Top 5 E-liquids for Around the Campfire

Published by Matt Brown on 10th Jun 2021

If the call of the wild is louder than the call of the beach, you might be heading off on a camping adventure this summer. If a night under the stars sounds like your favourite way to relax and unwind, you'll love our top 5 e-liquids for around the campfire.

Fluffy Nut

If there was ever a flavour purpose-built for a night round the campfire, Fluffy Nut is it. The perfect blend of rich, comforting peanut butter and a few other sweet treats should make this any camper's go-to e-liquid.

Fluffy Nut is part of our picNIC range of easy mix DIY e-liquids. If you've thought about experimenting with DIY, picNIC is a straightforward, mess-free solution.

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For the sweeter-toothed among us, Caramel is a must-have flavour concentrate for your armoury.

It's a perfect choice on its own, but excels as mixer when crafting your own e-liquid blends. Adding a touch of caramel to other flavours is an easy way to counteract any bitter or smoky tones.

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Milk Chocolate

What's better than a bit of sweet, creamy chocolate around a roaring fire? Our Milk Chocolate picNIC flavour concentrate, that's what.

Combine it with Real Coconut for bountiful treat (see what we did there?)


Real Vanilla

Our UK Made Real Vanilla e-liquid will get you warmed up. Ideal on its own, but like our Caramel flavour, is great as a mixer too!

Also available in our picNIC range as a flavour concentrate.

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Real Tobacco Silver

Sweet things not your thing? Not to worry - try our Real Tobacco Silver pre-mixed e-liquid instead.

While not as full-on as its big brother, Real Tobacco Gold, Real Tobacco Silver still packs plenty of smoky punch. As part of the manufacturing process, real tobacco leaves are steeped with the e-liquid to produce an incredibly realistic smoky flavour. Not for the faint-hearted, but might be just what you need while trading ghost stories in the dark.

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