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S22 Vape Tank Topfill Accessory (Upgrade to Topfill)

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    Love your S22 vape tank, but just wish it had topfill? Wish no more.

    Use one of these accessories to convert your existing S22 vape tank to allow for topfill.

    To use, simply unscrew the airflow base from your tank and attach it to this new housing - easy peasy.

    If you'd rather go the whole hog and pick up a new tank, the S22 Topfill tank is now available too.

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Customer Reviews for the S22 Vape Tank Topfill Accessory (Upgrade to Topfill)

  • great upgrade highly recommend it over the standard tank - by Ross, 19 March 2018
    Great little upgrade. for the DNA, i also went for the small mouthpiece it breathes new life into the mod. shame the rest of my DNA looks so tatty now.
  • brilliant - by adam, 18 March 2018
    love this. bought to convert my series b tilt tank and so glad i did. makes refilling super easy and less messy. it's brilliant jac vapour sell it as an upgrade too – saving you a few £. great stuff
  • SUPERB TANK: I wish I had thought of the top fill idea myself. - by Rob W, 27 November 2017
    I owned an S22 tank and was very, very happy with it on my Series B DNA Mod, but when the top fill option became available I grabbed it immediately. It is so simple but brilliant. This is now the best tank all round that I have ever used. Easy to fill, excellent seals with no leaking and great coils that last much longer than expected. Top marks and I highly recommend.
  • Superb upgrade - by Alan, 26 October 2017
    Loved the original S22 bottomfill tank, but was always annoyed by the tiny window and having to remove the tank from the device to refill, and then trying not to overfill. When I saw a top fill was being developed with a bigger window, I was champing at the bit waiting for it to be released and was not disappointed at all. This is such a huge improvement over an already superb tank!! The window is nice and large, the top fill works extremely well and is a pleasure to use. If I had one criticism, it would be the branding on the side of the tank, I did like the fact the original was understated.
    The best thing about this tank? That is available as an upgrade to the original, no forcing the customer to buy a complete new unit. Well done Jac!
  • Awesome upgrade - must have if you own a S22 - by Matt, 17 October 2017
    To be completly honest I was starting to give up on my original S22 tank. It seemed to be constantly flooding and spitting whenever I refilled it and I wasn't overfilling. I tried everything from cleaning it out to changing coils but it would happen again and again, sometimes working for a days and then surprising me with another horrible spit back.

    I thought I'd give it one last chance and upgrade to top fill for the convenience and hopes of it getting better, for £8.99 I didn't think it was a bad gamble.

    Well all I can say is that it's changed my whole vaping experience. The top fill is a god send and with 3 weeks of heavy use, it's not flooded or spit back once. Also I'm loving the narrow tip, for a MTL vaper who used to smoke its ideal. Gives a tighter pull and allows you to have a stronger draw. My only critique would be that the tip selection should be an option instead of an extra as I will never use the wider standard tip. But who cares for only £1.49 extra! ............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review and glad it sorted the issues, however I do have to say, I am not sure how, spitting is to do with the coil, and maybe the connection in the old bottom fill tank was off and allowing liquid to flood the coil and hence spit, you can normally just clear this with a flick, but if it was leaving a slight gap then maybe that wouldn't work, the bottom fill should not have been spitting and the topfill addition should not have fixed it, but I am glad it did, possibly your bottom fill tank was not right. I do take your point about the mouthtips, but we had to include one tip as standard, packing an optional tip would have increased the cost, so we used feedback from users on what they thought for the included tip, and have tried to make alternative tips as cheap as possible, it's not perfect for everybody but it's a reasonably good solution. Thanks very much for the feedback and review.
  • Brilliant - by Ron, 10 October 2017
    I've only recently purchased the S22 and did find the bottom fill a bit inconvenient. When I saw this accessory I bought one straight away and have never looked back. It's turned a good tank into an excellent tank!
  • This upgrade makes everything so much better! - by hasan, 8 October 2017
    The s22 was good very good but the bottom fill and window was a annoying little problem. This upgrade has fixed everything I'm now in love with my tank all over again. It literally takes 10 seconds to fill up. I love the big window to check your juice levels and most importantly for me it vapes even better than before. This is the best mtl tank you can buy no need to look elsewhere. I also bought the narrow mouth tip which is brilliant for mtl draw. Originally had a black s22 bottom fill but went for the stainless steel with the top fill upgrade and must say it looks very sexy! Series b-tilt with s22 topfill ... Have finally found my perfect vape well done jacvapour you have won a loyal customer
  • EXCELLENT - by Elizabeth, 7 October 2017
    Oh my goodness this is just a great wee piece of kit to upgrade the S22 to top fill without having to buy complete tank. Thanks . Good price also.
  • Inspired! - by Jon, 6 October 2017
    I have the original S22 tank which I stuck with despite all of its flaws as it was a brilliant vape. I've now got the S22 top fill tank, and it is brilliant. I highly recommend upgrading. A big window to see in, plus the beyond simple top fill. Thank you Jac :)
  • perfect - by Craig, 4 October 2017
    I've used this tank for a good 6 months now, and left 2 reviews concerning it's major flaws, one being the tiny window, and the second being no topfill. having said that I stuck with the tank because for mouth to lung it's the best I've tried. I am pleased to say that this part basically fixes the original tank, and JAC have had the decency to make it very affordable rather than splurge out on a full new tank like just about any other tank maker would have done. Anybody that owns the original tank should get this, it basically replaces the top part of the tank, and the result is a fantastic tank, and actually one of the easiest topfill systems I have seen, no catches or clips, and no gurgling or leaking when refilling. I would have bought the whole tank anyway, but this is a nice touch and pleasant surprise to see a company thinking about existing customers, rather than only new ones. top marks

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