V3i Manual Switch 180mAh Batteries
V3i Manual Batteries

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V3i Manual Switch 180mAh Vape Batteries (65mm)

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  • Description
    • A manual version of our 65mm 180mAh V3i battery.
    • These can be charged using the V3i charger found on the site, and come with a 42 day warranty.
    • They are compatible with our V3/V3i range of Mini Tanks and carts available on the site.
    • This battery will last approximately 2 hours before needing to be recharged.
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WHITE WITH BLUE LED V3i Standard (Non-Rubber) 65mm Battery Manual

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Now: £1.99

BLACK WITH BLUE LED V3i Rubber Coated 65mm Battery Manual

Was: £9.99

Now: £1.99

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WHITE WITH BLUE LED V3i Rubber Coated 65mm Battery Manual

Was: £9.99

Now: £1.99

Customer Reviews for the V3i Manual Switch 180mAh Batteries (65mm)

  • Lasts me very well - by Carly, 5 August 2017
    I have four of these V3i batteries by JAC (black and stainless Steel ones.) All of them last for a few hours before they need recharging. The oldest one I have is 4 months old - and it's still working great. I like using them with the Series-C mini tanks. They produce good vapour production considering the small size of these elegant and discreet batteries.
  • Not as good as they used to be - by graham, 3 November 2015
    I love the small compact nature of the V3i's, I've been using them for a few years now. The batteries used to be superb, I'd recharge them repeatedly, over many weeks until needing a replacement. However, recently, the batteries (manual and automatic) do not seem to hold their charge after a handful of uses. The last 4 I've bought have been dreadful, so much so, I'm looking to change brand instead of having to take 3 or 4 batteries out with me each day...............JAC Vapour Ltd: The batteries have not changed design, so something else is happening, have you contacted customer service yet? The batteries will still be in warranty, and can be replaced, but this sounds more like a charger issue to me. Maybe the charger is mis performing.
  • DO NOT LAST LONG - by viktoria, 4 October 2015
    I have used the auto version for a long time but thought would try the manual to see if they would last longer.They Dont! I ordered 4,tryed 2 of them and they ran out of charge after 15 mins.Will be sending them back,very dissapointed with this product.................JAC Vapour Ltd: Please contact support and they will replace the batteries, not sure which setup you are using but the manual do not work in the V1P charger, may be that is the issue, support will make sure are sorted though.
  • The switch makes all the difference - by Tony, 2 June 2015
    The manual switch does two things: it stops the ecig vaping in your pocket by accident, and makes you more aware that you are taking a drag. I won't be going back to automatic now.
  • My new standard - by TJ, 11 March 2015
    I've switched from auto to manual for this baby. For some reason, the click action gives me a feeling of control, and more awareness of what I'm actually doing.

    Like the auto, however, it seems to run flat quite quickly. More energy please!......JAC Vapour Ltd: Hi, thanks for the review, the only way to get more capacity is to move up to the 78mm length or to the 2nd generation batteries, the stuff like the VGo2, if you wish to carry on using cartomisers then the VGo2 is the best choice, if you are looking for bigger capacity than the carts then I suggest going for the 510 range as it will offer more options.
  • Not bad - by Rob, 17 January 2015
    They are good prefer the autos though battery life not good and I don't think the pcc charges them fully
  • Superb! - by Emma, 29 November 2014
    Superb - ordered Thursday, received Saturday! Got this as although I had the auto batteries as I wanted to replicate the smoking experience as much as possible, I was finding with thicker VG liquids a harder draw leading to a sore jaw! The manual battery is great, much more vapour, less dragging (so less pain in the jaws!) and easy to get used to pressing the button. Doesn't last as long as I'd hoped though. I'm a serial vaper so will probably need another one.
  • Recommended - by Peter, 21 August 2014
    First time using e-cigs so can't compare with other batts, but I have been using these for 6 weeks with no probs. I went for the V3i as I much prefer the small size to the more common larger ecigs you see around. This fits fine in my pocket, I don't notice its there.

    Produces a good amount of vapour and whilst I'm not a heavy vaper, this does last me the day and also the evening (unless I'm drinking!).

    Left off one star as could be improved for me with a metal button rather than the rubbery one.
  • Worth getting used to - by Sarah, 21 July 2014
    I opted for one of these with my V1P kit & I really like it, took a bit of getting used to, I kept forgetting to press the button first, but once I got the hang of them they really do produce a bit more vapour than the auto counteparts. I like the feeling of having extra control over when the battery fires, it's almost as if the vapour just falls into your mouth.
    They're nicely made & feel solid, a good quality product.
  • prefer the auto - by melisa, 3 December 2013
    Got the with my V1P PCC starter KIt it was Faulty i had to return and god a replacement but i asked for auto as i prefer the auto as its easier to use and looks real

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