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10ml Caramel E Liquid Flavour Shot

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    A creamy and sweet caramel flavour. Caramel is for those with a sweeter tooth, and works well when you want to add a bit of added sweetness to your mix.

    Our picNIC Easy Mix DIY e-liquid range includes quick mix bundle kits, bottles of flavour concentrates, nicotine bases in a variety of PG/VG ratios and mixing accessories. Start making your own perfect e-liquid flavours today.

    Manufactured using food grade flavourings. Do not vape flavouring on its own. Please mix with your base liquid of choice before use. This bottle contains e-liquid flavouring only, and does not contain nicotine.

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Customer Reviews for the 10ml Caramel E Liquid Flavour Shot

  • Beautiful - shame it's out of stock. - by Carly, 12 July 2019
    I love the caramel flavour... I'm just disappointed it's still out of stock along with my favourite toffee flavour. :( ..................JAC Vapour Ltd: we realise we have had stock issues recently, control of the business has now returned to the original owners, and their primary concern is building up stock again and maintaining a sensible and consistent supply level, we have the first batch arriving around the 22nd of this month, then more a following in early August, basically as quickly as we can get the stuff. In the meantime if you contact Customer service we have discounts and options to make sure you are covered while we sort things out fully.
  • Happy, happy happy!!!! - by Kate, 8 October 2018
    I haven't bought the Caramel Favour Shot for months as the I felt it had become very poor compared to what it used to be, however whilst doing my last order I decided to give it a try to see if it had changed back to its lovely former self. I didn't really hold out much hope that it would have but went for it anyway just in case. I took the lid off to see what it smelled like and it was like the old Caramel! I mixed it with the base and decided to leave it alone for at least a week to give it a good chance to perform well but after only a couple of days my curiosity got the better of me and I added some to my Aniseed flavour to see if it made a difference. And I was AMAZED! It was FABULOUS! The old Caramel is well and truly back and I am absolutely delighted!! Thank you JAC for putting it right again. It's wonderful. When I do my next order I'm going to try the Toffee flavour again, if it's back in stock, as the last time I had that one it had gone off somewhat as well. I have high hopes that the original blast of homemade toffee will also have returned in all it's glory......................JAC Vapour Ltd: I promise we have not changed either of these recipes, I do know that our supplier recently changed location for manufacture, but all the same equipment is still used, if I had to guess I know there is normally a backlog of pre-steeped flavour we keep and potentially that has been depleted in the move but now back in place, that's the only thing I can really think of. However I am pleased that you are able to enjoy it again, and thanks for the review.
  • Definitely a change in colour and flavour, not the caramel I'm used to (and barely even caramel) - by Andrew, 5 June 2018
    I have to agree with Kate. I recently bought two bottles from a JAC store in Leeds. One was the nice 'real' caramel, with a good golden colour. The other was yellowy green, and a lot paler. I assumed you'd changed the recipe, it's more like Totally Wicked's (orange-coloured) caramel flavour now. I didn't like it at all, would it be possible to check along the supply chain to see if a particular batch has been affected? Your caramel is the only one I've gone for in the past, but I'm going to have to start shopping around if it's going to stay this non-caramel flavour :-s...………………..JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, I will check with this current batch to see if anything has changed, could it just be it needs a bit of time to sit. if you contact customer service and let them know, then you can let it sit and if it doesn't improve get it refunded or replaced. Meanwhile I'll check the flavour and speak to CS.
  • Not as nice as usual! - by Kate, 6 May 2018
    Has something been changed in the making of the Caramel Flavour Shot? I've been using it for quite a long time and have always loved it but I could see at a glance that my last bottle of it was a different colour and it smelled different. Usually it's a golden colour but this time it was yellow and it smelled more like butterscotch than caramel. The taste too had changed and I'm sorry to say not for the better....definitely not the lovely caramel I'm used to.. I'm using it up by disguising it with other flavours but am a bit worried that if I order it again I'm going to receive this different version again which I really don't want........... JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, nothing should have changed, same manufacturing and same flavouring, that's not to say an error hasn't occurred, could it be a bottle of toffee mis-labelled. If this has happened we've had no other reports, but I'll certainly pass it to customer service and begin and investigation. Please also contact customer service and let them know that you would like a bottle replaced if it is not up to standard.
  • Not good on it's own - by Martyn, 30 November 2017
    I really did not like this. The flavour seems somewhat muted and after a while I found it sickly. I found the toffee to be much nicer. Perhaps this might work better as a mixer?
  • I like it - by lucinda, 5 January 2017
    A nice smooth flavour.
  • Really smooth! - by Birgitte, 29 March 2016
    Caramel is really tasty and smooth. I's quite like toffee in taste, but I think caramel is smoother and I like that. It's lovely!................JAC Vapour: Again I agree with your palate, toffee has a slightly burnt note to it that the caramel doesn't have. Thanks for the review
  • Very nice. - by Kate, 19 March 2016
    I thought that this caramel flavour might be pretty much the same as the toffee but there is a slight subtle difference and I like it very much.
  • Sweet - by Lee, 15 March 2016
    Its the business! I've been mixing with coconut and vanilla. Really tasty.

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