S-Coil MTL - 1.5Ohm box and coils
S-Coil MTL - 1.5Ohm box
S-Coil MTL - 1.5Ohm
S-Coil MTL - 1.5Ohm top down view
S-Coil MTL - 1.5Ohm side angle

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Vape S-Coil MTL - 1.5Ohm

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  • Description

    Pack of 5 replacement JAC Vapour S-Coil:

    • Vaping Coil Type - Mouth to Lung (MTL) - 1.5Ohm coils.
    • Recommended wattage range - 12-18W
    • Suitable for use with - S-17 and S-22 vapour tanks
    • Save on your e liquid & battery usage - This coil uses less e-liquid, battery and provides a cooler vapour.
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Customer Reviews for the S-Coil MTL - 1.5Ohm (JAC Vapour) 5 Pack

  • Dont buy, rubbish with B75 & S22 tank - by Gary, 15 March 2019
    I have a B Series 75. I have so far used MTL and DL 1.0 coils on this and no problems, being new to vaping I am testing them all. I purchased a pack of these 1.5 and recently put them in my S22 on my B75. All primed correctly.

    I had it in for two days, just so it could settle but I find they spit and gurgle all the time, something I have never had before on the B75 & S22.

    I have now removed the one used and put it in the bin and left with the other 4 from the pack which I will just have to use in a emergency if I run out of other coils. I would not buy these 1.5 again, spoils the vaping experience..............JAC: This coil is designed to be run at around 12-16w. If you are getting a bit or gurgling or spitting try flicking as per the instructions and see if it settles down, I use these daily with nic salts and don't seem similar issues, but it may have been a bad coil. I don't use a vv mode though, I use a fixed voltage VIM, so if you prefer the 1 ohm then I would stick with that as you can adjust the wattage to suit and the 1.5ohm at 15 watts will be very similar tot he 1.0ohm at 15 watts, as the mod is doing all the adjustment to make the output the same, so there's not any real gain if you prefer the 1.0 ohm MTL. Thanks you for the review, and if you experience problems in the others, remember you can contact customer service and they replace if you have a got a dodgy pack, but personally that has yet to happen for me, and I have have used them a long time. The one thing about the s-coils is there are lots of options, and normally one can be found that suits a user very well, particularly with the DNA 75 to make fine adjutsments, not every coil will suits every juice or use style, but there will be one that does what you're after. Thanks for the review, and sorry that you didn't like this coil.
  • good coil, made great by the vim - by Ash, 11 March 2019
    good coil with nicotine salts. Lasts around a week then needs changed, when you take them apart they are full of black stuff, so even if they went on longer, I wouldn't use them. Flavour is good, I wouldn't say the best though, I know better coils. However when coupled with the vim you have one of the best salts kits on the market, nothing else really comes close to it in terms of size and battery. So I can live with the slightly muted taste, as will anybody that's not a flavour chaser, as the practical gains of the whole vim unit far out weigh it.
  • perfect - by Lucy , 8 March 2019
    works for me
  • so long ego - by Anya, 1 March 2019
    Ego eventually died, so got an s17 and so far these coils have been far superior to anything I have used in the past. It's been 4 months and I have only really used 2 packs out of the 5 I initially bought, I probably went a bit overboard, but ego coils I had to replace every 3-4 days and these seem to be going on forever. If you are coming from an ego I suggest the s17 is perfect, I have now just got a second battery so I am never without it.
  • S17 coils are fine. - by simon, 24 February 2019
    S coils are fine. One bad coil due to lack of air holes. Easy fix using part from spent coil. Prefer 1.5 ohm to 1.0 ohm. Never had a dry hit in 18 months. Clean the tank and airflow once a week. Duh!
  • Awful in my experience - by JW, 20 February 2019
    I had a good set of coils with my first pack of these and got great flavour and a perfect draw, but the following 2 packs have been a disaster for me, they’ve gone within literally a few hours/ 1 day of priming and putting in my device, and none of the coils reached the performance of the 1st pack I had. I went through a pack of 5 coils in literally 5 days as they were so bad, had 2 hours of good vaping, then tasteless, bland vaping thereafter. .....................JAC Vapour Ltd: Please contact customer service if you have primed these coils from the top and are only getting 1 day, also a small trick is, if you get a hint of dryness in the wick loosen the topcap for 30 secs or so then tighten back up and see if that helps. The reason this can help is you will see a gap around the mouth tip, when filling if you get liquid on this, sometimes it can cause a seal which causes pressure, that in turn does not allow the coil to wick, the pressure basically holds the liquid in the tank, releasing the topfill is normally enough to get it going, and it normally only happens if the tank is a bit over filled and liquid is pushed up into the surrounding pressure release gap.
  • Useless - by Lewis, 15 February 2019
    I've been vaping a few years now and have tried many different coils, tanks and batteries. I have used PT3 V2 coils with no problems. The MTL S coils I received just will not prime; It took 2 hours yesterday to get any vapour production despite following the supplied priming instructions, It worked ok for a few hours and the stopped working alltogether. Today I tried putting more liquid into the coil, waited over an hour and absolutley no vapour at all. These are the worst coils I've ever come accross! ....................JAC: I am not entirely sure what is going on here, but please contact Customer Service and they will try and get to the bottom of this. I know you are or have moved from the SERIES-E, which has a few different principles in regards to it. For instance if you used the highest power setting on the SERIES-E you're going to want to be on the 1.0 coil, there should have been one of those in the kit, so if the period you found you enjoyed it was with the original coil, then potentially that is the issue, customer service will help you get to the bottom of it. Also make sure the coil is tightened in the tank, compared to the PT3 coils the last quarter of a turn can be stiff, so it may be a bad connection.
  • great for salts - by Josh, 11 February 2019
    Moved to this coil from the 1.0 as it was a bit too much with salts liquid which I am now using. I am happy to report I am still getting around 2 weeks use from one coil, maybe more as I kind of lose track. Secret to these coils is the same as the others, prime, prime and prime. I had issues when I first got the s17 and contacted support and they suggested dropping eliquid in the top of the coil, since then everything has been hunky dory. I now use the VIM, with these it's the perfect all day salts device, forget recharging or refilling. As a side note I love that all jacs coils can be used with all their devices, no buying new coils every time, I have bought these in bulk and actually probably won't ever need to buy a new coil again at the rate i use them. Fantastic all around
  • Not happy. - by Peter, 30 January 2019
    I'm really disappointed with these coils. Not sure what i am doing wrong but with my S22 i have been having issues with 0.70 coils so thought i would try these 1.5 with Nic Salts. I am getting no or little draw with them and making the liquid tasteless. Which coils should i be using? I have just wasted one of the 1.5 coils as i got nothing from it (possibly a dud) - should I have stayed with 1.0 or 0.70 or even the 0.5? ...................JAC Vapour Ltd: I am sorry you are having difficulty finding the right coil for yourself, each coil, changing the coil changes the characteristics of the vape, and the higher the ohm rating the less power it will produce, so a 0.7ohm coil will hit harder than a 1.5 ohm coil. The 1.5 ohm coil I'd only advice using with nicsalts, as nic salts are high nicotine, smoothed out, so basically you get the hit with a smoothed out throat hit, this allows you to use less power and not get the same harshness, that you would get using standard liquid. If you are finding the 1.5ohm coil too light with nicsalts, then you can drop to the 1.0 coil, the the 0.7ohm will not cope with nic salts (there is too much heat and it gunks up the coil very quickly). So if you are on Nicsalts, and you want more kick still, the 1.0ohm coil is the option. Nic salts always reduces coil life span, but if you prime properly (3-4 drops in the top of the coil) you should still get a week of average use from a coil. If you are still having issues, contact Customer service, and they will walk you through it. Vaping is a personal thing, and there are lots of options, so the user can adjust the system to exactly what they want, but this in turn makes it a little confusing sometimes, so it's about experimentation to fins what works for you, and customer service will help as much as you need to get it right.
  • Not impressed - by Aylie, 28 January 2019
    Slightly gutted, bought these coils as it stated they use less liquid but after 1 or 2 refills it floods constantly and just leaves me with a mouth full of liquid. Really disappointed..............JAC Vapour: Please contact Customer service as something is not right with your setup, the coil is not sealing somewhere, CS will figure it out. Thanks for the feedback.

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