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V3i Auto 180mAh Vape Batteries (65mm)

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  • Description
    • 65mm 180mAh automatic vape battery, compatible with our cartomizers and SERIES-C mini vape tanks.
    • Small cigalike design, suitable for discreet vaping and comes with a 42-day warranty.
    • Will last approximately 2 hours of use for the average vaper before needing recharged.
    • Recharge with a V3i charging cable that can be plugged straight into a USB port on a laptop or mains USB adaptor plug.
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Customer Reviews for the V3i Auto 180mAh Batteries (65mm)

  • Rubbish - by Millie, 12 April 2019
    Last battery I recieved didnt even last more then 2 months not long lasting and just rubbish to be honest far from pleased half the time it wouldn't even fire up save your money......................JAC: Please contact customer service if you have had an issue with the battery, as they are covered by a 4 month warranty, so it can be replaced for free, if for some reason it has failed.
  • Great value for money - by Sheree, 19 September 2018
    Not sure why there are so many low star reviews. The description clearly states the batteries only give approximately 2hrs of vaping between charges and my recent purchase of 2 x black, 2 x white and 2 x silver do give me approx 2hrs. I would have preferred the older and longer version of v31, however these are certainly better than nothing and much cheaper than other brands out there. Obviously I have yet to discover their total longevity, but my previous longer length versions lasted much, much longer than the expected few months. Hopefully these will be the same. So, so far so good. I do however one minor technical problem in so much as the no longer available VIP+ case will only charge 3 out of the recent 6 i bought. So for that reason only I would normally knock off a start, however they are such good value for money I have to give back tgdt star. So all in all they definitely deserve 5 stars
  • Run out very quickly - by J, 5 July 2018
    I have been using these for around two years, recently i have nothing but trouble with them. The charge seems to run out quicker but also the quality of the battery diminishes quicker than it used to. They seem to last 4-6 wks. I am fed up of contacting customer services and getting into email "tennis" to get recourse, i am far too busy to do this every time. I dont even vape at work, so its not overuse. Shall be looking for another supplier. as i do not want to use a mod or a larger tank. Disappointed...…………..JAC Vapour Ltd: Hi I have looked at the CS threads and the only thing we can do at present, is send you out some more replacement batteries and a pack of tanks, then we need to get your one of the units (battery and tank) sent back free post to test it. I understand you are busy and don't want a whole bunch of questions, so this will be the quickest way to figure out what the issue is. Customer service will send an email confirming this, and we'll see if we can figure it out, I apologise for the issues you are having with the manual batteries.
  • Very poor battery power - by Fabio, 11 June 2018
    I bought some batteries recently, series how many puffs before the battery is flat? Very disappointed, I am moving to a proper gadget and will not be seen again as a customer of Jac Vapour...………………...JAC Vapour Ltd: the V3i is a small battery at 180mah, that's the trade off for the tiny size, if you are looking for a bigger battery, we have the S17 at 900mah, s22 at 2600mah, the Tilt at upto 3000mah, the VIM at 2600mah, all offer compact form factors with big batteries. If you are within 2 weeks you can return the batteries and give another style of kit a go, but it sounds like you are looking for something bigger than a cigalike. Thanks for the review.
  • Primitive but perfect. - by Hugh, 27 May 2018
    These batteries coupled with a series C tank are my first and last love of the vaping world. In my pocket to you will always find two batteries with two different flavours in the tanks and a spare charged battery. Hides in the palm for sly toking when nobody's looking. No-one looks cool with a box or a truncheon.
  • Backwards Step - Technological Advance In Retreat - by SK, 12 March 2018
    As pretty much everyone forced BACK onto these playthings from the 78mms has stated already: WHY!!!!

    Dear JAC, the 78mms, with the v3i tank/coil combo rocked the VAP world. You just failed to market it properly/at all.

    I have impressed SO many box/truncheon owners with the taste and cloud production from these tiny devices! These are all you need if you are a mouth to lunger, as all ex smokers start out.

    2 of these would do me all day, however hard I was hitting it.

    The new ones don't make it 11am some days. That means I need to take 4! Yes FOUR to guarantee all day. Just ridiculous.

    A new experience for me now is jumping in the car to run a quick errand, only to have it go flat 5 mins later, leaving with no vap until I return. So now I have to remember take 2 whenever I go out!

    JAC I know you said the 78mm did not sell well. How many times did you include a flyer promoting it with orders like you do with EVERY ORDER? NEVER!

    I think like many 78mm users we started off with the smallest, most cig like, and worked our way up. It's a natural progression for ex smokers. But I have no desire to go box/truncheon (I have both already I don't use), I want a cig not a hosepipe!

    So here's my suggestion to the 78mm not selling well : Bring back the 78mm and drop the other 2. They are toys compared to the 78mm and all users forced to move up WILL THANK YOU once they see the cloud production and how much less they need to charge.

    Suddenly the 78mm is selling well and everybody is happy! Job done.

    Seriously, the 78mm with v3i tank coil was the best technical solution for quitting smoking available and you discontinued it; Genius..............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thank you for your feedback, and I will pass it on to the products team, I know they are working on a solution to try and make everybody happy.
  • I bought one of these a while ago because i wanted a small and handy vape pen that I could use rather than smoking at parties. They produce a solid amount of vapour and are very easy to handle, use and clean. Would definitely recommend if you're looking f - by James, 8 November 2017
    Not too shabby
  • Adios JAC Vapour :( - by David, 7 October 2017
    These batteries are multiples of times worse than the discontinued larger ones. This, coupled with the removal of the 3x full tank offering (now you can only get 1x tank and 2x coils for a ludicrous 7 quid), means I have now made my last order with this firm.

    Shame. Ruined for the same reason my last e-cig supplie was... greed > service and offering.............................JAC Vapour ltd: The 3 full tanks are more expensive at £8.99, the price has always been the same on this pack, and you can also just buy the 3 replacement coils at £5.99, the tank housing which is the expensive bit is reusable and other customers were complaining then only needed 1 housing and not a housing with every tank for £8.99, so we provided the 1 housing and 3 coils in a pack for cheaper, it does not effect the use of the product in anyway, so we have provided a cheaper product for the end user, that does not effect use or quality. I am sorry you are upset with this, and possibly I am not seeing a reason why you'd prefer us to keep the running costs higher, we have tried to do the opposite of what you are suggesting, give the customer more value and cheaper running costs without lowering product standard, plus it has the added benefit of not producing as much waste.
  • Utter disappointment - by Max, 7 September 2017
    On the site it says: "Unfortunately we are no longer carrying the 78mm versions of our V3i batteries. The 55mm and 65mm versions, however, offer the same great performance in a slightly smaller form factor."

    Well, the performance is NOT the same! The 78mm versions would last me for the whole day before needing a recharge, whereas the new 65mm version barely last 2 hours. Very disappointed..........................JAC Vapour Ltd: The performance is identical the capacity of the battery is obviously different as it is smaller than the 78mm and 180mah as opposed to the 280 mah on the 78mm, if you use the 65mm the same way you used the 78mm and that lasted you day then the 65mm will last you half a day at least. If you prefer the larger batteries then we have the SERIES-S (900mah) at roughly the same length and 5 times the capacity of the V3i, we also have the SERIES-B (3000mah) which again is the same length and capable of 10 times the capacity of the V3i, both of the larger battery options are more powerful than the V3i. If it's the prefilled carts you prefer then you can get an adapter to use the carts on both the batteries mentioned, if it's the auto switch you like then we are currently designing a new high capacity (1000mah) auto device that accepts prefilled carts as well, but it will be around 2-3 months prior to launch.
  • Ok when in stock - by Richard, 23 April 2017
    Not as good as the longer ones. Decent enough,but black ones OUT OF STOCK. Shame there's no discount any more for multibuy.

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