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Cone for Vgo2 Manual and Auto Batteries

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Cone for Vgo2 Manual and Auto Batteries

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  • Description

    A cone for our Vgo2 Manual and Auto Batteries - This improves the look of the e-cigarette when used with the 50mm or 35mm cartomizers.

    The cone provides a great finished look to your e-cigarette, giving it a refined, sleek look. If you plan on using the Vgo with cartomizers then the short cone is perfect for the 35mm carts and the normal cone is perfect for the 50mm.

    The cone is not needed when using the Vgo batteries with Megacarts or tanks, as these have the cone design built in.

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Black Vgo2 Manual/Auto Cone

White Vgo2 Manual/Auto Cone

Stainless Steel Vgo2 Manual/Auto Cone

Black Vgo2 Manual/Auto Short Cone

White Vgo2 Manual/Auto Short Cone

Stainless Steel Vgo2 Manual/Auto Short Cone

Customer Reviews for the Cone for Vgo2 Manual and Auto Batteries

  • Looks great - by amanda, 1 December 2015
    Purchased small and large cones to use on my vgo2 battery with jac vapour matching steel carts. I think it looks much better with the cone and finishes the look. I prefer the look of the larger cone than the small one but either look better than without it at all.
  • Really nice, and for info: threading fits EGO too - by David, 15 June 2015
    Great, smart cone that looks fab when using a thicker than V3i battery, with a cartomizer. BONUS FACT: although designed for a VGO battery, the lower threading is the same as EGO, so you can use this cone with EGO batteries and 510 cartomizers.
  • Ecxellent - by Helen, 14 May 2014
    These cones are a must for using 35mm carts with tanks - they look really good.
  • Nice idea - by michelle, 11 May 2014
    I ordered both big and small cones in white, the idea is great to make the e-cig look nicer, however I've found that the large cone has become discoloured after just a couple of weeks which is disappointing as now its a creamy colour and is very obvious against the shiny white battery. The small cone I have barely used at all and that one has become marked and grainy looking I don't know why as I think I've only used it once as I don't really like the look of it. Even on the small carts I use the large cone with a mouth piece which I think looks nicer.
    Overall I do like the cones but I'm disappointed with the way they have discoloured so quickly.
  • Looks great. - by wendy, 15 March 2014
    Obviously this is a non-essential piece of kit but it does look good when fitted (and it fits perfectly. My starter kit had two batteries but only one cone so I'll be ordering another when I next order juice. I love the fact that they're colour co-ordinated and the white one perfectly matches the white of the battery. I'm thinking of buying a stainless steel one next as that would complement the white battery too.
  • Nice - by Karen, 11 February 2014
    Superb quality very happy with this product.
  • Stylish. - by Delon, 14 November 2013
    These are great for when you are out and about. The cones add a touch of ''class'' to your e-cig.
  • Not just cometic. - by RobC, 29 August 2013
    Not only do these cones look great on the VGO2, they also serve to moderate the telltale hiss when stealthing in quiet places.
  • Sleek - by Lyn, 27 July 2013
    I ordered a short cone in stainless steel to go with my Vgo2 kit in the same colour. Although not essential, it does give a more polished/finished look. I use it with a black cart and remember, a previous reviewer stating you need a sense of humour as virgin, is on the carts. Incidentally I use that brand, ( tobacco virgin) and have just noticed the short cone covers the wording. Not that I'm bothered what the wording says....I'm too happy vaping away lol But I suppose if anyone is, a cone is the way to go.
  • Great finish to vgo - by miketee, 6 July 2013
    The long cone gives a wonderful looking finish when using standard cartomisers with vgo , the short cones look good with 35mm carts

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