What are Nic Salts and are they for me?

What are Nic Salts and are they for me?

Published by Matt Brown on 15th Sep 2022

If you've been vaping for a while, or even if you've just switched this January (welcome!), you may have come across e-liquids made using Nic Salts. But what are they, and could they be right for you?

First, a quick primer for new vapers.

What do e-liquids actually contain?

All e-liquids are typically made up of just a handful of ingredients. They will, of course, contain flavourings, and usually some mix of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). For more on what these are and what they do, check out our previous blog post.

The other key ingredient in almost all e-liquids is nicotine (with the obvious exception of nicotine-free, or 0mg e-liquids for those who have stepped down completely), and it's this ingredient that we're interested in today.

If you think back to when you were smoking tobacco, or even if you're still smoking today, you may not have realised it but the nicotine 'hit' you receive from smoking a cigarette is near-enough immediate, satisfying cravings almost instantly.

Now, the nicotine found in conventional e-liquid is what's known as 'freebase nicotine' and while it will satisfy those cravings in the same way, its effect is much more cumulative, and isn't as fast-acting. In fact, this delayed 'hit' is among the common sources of dissatisfaction many new users cite with vaping. And that's where Nic Salts come in.

So, what's the advantage of Nic Salts?

Nic Salt e-liquids are manufactured using the natural nicotine salts which can be found in tobacco leaves, which means a much smoother, purer form of nicotine compared with the more traditional freebase variety.

Their chemistry means that they are far more rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, resulting in much faster and effective satisfaction from cravings.

Nic Salts are naturally much smoother, even at higher strengths, which means that they produce less of the harsh throat hit which many users associate with vaping, which is ideal for new users making the switch for the first time.

What those advantages mean in practice, however, is that the user is able to more closely replicate their existing habit which in turn means it's even easier to switch to vaping. This fast-acting relief from cravings, combined with a smoother overall vape adds up to an easy to use option that's particularly suited for new vapers.

Who are they for then?

In truth, Nic Salts are ideal for all kinds of vapers.

For brand new users moving to vaping for the first time, they provide the familiarity and immediate effectiveness that will make switching so much easier.

For anyone who is looking for a quick, satisfying vape to help deal with any cravings (for instance those who may only get a short break at work, or lack the time or opportunity to vape throughout the day), Nic Salts are the perfect solution.

And for Mouth to Lung vapers who enjoy shorter vaping sessions, they will really see a benefit although, for those who prefer to chain vape or cloud chase, the potent 'hit' provided by Nic Salts may be a little too much to enjoy comfortably.

How can I get some?

You're in luck as here at JAC we have not just one, but two different ways to try out Nic Salts for yourself.

First up we've rounded out our bestselling picNIC range with a new selection of Nic Salt bases which can be purchased as part of our 50ml Quick Mix bundles, and as an option in our Short Fill Deconstructed range with a huge choice of 45+ different flavours.

But we've also made is super-simple with our range of SMOKING e-liquids. Designed to offer the most authentic flavour and performance possible from an e-liquid, SMOKING is available in 2 flavours - UK Tobacco and Tobacco Menthol.

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