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USB V3i Cigalike Pass Thru - Manual Switch

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  • Description
    • 3.7v 500ma cigalike pass thru, compatible with our V3i cartomizers.
    • No charging required, just plug this into your computer while you're at work or near a USB socket and vape for as long as you want.
    • If using with a USB wall plug you will need at least 1500ma rating, our mains adapters are 500ma so they will not work at present.
    • The main USB port on your computer will work, if your computer was purchased in the last 5 years.
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Was: £9.99

Now: £5.49

Customer Reviews for the USB V3i Pass Thru - Manual Switch

  • Best vaping device - by Leon, 14 August 2019
    I think the Pass Thru is great - I use it all the time, on my desktop, and am just ordering another one for my leisure area
  • Stopped Working after 1 month - by Andrew, 10 May 2015
    I was very happy with this battery for a while. I drive a lot as part of my job so it's ideal to plug in to the USB slot in the car. The normal V3i batteries don't last an awfully long time so this is a great substitute to keep the 'mobile' batteries for when you're out-and-about.

    Then... after a month of usage the battery stopped working completely. I've tried it in different power sources and switching to new tanks but it's well and truly knackered.

    Great while it lasted but ultimately very disappointed. ..................JAC VApour: The device will still be in warranty and can be replaced free of charge if you contact customer service
  • Almost perfect, but sometimes a bit harsh - by TJ, 11 March 2015
    Perfect for home-working - you don't have to wait for your battery to charge and can vape away to your heart's content. Lovely stuff.

    The only downside is a sometimes too-harsh taste. Could this be because it's too powerful and burns the liquid out quickly?
  • Useful - by Martin, 10 January 2015
    Yes this is hard to find on the site, needs re-categorising, but it's so useful, even essential if you work at a computer or even to use in the house. I plug it into a Netbook while I'm watching telly, works a treat.
    The only drawback is the cable, it really is too stiff and makes it difficult to put it down. If it was made with a much softer cable, then it would be absolutely perfect.
  • great idea - by Leza, 16 July 2014
    I have just recieved this today and think it's such a brilliant idea. Now I can keep my batteries charged and ready for going out or work and as I spend a lot of time at home on the computer I don't have to worry about charging. It will also mean my batteries will last longer as I will only use them when I am out.
  • Works well - by Tom, 7 May 2014
    I've had this for nearly a year and it has worked perfectly the whole time. Easy to use and way better than having to faff with charging batteries. Works well with my computer and also with a USB plug I bought on amazon (with a USB extension lead for comfort).
  • Looks like an excellent item but ...... - by Helen, 4 May 2014
    I can see that this would be an excellent charger for the right person. For me though I found it too awkward to move around with so prefer normal batteries.
  • Hassle free - by wendy, 15 March 2014
    Performs like a fully charged battery all the time and if you spend a lot of time on your computer it's great, The only reason it doesn't have five stars from me is because the lead is very stiff and you do need to take care when putting it down that it doesn't spring off somewhere. The coiled section of the lead is genius but I would have preferred an entirely shorter cable for use with a laptop. I suppose it's good to have the extra length if you need to plug it into a desktop or use it plugged into the mains.
    I did, however, have trouble finding this item because of its inclusion under batteries and because it was on the second page (with the larger size batteries which many people wouldn't even bother looking). I wonder if you'd have more sales of this item if it was included in some of the starter kits or if it was listed as an accessory - I almost missed it and I was looking for one of these.
  • Works well with rebuildable Crystal tanks. - by R J, 31 January 2014
    I bought this by mistake, thinking it was compatible with the Vgo tanks, only to discover that it was designed for the carts. (The original description, now changed, was slightly misleading). However, as a cart can be used with a Vgo battery, I figured the opposite must be true! The pass-thru screws into the inner thread of the crystal tank, and it works a treat. It doesn't look particularly elegant, but then again, sucking on something which is plugged into the computer is never going to look particularly stylish anyway! I may be imagining things, but could convince myself that it doesn't quite have the "grunt" of a brand new fully-charged battery, but it doesn't lose any "grunt" over time so gives a nice consistent vape. Buying this was one of the best "mistakes" I've made in a long time!
  • Essential, but... - by Steve, 30 January 2014
    I'm a heavy vaper so having one of these is a no-brainer quite honestly. However, although the lead is suitably long for use when sitting at my PC (138cm), the cable itself is very stiff and springy, such that whenever I put it down on the desk it won't stay put and flies off onto the floor. This happens every single time I put it down, which is so annoying it's driving me nuts. Still essential for saving batteries for when you're out and about though. I want to get one to use whilst driving but am holding off until I find out what power rating it has in order to get the correct 12v/USB adaptor (any info welcome). I drive an automatic, but the thumb switch on this unit might make it inadvisable if I were in a manual.

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