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Menthol 50/50 eliquid
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Menthol 50/50

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    This is a sharp and refreshing e-liquid with a cool minty aftertaste. Slightly sweet and a great all day vape. This is the perfect menthol e-liquid for those new to vaping and e-cigarettes. Not too overpowering on the taste buds, this is a sharp and fresh menthol e-liquid to suit any menthol lover.

    Same great taste, same great price - now made in the UK! That's right, our ever-popular Standard range of e-liquids has switched production to the UK. All fresh batches of this e-liquid will be supplied in a 50/50 blend of PG/VG, offering the best balance of vapour, throat hit and vapour production. The original blend of 80/20 PG/VG is still available in selected SKUs while stocks last.

    With this being a fresh batch of e-liquid, giving them a good steep will help to bring out the best from the flavour.

    Available in 0mg, 6mg, 11mg and 18mg.

    All our e-liquids are batch tested in UK Labs to ensure quality, consistency and exact contents to JAC's exacting standards. Check out our Product Safety Information page for more information on JAC Safety procedures.

    Note: If you have an intolerance to PG (Propylene Glycol), we do offer a range of VG (Vegetable Glycerine) based e-liquids. For more information on allergies and PG versus VG e-liquid, visit our E-liquid Help section.

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Customer Reviews for the Menthol 50/50

  • Certainly a change - by Clifford, 17 April 2017
    I have been using the menthol vape for over 4 years and am now on this new incarnation, must admit I'm surprised at how different it tastes from the old liquid, it's much lighter in colour and much less of a throat hit, however it's a clean tasting vape and I'm sure I'll get used to it. As a life long smoker I'm fairly sure that the nicotine is really all that matters and not necessarily the taste. Will persevere with it as I have 15 bottles of it. In summary I quite like the fact that there's no real after taste and will follow the advice given to a previous reviewer and leave the top off the bottle and see if it does mature.
  • Changed supplier. Standard menthol is now disgusting. - by james, 3 April 2017
    They've changed supplier. The new stuff is honestly disgusting. I'm really annoyed because I cannot count the amount of other places I had tried and this one was always the best.

    I ordered 20 bottles. A little bit annoyed, having ordered so many that I was not given a heads up. Obviously ordering that amount it would have been nice, I could've adjusted my order.

    Second time I've spoken to their customer service and they're always brilliant.

    Ive tried their UK made e-liquid and I can't remember why, but I came back to the standard. I'll try it again but unfortunately this might be the end for me with jac vapour. ............JAC Vapour ltd: I apologise if the communication has not been effective on the introduction of our new formula. This liquid is effectively the same recipe as the older stuff, however it's now made in the UK and has moved from a PG high base to a 50/50 base, the 50/50 is now a far more preferred option as it offers the best of both worlds across most devices. The current batch of liquid is brand new, and may require a bit of steeping, so if the disgusting taste you are getting is due to a lack of flavour or maybe a slightly chemical taste, it will usually be down to steeping due to this being a new production line. If you allow the liquid to sit for a day or 2 with the top off in a warm place the flavour should mature and the liquid will darken a bit. In the meantime we are also happy to help you have another try of the pure menthol from the premium UK range if you wish,juts let customer service know and they will be happy to help.
  • Poor new UK 50/50 Menthol - by Lee, 30 March 2017
    Having been a JacVapour customer for a few years and spent £100's, I have been very happy with the standard (made i china) VG menthol - It was my no. 1 liquid for 2 years and way better than all the others I have tried (a lot). However this new UK menthol 50/50 is terrible. Probably the worst menthol I have tried yet advertised as same great taste so ordered 5 bottles (now all in the bin) - After a day or two of thinking my coils were bad, I tried a few and went through the process of wicking the coils, but the taste never gets good. Customer service is good at Jac Vapour so that's the only reason its 2*. Let me know when you get the old stuff back as I will have to shop elsewhere for now...............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Unfortunately the old stuff won't be back, liquid made in China is not possible to put through the new TPD regulations, so you'll find it pretty much all disappears from the UK and EU market. If you'd like I suggest we try you on some of our menthol options, the UK made range in particular has a very good menthol. Also this new menthol formula ingredients wise is almost identical (It uses the same recipe) but is pretty much brand new, straight from production, as it was held up going through the TPD submission process, so it may just need a bit of steeping to mature, it may be worthwhile re-trying in a few days after leaving in a warm place with the top off the bottle. PLease don't bin them, as they can be returned if unopened, and I'll get Customer service to contact you and get you a sample of alternative menthol's we provide, something may suit.
  • OK-is, but the UK made one is far better. - by Happeecow, 24 March 2017
    This is okay, but I bought this one by mistake. The UK Made Menthol is far, far better than this. Make sure you buy the UK Menthol, as this standard one has less menthol kick and a very chemical aftertaste.
  • Mediocre - by Gareth, 20 February 2017
    This is just ok. Bought for the last couple of months as the UK made alternative, which is far superior in taste, is always out of stock. What is going on JacVapour?!

    It tastes very cheap when you first start using it, but the flavour does get better when your taste buds adjust. Have had better menthol liquids from other brands..................................JAC Vapour Ltd: I apologise for the delay on the Pure Menthol, it is an issue with the upstream supplier of the ingredients, but it should now be getting back on track, this has affected quite a few of our UK made flavourings. We do still have the pure menthol flavouring in the picNIC range and the liquid should be back in stoc come this Friday.
  • Great, but not for me. - by Jonny, 18 October 2016
    Having previously smoked sterling fresh taste I thought this flavour would suit, really crisp minty taste but just a little too overpowering for me......................JAC Vapour Ltd: This is a strong menthol, we do have some mints which are lighter, but also pure menthol in the UK is a bit more tobacco based. Also if you use our picNIC range you can choose the strength of the flavour or tone it down a bit with some tobacco or another flavour. Using the picNIC is a bit like mixing a cordial drink up, you just add flavouring to your base, it's very straight forward and saves quite a bit in cost, you also get results customised to your liking. Thanks very much for the review.
  • The best - by Jackie, 22 September 2016
    Excellent flavour, nice clean and fresh with with a pleasant aftertaste.
  • Sadly not for me - by Sarah O, 6 September 2016
    I thought i would likd this one as I'd previously enjoyed the odd menthal cigarette but very very minty - too minty for me and i gave it away.
  • Mix with Mint - by Nicole, 22 August 2016
    Mix with Mint. Less harsh
  • Best menthol flavour of all - by Kevin, 14 January 2016
    This menthol flavour is one you can vape all day. It has a nice strong minty freshness taste to it that is not too overpowering.

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