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Contents of the Basic E Cig Starter Kit including cigalikes
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Basic E Cigarette Starter Kit

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  • Description
    • The V3i Cigalike Starter Kit is ideal for beginners or those who are currently light to moderate smokers.
    • New vapers will find this kit easy to use and to set up with the prefilled cartomizer simply screwing straight on to the device, allowing you to vape in seconds.
    • This cigalike design is also perfect for those wanting to use a compact, discreet device that does not produce large plumes of vapour.
    • Comes with an extra battery, so you can always carry a spare on the go.

    You can customize the options for this kit in the dropdown menus below to create a kit that’s tailored to your needs.

    This kit is supplied with the following:

    • 2x V3i automatic 65mm batteries
    • The battery comes with a blue tip by default, but you can also choose alternative colour tips from the options to customize the look and glow of the light at the end of the battery.
    • 1x pack of prefilled cartomizers of your choice, available in our popular tobacco or menthol flavours and 0mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg nicotine strengths. Please be sure to pick the correct strength from the dropdown options.
    • If selecting cartomizers, you can also pick additional coloured mouth bungs. The cartomizers are supplied with white bungs as standard, but using different coloured bungs allows you to mark the flavour of each cartomizer.
    • Alternatively, if you would prefer a tank rather than cartomizers, select the SERIES-C Mini tank pack. This comes with one tank and x2 replacement coils. Please remember to pick up some e-liquid to fill these with as they do not come prefilled like the cartomizers.
    • 1x USB charging cable that can be plugged straight into a USB port on a laptop or a mains USB adaptor plug for ease of charging.

    Not quite what you're looking for? Don't forget to check out our other vape starter kits too!

    Need help making up your mind? Drop our friendly customer service team a line and they'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

    Not sure what e cigarette is right for you? Read our e cigarette 2020 guide.

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £29.99

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Price as configured: £29.99

Customer Reviews for the V3i Cigalike Basic Starter Kit

  • Manual Batteries: AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE - by R, 19 July 2019
    I've been using Jac V3s for years (alongside all sorts of other kit!) - and I've got through a fair number of batteries over that time (some lost, some exhausted). The best thing about them is that you don't need a hand to hold them, it's just small and light enough to grip in your teeth when you're doing other things. This is why I'm shocked and disappointed that Jac is not only out of stock (still) but is pushing the manual batteries instead. The manual batteries are fiddly and annoying, and you might as well get a VIM or similar. It's a real shame I'm having to look at other providers of V3 auto batteries after over 6 years with Jac. Take my advice and DO NOT BUY this kit with manual batteries: it is not the Ecig experience you are looking for.........JAC Vapour: The manual batteries are unfortunately all we have in stock at present, our new shipment of V3i auto will arrive in the second week of August. The manual ones are on at a heavily reduced price at the moment to tide people over for the time we are short of stock, if you find they don't suit, you can return them under the normal 2 week return policy. Thanks for the review and sorry they did not suit.
  • Best you can get in the EU - by Dominik, 27 May 2019
    In this day and age it's really hard to find a cigalike, due to the reputation of providing "little vape" and "too weak" for the cloudchaser kids. I didn't want to go to my favourite social gathering and look like I was sucking on a marker, let alone carry something very bulky in my pocket and worry if the darn thing will activate in my pocket as I'm walking around. I have been using this kit for well over a few months right now and they're superb. After buying this kit I haven't gone back to smoking regular cigarettes ever again. If you're a light to medium smoker like me, you'll have no worries with battery life as I easily went throughout the entire day with only one battery and one cartomizer. The build quality is top notch, aesthetically you'll never get weird looks while you're out and about and charging is relatively fast, so even if you go through the one battery as long as you have something with a USB port you'll be fine. My only gripe is that there's no case on offer for cigalikes from JAC, meaning you'll have to buy a third party case.
  • Feels quite drying on throat - by Mm, 5 November 2018
    Kind of gutted with this after every puff I'm left with a dry throat (I got the pack of prefilled cartomisers with it)dont know if the tank sort would be any better as Im new to vaping after smoking for 10 years plus. Been using it 5 days and havent wanted a cig so for that reason alone i give it a 5 and customer service have been great too. Just wish it wasnt so dry on the throat.......JAC Vapour: PG is a dehydrator, it basically draws moisture from you, and this is what can cause an irritation for some people. It's quite common for this reaction, and it's why many people use liquids with a higher percentage of VG. First off I would try making sure you drink plenty of fluids while vaping, this can help people get through the adjustment phase. If you still then find you are experiencing the issue, it's better to move to a VG dominant liquid. if you look in our store all the premium range liquids come in VG and PG, so I would suggest re-filling your cart (they can be refilled around 7 times) with a VG option of the flavour you like. VG is a lot smoother, and it provides more vapour, but the downside is, the flavour will be a little more muted, and the hit will also be less, so it's a kind of balance. VG is also thicker so it can gunk up carts quicker (they don't last as long) hence tanks can be a better options for VG. All elqiuid is a balance of the properties of PG and VG, our PG dominant ones are 70% PG and 30% VG, and our VG dominant ones are 70%VG and 30%PG, the carts are 50/50. it that fails then there are other options like nicsalts, and customer service can walk you though getting sorted with your preference. The advantages of ecigs is you can tweak them, but the downside is it can be a bit confusing for a new customer, so don't worry about asking us about any and all things you are not sure of, we've all been there ourselves. So please contact CS, either by phone, chat or email, and they'll help you.
  • Good for a sordid affair! - by Simon, 11 June 2018
    I guess I have been spoilt. I got the S22 tilt before this and got some of these as they are great for tucking away whilst out on a bike ride. The truth is, these are great for that. Now you can keep fit and blow smoke!

    However I have got rather to used to the billowing smoke of the S22. I am now a direct to lung vaper now, and so for me these are relegated to the back-pack. But I will say for biking (and I guess) handbag fodder these are ideal.

    They do last well, you can refill them several times (which saves a fortune on those pre-filled ones) and the battery last long enough for an afternoon out. They also do taste good. The cherry ones especially remind me of those old 10p 'Cherry Brandy' ice lollies you used to buy when you lick your lips afterwards. So these are good.

    For the serious vaper though, I would go for a box mod if you are looking for a full time vape. Get this though if you are new to vaping or want a part time 'affair'. They really are that much cheaper to run than your usual off the shelf variety.

    One improvement - make the rubber tips tighter so they do not fall into the tips so easily. I just cannot help fishing them out when they 'pop' in...…………………….JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the feedback, if you are looking for a high performing small mod, check out the VIM it's available to current customers early at the moment, so not on general release but it might suit the back pack better.
  • I would recommend skipping these and upgrading to an S-22 (haven't used S-17 but i believe the only difference is battery life). Its a little more expensive up front but cheaper in the long run, as well as being a very simple to use/maintain and a much be - by julia, 9 May 2018
    I switched to these from using pre filled one-use cartomisers. These refillable cartridges were considerable cheaper, however the design/components need alot of improvement. The soft rubber ends make refilling very easy, but this is itself a problem, as they tend to either slip inside the cartomiser end (which you then can't get out without a pen etc.) or they come off all together (usually when taking the e-cig out of a pocket or bag).

    I didn't get as much life out of each cartomiser as I would have wanted. But considering how much I was spending before it was still a big improvement for me.

    I was happy with the batteries/charger and liked the changable led tips.
  • Old Vaper, struggling with Pneumonia - by Kate, 25 July 2017
    I vaped for about 5 years previously, normally on mech mods, high end equipment. Two bouts of pneumonia left me unable to use my normal kit, or even very basic pen kits. I was smoking again as this didn't make me cough as near as much, so I decided I needed to go back to a cigalike, and I wanted one I could refill with my own juice. I knew jacvapour had an excellent reputation in the community, and when I saw they did a refillable tank with the starter kit my mind was made up. It arrived two days ago, and it's exactly what I needed. Not too much vapour so my poor lungs can keep up, and the kit feels very well made. Not much bigger than a cigarette, about the same amount of vapour and a good hit. I'm very happy with my purchase, and my partner who has never been into vaping is up for trying a kit out himself. Hopefully this will get me back of the cigarettes, and get him off them too.................JAC Vapour Ltd: I am glad it's working for you, I actually started vaping due to lung issues, I have very mild borderline COPD, and I find high powered setups are too much for me, what I have found is I can use pretty much any mouth to lung setup with low nic at 6mg and if I use the pure VG base in picNIC, so it maybe something to explore. If you have lung issues this may help, but be very careful carrying on smoking, smoking just masks things, due to cough suppressants, while things get worse. I am glad this is working for you currently, and I hope you manage to stay off the real ones and allow your lungs to heal.
  • Wow! - by Sharon, 3 December 2015
    Well, totally surprised on how good this starter pack is. Recieved it 2 weeks ago and have not had a ciggarette since! Easy to use as a newbie to vaping and already looking for an upgrade which has longer battery life ( these lasted me a day before needing to be charged, but not an issue as you get 2). I had menthol carts 18mg which seem to suit me after smoking 15/20 Embassy number 1 ciggs a day. Highly reccomend the strawberry chew e juice too... yum! :0) Excellent customer service and products mean i am now a loyal customer..................JAC Vapour Ltd: If you are looking for an upgrade I suggest you go for the series C tanks to add to what you have at present, these are a good introduction to bottom coil tanks and allow you to see the difference between a tank and a cart, if you then prefer the tanks and are used to working with them, then moving onto and ego, SERIES-E or even the SERIES-B are relatively easy as its basically the same principle. Normally people take a few months to get used to vaping and be comfortable moving to a larger device, the larger devices also tend to be manual, this may seem like a step backward from the auto V3i, but having more control is actually a lot better, and this is possible with a manual switch.
  • Basic Kit - Excellent - by Gill, 27 September 2015
    Ordered basic starter kit Thursday and arrived Saturday. Impressed with quality product and also packaging. Have been using for last day and a half and haven't smoked any normal cigs in that time. Considering I have smoked for nearly 50 years that is pretty amazing! Only problem is the tobacco flavour I chose is a little strong so have ordered another. Extremely impressed with this product and also the excellent customer service. Thanks Jac vapour.
  • Excellent e-cigarette - by Stephen, 24 August 2015
    Have tried many e-cigarettes over the last few years and JAC's v3I kit is the best by a long way for performance, flexibility and value for money!
  • Excellent value - by Steven, 15 July 2014
    Very good value considering it comes with 2 batteries and a whole lot of options!

    Great throat kick, taste and vapour on the cartridges, just a shame im stuck with only tobacco flavour until my next pay day in 2 weeks.

    A case would be nice even if it is just a basic cigarette sized cardboard one.

    My only 2 faults are that the starter pack doesn't include a variety flavour 5 pack of cartridges option and that the bungs (including the carts default one) occasionally sink into the cart.

    Other than that. excellent price for excellent kit.

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