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SERIES-B DNA 75W Sandstorm Kit

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    Designed and engineered in the UKDesigned in the UK by our in-house engineers.
    6 month warrantyNo risk 14 day money back guarantee and industry leading six month warranty.
    Temperature controlFeatures temperature control to monitor and control the temperature of your atomiser.

    For a limited time only, the slightly larger 25mm SERIES-B DNA 75W in Sandstorm is available to purchase. If the 23mm is more your thing, look out for pre-sales opening for the next back opening soon.

    Get all of the style, and all of the performance with the SERIES-B DNA 75W. Now supplied in an updated 23mm design to accommodate some of the most popular tanks on the market, and in a stunning new Sandstorm finish.

    This starter kit includes the device itself, plus options to add our bestselling 22mm S22 TF tank (RRP £18.99), an 18650 battery, replacement coils and more.

    Select your kit options using the menus below, or find out more about this latest UK designed e cigarette.

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Availability: Out of stock

As low as: £64.99

Customer Reviews for the SERIES-B DNA 75W Sandstorm Vape Mod

  • What is JAC Vapour doing to resolve batch they know had defects? - by Nancy, 31 August 2019
    In another review, you responded with: " we did have a few of the evolv screens stop working in devices and have now corrected the problem." That's great that you have corrected the problem. Are you following up with the batch sent out that HAS the problem? Because I have one that HAS the problem and before the pinching of the ribbon from the fire button problem showed up, I purchased 3 more for my stash. So, how about a follow-up JacVapour, if you already know you sent out defective mods?..............JAC Vapour: Hi Nancy, the batch of screens that were affected is running at about 3%, if any mods that do develop a screen issue we can get the screen replaced for you, we would do this, even if outside warranty. If you get the affected unit returned, we'll get it repaired and fit a new screen, just speak to customer service and they'll sort it out free of charge.

    That is interesting. Because I *did* talk to customer support and they did not say at all what you are. But, I will try again. Oh, and yet another person on e-cig forum is having the very same problem. But, fortunately for them, it happened to them within the first 2 weeks they owned it. You guys need to address this issue. At this point, it is a design problem...................JAC Vapour Ltd: Customer service will definitely get your units screen replaced if it has failed, they ask a few questions to make sure it's not been put in stealth mode, whihc also makes the screen, but once that's established as not the case, they will get the unit returned, the screen replaced and the unit sent back free of charge. It's actually the engineering team which do the repair, and I head up that team. The issue is to do with a small batch of connectors that attach the screen, and once the replacement is fitted we have had no reported recurring issues as far as I know. Our production line is also aware of the issue and has adjusted assembly to prevent it, should there be an issue with future connectors, so I am pretty certain the issue has been addressed, and should anybody experience the issue like yourself we will get it fixed free of charge.
  • Awesome mod at an affordable price - by Bice, 26 August 2019
    The device is exactly what I expected and am very happy with it. Excellent customer service and super fast shipping to Italy.
  • Nice design but seems to result in taste of burning - by Alex, 23 August 2019
    I've read a lot of the reviews and it does seem that everyone is really happy with the vape. I purchased mine earlier this year this year with the S22 tank. The design is great, really slim and stylish design. The first issue I had is the the screen stopped working therefore I had to return the Mod and purchase a cheap alternative until mine was returned to me fixed, so i was out of pocket due to it breaking. I also experience issues with the vape tasting on burning frequently. I use a MTL 1.0 Ohm COIL, soak the coil in fluid ahead of use, have low wattage (within the recommended settings) and have the settings correct (as far as i know). Despite this when using frequently it taste of burning so not brilliant, in fact my old basic model of battery produces a nicer tasting vape. The service i have received has been good but not overwhelmed by the product....................JAC Vapour: Sorry you experienced issues with the screen, we did have a few of the evolv screens stop working in devices and have now corrected the problem, so I apologise for it having affected you. In regards to the device burning the coils, that would not be something the device would do if setup correctly, for the MTL 1.0 you want to be at 10-15 watts and on power mode, so no pre-heats or TC or anything, which it is in out of the box. I have found that the Evolv devices are more accurate in their power readings so this can mean the same settings on 2 devices will not be exactly the same, a cheaper board may say it's delivering 15 watts and only be delivering 13 watts etc.
  • Preferred the old Tilt device - by Alan, 29 July 2019
    So I am probably not the target market for this device as its functionality exceeds what I need. The only thing I want from a device is to be able to change the voltage/power on it. I can understand for those who want to be able to make use of the various other functions this comes with, then this is a good device.

    Apart from it being a bit "over-engineered" for my taste I find the battery compartment to be difficult to close. The device I currently have has lost one of the magnets from the battery compartment which doesn't make it any easier.

    I also liked the tilt of the old Tilt device, it made using it easier and I thought was quite stylish. So when I eventually lose or break the current device I shall probably downgrade to the S22. - JAC Vapour: Please contact CS in regards to the magnets and they'll get it fixed or the cover replaced if it's the magnets from the cover. While I too love the Tilt, it was a bit of a marmite device, people either loved it or hated it, and I was one that loved it. I am sure we will have a new design that would be a true successor to the Tilt, hopefully next year. However although the DNA is over engineered for yourself, it also a far higher quality device, for not a lot extra cost, even if you don't use all the features, it has lots of things like added protection and board efficiency that run in the back ground, and make for a better vape. The Tilt was tiny but the DNA is still the most compact in it's category by quiet a way.
  • Second to none - by Steve, 7 July 2019
    Bought the original B three years ago. Incredible build quality and only problem has been the charging plug located on the bottom of the unit means charging involves lying the unit on its side, paint scratched off after a few months rectified by me by removing all the paint to reveal a brushed steel appearance and failure of the charging point recently necessitating out of unit battery charging, not a problem. Otherwise the unit works perfectly which means my depeciation cost is £20 a year or 6 pence per day.

    New B + points.
    *Charging point on front of unit enabling charging whilst unit standing on table top.
    *Clearer, larger display great for those with failing faculties like me who can read it and for young users to look cool in front of friends
    *Easy to remove battery cover for out of unit charging
    *Bigger, high quality buttons for smoother operations
    *Great in the hand. Feels snug. Can be covered by palm if desired. Great to look at. Great weight. Feels quality (although on time will tell)

    New B - points
    *Bigger and heavier than old B
    *Ergonomics. Old B has head angled at 20 degrees allowing use without tilting your head like a parrot or holding unit at an angle that makes you look like you're playing a trumpet. New B doesn't have this but then no other mod I've seen has it either.
    *Coolness. Old Bs angled head is unlike any other mod I've seen so it is so "alternative".

    At the end of the day the new B is as far as I can see the best quality/cost unit available with second to none customer service from the most reputable supplier in the sector so I had to buy it. Well done Jac.
  • I’m hooked on Jac Vapour - by Derek, 1 July 2019
    I tried a vaporiser many years ago and used it twice, since I got this Vape on Friday, it’s hardly been out my hands. It has a great quality feel to it and is very easy to use (even for a novice like myself). I love using it and so glad I went for the Jac Vapour after extensive research. I’ve also found the team at Jac vapour very customer centric, they provided me with service above and beyond, especially Bryn and Matt. Thank you gents. ...........JAC : Glad you are enjoying the device and I'll pass on the feedback to Matt and Bryn.
  • If you're looking for a powerful TC mod but don't want a brick then buy this now. - by Mark, 22 June 2019
    This mod is simply the best! I must admit i'm no expert when it comes to mods but i knew what i wanted and that was a slimmer mod to the ones currently on the market as i can't abide carrying a brick around in my hand. I still wanted the power and TC option and thought i was asking for too much to be incorporated into such a slim design so i did what most people do these days and just googled best mods ecigs and this one came up in the top 3. I fell in love with it as soon as i saw it. The engineering design that's gone into it is simply amazing. It just oozes class . it looks and feels stunning with a nice weight to it in your hand. It's well worth the money. I would've paid more for it to be honest. Jacvapour your rivals must be seething and i imagine their R&D department have been pulling their hair out trying to work out how you did it haha.
  • Great for MTL - by PottsyTSOB, 20 June 2019
    Really well made mod with a very good chip. I mainly vape MTL using temperature control and this device with the DNA 75 chip is perfect for me. My MTL tanks fit perfectly on this and 75W is more than I'll ever use with any of them. Really good sized device you can stick in your pocket when out and about.
  • Excellent device - by cru //D5C//, 15 June 2019
    Probably my favorite vape... Small, sleek, great chip. Please make some more black ones!
  • Good - by Nexus, 14 June 2019
    Great Mod with great functionality, design and durability. Goes extremely well with the Wasp Nano Tank.

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