Published by Matt Brown on 11th Feb 2015

When we introduced the Series-E battery back in November 2014, we knew it was a product our customers would be excited about. Its popularity since then has been incredible, exceeding all of our expectations. With so many of our customers switching to this versatile device, we thought it might be helpful to lay out some handy tips to help you get the most from your kit.


The Series-E is a Variable Voltage device, which means that the user can easily switch between three voltage settings simply by quickly clicking the button on the device three times. The LED ring around the button will then flash before changing colour. The three voltage settings you can choose from are:

  • Red – 3.7V
  • Green – 4.2V
  • White – 4.8V

The voltage setting you select will have an effect on your vaping experience. A lower voltage will mean that the coil does not heat up as much, which in turn will lead to less vapour and throat hit. It will, however, help e-liquid flavour to come through more clearly.

A higher voltage setting increases vapour production and throat hit, but may impact on flavour, particularly if you are vaping a sweeter e-liquid.

With a fresh coil, we recommend sticking to 3.7V while it beds in. After a fill or two, the wicking material will be well saturated and less likely to singe when you dial up the voltage. Remember, when using a fresh coil it’s important to allow plenty of time (20 minutes or more) for the wicks to absorb the e-liquid. Using the coil sooner than this risks the burning the wick.


The Series-E e-cigarette batteries are available in several starter kits, which contain various tanks. Many of our 510 fitting tanks all work with the same dual coil heads, available in two resistances – 1.5Ohm and 1.8Ohm.

A 1.5Ohm coil will generate more heat than the 1.8Ohm version, and just like a higher voltage setting, will produce greater amounts of vapour and throat hit. For a more flavourful vape, we’d recommend the 1.8Ohm coils instead.

The right settings for you

The advantage that a variable voltage e-cigarette kit has is its ability to fit different users’ needs. Being able to adjust voltage on the fly, allows the user to constantly tweak and adjust their device to ensure they get the performance they desire.

Pairing the Series-E battery with various coils will produce different results. For instance, a 1.5Ohm coil will already produce plenty of vapour, but by increasing the voltage setting, you can improve this still further.

We generally like to avoid running the battery at max voltage when using a 1.5Ohm coil, as the heat being generated at this point can seriously affect e-liquid flavour. Your experience may vary, however.

One way to avoid this is to select a tank that allows adjustments to be made to airflow, such as the Aero Tank V2 or Geni Tank. Increased airflow means that the coil can be kept cooler, which in turn helps to prevent the wicking material being singed.

Another option is to try one of our JOC Coils, which use organic cotton as wicking material instead of silica. Cotton offers increased vapour and flavour production, and tends to cope with greater levels of heat more readily. The trade-off, however, is that these coils tend not to last as long. You should expect to get somewhere around 5 refills per coil, rather than the 10 or so we’d normally expect from the standard PT3 coils.


For lovers of sweeter e-liquid flavours, such as Banana Milkshake or Real Vanilla, we recommend sticking to the lower voltage settings. While some users may like to try them out at 4.8v, this does tend to dull their sweetness and can create a burnt, rather unpleasant taste.

Tobacco flavours, such as Tobacco Reds USA or Real Tobacco Lite, tend to fare better at higher voltages, as there is little sweetness there to begin with. The added heat of the vapour also may create a more realistic sensation.

Everyone’s experience will differ, however. Taste is so subjective that a little experimentation is the best way of finding a setting which works for you.


Thanks to the feedback from our customers, we’ve been able to identify a few common questions that some new users may have. These include:

Five click lock – If your battery appears to be unresponsive, it’s always a good idea to check whether the five click lock has been activated. This safety mechanism is designed to prevent the battery from firing accidentally and can be easily turned on or off by quickly clicking the button five times.

LED colour has changed – The most common question we receive concerns the colour of the LED on the battery. Each voltage setting on the battery is accompanied by a different colour LED (red, green and white). If your LED inexplicably changes colour, try clicking the button three times to cycle through the various power settings.

LED is flashing – If the LED on your battery flashes when you push the button, try removing the tank and trying it again. If the LED now lights up a solid colour then one of two things may be happening. The first thing to check is whether your tank has been screwed on too tightly, as this can create a short. Try loosening the tank slightly; taking up any slack with the Series-E beauty ring and checking to see if this resolves the issue.

If not, it’s possible that the coil fitted in the tank is in need of replacement. Try swapping out the coil and checking the battery again. If in doubt, contact our customer service team for more assistance.

We have a dedicated help section which covers the most common questions customers may have, but if you ever need any additional assistance, drop our customer service team an email and they’ll be happy to help.