Vaping in 2017 - the year in review

Published by Neil McCallum on 3rd Jan 2018

2017 has been a development year for us at JAC. We wanted to change how we go about things whilst staying true to our core values; who we are, and who we want to continue being.

Hopefully you have continued to notice the focus our team provide on exceptional customer service and ensure that we deliver honest personalised service that you can count on.

Similarly we will not change our device design ethos, the way we design and make devices and how they feel in-hand is essential. We are considered, understated with our ethos. We try to make innovative reliable trusted devices. We want to partner with you on your vaping journey.

So where was the development?

We launched our first 75W device in partnership with Evolv, the smallest DNA around to critical success and amazing customer feedback. We improved on this with the recent 25mm Sandstorm device, also 75W and once again partnering with Evolv.

We added top-fill to all our tanks, which works brilliantly. For those of you that already had an S22 tank we sold top-fill adapters to save you buying a whole new tank. We also launched an adaptor and various mouth tip sizes to suit your needs; we are learning!

We relaunched the SERIES-S17 device with top-fill.

We launched the SERIES-S22, once again to critical acclaim. With all day battery life, sleek design and our new improved coating, it is our best device yet. The first device that is not a box-mod or a pen style device, we invented a whole new category With simplicity and reliability at its core!

Moving up in the world

We are also proud that our green SERIES-S22 device has been picked as the poster boy for the Government's Less Harm campaign in 2018!

Looking ahead

We went berserk increasing the quantities of flavors during the year within our picNIC range. We are planning similar expansion in 2018. We, however, may 'deconstruct' it a little bit…

We partnered with the magician that is Bryn to launch three of the standout e-liquid flavours of 2018. We of course added them to picNIC too. Bryn is currently using his majestic talents creating new flavours and playing with Nic Salts. Plus, he is heavily involved in this deconstruction thing...

As for our founder and all round vaping guru Mr Logan, he is hunkered down in his workshop with the team designing our new product range. We use a naming convention in JAC which is incredibly simple (so I can understand it). The “S” in SERIES-S stands for Starter Kit; the “B” in SERIES-B stands for Box Mod. Next Year we will continue to grow and refresh our SERIES-S range, we will expand our SERIES-B range and maybe, just maybe, go slightly higher wattage; if we can do it in a way that does not consume all your e-liquid at a disgraceful rate of noughts!

We will have new coils, new tanks, release new devices using the latest battery/charging technology (once the batteries are widely available) and a hopefully release a few devices that you might not expect (SERIES-A or SERIES-P anyone?)

What we won’t do this year is change our flavours, base composition in our e-liquid. We took a stance that we will only supply UK Made e-liquid made with the purest ingredients that have been tested. This meant a complete overhaul of our supply chain as we needed trace-ability in all our ingredients. We know this impacted many of you and we apologise for that. Our way is to apologise and explain why. Our reputation is important, your trust in us to do the right thing and have your back is even more important.

We at JAC wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy and Fantastic 2018.

Thank you for your custom, it means the world to us.