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5 x 35mm Cartomizers Prefilled with Tobacco

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  • Description

    5 refillable cartomizers prefilled with JAC Vapour's standard Tobacco flavour e-liquid.

    Not too harsh, with a little sweetness that lifts the overall flavour. A great starting point for new vapers. Ideal for those used to smoking most brands of UK tobacco.

    • Cartomizers can be refilled up to around 10 times on average before they will need to be replaced.
    • Pre-filled with 50% PG, 50% VG.
    • Available in 4 strengths (0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg), and two colours (black or white).
    • Suitable for use with our range of V3i batteries.

    Check out our Product Safety Information page for more information on JAC Safety procedures.

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Customer Reviews for the 5 x 35mm Cartomizers Prefilled with Tobacco

  • The first pack of carts that I ever bought was these tobacco-flavoured ones. The first two from the packet as well as the last were very tasty, but the other two were hurrendous to the point that I couldn't finish them. I just bought a new battery and so - by James, 8 November 2017
    Inconsistent..................................JAC Vapour Ltd: If you have problems with any carts please contact customer service and they will replace them for you.
  • Excellent product that seems to be going down hill. - by Chel32, 24 May 2017
    Been a customer for a few years now and loved the product until recently. Its interesting to here others are having the same problems, pre-filled carts running out very quickly, Rapid tracked delivery....never rapid! my last batch of carts had tinged brown rubber bungs. I have recently converted a family member to this product and can only hope it gets better. I must say though, Tomas from customer service is always very helpful.
  • What's happened to the quality of these? - by Helen, 17 February 2017
    Interested to read that others are having problems with the prefilled carts. I have noticed this for a few months. I have used them for two years happily but would definitely agree that there seem to be more and more "duff" ones in a pack now.
  • Erh ... - by Tony, 4 January 2017
    I really love the taste! Better than any other vaping cartomiser by far! However there a couple of niggles with Jacvapour:
    1. After taking 2.5 puffs off each cartomiser, they run out of liquid! They NEVER used to be this bad! I think the owner is trying to maximise profit but is forgetting that a bad quality product will never make you rich!
    2. Customer Service is abysmal!! I have contacted Customer Service countless times yet they NEVER answer!
    3. The rapid delivery is a rip off. Everytime I have selected the rapid delivery option, I NEVER get my order within 24-48 hours!............................JAC Vapour Ltd: I have passed this to customer service to see what is happening. They will contact you directly to get this sorted as it should not happen, I am sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Problems, problems. - by JO, 28 December 2016
    Bought five packs and they have ALL been duff. Taste slightly metallic and/or of white spirit, get hot very quickly and then taste burnt. Refilling no good as they taste so bad and the liquid pours through, like the packing is too tight (I know how to refill, been doing it for 5 years). Have had a few bad packs in the past but this is so disappointing. Reported to customer services and awaiting their response. (Also used new batteries so not a problem with these)......................JAC Vapour Ltd: I am sorry you are having issues and customer service will get this sorted out for you, these should be relatively straight forward things, so I'm very sorry about this and we'll get this fixed.
  • Consistently Excellent Customer Support. - by Lon, 9 December 2016
    I've been using these cartomisers for a long while and would recommend them for quality and taste. Recently I had a minor issue over one packet and contacted JACVAPOUR Customer Services. As always they were excellent; quick to respond and the issue was resolved immediately. I only wish that all Customer Support was as great and stress-free as JV. (I do not work for them; just a very happy customer!)
  • Very hit and miss! - by Angie, 18 November 2016
    These pre-filled cartomisers are very hit and miss. I recently ordered a pack of 10 which isn't cheap and am finding that at least 2-3 out of every pack have ones that taste absolutely vile! It's that taste you get when they need replacing. I find this odd because they have only just been opened and are meant to be new. I only have 2 packs left out of the 10 I ordered because nearly half of them, I had to discard. Customer service has been brilliant and they sent me 2 new packs at no cost but, I am still having the same issues. I don't understand how the taste can vary so differently when they are from the same pack and flavour. I love the ones that taste like they should do and not the ones that are disgusting and unusable. I am also using brand new batteries with these so, I know it's not them that's causing the issue. I am also having issues with my portable charger which, when it works, is fantastic and so convenient. For some reason, it only chargers some of my batteries and not the others. Out of the 2 brand new ones I just bought, it only chargers one. Weird. Guess I'll have to try a different tobacco flavour and hope for the best! Am a wee bit reluctant to as it's not cheap! Can't fault your customer service though... second to none!..................JAC Vapour Ltd: obviously we sell a lot of these carts and on checking random packs we ca't replicate the problem, is the issue present on all batteries you have, I am just trying to rule out a battery issue, also may be we could get one of your batteries and a pack carts back (we'll send out replacements first, and then we can try and replicate the problem at our end. I'll pass this onto to CS.
  • very good!!! - by Avi, 27 January 2016
    got them today for the first time. i like them a lot and i think the taste is very very good. i recommend these!!!
  • Don't overdo on the refilling! - by Bill, 3 October 2015
    These are usually very reliable carts but I would recommend no more than 20 drops of liquid to refill.
  • Excellent Customer Service - by loncello, 19 September 2015
    Many thanks for responding to my gripe! And for offering a possible solution i.e. the series C mini tank. I'll probably try it and hopefully it'll solve the issue.

    I've been a customer of yours for a long time and always receive brilliant customer support; it's much appreciated.

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