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SERIES-B DNA 75W Sandstorm Kit (Pre-Order)

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    Due to massive demand, our latest batch of SERIES-B DNA 75W Vape Mod has sold out, but pre-orders are open now for the next batch due for delivery in Late April. Pre-order today for just £54.99 to ensure you get yours first. If you're ordering anything else, be sure to do so separately - otherwise we'll ship all of your lovely vaping mail together.

    Designed and engineered in the UKDesigned in the UK by our in-house engineers.
    6 month warrantyNo risk 14 day money back guarantee and industry leading six month warranty.
    Temperature controlFeatures temperature control to monitor and control the temperature of your atomiser.

    Get all of the style, and all of the performance with the SERIES-B DNA 75W. Now supplied in an updated 23mm design to accommodate some of the most popular tanks on the market, and in a stunning new Sandstorm finish.

    This starter kit includes the device itself, plus options to add our bestselling 22mm S22 TF tank (RRP £18.99), an 18650 battery, replacement coils and more.

    Select your kit options using the menus below, or find out more about this latest UK designed e cigarette.

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £54.99

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Customer Reviews for the SERIES-B DNA 75W Sandstorm Vape Mod (Pre-Order)

  • SERIES-B DNA 75W Sandstorm Mod - by Dave, 22 March 2019
    Excellent build quality, utilised with 5ml nautilus tank. Previously used pico 75w and upgraded to 85w, quality of which appears to have gone down. Wanted something with better quality and would suit bigger hands with onset of arthritis. The height of the mod and overhang give reassuring support and the weight is ideal. Operation of the mod takes a little getting used to but not a problem. Youtube is useful. Working well and pleased with the purchase.
  • High Quality Mod - by Simon, 18 March 2019
    Had this for 5-6 weeks now and I really like it. It looks great, is very well made, has a nice weight in the hand and is not too big. Control buttons are well placed and feel solid enough. The screen is fine, resolution good enough for me and easily visible in daylight. Battery compartment cover is held on with two strong magnets and only fits on one way, easy once done a couple of times, battery is a nice snug fit but is easy to remove and replace. The device is not quite ready to go out of the box as mine was set to 75W so a bit of investigation regarding best W for coil needed, nothing unexpected. I have not ventured into the software yet, something for later on maybe. All in all very impressed and happy.
  • Best mod I own - by Andrew, 1 March 2019
    Smallest DNA75 device on the market. Excellent build quality and feels great in the hand. This is easily the best mod I have ever owned.
  • Some flaws but decent quality - by Neil , 15 February 2019
    It works as you'd expect but preferred the original version. Annoyingly as you hold it normally, constantly catch the temperature control button and it changes in your hand. A real design flaw. Build seems more plastics than the original version. Still a quality item better than most other makes.
  • Excelent build quality and a great balance of size and power. - by David, 11 February 2019
    Was looking for a reliable MOD that could deliver a decent hit but wasn't the size of a breeze block and this fit the bill perfectly. The build quality is excellent and it has a reassuring feel of solidity and weight to it. The fire button is a little on the light press side but 5 quick clicks and it's locked, you can also lock off the power and temp too. I'm a heavy vaper using .4 or .5 ohm coils at around 40 watts and the battery life is pretty good plus it's really easy to swap batteries if you do run out of charge (always handle & store spare batteries with care). I have one small complaint, the temp is preset to Fahrenheit and my brain can only compute in Celsius given that's been the national standard for the last 48 years. Would it have been desperately difficult to preset the units to match the country you sell it in? That petty moan should tell you how good this MOD is. it really is the only thing that I could find wrong with it. I'm a big fan of the aspire cletio tanks but I have a habit of cracking the glass on these I figured I would give the JAC tank a go as it looked to be a well protected design. The S22 certainly looks and feels as robust as the MOD but I cant tell you how it performs as it didn't come with a coil which is a bit of a shame, I would have liked to try it out before committing to a draw full of spare coils......................JAC: Thanks for the review, and point taken about the temp settings. IN regards to the coil, there should have been a coil with the tank, it's normally fitted in the tank, if you didn't get it please contact sales@jacvapour and they'll sort you out with a pack to get you started.
  • Supa Mod - Buy Now - by Jordy, 8 February 2019
    I have only owned mine for two days, but its a brilliant piece of kit. Not only does it work as it should, the build quality is immense. Solid nice weighty feel and looks amazing especially with the black S22 tank. I am a casual vapour during the day, using MTL 1.0 coils at the moment and the pink battery is still showing 3 quarters on the display. My only issue would be, as its so solid and well made, the battery cover slightly rattles when in place, this may be for JV to investigate, especially as you can but replacements. For mine, I have just put some blue tack inside to stop the rattle. The only other minor issue is that I have a MTL 1.0 coil in and the display reads 1.07, not sure it this is an issue or within tolerance, its just a bit annoying as its all new..............JAC Vapour: Thanks for the review, the battery case should not rattle, so I would contact customer service about that, due to tolerances there is about 0.5mm at each end to allow the cover to fit, but it should be solid, it may slide the 0.5mm, but certainly not rattle. If you can I would get a video and send to CS, and they can make the call to replace the whole mod or send a new cover. In regards to the coils, the DNA is a very accurate board, and the coils have a tolerance or around 10% so you may see a 1.0 coil at 1.1 or something, if you set the wattage though the device will compensate for any variation it detects on the fly to keep power deliver the same, even although I'd doubt if a user could tell a small variation unless really perceptive. You can actually go into the software and also make other adjustments (case resistance etc. specific to your exact setup) to make it even more accurate, but the reality is you're not going to notice much unless you are keen on getting into that level of detail. Also the other thing that affects coils is use, as you use a coil the temp change varies resistance a bit, so a cold coil will read a bit differently from one that's being used, that is the basis for Temperature control, in TC coils the variation is very obvious and the board can detect the variations and adjust setting accordingly. For instance if you use the Temperature control S-coil in your tank, or one of our stainless steel turbo coils, you can switch on TC mode, you are then able to set the temp of the vape as well as the power, set correctly it can monitor for dry hits, so when a coil runs dry (runs out of juice) the coil temp spikes and the mods shuts off preventing you from burning the coil. Basically there is lots the mod can do, but it's also just great out the box, but it's all there if you want to get into tweaking things, only use TC mode with a TC compatible coil if you do decide to experiment. Thanks for the review, and glad you are enjoying the device, and questions further down the line please contact us at any time.
  • Great MOD but has a couple of minor irritations - by Lance, 6 February 2019
    Excellent MOD. Solid and easy to use.
    Only issues I have had are
    1)the power button sticks out slightly and is easily pressed in pocket or bag. Especially irritating if you forgot to lock it first. Have burnt out 3 coils because of this.
    2) when locked, there is a button combination that allows the mode to change so it goes to 75 watts when it was normally on 19 watts. Only happen twice but, again burnt out a couple of coils before realising.
  • so good I bought another - by Andrew, 17 January 2019
    like other have said, if you are looking for a compact DNA device, then there's not really another option. DNA devices tend to be big, when compared to other similar devices, and this is pretty much only the only option that is compact, and it to top it off, it's compact on the scale of any mod, not just a DNA. It basically suits me perfectly, but I would also love to see a 75c version, you can take my money right now if you do that.
  • Great MOD, get it! - by Justin, 16 January 2019
    This is a lovely piece of kit. Since I started vaping in 2013 I have always gone to JAC for my hardware. Most recently I have used the Series B Tilt for the last few years, so i was dissapointed when they discontinued it. However, as I have had the DNA for over a month I can see why. The DNA is a far superior unit, the tilt was very good, but the DNA improves on it in every way. The screen is much improved, as in daylight the tilt screen was very hard to see. The overall unit is very well built, as is expected with JAC hardware. I am most thankful they have dropped with rubber finish, though it looks and feels good, after a few months it starts to wear off, making the device look bad. No such problems with the new DNA!
  • Excellent mod - JAC Vapour have knocked it out of the park! - by Hassan, 5 January 2019
    I had a Series-B Tilt before this (which was also an awesome mod), so I expected JacVapour's high standards of quality and they did not disappoint. The DNA (Sandstorm version) feels premium to the touch, is simple for users like myself who are not necessarily interested in the finer details of vaping and just want something reliable to switch away from smoking.

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