Vaping in 2018 - The Year Ahead at JAC

Published by Matt Brown on 10th Jan 2018

If 2017 was a year of adjustment, regulation and reassessment, 2018 promises to be a year of reinvention and development.

Hopefully you’ve already caught Neil’s recent post looking back at 2017 (and very good it is too), but we’re not interested in looking backwards here at JAC. What interests us more than anything is what lies ahead, and 2018 is sure to be a big year.

2018 will see our 8th birthday, and probably the busiest year for development and growth we’ve seen yet.

We’ve already set the wheels in motion for a brand new product family which we’re particularly excited about. While we can’t share much right now, it’s something we’ve been working on for some time and is due out in time for spring. We’re pretty confident it’s going to have a big appeal for both new vapers and perhaps those who’ve been around for a while who have been searching for something new.

There are also new additions slated for our SERIES-S and SERIES-B collections (you may have spotted new SERIES-S22 colours which already debuted this week). Looking further ahead, we also have some other exciting devices entering prototype stage soon, so watch out for those appearing in late summer/autumn.

But hardware isn’t everything – what would vaping be without some amazing e-liquids to try?

Debuting in January is a new twist on our winning picNIC formula – picNIC Deconstructed. This shortfill offering will help to simplify things for those who like to stock up on big quantities of the favourite flavour, at a price you’ll love. We’ll be announcing full details shortly.

Plus, we’ve got a whole new e-liquid base currently in development. Nicotine salts are going to be a big thing in 2018, particularly for new vapers, those who love their mouth to lung set up, or choose to vape at higher nic strengths. Coming to picNIC first, our nic salt bases should be here in time for spring.

And since flavour-maestro’s Bryn’s first batch of Special Sauces were such a big hit, we’ve got him chained in his lab busy whipping up some fresh flavours. Sour Blue Sorbet was so popular, we’ve tasked Bryn with creating a whole suite of sour e-liquids which are coming along nicely. Plus, he’s got a bit obsessed with trying to crack the perfect tobacco flavour, so watch this space.

Add to that further additions to picNIC, our DIY e-liquid range and various others projects that are still in the early stages, we’ve already got a full slate, but the work never stops.

We don’t like our R&D team to get too comfortable (they get anxious), so if there’s something you think we should be looking into, just drop us a line and we’ll stick it in the suggestion box.

So, we’ve talked products, but what about service?

Well, we’re going to be sharing some exciting news concerning the availability of JAC products across the UK very soon. We’ve got some big news that we can’t talk about just yet, but it will change the game for those of you who are looking to stock up locally.

And as always, we’re constantly looking at ways we can improve both our website and customer service support systems. We’re tinkering with a few things at the moment which should improve the way you shop. More to follow soon.