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S22 Topfill Accessory
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S22 Tank (Bottom Fill)

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  • Description

    The S22 is our best-selling tank, and has been critically acclaimed as the ‘best Mouth to Lung tank on the market’!

    And now you convert your S22 tank for topfill. Simply add on our Topfill Accessory when configuring your order.

    This tank is perfect for those of you who like a ‘smoking’ style throat-hit using its included 1.0Ohm coil, and the sharpness of flavour will really surprise you if you’ve been using other tanks of this size.

    Designed in-house at JAC Vapour, this stylish tank looks great on all 22mm devices (especially SERIES-B DNA 75W), and it’s also a keen multi-tasker; great for sub-ohm or temperature control vaping simply by changing the coil.

    S22 Tank Specifications

    • Adjustable airflow to allow you to further customise the draw to your personal preference.
    • Bottom fill design.
    • Single vertical coils which are, reliable, cost effective, and give exceptional performance with any type of e-liquid.
    • Dimensions: 22mm x 33mm
    • Capacity: 2 ml
    • Stainless steel and glass
    • Minimum resistance: 0.5Ohm (DL), 0.15Ohm (Ni-200)
    • Compatible coil types: MTL 1.0Ohm (Suitable for 14-22 watts), DL 1.0Ohm, DL 0.5ohm (Suitable for 25-25 watts), 0.15ohm Temp Control (Coming soon)
    • Removable mouth tip (device specific, not standard 510)

    Mouth to Lung - Mouth to lung vaping, or a mouth inhale, is like taking a draw on a cigarette. When you draw, it has resistance, meaning you can inhale the vapour into your mouth first, then expel it or take it down into your lungs. It’s a very familiar action for a smoker. The S-22’s MTL coils are specially designed with the perfect airflow and chamber volume to get an excellent mouth to lung experience.

    Direct Lung - Direct lung vaping is more like sucking on a wide straw. There is no resistance to the drag, so you inhale directly into the lungs (large volume) meaning you are generating more airflow and much more vapour. When direct lung vaping, you can reduce your nicotine level considerably as it provides a bigger hit per puff, but you’ll use more liquid and more battery capacity. Direct lung coils are designed to have a larger chamber volume and airflow, giving the perfect balance for maximum taste and massive vapour production.

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Availability: Out of stock

As low as: £12.99

Customer Reviews for the S22 Tank (Bottom Fill)

  • Best tank for me - by Anna, 27 January 2018
    This is the perfect tank for me. I know it’s fiddly to refill, and very difficult not to drip eliquid on yourself when trying to do it on the go, but it never leaks, coils last for ages, and thanks to the “flick” tip, I never get eliquid spluttering into my mouth anymore. Thumbs up! .............JAC Vapour Ltd: The topfill is definitely worth the upgrade, to get rid of the fiddly to refill bit, once you have topfill it's very hard to go back, and the bottom fill tank can be upgraded without buying a whole new tank. Thanks for the review
  • Good but not best - by Will, 17 January 2018
    Quality is excellent. Never leaked, never gets "glued" shut. The tank window is frustratingly small and very difficult to see in except under a good light. The bottom fill also means you can't get close to 2ml into The tank on a refill. As good as this tank is in most respects, the topfill version is much better.
  • In general it is a good tank, but a few improvemenets could be made. - by Andy, 9 October 2017
    Not a bad tank but could be a little better.

    Firstly the windows are too narrow so seeing the liquid level is difficult at best.
    Secondly, I have the black version but the black coating is already starting to come away around the thread area.
    Thirdly, if it was only slightly larger. Say 3ml or 3.5ml, that would be perfect as I am a heavy user.

    Other than the above it is a great tank with excellent adjustability...............................jAC Vapour Ltd: The new TF version fixes your issues I think, you can purchase the TF accessory, and this gives you a larger window, plus topfill, so very quick refilling, but it's still 2 ml as all tanks over 2 ml have been illegal since May 20th, but the quick refilling helps alleviate this. You do not need to buy a full new tank, just the Topfill accessory/upgrade, and if you find the rubber coating is not lasting long enough I suggest going for the Stainless Steel version, as it will not wear at all. Thanks for the review.
  • If only it had a bigger window - by Andrew, 30 September 2017
    I really like the tank as it's very well made, simple construction and looks beautiful on top of the B Tilt
    My only grip is the window
    On the S17 (for the S Series), the window is big and it's very easy to see how much eliquid is left, even in low light conditions
    However, on the S22, it really is too small and quite often I find myself having to open it to see how much is left
    The only time the window works is if I have a dark or coloured liquid and I can a light source behind it

    So for me, a great priced quality tank, but let down by the window!..............................JAC Vapour Ltd: When we made the tank, we wanted it to be robust, but in hindsight we did make the window too small, we have rectified this on the TF version (the topfill version). We widened the window to at least double the size, so it's now easy to see the level, we also added the topfill, which works perfectly (no negative pressure like other topfill) and we also added the ability to use an adapter so you can choose any 510 mouth tip if you don't like our standard ones. The best bit is we'll be providing existing users of the bottom fill tank with the ability to upgrade if they wish, without buying a whole new tank, so all these features can be added for £8.99. I hope this brings the tank up to a 5 star rating for you. A nice side effect of the topfill is the tank is more compact as well, and you can refill without removing the tank from the device in around 15 seconds, I've timed myself : ) The accessory for upgrade will be available in the next week or 2. Thanks for the review.
  • Superb as always! - by Matt, 16 September 2017
    Been a while since I purchased something from jac vapour, however as always I can safely say they're only getting better! Great build quality with fantastic performance whilst staying simple and affordable. was using a sub ohm device for almost a year but slowly found myself needing a cigarette, came back to this style tank with the mtl coils and combined with an 18mg nic strength juice and you have a recipe for great vaping and good savings. 5*s
  • one of the best - by Nick, 7 September 2017
    this is a good mtl tank which has a;ready been said no leaking issues for me, just the viewing window is so small as already stated i other reviews, i cant understand why everyone is screaming for a top fill tank if you do a bit of research they can be prone to leaking, as you screw your top fill on any tank it can create an air pcket so top fill tanks are not perfect, jacs have not rushed the top fill tank out so thats a good sign, as for the s22 still a great tank and jacs mtl coils still take some beating hope this helps regard to all vaping is the future be happy xxxx ......................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review and we did have issues with the initial 2 designs of topfill, however we did get it fixed, with a resting seal design that puts no negative pressure on the tank, I and other have been testing is for around a month now, and absolutely no flooding or pressure issues with it, the design also increases the window size, it will be available as an upgrade fro around £9 when it arrives, rather than having to buy a whole new tank, there will also be an adapter available for those wanting to use standard 510 tips as well.
  • Still No Tank! - by Scott, 3 September 2017
    I'd like to follow up on a review I left in April, where I stated how each time I changed the coil, I would have to go through 'No Tank' ordeal. I followed the advice that was give, thank you, which made precisely no difference, and has instead got gradually worse, to the point that I have the same ordeal every time I refill the tank. I have gone through countless coils, and wasted just as much liquid, so I will reiterate the fact that I was sent a dud tank!....................JAC Vapour Ltd: Have you contacted customer service about it? If it is still causing issues then they will replace it. I'll get CS to email you, please check your junk mail etc it you have us and think there has been no reply, also you can use chat or phone if need be.
  • tank of a tank? - by appleman34x, 27 August 2017
    very solidly built tank. As other users have mentioned it could do with top fill and a bigger window, but for the price and performance it's hard to find better mouth to lung.
  • Good. With a few improvements could be best MTL tank yet. - by Roq, 22 August 2017
    I'd thought that all tanks with a bottom airflow are liable to leak - at least when the coil is close to the end of it's life. But, so far this one has not. It also has a very simple airflow control that works. All in all a very consistent vape too (doesn't spit or gurgle!) and good value for money. Looks great with series B tilt. One of the best devices for MTL vaping I have found so far and the others are more expensive.

    Some observations:

    - Top filling would be an improvement, provided it didn't affect the function, because it is a little difficult and fiddly to fill to capacity without overflowing.
    - Since it is marketed as a good mouth to lung device (and that is how I use it) it would be good to have an option for a drip tip that is more suitable for mouth to lung vaping. It isn't possible to use standard drip tips, because the connection hole is too small.
    - The viewing window makes it a little difficult to detect the liquid level. Also, I have a suspicion that the liquid level drops below the coil ingress holes before the tank is fully empty.
    - I wonder if the device would work even better is the coil holes were a little larger and/or the wick had greater absorbency. You have to be a little careful to soak the wick and not to vape for too long at an angle, such as when recumbent on a sofa :)..............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review and we have an upgrade coming in early September that should address all your needs, it adds topfill, but also adds 3 different mouth tip sizes, plus there is an adapter to allow fitting of any 510 tip over and above this, it also increases window size by about double for easier viewing, you'll be able to upgrade the current topfill for a low price (under £10) or buy a whole new tank when it arrives, so hopefully this will appeal to you. The top fill is done in such as way to apply no negative pressure, so no gargling or leaking when filled, I've been using it for the prototype for 3 months now and it works really well.

  • Beats the competition hands down. - by SIMON, 4 August 2017
    Truly a great performing tank at a great price. Flavour and vapor production are top notch using the 1.0 ohm MTL coils. The best feature of the S22 and it's smaller brother the S17 is the bottom fill yes the bottom fill. Top filling tanks are to me more trouble than they are worth nothing but gurgling and flooding after refills. Having owned many tanks over a number of years and having no end of troubles with most of them it's great that to have found a simple solid performer in the S22. Prior to my purchase of this tank I bought a rival tank ( the one reminiscent of a party popper) a top filling gurgly leaky nightmare that now resides in the bin ! (They ruined a perfectly servicible bottom filler to create this new monstrosity ). Two suggestions I would make . Please make spare o rings available and make it take a standard drip tip replacement. But please don't spoil this beauty by making it top fill !

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