If you favour a cigalike device over a larger vape pen or box mod kit, you'll love our range of pre-filled and blank cartomizers. Prefer to keep an eye on your e-liquid level? Check out our SERIES-C V4 tanks instead.

Cartomizers are made up of wadding and a length of wicking material which feeds e-liquid to an atomiser. The cartomizer screws onto the battery to create the completed e cigarette.

JAC Vapour cartomizers are fitted with a KR-808 connection, making them suitable for use with our V3i or Vgo2 808 range of batteries.

JAC Vapour also offer a wide range of high quality vape tanks which are ideal for users who prefer a tank system over a cartomizer.

Note: Our cartomizers are fitted with a KR-808 connection making them incompatible with our JAC 510 (510 connection) range.

For product support, please visit our Cartomizer Help Section.