cost me having to buy smaller bottles and I am unemployed..:-(.................Unfortunately the government has decided that 20ml bottles will be illegal under the TPD, this comes into effect from May, so all 20ml bottles are now end of the line, we do have some new options coming that will help with the difference of not being able to buy in bulk.

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