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5 x Blank Cartomizers 35mm

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    A pack of 5 blank long-lasting 35mm e-cigarette cartomisers.

    • These carts are supplied empty ready to be filled with the e-liquid of your choice.
    • Available in two stylish colours - black and white. *Please note we will be moving to black only in the coming weeks.
    • Our standard 35mm carts have an 808 connection, and are suitable for use with our range of V3i and Vgo2 batteries. An adapter is available in order to make them compatible with the JAC vapour 510 range of batteries if necessary.
    • All JAC Vapour cartomisers can be refilled approximately 10 times before they will need replaced.
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Customer Reviews for the 5 x Blank Cartomizers 35mm

  • Production quality erratic. - by George, 17 February 2020
    Does the job but unfortunately you can get more than a few duds at times. Not uncommon to get two duds from a five pack. However, good ones last a while. Practically the only supplier still doing these so little choice..........JAC Vapour: Thanks for the feedback, we monitor any issues, and if you have 2 duds per packet that is unusual, so I would contact customer service, they will be able to help and replace any duds. Currently after checking logs we only have 1 similar report in the last 3 months, and that may be yourself if you have already contacted customer service. My guess would be to check the battery, is that older than 6 months? As it is more likely to be a connection problem than a cart issue, if you are seeing carts juts not firing. Customer service will help with all this and get to the bottom of the issue for you.
  • Shame... ! - by Bill, 18 September 2019
    Usually quite reliable. Unfortunately these have now been out of stock for so long I guess they have been discontinued. Which is a shame................JAC Vapour Ltd: The product is being re-stocked, unfortunately our production line made a mistake with the last batch, and they made the batch as low resistance, there is actually only a 0.2ohm difference in resistance they are 2.2-2.4 instead of the standard ones which are 2.4-2.5, you may not even notice a difference, we had in fact stopped stocking the low resistance ones as the difference was so little, however now we have put them back in stock until the new production of the standard ones finish. The low resistance blank carts can be found here: https://www.jacvapour.com/35mm-empty-low-resistance-5-pack
  • They've stopped working!! - by Richard, 5 April 2019
    Dont know what's going on here, but 8 out of the last 10 carts I've tried haven't worked. I've gone through 7 tonight!! Only 2 out of the last packet worked and got a delivery today where none of them worked at all!! Tried 3 different batteries, different liquids and even went back to the cart that was about to go in the bin (and still works!).....................JAC Vapour Ltd: Please contact CS, I think this is unlikely to be a cart issue, it will no doubt be a connector on the battery, it may have been pushed in a bit and not making proper contact with carts. if you speak to CS they will get to the bottom of it, and replace anything that needs replacing.
  • Great way to replace that smoking effect. - by Gary, 26 September 2017
    I moved form the pre-filled carts to these back in 2013 to see if I could continue to stay off the fags and spend as little money as possible! Did the job for me & my family, little mess and usually lasted me about 3 weeks when refilling every 2 days. Great stuff and good to see them still going.
  • Disappointed - by jo , 3 July 2017
    Having ordered these after the low resistence were out of stock i have to agree with the other reviews. The quality has really fallen and i do not want to go back to these. The burnt taste is almost instant with these now which i do not get with the low resistance carts. I cant help feeling that Jac vapour as a whole has really dropped in quality and i have started to try out other brands, im so disappointed as I started with Jac vapour 4 years ago and have never been tempted to go else where until now! Come on Jac vapour!!...............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thank you for review, and I can say nothing has changed with the design, it's still identical and produced by the same manufacturing line, we have tested carts here and can't replicate the issue ourselves. If you contact, customer service, they will replace any carts, and if you want you can also try the newer V4 tank, as you may find this is better, most customers do, plus it's low resistance. Thanks for the review.
  • very nice to use - by Neville, 5 March 2017
    these blank caets arevery good and they make your liquid taste nice has well.
  • Must Buy - by Ria, 18 November 2016
    Great product! I love being able to have my own flavours- It keeps me interested in my Jacvapour. There a big range of flavours to chose from, the cartomisers have the ideal drag-force when using them which make them feel like a real cigarette, and I love that I can use different coloured bungs to keep my flavours seperate.
  • Quality issue. - by Graham, 29 October 2016
    I have been using these carts for years and years, and have always returned to them as my standard vape after trying various mods/tanks.
    They were excellent, but the last batch I bought have performed poorly; they don't last nearly as long as they used to (some gave up after 2 fills), and the hit/vapour is often reduced. I really hope that this is some sort of manufacturing "glitch" - I seriously don't want to have to find another product.
    Come on Jacvapour - there is definitely a problem with these carts - this should be the five star product we know and love!...........................JAC Vapour: Please contact support and they will replace any duff carts for you, if something goes wrong in production it tends to affect quite a bit in the pack, as they are made one after another, so this could explain a few duffs, and it does occur in mass production, we will replace for free though.
  • Drop in quality? Previous customer review. - by NICOLA, 15 September 2016
    I have to agree with Julie that there appears to have been a change in the performance of these cartridges. I know it's not the batteries as I swapped them all for new ones thinking this may be the reason, but no change. The cartridges do not seem to last as long with the hit going acrid sometimes within a day and I used to get a week out of them. I have even had a couple where there was something wrong with the thread and they wouldn't screw onto the battery. I haven't changed anything else, if the make up of the eliquid has changed in any way that may affect their performance - I wouldn't know..........JAC Vapour Ltd: The design has definitely not changed, we have taken various random samples apart and they are the same, we have also tested at our end, in fact I did the testing myself and I'm unable to re-create the issue, we will keep an eye on things though, and if you have any bad carts let customer service know and they will replace them. It could be a hiccup in the production line, but I was unable to find an issue when selecting 5 random packs from the batch.
  • Drop in Quality? - by Julie, 24 August 2016
    Ok so I have been using these filters since 2013 and never had a problem with the quality, over the last two lots I have bought they seem different, I am not getting the same hit, and they have not lasted as long. I am not sure of the reason for this apart from it being down to the quality? Sadly I am wary of buying more and wasting my money.........................JAC Vapour Ltd: the design has not been changed in anyway, are your batteries getting old or are they under 6 months old? If you're batteries are not old, then may be you've just been unlucky, but I doubt it would happen with 2 different lots, and we've had no other reports along the same lines. I've also juts had a test of some myself from the latest batch and they are performing as normal. If you do feel they have under performed please contact customer service and they will replace any that have failed. First thing to check though is any other changes (if any) in the kit, like a new battery or a different charger maybe even a change of eliquid flavour, if nothing else has changed then we can look at the carts.

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