Cartomizers Prefilled with Tobacco Reds USA eliquid

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5 x 35mm Cartomizers Prefilled with Tobacco Reds USA

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  • Description

    A pack of 5 prefilled refillable long-lasting cartomizers each containing the JAC Vapour Tobacco Reds USA e-liquid.

    A little smokier than our standard Tobacco flavoured e-liquid and carts, they still have a slightly sweet note. Ideal for those more used to smoking popular American tobaccos.

    • Cartomizers can be refilled up to around 10 times on average before they will need to be replaced.
    • Pre-filled with 50% PG, 50% VG.
    • Available in 4 strengths (0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg), and two colours (black or white).
    • Suitable for use with our range of V3i batteries.

    Check out our Product Safety Information page for more information on JAC Safety procedures.

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Tobacco Reds USA - zero - 0mg (white)

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Now: £2.99

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Tobacco Reds USA - low - 6mg (white)

Was: £6.59

Now: £3.99

Out of stock

Tobacco Reds USA - medium - 12mg (white)

Was: £6.59

Now: £2.99

Out of stock

Tobacco Reds USA - low - 6mg (black)

Tobacco Reds USA - medium - 12mg (black)

Tobacco Reds USA - high - 18mg (black)

Customer Reviews for the 5 x 35mm Cartomizers Prefilled with Tobacco Reds USA

  • Top stuff - by Chiefette , 25 January 2018
    I used to buy the red flavour but I now use the gold in this one it goes find!!
  • Excellent - by Chiefette , 25 January 2018
    The best flavour of all the tobacco group. Would recommend!!!!!
  • Updated review - better than they were - by Smithy , 3 January 2018
    I thought I should update my review after my last one just after the change. They have improved still missing the previous sweetness and smell less pungent. Not what they were but still better than any alternative I have found. Whilst I like the price drop I am concerned about what this means for the future? .....................JAC Vapour Ltd: We have no plans to stop the V3i range, we did trim some of the products that didn't sell well, so that the focus is now on the core products with a good sized user base, we are actually also working on a few new liquids for the range as well, so don't worry about the future. I would suggest experimenting with the V4 mini tanks on the V3i if you have not already done so, you may find them a pleasant surprise.
  • Not for me - by James, 20 December 2017
    If this is your type of flavour, you'll probably love them. I, on the other hand, picked up a pack because they were on sale and I hated them. Horrible taste and an even worse smell.
  • Got me off smoking - by Gary, 26 September 2017
    These helped me stop smoking for good some 4/5 years ago so respect to them for that. I used with the V1P PCC kit which was also very nice, the carts lasted me around 4-5 days and satisfied the smoking habit for both my hands and throat.
  • Not what they were taste wise and prepare to stink out the place! - by Smithy , 6 August 2017
    I use the previous version of these for 3 years plus and found nothing as good (though the eliquid has never had the same taste). The recent change has not been a good one, the sweetness has gone and they now have a terrible strong smell. So much so I have having to unwrap them and leave them in a bowl for a few days (which stinks out the room) in order to make them bearable. Frankly as soon as I can find an alternative I won't be buying them anymore and yes I have contacted customer services but the response gave me no hope that they plan to actually address it. Bad form Jacvapour.
  • A good quality and good value for money product from JAC - by Mark, 17 October 2016
    This doesn't taste much like tobacco to me (maybe I'm just used to UK tobacco not US), however I still love it! It has a sweet taste, but not as sweet and sickly as some competitive products, that makes it a nice change from standard tobacco products. Using easily refillable carts is also a great touch from Jac, it's very east to buy an extra bottle of liquid and refill the carts saving a few pounds. As with all carts the number of refills you can get away with varies, but if you get 2 or 3 it's a good saving.

    As always a good quality and good value for money product from JAC......................JAC Vapour Ltd: if you get the chance and are happy refilling, I suggest trying the UK made Real Tobacco Lite flavour if you are looking for a real cigarette taste, the UK made liquids use tobacco extract and taste far more realistic, do not mistake the lite version for the non-lite Real Tobacco as that is very strong . Thanks very much for the review.
  • Just Class - by Gaz, 28 April 2015
    Used to smoke lucky strike red (paper packet) and this has got to be the closest out there. 18mg

    Just Fantastic.

    Enough said
  • lovely flavour - by Neil , 27 February 2015
    Just bought these pre filled and am delighted by the taste. Much much better than original tobacco flavour. Think I will up to 24 as 18 tastes a little mild to me as was used to stronger smokes. Woody and smoky flavour. Reminds me of green smokes red label. Very happy.
  • Tobbaco Reds Flavour - Great! - by Jay, 17 February 2015
    Very good flavour, was initially a bit hesitant but now know I didn't need to worry. very happy

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