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PT3 VC JOC - 1.8Ohm
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Beta PT3 VC JOC - 1.8Ohm

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    Pack of 5 replacement JAC Vapour PT3 VC V2 JOC - 1.8Ohm coils. Wicked with Japanese Organic Cotton for superior flavour and vapour production. These coils are vertical coils and if you are used to the normal JOC coils, they do perform slightly differently.

    We've updated the design of our PT3 VC coils based on user feedback, adjusting the build and cotton structure to improve wicking and prevent burnouts.

    Currently we have a limited supply of these to see what users think, so please take the time to feedback if you like or dislike them

    Voltage range: 3.6V-4.8V or you can run this coil at 10W-16W if using a VW device like a box mod.

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Customer Reviews for the Beta PT3 VC V2 JOC - 1.8Ohm (JAC Vapour) 5 Pack

  • Used to be very good - by Robert, 27 January 2019
    These coils used to be so good, I've been using them for years, since they've been introduced. Sadly, as others here noticed, lately the quality went to the dogs. First of all suddenly they started to burn super easily: sometimes straight out of the pack, almost none last more than a day or two. Secondly, the duds: I would estimate 2 out of 5 in pack, based on the last four packs. I am using the same device and liquid (high PG), priming them as required, power level was always at 11W. This is getting both annoying and expensive. I will probably go back to "original" V1 coils, shame because V2 has much better flavour delivery..........................JAC Vapour Ltd: Can I just check you are using the correct JOC coil, these coils were Beta and have never been re-purchased, they are a vertical build and, rather than the standard V1 JOV build. Please contact Customer service and they will check you have received the correct coils.
  • Faulty! - by Stuart, 30 September 2018
    Have had several packs of these now. at least 1 in 4 coils doesn't work. Smoke is very acrid and burnt. Sometimes straight away an sometimes after one tankful. Spoke to customer service about it to be told they had no other complaints regarding the coils. Did give me a pack free of charge but since then I must have had to throw away at least 2 packs. Yes I do prime them and usually leave them to soak for at least 3 hours! However, when they work they work well..............JAC Vapour ltd: It sounds like a priming issue, but I'd need to know more, the type of juice you are using, these should be good with up to 70% VG, and the wattage, these will cope with around 19 watts dependant on liquid. When priming you need to put a couple of drops in the top of the coil, not just the wick holes, but it sounds like you are doing that. Really it's best to contact CS, it may be that these just don't suit your setup and style, as we have very little bad reports on them from other users.
  • Give it a go but keep a spare pack of regular coils in your cupboard - by Pete, 15 March 2018
    V1 was a disaster. V2 was almost 5 star. 4 coils were excellent 1 was a dud and in the bin in 30 minutes. The dud was the same as all the 5 V1 I tried, basically no draw. My memory says there were initial problems with the standard joc wick being packed too tight but these were solved and I do not recall when I last had a dud. I have just ordered another pack so something was right.......................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the feedback, in V2 we solved the wicking issue, however in some we have overspill of cotton that can block the airflow, this causes the very tight draw, it can be cleared by just putting a toothpick down the top of the coil, and in V3, which we should have soon, we've increased the tolerance so this should happen, so I am quietly confident it will be third time lucky.
  • Not great - by Julie, 8 March 2018
    Used two of these so far and having the same issues as Den. The first one gargled a lot too. I ensured I primed as suggested but still had burnt taste. And they don't last very long at all! Have reverted back to the V1 Kangers....................JAC Vapour Ltd: When priming these please prime both the top and the bottom, so put liquid in the top of the coil (three drops) and also on each of the 2 wick holes. It should then work well and last longer, any gargling juts give it a couple of flicks. We have a new version coming soon, that improves wicking again and widens the airflow a bit.
  • okay, better than standard joc - by Andrew, 9 February 2018
    I found the original joc as a bit hit and miss, these work consistently, only thing I would say is the draw is a bit tight as mentioned by somebody else, but taste and vapour is good, and they seem to be lasting a long time. I also find sticking a toothpick down the top of the coil seems to loosen up the airflow to a good point, so I have been doing that, hopefully this can be fixed in the future, but even as is they are a good improvement over the Kanger ones and I will continue to use them.
  • good - by Bev, 6 February 2018
    no problems here, using at 14 watts and priming, using with 80/20 Vg and getting around a week before changing coil. I would not go back to the standard coil.
  • Avoid - by Den, 5 February 2018
    No good I have used 3 coils in two different tanks [Kanger Mega] and they have each lasted about 3 hours.i have used a pin and left one soaking over night still no joy still get that burnt taste .They are a harder draw and no better flavour than the v1 joc 18 which I will be sticking with .I have been using jac vapour products for years and never had a problem with anything until now.............JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the feedback, it sounds like these are burning out, please make sure they are primed by putting 2 drops on each wicking hole, this may help, I have currently tested only 1 pack and no issues so far, but that's not to say your pack may be have been bad, please contact CS and they will replace or refund. Currently we do have around 500 users using them, and we have had 1 good report and 1 bad, so hopefully more people will feedback on them.
  • so far so good - by Brian P., 23 January 2018
    I still use the mega tank quite a bit due to it's 4.8ml capacity, and plan on keeping it now the TPD has stopped such tanks. The joc coils are a massive improvement over the standard coils and even the first version of these are miles above the stock coil, in fact I picked up a whole heap of the V1 of these, as even though they did have duds (at least one a pack) they still performed way better than the original joc, at the clearance price I can accept a few failures, as they still work out cheaper in the long run. This is the first pack of the new V2 I have had, and so far there appears to be no issues, but still all the performance of the original, it's early days yet, but I hope jac have cracked it on this version.

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